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I’d like to briefly interrupt fandom-related blogging to briefly get on a soapbox about one of my favorite ideas of all time: feathery dragons.

Imagine dragons whose plumage is coated in an iridescent, oily material that fireproofs their skin, and as a result it’s so bright and colorful that people catching glimpses of dragon nests littered with shed feathers insisted that they were guarding piles of jewels.

Dragons based on bearded vultures with magnificent scarlet crests who live in high mountains. 

Dragons based on peafowl with huge, slightly cumbersome tail feathers that they use in absolutely incredible pyrotechnic displays.

Seafaring dragons based on pelicans and albatrosses.

Arctic dragons coming in super-fluffy snowy owl and sleek, aquatic, penguin versions.

Because listen, if dinosaurs have feathers, so should dragons. Pick a bird? Now make a dragon. Make a chicken dragon. do it. No one can stop you. Potoo? Potoo dragon. Corvid dragons. Pigeon dragons? Parrot and cockatiel dragons. 

feathery dragons

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>beauty and the beast:</b> is for ages 12+<p/><b>me:</b> wtf this is a kids movie they even dubbed it for those who cant read yet<p/><b>lefou:</b> shows off a gaston bite mark™ on his stomach<p/><b>gaston:</b> sings about shooting from behind<p/><b>the prince:</b> straight up GROWLS at belles suggestion that he grow a beard<p/><b>me:</b> never mind<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
I’ve been retaining this for months...

Hello, as many persons know theres an user named “theolivermaniac”, who appears on youtube videos about Oliver (in comments only), owns a tumblr blog and also a pinterest account, he’s seen as someone that loves Oliver a lot like many of us, a normal user like “theoliveraddict”, I was not supposed to reveal his gender because of a promise, and the fact that he’s also 28 (I have no idea if this is his real age, he looks older because hes bald, with overweight and has kinda long black beard, he also wears glasses) and that hes from Texas, but he broke his promise too.

He wanted a photo of my face if he send to Venezuela (my country) a wacom tablet and a camera (for my graphic desing studies), I took it as the offer of a friend or a nice person, he also was supposed to send supplies to help my family with the situation of the country, I was not allowed to send any photo of myself (and I have a kind of phobia to those devices, I hate selfies and makes me fell extremely uncomfortable and he knew that) so he got angry with me and cancelled everything, he said that he can’t help me anymore because “without a photo I’m a stranger”, it’s curious because since I meet him he was trying to convince me to be his couple, I told him that I was okay with just be friends and that I didn’t wanted a relationship with anybody.

But he continued trying to force our interaction, asking things like “what do you think of me now?”, “I’m your type?”, very frequently, he also got jealous of my friends thinking that I had a couple somewhere or one of them were my couple, like if I was “cheating” him and like if I was his couple, he even wanted to punch them, this made me feel very uncomfortable, this and the fact that he used to tell me sexual stuff and things like he wanted me to wait for him a little while chatting because he wanted to go to masturbate.

When the tablet arrived he wanted me to anunce to everybody that he gave it to me and wanted everybody to know this, the anterior things I said and his sick obsession with Oliver (in a very sexual way, this is also with any “shota”, and Fukase, if it’s a little kid, he likes it) made me want to stop talking to him, when I blocked him from everywhere he used the blogs that he knew I own to keep sending me messages, like “you forgot to block me here *image of sans smiling*” and “I can’t believe you take me off the credit, it’s the last time I help a foreing”, I didn’t replied any of his messages.

I’m so sorry if I told you that he’s a nice person, when I said that I was trying to keep my promise, but the truth is all what I said, I also have testiges and two of them were friends who supported me while all this was happening (I’m a very sensitive person about this kind of things, I had a horrible experience with a kid molester when I was small), I had to hide the sex of one of my female friends because he gets even creepier with girls or when he thinks you’re a girl (he’s bisexual but preffers girls) there are some screencaps of one of my friends in case you have any doubt, I deleted all my conversations with him because I didn’t wanted to know anything else from him so I haven’t screencaps of those

Notice he tags Oliver stuff with “shota”

I know he comissions artists for nsfw (and sfw), he asked the same to me (even an animation of Oliver masturbating), I didn’t wanted my Ollie to be material for fapping, I also was told he asked people for voice acting of Oliver, I would not be surprised, he asked me to make Oliver moan and say dirty things for him (and wanted to hear me saying the same things and moaning too)

Ah, my problem is not with his artists, they all are very talented ones, my problem is with maniac, also, be careful if you’re one of his artists, he can talk very bad a bout you if you stop making nsfw for him, he told me awful things about a very good artist named “Enzo” because she didn’t wanted to continue with this, he also said mean things about “theoliveraddict” because “she left Oliver for the Steven Universe fandom” , she didin’t, she follows me on twitter in my olikasecentral account, I think other reason for that was the fact that he was ”in love” with her and she didn’t noticed him or rejected him, and don’t talk “bad” about Oliver in front of him, he gets really pissed for things like “I really love Oliver, but his voice is hard to tune sometimes, he sounds muffled and I can’t understand him sometimes”

If you will insult me because you support him, I will not reply you, I just wanted to say all this because for months I’ve been feeling bad about this, I don’t like to hide my feelings or thoughts about something that bothers me, have a nice week.


I swear I like a different member of the cast everyday😭. I just wanna take some time to appreciate Algee’s beard and eyes 💞 I really try my hardest not to make this blog all about them but I just really love the black boy joy movement that they embody and promote. I deeply hope that it inspires others too.

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I want to make sure everyone knows that D isn't behind any of this. He honest to god does not care. He doesn't care if we blog about him. Write fanfic about him. He. Does. Not. Care. He has at least two fandom blogs that I know of and he has seen the fics. He doesn't care. This is all Amelia's bullshit. But she has his balls by a vice grip so :/ -- Ghost

To be honest. I have visions of Darren reading So Meta and laughing his ass off. Because he knows better than anyone that she’s a manipulative bitch.

And her pathetic attempts to turn the blame on him for the deletion are failing just like everything else she has done in her life including bearding, producing, and having success in the music industry despite connections people would literally kill for.

But 2 blogs huh? Love to know which ones!!

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You were getting anons about Louis/Luke before this CDAN blind? WFT? Do you think they are going for it then? Imply something is there like they did with Xander? It's jus very curious you get anons about it, now there is a CDAN blind about Louis making out with a guy, and on the pap pics Luke was wearing Louis' jacket... seems like the same strategy as always to me. But why do they do this now? He supposedly still has a baby and a girlfriend...

I said this in the tags but I’m going to say again; at the time, the anons I got didn’t seem like they were anything other than curious anons (the discussion on my blog at the time was about Harry and Louis’s CO and if they would implement male beards). Having said that, now that that blind is circulating and the fact that apparently people have been getting “who is Luke?” anons…

I don’t think they’re going for it, per se. If anything, it might just be Luke joining him on Lad™ trips more, in lieu of Cal or Oli. But like so many other people have said, they’re pushing the Not Larry hard. So yeah, it seems like their MO but Louis’s still got two lady stunts attached to him. Which means if they go for it………something’s….gotta…go….Wonder what that…could be….

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hi sasha, so i'm kinda annoyed bc i just saw an ask sent to a popular larry blog about zayn, the anon says that they think gigi is gay and that there's something going on between her and kendall and that zayn is just a beard and not her actual bf! and that larry blog answered by agreeing to this and saying well that kinda explains why we're getting all this zigi and that's it too much it's obvious! and i'm furious bc now zayn is the beard and zayn being queer or ziam being real is ignored (1)

(2) they never wanna discuss ziam and when they do they say shit like well we don’t know we never look into it but then they think they have the right to say an opinion!and it was so easy for them to believe gigi is gay and zayn is a beard but it’s never east to think the other way around!also who the fuck is gigi for zayn to spend his time bearding for!if there’s bearding here then it’s 100% for zayn,even if gigi was gay she ain’t nobody to have an A-list musician like zayn to be her beard            

Imo, Gigi and Kendall are most likely queerbaiting and their own team is putting rumors of them being lesbians out there. They’re shameless. Or at least the people around them are. And remember, attractive, cis, white, lesbians with very “feminine” personas generally have a greater measure of acceptance than other marginalized groups. It’s not terribly risky for them to have gay rumors circulating. Primarily because they’re deemed fit for the “male gaze”–the straight, white, male gaze, that is. It speaks to how little thought some people give these issues–even as they claim to be allies. Phony, fake, fraudulent and silly little fangirls. smh

I haven’t come across any crackpot theories myself, lately. Many Larries have wisely decided to tap out on theorizing about Zayn and Liam and their suspect as hell “relationships”.  Common sense dictates where there’s this much smoke, there’s fire. A lot of fans just don’t wanna admit they were wrong or give Ziam attention they feel should always be reserved for Larry. But sure, I guess some still wanna play dumb or grasp at straws until there’s no straws left. Some people really can get through life that way. The rest of us aren’t so lucky. Personally, I’m a bitter bitch who has no choice other than to live in the real world. LOL

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The dude keeps getting deleted bc he's a fucking bully and youre all loving it. it's disturbing.

There are popular blogs with over 100k followers saying “x group of people can choke” “x group of people should kill themselves” “kill all men” “all men should die, they are useless” + gory pics + death threaths + “Trump/Hillary/Lady Gaga/Insert A list persona should kill themselves”, rape fanart, rape threats, people doxxing others AND they get 200.000 notes per posts and don’t get deleted.

Explain me why staff would delete a blog for the sole reason they write parody fics and are just /making fun/ of a beard flop jobless no one like Mia, who is dating a D list celebrity like Darren.

And what will you say about Ally??? That she was a “bully” too??

Gosh, you are pathetic.
Like Darren, Mia and his team.

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Hi Maya, thank you for being so kind to your anons. Some of the blogs I follow are downright nasty to their anons. Anyway, thank you. Question: Blind Item stated a former A list boy bander from a foreign land has new music and new movie coming out. They say what won't be coming out is him and to expect PR to start looking for the perfect six month beard. Do you think Harry will start "dating" someone soon? And who do you think it could be? A yahoo article about H and Katy Perry surfaced today?

Hi! :)

I checked and found that blind on CDCN, not even BG, so I wouldn’t worry about it at all. We don’t know what Harry’s marketing plan- and it’ll have to be a big and simultaneously careful one, considering the double exposure- will be, we can only base our assumptions on what we’ve seen in this past year+, between the total lack of stunitng and the peculiar, new message of AM. Keeping that in mind, I highly doubt Harry is gonna show up with one (or more) fake gfs on his arm, walking the red carpets for Dunkirk. As I’ve said more than once, I don’t see him going anywhere close to a CO either for the moment, so I imagine the best (and more probable) thing we can expect is an ambiguous, neutral behavior? Likely some rumours and innocent pics of him and X girl here and there, but nothing substantial. I mean, who knows, look at him being papped with DuaLipa or Emma Watson hand in hand in Notting Hill next month, my personal rule is to be open to everything, I just don’t particulalry beleive it’ll go where that blind suggest. Anyway, we ahve a date now, finally, we’ll know very soon! :)

amazing how a literal adult white straight cis man with a beard can literally blog about hockey and anime titties and occasionally go on a quasi-academic theory bro rant that uses as many pomo-leftist buzzwords as possible but really doesn’t say anything that people (usually women) haven’t already been saying for decades and just generally establish himself as the tumblr version of the Sensitive Bro Dude in Your Undergrad Gender Studies 101 but the moment he tags his selfies with “she/her pronouns” he’s praised as a paragon of left thought on this hellsite

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I am very happy because we had a J2 date night yesterday in Vancouver! I love their date nights! And I really don't mind the bearding, c'mon we survived their marriages! And I love to see pictures of the Padackles children! I love your blog, you are a sweetheart!

Anon 2: Date night! Finally

Hello, dear anons!

I’m bunching up your messages, I hope that’s alright with you! I share your joy of seeing the J’s spend an evening together. Even if they’re not next to each other in these pictures, I’m very happy to see them out and about. I’ll take whatever I can get during these times of public separation. ;)

And as for the bearding, it really isn’t something we all couldn’t anticipate upon the announcement of these new children. I understand the reason behind it and I must admit I’m not too affected by it. Especially since the method is such a lame one - old pictures, social media likes and comments… I mean, come on, it’s no big deal. Like you said, first anon, we’ve survived much worse.

I hope you both have a very lovely weekend ahead of you! And thank you so much for your kind words - it really baffles me that some people enjoy my blog!

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Do you know any good (non-Larry, obvs.) Louis blogs? Because it's so annoying to just be on a blog scrolling thru some posts and you think "nice" but then there is a post where they start talking about how ~Larry is real~ and beards and how much they hate Eleanor and I die inside. Help.

yes!!! i follow some great ones on my main blog: 


nialleatspussy (lol)

fuckyeah1d is a good one, generally posts all the boys but a lot of louis

adultfansofonedirection are also great, again they post everyone not just lou

if anyone has any other recommendations you can reply to this post :)))