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Chirrut’s tumblr is half inspirational, spiritual quotes from great philosophers and the other half is notorious shitposting and memes. EXACTLY half of each.

Baze’s blog is 100% political discourse all of the time. It’s criticism and also how to evade capture, tips on hand to hand combat, knowing your rights, what to do when being detained, like… fucking arsenal of civil disobedience and quite a few anarchic things too. And, sometimes, cute pics of his boyfriend.

This has been some headcanons about spiritassassin.

ship and let ship (psa on behalf of my friends)

I’ve had this on my mind for a little while since DSOD came out, and I wanted to talk about it generally.

The way some of the fandom are treating prideshippers lately is not cool with me.

I say this not as a prideshipper, but as someone who follows a few blogs that are.

My closest friend online is a prideshipper, and she is the most passionate and kind individual you could hope to meet. And as a whole, prideshippers are not a big part of the fandom compared to other ships (for reference, there are about 400 fics explicitly tagged ‘prideshipping’ on and more than double that for some other ships), but they are still some of the sweetest, enthusiastic and most chill fans I know.

I’m pretty sure recap blogger pharaohsparklefists is a prideshipper, and her episode recaps are simultaneously some of the most entertaining things you could hope to find, and full of her obvious passion for the series in all its quirks.

And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being enthusiastic about something, no matter how unpopular it is compared to what the rest of the fandom is doing.

But anyway, I’ve noticed a trend cropping up since Dark Side of Dimensions came out.

What I’ve seen is prideshippers being enthusiastic about all the ship tease content in DSOD. Sharing their enthusiasm, jokes, meta. Doing it in the very easily blockable ship name tag.

And I’ve seen them be met with passive-aggressive responses on their own ship-tagged posts, or other put-downs, as if they’re not allowed to be enthusiastic about and celebrate their ship.

I’ve seen them be accused of pushing the idea of prideship being canon on others, when all I’ve seen from the community is an enthusiasm and a desire to find others to share the enthusiasm with, and mostly just jokey posts about how OTT Kaiba is in DSOD.

I’ve seen them be talked down to in posts that were clearly intended for shippers just to talk about the movie and their interpretations on it. 

And I’ve seen them be tolerant, and ask people not to hate in the tags of their prideship posts which were clearly tagged as such, very clearly and politely.

I’ve even seen fans that are worried about sharing their thoughts on DSOD at all or are super careful to tell everyone that the following is just their interpretation, usually because they’re worried about drama instead of discussion, or because they want to respect the fact that the movie is open to interpretation and respect other people’s interpretations.

I’ve seen them not always have that basic courtesy returned. 

Thing is, it’s inevitable that there will be more prideship content after DSOD. It’s probably inevitable that more people will ship it now. From what I’ve seen, DSOD just means that the ship fanbase is expanding. I don’t think that means fans aren’t sincere if they started shipping recently. After all, there must have been times back when the anime was still airing that certain ships would suddenly grow in popularity, maybe because of a certain episode or scene.

So if a ship becomes more popular, it doesn’t necessarily mean fans are creating content just because it’s fashionable. Chances are, whatever got them shipping probably just helped them to see something about the ship they had previously overlooked.

As a result, you will see more prideship content. Does that mean fans are ‘forcing’ it on anyone? No, of course not. No more than anyone else in the fandom is when they just want to ENJOY something.

Maybe there are shippers sincerely claiming prideship is canon now, and that is what’s causing some of the fandom to react. I haven’t seen it myself, except for jokey posts about Kaiba’s over the top actions with regards trying to get Atem back in the movie. But for one thing, prideshippers are not the only shippers here to have claimed a ship is canon based on subtext alone, whether seriously or not. And for another thing, there is nothing stopping anyone from blocking the tag or scrolling past if these claims bother them so much.

All I’d like to see is a little more respect. That’s all.

There’s a simple rule: don’t do to another shipper something you wouldn’t like done to you. Say you just wanted to discuss a certain scene or episode or how much you loved a bit of subtext, and you wanted to share that with followers you had who were into the ship too. And then you tag it with the ship name, just to make it obvious. I doubt you’d like it if someone started a discourse about how the ship was terrible, or how the scene/season/movie the discussion revolved around was just plain bad, especially if they weren’t civil about the ship or scene in question while doing so. Either way, if the other party doesn’t want to engage with you, that’s their prerogative.

I know sometimes it might be tempting to debate if you’re passionate on a topic or character. I’m not claiming to be perfect myself in this regard, and I recognise that discussion and discourse - when done with respect - can be enjoyable and help everyone learn new interpretations from each other (because that’s what they are - interpretations, not facts).

And that’s not to say you shouldn’t share opinions within a discussion, and I don’t mean to tell anyone what to do when I say this.

All I’m saying is that those involved are allowed to expect a bit of civility and respect. If you wouldn’t like people treating you or other shippers in your preferred OTP that way, don’t do it to someone else (even and especially if you think it doesn’t matter because their community is smaller than yours).

Please also notice how I haven’t referred to DSOD, anything specific about the movie, or my own thoughts on the characters. That’s because, 1. I’m not here to force my interpretation on anyone, and more importantly, 2. in the grand scheme of things, none of those things actually matter. I’m not interested in who ships what, or who thinks what. I am never going to tell you what to ship or how to think, even if we personally disagree on something.

What matters, and what I’m talking about here, is how we treat each other.

YGO is a fandom relatively free of some of the more toxic ship wars I’ve heard tell of in other fandoms. I’d like to keep it that way.

And if you can, please don’t take this as me on my soapbox pretending I know best or trying to lecture you.

(It’s also important I point out that I know this post won’t even apply to most of the fandom, since by and large the YGO fans are very chill and supportive.)

This is just me standing at the side, trying to say that some great and energetic shippers (and good people, more to the point) have been feeling the sting of slights thrown their way over something as small as what they ship, and I’m hoping that by speaking up for a minute the voice of a small community in a big sea might be a little louder in asking for a little more respect.


((I’m really sorry about the radio silence on this blog on my part but I guess it is pretty clear by now that my interest in askblogging has significantly dropped to leave space to some more personal projects. I’m not going to delete the blog or drop it completely - I still think I can do some updates every now and then! Maybe I’ll do another event as well, if inspiration strikes and I have enough time on my hands!

So yeah, this blog is still gonna be around, and even if I don’t post here regularly since a while (and the abnormous drop of my follower count reminds me of that, hahah, ripperoni 500 followers??) I’m still into HS and I still draw Jake and dirkjake a lot!

So, if you want to see more of my art you can follow me on my art blog @chibigaia-art

Also, there is going to be an…. interesting shift…. in my Homestuck career…. in the near future. Not a huge one, but it is still something, and it made me really happy! I can’t tell you the details but when it will be the moment I’ll make sure to let you know! :D

I hope you’ll still stick with me even with this terrible amount of inactivity!! ;v; and thanks to all the followers that are still here!))

Now I know that Chris isn’t the most innocent person on earth but muthafuckas expect me to believe that CHRIS BROWN, the same CHRIS BROWN that is still catching hell from a DV incident that happened damn near 10 years ago , got the cops called on him WHILE he was on probation and fresh out of jail for putting his hands on Karreuche and pushed her down a flight of steps but he didn’t get arrested and not one damn blog heard about it? This nigga had a SWAT team at his door for an accusation he wasn’t even on parole when that shit happened. The DA wanted to revoke his damn probation just for being at a club that had a shoot out that had nothing to do with him. He spent MONTHS in jail for punching a nigga in the nose but he put his hands on a female and the law just let that shit slide?

Get To Know Me Tag

Lmao I’m stupid and had to write everything by hand and type it on my phone again I’m actually 80

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Name: Clara

Nicknames: Giraffe, Claire(I hate it lol my name is ClarAAAH)

Gender: Female

Star sign: Scorpittarius (it’s real google that shit I really am that extra)

Height: 5'4

Favorite character: 11th Doctor

Hogwarts house: I literally know nothing about Harry Potter but I took a quiz and it says I’m Hufflepuff, my friends say I’m Ravenclaw or Slytherin so idek

Favorite color: pastel pink, teal, soft purple, magenta

Favorite animal: the giraffe!

Average hours of sleep: since I’m in the hospital atm like 9 but usually 5 or 6

Cat or dog person: Both¿

Number of blankets you sleep in: uno

Favorite singer/band: Bring Me The Horizon, Amity Affliction, Watermarks, The Front Bottoms, Of Mice & Men, As I Lay Dying, too many lmao

Dream trip: the UK, Brazil, or Italy

Dream job: author, poet, or counseling children in foster care because THE FOSTER CARE SYSTEM IN TEXAS IS ACTUALLY CRUEL AND AWFUL k sorry bye

Number of followers: 122 thanks m80s love you

What made you decide to join tumblr? I used it for years without an account to read naughty fanfics so why not??¿¿ oops

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Hey could you do NextXReader about Newt comforting an ill reader? Like feel free to write whatever you want. I practically live for this blog xx

Well, thank you kindly for checking my stuff out ❤️ I’ll do my best! So…I’m on an angst roll, so I’m going with terminal illness…ah.

Master list

-“Please don’t stop smiling, my love.” You spoke weakly, reaching out towards Newt’s hand from the side of your hospital bed.
-The hufflepuff stood at the doorway, looking at you with a solemn expression. But, your smile was enough to force him from his spot.
-“You’re the reason I smile…” He spoke, trying hard to fight back his tears. He knew he was supposed to be the strong one right now, but seeing you, his always strong other half, hurting broke him to pieces.
-“Don’t be silly, Newt. You have Pickett, Dougal, all of them to make your life perfect.” You tried your hardest to ease his suffering, because as far as you were concerned..Newt still had a whole life ahead of him to make things work.
-Newt just laughed softly, taking your hand in his as he took a seat on the chair next to your bed. “I love you.”
-He said it with as much emotion as his tired heart could muster, but for your sake he had to toughen up.
-You were the one in pain, after all. And as your longtime boyfriend, he owed you that much. He rubbed the back of your cold hand with his thumb, kissing it gently and gazing back up at you.
-“I love you, Y/N, and I will be here until the very end. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about.” He promised, leaning forward and laying his head on your stomach.
-You laughed loudly, running your free hand through his messy hair. “Tell me, has anyone ever believed you when you say that?”
-Newt would close his eyes at the comforting touch, and smile. “Always.”
-The whole time you were in the hospital, he’d be by your side, day and night. Whether it be caressing your arm in comfort, or kissing your forehead with love, he’d never stop.
-Your voice would wake him instantly, and he scramble from his chair and sit on your bed. “I’m here, darling. I’m here.”
-You’d smile and kiss his hand. “Just checking.”

Hope that’s ok? Lol

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🌻 - Their Father / 🌷 - Their Mother

//baww thank you~ I have fun running this blog and drawing my oc’s so it’s very easy to update it! ❤

Anyways, this ask is based on my headcanons on how nations are born. I’ve always seen them as being born like Wonder Woman–made from dirt and given life by some mystical force. So, technically, none of the nation’s are related to each other by blood. Yet, there’s a whole comic about how Iceland and Norway are actual siblings, but also a strip showing when Iceland was born he knew of Norway despite having never seen him before.

So, in my mind, nation’s are born knowing whether they have relatives or not, and even though none of them are born in the regular way they would still come up as being blood related if you tested them because magic. There’s only a small amount that are actually siblings/parents, the rest just kind of claim others are in order to have a family.

So, technically all of them on this blog would have the parents of either Slav or Illyria, but the only ones who are ‘blood’ related are Serbia, Kosovo, and Vojvodina.

Also, some of my ancient oc’s! Illyria’s had a design for a while, but not much more than that, and I completely created Slav for this, and who knows if he’ll stay or not.

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Hashirama comforting his s/o after they had a rough or exhausting day?

Awwe sweet baby sunshine boy~~ He’s definitely the best person for this out of the trio

  • Have I mentioned on this blog yet that Hashirama gives the best hugs? Possibly in the entire Narutoverse. He’s just so tall and strong, that literally it’s like a real bear hug. When he notices that his s/o had a really difficult day, then he would come behind them and wrap his arms around them, laying his chin on their head, or their shoulder if they were tall enough
  • Hashi would place little butterfly kisses all over their face, taking their hands into his and squeezing them while he did it. He’s all about showing his affection, he thinks it is the best remedy for a rough day and he’s right
  • He would definitely be that guy to ask you what was wrong until you fessed up and told him; and who could say no to him? He’s just so honestly sincere and sweet when he asks, because he really does care a lot
  • He’d try and get done with his duties as fast as he could so he can spend more time with his s/o, to make sure their rough day doesn’t turn into a rough week. His affectionate nature would probably make him want to cover his s/o with kisses and  snuggles (that’s the right word? lol)
  • He also thinks that nature walks are a pretty great solution to clear the mind, so he would take his s/o out for a nature walk through the best paths, because of course he would know where they were
  • If you’ve seen the one Naruto episode where he is walking with Madara and they see a girl fall, Madara helps her up but she’s kinda scared by his intimidating appearance so Hashi just makes a flower and give it to her? He would absolutely to the same thing here, probably on their nature walk

so I’ll write about it. I’ll write about you. And what you did. And how your hands felt. And how I gave up so much of myself to try and fill your cracks. I’ll write about him, and what he did. And how my memory blocked it out. About how I’m still so uncertain it was what it was. I’ll write about my missing pieces and all my inbetweens, cause that’s what I’ve got left.

Late night/early morning ramble:

Just an update on things (not that anybody really reads these posts, or at least I don’t think they do??)

I’m at a bit of an impasse with this blog. One the one hand, I’ve dedicated just under two years and so much of my energy into building/running this blog, and I can’t see myself not having it; but on the on the other hand I feel so… Dissatisfied with my blog ? I feel like in the time since I’ve been on tumblr this blog has kind of faded into obscurity in favor of newer nwtb blogs and the only people who really know about/interact with my blog are the people who are already following it. There is nothing wrong with that, but at the same time, I still feel unhappy ? Like I run this blog a very specific way, and I am happy with the reasons that I run my blog the way I do, but at the same time I feel as if I’ve created some sort of niche that my blog exists in, amd that it goes unnoticed by the fandom at large. And I know that it’s probably kind of dumb of me to be upset over the fact that my blog just isn’t as popular as other blogs in this fandom, especially given that this time a year ago the thought of my blog ever being popular in the fandom genuinely made me feel horribly anxious, but I’ve poured my heart and soul into this blog, and I want to see it successful. I’ve run through different suggestions and taken advice from people, and have even started changing my blog around to mimic others, but I’m at a point where I just….need a break.

So, for now until… Whenever, I guess. I’m going to keep this blog on a queue. I’ll regularly queue up posts and occasionally post, but for the foreseeable future I’m going to be active mostly on my personal blog (and I can’t stress this enough, please go follow my personal, @yandere-dad. It is my pride and joy besides this blog and it makes me so happy ?? Plus I just recently got a rly cute theme for it on desktop finally. Please go follow me there. )

But yeah. Idk when illever just start posting normally again, but maybe eventually.

do y'all ever feel creepy for having a crush like,, you’ll picture the two of you going on a hike and holding hands or going to one of those buildings filled with trampolines together and ur just like “stop!!! this is nonsense!!! u dont even know them that well stop thinking about them all the time!!! they would probably be weirded out by this bc they think of you as a friend at best,, S T O P”

Serial killer fandom: *fetishizes serial killers. Spends their day blogging about serial killers. Posts sexy photo edits of serial killers. Ships one serial killer with another serial killer. Names their first born child after their favorite serial killer*

*racially motivated serial killer Dylan Roof is sentenced to death*

Serial killer fandom: I am sobbing… my hands are shaking as I type this,, killing in all forms is WRONG and the fact that people would CELEBRATE this just makes me absolutely SICK… it’s WRONG people!! When will you learn that violence is WRONG!!

Stims that deserve more positivity:

• rocking. And not just the slight rocking; I’m talking about the rocking that shakes your chair and gets stares and eye rolls
• humming/squeaking/chirping/etc
• echolalia/palilalia
• bouncing/jumping/spinning
• flapping your arms/hands
• bouncing your legs
• chewing on things

Stimming isn’t all cutesy paint mixing and glitter and rainbow slime.

(Feel free to add more examples of stigmatized stims!)