this is a backstreet boys skirt

I Want It That Way

Marty Scurll/Reader
940 words; Smut/Explicit

This is vaguely based on Marty’s instagram stories from a few days ago, where he was indeed doing some fairly obscene things with his tongue and also singing along to the song from the title.


The bar is noisy around you, the music blaring, and you’re just drunk enough to be feeling it, nice and loose, but Marty, of course, has to get his fucking phone out. “No pictures,” you say, covering your face, shifting aside so you’re out of view.

“No pictures?” he says, laughing. “I’m not the paparazzi, it’s fine.”

“Good,” you reply, because though Marty seems happy to live his life reasonably publicly, as his girlfriend, you’re still not sure if that’s for you. But you watch him as he films himself, banging his head in time with the beat, curly hair flying. You roll your eyes as he flicks his tongue lasciviously, and he laughs, stopping the video.

“You don’t like that?” he asks, his arm around you, pulling you in close, tongue snaking wet over your ear, making you shiver.

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Black T-Shirt

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Gif Not Mine

A/N: I was suppose to write a Thor imagine inspired by this song but instead this popped out. oops. I’m actually really in love with this fic.

Warnings: Cursing. Semi nudity.

Summary: Reader gets a job as a maid for the Avengers and some how always ends up seeing Dr. Banner half naked?

Y/N threw her hair up with a hair stick. She tucked her loose strands behind her glasses and smoothed her pencil skirt. She was singing along to the Backstreet Boys while she got ready for her interview. Regrettably she looked like a naughty librarian, but hey, if the interviewer was male and into women, it may help her out.

She left the building and drove down to the Avengers tower. The long drive gave her time to try and calm her nerves. Deep breathes, she told herself as she got out and locked the door.

She arrived at the front desk. “Hi, I have an interview at 2?” The lady didn’t look up. Y/N wondered if she even heard her. When the woman did look up, Y/N knew she had. “I’ll let him know you’re here.” Turning around slowly Y/N went and took a seat, waiting patiently. Three minutes later, on the dot, happy had called her into an interview room.

“So, miss,” he looked down at my application. “Y/L/N, what made you want to work for the Avengers?”

“Well I don’t think we really need to think about this. When can you start?”

I wanted to squeal. The rush of happiness coursed through me. I couldn’t hold back the smile. “Umm, tomorrow?” He stood up. “Sounds good, we will see you 8A.M. sharp.” I stood with him and shook his hand. “Thank you so much sir.”

He walked me to the door and turned me loose. Outside was cold as I walked to my car. The chilly air bit at my fingertips but I didn’t care. I had a nice drive with the radio cranked up, singing along to old 80’s hits.

I was ready at work 8A.M. sharp. They didn’t specify a uniform, I assumed they would provide one or whatever was fine. I met up with happy on the first floor lobby. “Good morning Y/N, come with me, you can meet the team.”

I happily followed him to the living quarters. “They should be up by now.” Happy paused at a door. “Right through here,” he opened it. “Is the living room.”

Big room. “Everybody, this is Y/N, Y/N everybody.” Happy gestured around the room. I stood positively still. The Avengers eyes were not looking away and I felt small under their gaze. I waved shyly. “Hi, I’m your new maid.”

Tony was the first to stand up and say hi. As always he looked perfect and walked with a grace I couldn’t possibly possess. “Y/N, lovely to have you. Listen I don’t know if Happy told you we have a very traditional maid uniform you are required to wear. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or anythi-

I let him drone on but I had stopped paying attention. I thought Happy said there was no uniform when he brought me up here? I looked at the others confused faces, then it clicked. “I’m gonna have to stop you their boss. I’ve already been informed my uniform is up to me.” I smiled. “I don’t have to report you to my superiors for sexual harassment right?” I raised my brow.

His teammates behind him cracked up laughing. Some throwing their heads back, others holding their stomachs, and a few were just wheezing. My smile broke out into a full grin at his flabbergasted face and I turned back to Happy. “So what rooms are my responsibility and where are my tools?”

I was in the laundry room, a pencil in my hair and elbow deep in dirty clothes. Natasha was the only one who insisted on doing her own laundry. I was in the middle of Wanda’s colors when a shirtless Bruce walked in. “Hey Y/N have you seen my black shirt.” Holy shit Holy shit Holy shit, he looks so yummy! My God. “Y/N? You alright there?” Oh fuck, he caught me staring! Well like it was that hard. “Y/N?” Snap out of it! “Yes?” I tried to be nonchalant. “I asked if you had seen my black shirt. The one with the big white design?” I nodded faster than necessary, reaching up I grabbed the black shirt from the hanger and handed it to him. “Thanks dear.” He smiled at me. I had to bite my lip to keep from blushing. “No problem,” I said a little higher pitched than I should have.

When he was gone I had to fall against the washer. What the fuck was that? My boss thinks I’m a freak now, great. Wait, is he my boss? Of course he is, he’s an Avenger. Forget it, get your job done. I stood back up and went back to the laundry. Stupid boy getting me stupid flustered! Wear your dumb shirt next time.

My day carried on with no similar interruptions. Well until Tony came in.

“Hey Y/N, heard you had an encounter with Banner.” I wiped my hands on my bleach stained pants. “I saw him today, yes. Is their something you need me to do boss?” put my hands on my hips. “Actually I would love a coffee brought down to my lab. Two, if you don’t mind.” I sighed. “Of course.”

I had a tray of two black coffees, cream, and sugar resting in my hands. I was making my way down to Tony’s lab stopping at the door to punch in the code. His lab was impressive, but I had no clue what any of the junk did. Or even what he and Dr. Banner did down here.

The room was dark when I entered. I flipped on the lights and gasped out when I saw Bruce napping across the lab. He awoke with a start at the sudden change in lighting.

Of course he would be in here, it’s 12:30. He always naps at that time! Fuck fuck shit!

He stood up. Holy hell, the man has no shirt and no pants. Stop staring! I went to cover my eyes but completely forgot about the tray in my hands, and spilt scalding hot coffee all down the front of my white t-shirt. Now I was embarrassed, burnt, and showing off my lacey bra. “Oh my God.”

I covered my eyes and turned around, waiting on him to dress so I could explain. “Screw you Tony.”

“Hey, are you ok? That coffee must have been hot.” Trust me babe, my cheeks are burning up more.

“Yeah, no I’m good. Umm sorry, Tony asked me to bring it for him. I wasn’t thinking.”

Idiot idiot idiot. Why do you sleep that way anyhow? At least wear a t-shirt to bed.

“Don’t worry about it. I should have been waking up anyway.”

I finally glanced up at him, but he wasn’t looking at me. He stared to the side avoiding my figure with a red painted face.

Oh shit, my shirt. “There’s no point hiding. I don’t have another shirt.”

He finally looked at me. Not at my body but at my face. All previous embarrassment gone, replaced with a fuck it attitude.

He smirked. Bruce grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled it over his head. My eyes went wide but I couldn’t tear them away from the sight of his bare body. He held the shirt out for me to take. What a perfect gentleman. I almost swooned.

There was no point in making him turn around. My shirt already put everything on display, so I just peeled off the sticky thing and let his warm shirt I helped him find earlier engulf me. Fuck it smells so nice.

“Thanks Bruce.” I bit my lip. “I’m gonna go kill Tony or die, which ever comes first.”

He smiled. “Yeah, I think I’m gonna do the same.”

90's Themed Sapphic Asks:
  • 1: Early to mid 90's sapphic, or mid to late 90's sapphic?
  • 2: Neon windbreaker sapphic, or denim jacket sapphic?
  • 3: Spice Girls sapphic, or Backstreet Boys sapphic?
  • 4: Beads on your bicycle spokes sapphic, or streamers in your bicycle handlebars sapphic?
  • 5: Furby sapphic, or Beanie Babies sapphic?
  • 6: Overalls sapphic, or jumper skirts sapphic?
  • 7: Xena: Warrior Princess sapphic, or Buffy The Vampire Slayer sapphic?
  • 8: Ripped jeans sapphic, or cargo pants sapphic?
  • 9: Nirvana sapphic, or Pearl Jam sapphic?
  • 10: Tommy Hilfiger sapphic, or Calvin Klein sapphic?
  • 11: Christopher Pike books sapphic, or R.L. Stine books sapphic?
  • 12: "Take a chill pill" sapphic, or "talk to the hand" sapphic?
  • 13: Clueless sapphic, or The Craft sapphic?
  • 14: Nintendo 64 console sapphic, or Nintendo Gameboy sapphic?
  • 15: 90's Euro-Pop sapphic, or 90's grunge sapphic?
  • 16: Platform sneakers sapphic, or Mary Jane shoes sapphic?
  • 17: Maybelline Roll on lip gloss sapphic, or Lip Smackers lip balm sapphic?
  • 18: Toe ring sapphic, or ankle bracelet sapphic?
  • 19: Walkman sapphic, or hit clips sapphic?
  • 20: Push pops sapphic, or ring pops sapphic?
  • 21: Plaid flannel sapphic, or baggy sweater sapphic?
  • 22: Eyebrow piercing sapphic, or tongue piercing sapphic?
  • 23: Rollerblades sapphic, or skateboard sapphic?
  • 24: Tori Amos sapphic, or Fiona Apple sapphic?
  • 25: Hair parted down the middle sapphic, or thick straight across bangs sapphic?
  • 26: MTV sapphic, or Nickelodeon sapphic?
  • 27: Slap bracelets sapphic, or mood rings sapphic?
  • 28: Bucket hats sapphic or bandanas sapphic?
  • 29: Christina Aguilera sapphic, or Britney Spears sapphic?
  • 30: Valley girl sapphic, or riot grrrl sapphic?
  • 31: Tattoo choker sapphic, or puka shell necklace sapphic?
  • 32: Skip-It sapphic, or hacky sack sapphic?
  • 33: Ying yang signs on everything sapphic, or alien faces on everything sapphic?
  • 34: "Whatever" hand sign sapphic, or "loser" hand sign sapphic?
  • 35: Are you a 90's baby sapphic, or 90's kid sapphic?