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“A gentle boy with a gentle soul, but every soul contains its own opposite, and the opposite of gentleness was ruthlessness—the beautiful wreckage of mercy.”

Cassandra Clare
Afternoon Delight

Well, it wouldn’t be Smutty Sunday if I didn’t do a Dean one-shot too, right??  

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Dean watched her sleeping in the bed next to his chair. She looked so peaceful, her hair curling around her ear, her chest rising and falling in her soft pink tee-shirt. Sam quietly gathered his laptop and his bag, doing his best not to interrupt her nap.

He nodded at Dean and then jutted his chin toward the door, letting him know he was heading out. As soon as the door was closed, Dean stood up and took the two steps over to the bed. He crawled into the covers next to his beautiful girl, spooning her body, his hand running gently up and down her arm.

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messi got a black eye last match and played well. this match he scored a beautiful goal with a napkin to cover his bleeding mouth. what’s going to happen next match?

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Oh maybe uh KnightTrainee!Sho x FortuneTeller!Kizana headcanons?

- Sho goes to see a fortune teller to see what his future will look like

- He finds Miss Kizana

- She looks young but she is pretty beautiful

- Covered in a few amethysts and having a very calm but royal looking atmosphere

- He tries getting his cars read

- They don’t seem to be good though

- Just when Sho gives up hope of ever being more than a trainee

- Kizana asks for a kiss

- Sho is completely red because why would you ask that

- She leans over

- She is gentle as a feather and gives him a direct kiss

- Allowing him to see a glimpse of his future

- And Kizana is a clear part of it

- He pays her and leaves

- He is screaming internally though

Lonely Tears From A Longing heart

–It was just one of those days where a few princesses had come to visit the prince, filling the palace with soft giggles and angel-like voices, something that made it clear that these girls were royal from generations of bloodlines that made them what they were; beautiful, rich, almost like arts covered in gems and gold, making the exotic blond pale in comparison, at least to himself as his half-lidded azures hues watched how delicate digits took a hold of his master’s toned arm, resulting those familiar eyes to focus on the princess who was bodily asking for attention, and once that attention was on the angel-like features, a blush spread over them, combined with a smile as sweet as honey, making the servant’s heart throb painfully within his chest, for it made Marco realize how far beneath he was.. for he wasn’t royal, he wasn’t perfect or head-turningly beautiful, but they were; the princesses. Not only that, but they were worthy of the prince’s attention and carried a bloodline that gave them the privilege to pursuit the prince for marriage, something he never would be able to. By the great gods, he shouldn’t even think about such things as a mere servant, but here he was, lost in these painful thoughts, and contrary to other times, the exotic blond was unable to drag himself out of them, which was why he took the first opportunity he saw to leave without anyone noticing.  

Arriving at the main gate, Marco reported to the head-guard that he was going out and probably wouldn’t return for a while which the guard gave a short nod to after the exotic blond had declined the offer of an escort.

Slender legs carried the servant slowly through the large city where lots of eyes fell on Marco’s person, yet no attention was paid to the many curious eyes as all that was going through the blond’s mind were those giggles and the way the princesses had clung to the prince and how happy they seemed. They had no idea how lucky they were.. to be able to show emotions so freely and carry their hearts on their sleeves without a care in the world.

Today was a day where the servant couldn’t lock his heart away, couldn’t ignore the pain that came from seeing what he had seen at the palace. Usually, the exotic blond was good at ignoring the painful throbbing, good at telling himself that he had no right to feel as he did, however, now, right in this moment, it was too much, resulting tears to slowly escape his crystal clear azure hues as they gazed at nothing in particular while his legs carried him deeper and deeper into the dirt and stone covered streets of the large city. 

Reaching an abandoned rundown house, the servant went in before sitting down, shielding him from wandering eyes and people, not that he had seen that many this far into the depths of the city as this was where the normal people lived; people who weren’t noble and blessed by the gods.

Small dark spots could be seen slowly covering the slightly sand dirty stone floor as the tears kept on escaping the servant’s eyes before he curled in on himself, hiding his shameful face away from the world while dulling his sobs that started to grow in volume as he sat there alone like he had many times in the past; it was how it was to be a slave, no one cared whether you were happy or sad, in this case the exotic blond knew that his master would, but right now he couldn’t bear seeing the prince, couldn’t bear to face the sad reality that he was nothing but a mere servant and that his heart longed for something he could never have; not now, not in the afterlife - not ever.

The sounds of the sorrowful sobs bounced off the nearby walls, echoing in the small house as the exotic blond bit his lower lips to not be too loud while digging his blunt nails into his scalp in an attempt to get rid of the images of the prince smiling and laughing to the princesses that had clung to him with their perfect features and bodies that carried no ugly scars and no nervous tics that showed years of trauma. 

Marco had no idea how many hours he had been at it; crying himself dry until all he could feel was numbness, a numbness so familiar that it wasn’t a surprise when he felt nothing and saw nothing; no images, no painful perfect smiles - absolutely nothing. It was like a blessing from the gods, never mind if it shouldn’t be one. He was spend, and so.. the servant slowly got up while fixing his hair so it didn’t look like a mess before wandering out into the by now dark streets, towards the big familiar palace.