this is a bit of a hot mess but whatever man

you’re one of god’s mistakes


it’s midnight and he’s racing, the wheel of his car trembling underneath his fingers and jaeho takes a look at the clock before stepping on the accelerator a little bit more. he can feel the blood pumping on his ears, his knuckles white as he holds the wheel with a little more strength than necessary. he bites on his lips as he checks the traffic, makes a turn. he shouldn’t be doing this.

it goes against everything he is. moon jaeho is not a man who does things without thinking things through. he is not a man who checks the pros and cons of whatever action he is about to do, he is not a man to just do whatever comes to his head. except when anger comes to him, hot and furious, messing with his insides until he is unable to think. and right now jaeho is not thinking. his mind is filled with his fight with hyemi, filled by the pictures he saw online, pictures that one more second of logic would’ve made this trap obvious. but he just goes and walks into it willingly, almost as if he’s begging for it.

a red sign and he stops, checks his phone for the what seems to be the billionth time. there is the picture again, the image of miso with him on her side, a little too close for comfort, the small heart under it making his skin crawl. calm down, he thinks, while the other side of him is running out of thoughts, of the many ways he could kill him. 

kill her. 

when he arrives he parks quickly, leaving the car and slamming the door. his mind is screaming at him to not go inside. to calm down. to turn the fuck back and go find hyemi and stop this nonsense. what will he do? punch kiyong, ruin everything he’s built over this girl and for what? his mind is making perfect sense and yet here he is, opening the door as if he owns the place, stepping in as if he was invited. and there she is: alone, lying down on the couch, looking up at him as if she had been waiting. 

“where the fuck is he?” he demands only to be sure. because he knows. the trap was set and he knew all along and yet he’s still here waiting, aching.