this is a blog about speirs' lips

pilotcorellian  asked:

//➢ + reputatiions / me *flops* ( i'd send from ron but i'm still working on the damn theme here )

send ➢ + a url for me to talk about them!

Y eLLS!!!! MORE LEGACY OF DICK MEMBERS!!!! HONESTLY @reputatiions is also such an iCONIC hbo war blog nd alexia is Such a kind!!!!! talented!!!! and invested writer!!!!!!! one of the first ppl to talk to me on here and gOSH!!! DID I FEEL WELCOME!!! ND I STILL DO, oUR SKYPE CONVOS GIVES ME LIFE, speirs nd lip r honestly?? the Air in my Lungs!!! your love nd dedication to ron wARMS MY HEART SM ???? & i literally CAN’T WAIT to turn the dash upside down w ANGST nd wAR SHENANIGANS