this is a bad guy

As I grabbed my plate I saw there was a whole shelf of pastries. I felt irritated but not enough to confront the lady about it. If I had done that at work…well I wouldn’t. 

I sat down and of course, a man came over to sit next to me. I noticed his tattoo, only in Windenburg. I bit into the extremely hard bread, I needed anything in my belly right now. 

“Hello.” He said quietly.
“Hi.” I answered politely. 
This bread was so stale and it had no flavor. Tasted the way hamster pellets smelled. 
“Only wondering, but, why did you order day old bread?”
“Huh?” It wasn’t his business what I ordered. Even though I didn’t order this. “Oh, uhm, I-I tried ordering but she ignored me and when she finally took my order, well I guess she didn’t hear me.”
He laughed. “No, she heard you. You’re not from here. We can tell by your clothes. She most likely did it on purpose.”
“So what if I’m not from around here, I’m still paying.”
“Money isn’t the issue. You wouldn’t understand.”

I was frowning. I hear that a lot from Nia. Speaking of her, I knew if I came in with her the lady would’ve been extremely attentive and getting anything we wanted. She wouldn’t have ignored me, that’s for sure. 

“If you’d like, I’ll order for you.”
“I-” I was about to tell him, yeah no way. That’s embarrassing, but my phone started shaking in my pocket. “Uhm, thank you for the offer. I should head out, my friend is calling me. Nice to meet you sir.” 

Bex Taylor does NOT ship sheith. She’s said it before but you guys only read the one post on her blog. It was a joke guys, like she was trying to be funny. Everyone does it once in a while, it’s normal. Here I’ll do it, boku no pico is the best anime. Cory in the house is my number two. See a joke funny right… no? Well I can agree. Let people live their life and let’s not spread hate. We live in a cruel world as is already so let’s take some of the small things in life and enjoy it while were still alive. Would you rather be happy or spend your life spreading hate. Idk what you chose but we can only hope for the first. Let’s make volton great again! To soon? Sorry. (Reblog to end hate on Bex and voltron discourse (or atleast try (I can’t predict the future))). Have a good morning, afternoon, or night and have an amazing day no matter who you are.

I  really  appreciate  everyone  who,  after  episodes,  do  their  best  with  meta’s  to  explain  their  character’s  actions  &  explain  what  they  think  d&d  are  trying  to  get  at  and  how  they  see  it.  you  really  save  a  lot  of  this  for  me.

I  don’t  feel  like  doing  it  myself  currently  because  I  feel  like  sometimes  it’s  just  warping  my  character  to  try  and  fit  BAD  WRITING  using  what  knowledge  I  have  of  Arya  &  where  i  think  they’re  trying  to  go  with  her.  

but  i  appreciate  so  much  the  folks  who  do  that.  especially  @killthebxy  &  @breakercfchains

my new theme song: that don’t impress me much

“Bad guys don’t deserve to be redeemed” is a boring plot mindset and it’s cancelled forever.

Show me bad guys that think it’s too late to turn their life around, and then turn it around. Show me bad guys that think they’ll never be loved because of the things they’ve done and then give them love and support that makes them feel like it’s worth it to change. Show me bad guys who are bitter, hold grudges, lash out at people, and then make them realize that this Isn’t Working and want more out of their life. Show me bad guys that ask the good guys for help!!

The “villain gets what’s coming to him and is never seen or heard from again” trope is old and played. I want to hear from them again. I want them to ask the good guys to drive them to their first therapy appointment. I want them to struggle through apologies, not because they’re too proud to say “I’m sorry” bc tbh that trope can die too, but because they can’t find the words to make things better and it makes it feel pointless to try.

Make it hard! Make it hurt! Make them question who they are and if change is possible and make them find out that they can be more than the destructive thoughts and behavior they’ve adapted! Make them learn that having bad thoughts doesn’t make you a bad person, and you can choose which thoughts and desires you entertain and act upon. Let the choice to ignore bad thoughts and focus on positive ones become easier over time. And let them feel proud of themselves for it!

Real people struggle with these issues every day and right now the social message is that if you fuck up, you’re scum and you deserve to suffer and you’ll never be more than scum. Real people need to know that you can’t undo the damage of things you’ve done, but you can be better in the future. Real people need to know that you’re not pigeonholed into being a Bad Guy for the rest of your life because you’re a Bad Guy right now.

Nobody “deserves” to be redeemed, it isn’t about “deserving” redemption, it’s about working your ass off not to keep hurting people because you can.


hey so uhhhh i’m super late but i made a bnha ‘’oc’’

i only have two settings: 1. unconscious and 2. terrible

The rich and powerful, they take what they want.
We steal it back for you.
Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.

We provide… “Leverage”.
Design: CT

I love this and my little guys. Designing them took FOREVER but TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! All of them have something I am super-proud of. Elliot’s luxurious hair. Hardison’s orange soda. Sophie’s shoes. :DDD

Also YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH THIS SHOW. Thanks @crinoline-gremlin for going on and on about it until I caved! <3

Bad guys being sexy and evil is my weakness

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