this is a bad post

Sans’ bad movie night?

So, I’ve been inspired by @spiidertale‘s love ball and would love to hold an event of my own, should anyone be interested.

I will be using a website to stream synced movies, which includes an chat area for us all to talk IC about the movies as they play. You won’t have to make an account to watch but you may have to make one if you want to have a username rather than ‘guest’. This will depend on the syncing service I end up using.

I’ll be able to run it for a whopping 18 hours, so as to include as many time zones as I possibly can. People can suggest movies via inbox beforehand and I will try to include them if I’m able to find links that work.

It will be for Undertale rpers (aus welcome) and OCs whose mainverse is in the Undertale universe. 

If people are interested, it will take place from 12pm (GMT) until 6am on Thursday 18th of February. 

Please like/reblog if you’re interested because I’m really excited about the idea but I don’t want to run it if very few people are interested.

Battle Maiden’s ⌋ present Absolute Love Cafe!!
Sargatanas Server.
Hosted at the Absolute Virtue FC House. The Mist, 2nd Ward Plot 37.
February 16th starting at 5pm PST.

Come join us for a fun and exciting night! Roleplay is optional. Please make sure to ask someone first if you wish to roleplay with them!

Contests  ⌋

Best Dressed Couple
Prize: 100k (50k for each couple)
Worst Dressed Couple
Prize: 80k (40k for each couple)
Worst Pick Up Line
Prize: 50k

Judging times for the contests will be announced at the party. We hope to see you there~!!

Valentine’s Day is incredibly busy for a delivery angel such as Indigo.

Although he has never gotten any cards himself, he’s very happy to spread joy and love to other monsters around~

Respect the artist! Please do not use, repost, trace, or edit in any way, thank you! With love, Emil

I need 1 singular favour

So my lovely followers, can you take this survey for me? Its a survey on neko atsume that I’m doing for class. If you don’t have neko atsume that’s cool you can still answer like 4 questions, it’s very short. 

Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance, ~ Amelia

It always makes me a little nervous when people I’m friends with start talking about their earnest hope that there will be some vague revolution and the government will get overthrown. That would be an excuse for so many people to just start attacking and killing every LGBT or non-white person in sight and nobody can guarantee my or my friends’ safety in that situation.