this is a ...fifth of my art final


For fifth day prompt at @juminvweek I choosed confessions!

And suddenly decided to try doing it pixel art, torturing my poor nintendo and using it not how it was intended, and well… you judge (๑ ́ᄇ`๑) …

((Sorry for being so damn late, I lost all my prepared art and doing new from a scratch, and I’m gonna finish final two prompts tomorrow))


Finally put up my art! I had such a blast at RTX! Gonna call out a few amazing artists ; )

First off, @wingscanspeak made the centerpiece that has Viktor and Yuuri in it, as well as the white outlined chibi podium family stickers! I also bought a BNHA poster that had costumed Bakugo Katsuki on it but I mailed that to a friend who would love it a lot ^^ They had amazing cosplays as well and one of the two that were there did the cutest dance ever <3 They even had these cute lion onsies for voltron~ I’ll probably post pictures of their cosplays as well when I make a post for that.

The second tag is @jinzilla who drew the two separate Viktor and Yuuri in the exhibition costumes + the beautiful link at the very top. Their art is amazing <3

The third tag is @snailofapproval who drew Keith and Lance. I love how they color things it’s so cute <3

Fourth we have @midnightzone who made the two large Yuuri on ice keycharms, which are amazing.

Then fifth we have @hollyhansel who made the Gerudo link and Prince Sidon phone charms! I love them!!

And finally, though I didn’t get this art at the con, I put my buddy @magical-mistral ‘s art on my wall finally as well. They drew the post card between the jinzilla’s exhibition Viktor and Yuuri as well as the cute little stickers with the colorful borders and they’re an amazing friend of mine <3 sorry it took so long for me to get your art up buddy

Anyways that wraps it up!! I love all this art!!


Hey all! I finally did a Rose Buddies animatic. It’s sloppy, but it’s done!

Shout out to @tealin, an artist that I fell in love with in middle school because I was an absolute Harry Potter freak. I’m sorry if this sounds creepy, but I printed every single last linework on their website and made a coloring book out of them. It was easily my favorite coloring book of all time, because fifth-grade me didn’t understand that these were probably not coloring pages.

I was recently reminded of this when I decided to listen to the audiobooks for the first time in several years, and when I finally found them, I was delighted to see that they’d done a few uploads for each of the last books.

Thank you for inspiring me.


I got the touch… I got the power… YEA- (Chewbacca scream).
After finally finishing this with my bare palms and listening repeatedly to a song I’ve been listening to for two years, I could get any better if I can just try enough… Except Sentinel’s head and hair - almost gave up on it. As for the fifth slot, the original idea was to draw in my tenth class but I immediately forgot how to draw children.

Tenth Class OCs belong to (except the fifth slot over there);

Scientist - @niucniuc
Safeguard - @madamdegroot
Seeker - @astral-glass
Sentinel - @the-medbae
Thatcher, Sniper - Mine.
Hook - @dorixels

IT’S FINALLY HERE YESSS //I’ve been waiting this like, a month maybe?? why must I live in europe *sob*//

 anyway, ah I love it so much! the art and everything, so glad I bought it~

@illegalsekrit and @withtheworms, thank you so much for making this wonderful comic, you both are amazing artists !!  //also thank you for the feels I didn’t need haha//

The Moorchild by Eloise McGraw


Thus begins my little project to illustrate my favorite female characters from all my favorite books. And since, I don’t discriminate at the genre I read, this will include children’s books, middle grade, YA and so on.

I hear a lot about other peoples fist books that got them reading. Most mention Harry Potter or Twilight. Well, I’ve always been in love with books. Even before I could read them myself. And around fifth or sixth grade I was finally taken to our local library and there it was. A book jumped out at me and it was The Moorchild. My very first great love and it was about fair folk and changelings!

I think this is partly responsible for my internal world of fairies and the inspiration for Denizens! Attention!

Moql is fierce and lonely and wonderful. She has long been one of my fave female characters.

blurryface album art and patterns

So, after investigating YouTube, Google, etc I have finally figure out which patterns from the blurryface album by twenty one pilots correspond with which songs. I figure that many people have already figure all this out but would still like to spread the word.
So, if you look at the blurryface album art you will see nine different patterns inside the nine different circles. Many people speculated that the circles represented different songs on the album. However, if you buy the album on vinyl you are able to take out the sheet that has the nine patterns on it. Now, here’s where this started to intrigue me. The paper doesn’t have nine patterns, it has fourteen, and there are fourteen different songs on the album. This confirmed the pattern=song theory.
So, after this I went to the twenty one pilots YouTube channel and looked at each of the videos of the song audio and kept track of which patterns were with what songs. Since five of the songs have music videos and no audio videos, I only had nine of them figured out.
After that I looked up the other songs live. Both performances of Ride and Tear In My Heart had pattern graphics in the background.
Now there were just three left. I tried to look up live performances but none of them had the graphics. After some more searching I finally came across a YouTube channel, Blurryface - EP. They had the original videos up of the songs with the patterns. From the channel, I was able to find the final three patterns.
So here are the songs and their corresponding patterns:
On Album Art:
(First Row)
-First Circle: Heavydirtysoul
-Second Circle: Tear In My Heart
-Third Circle: Ride
(Second Row)
-Fourth Circle: Polarize
-Fifth Circle: Doubt
-Sixth Circle: Lane Boy
(Third Row)
-Seventh Circle: Fairly Local
-Eight Circle: Stressed Out
-Ninth Circle: Goner
The other five can be found on the twenty one pilots Youtube channel with the audio of the songs:
-The Judge
-We Don’t Believe What’s On TV
-Message Man
-Not Today
The songs represented on the cover are not the first nine songs on the album. So why those songs? Why put those specific songs on the album cover?
Yes, the ones on the cover are the most well known. There may be some correspondence though. The last row of songs all deal more with Blurryface himself. He speaks in Stressed Out and Fairly Local and is being fought in Goner. But what could the other ones mean? I want anyone that sees this post and is interested to try and find out. If you have a theory please message me.
I know that the pattern and song correspondence has likely been figured out before but I still wanted to make this post. Thank you for reading.

wizardmafianinjapirate  asked:


Yaay, glad you liked the pic so much!! Hehe, it can’t really be called a Hogwarts AU though since none of them are actually at Hogwarts XDD

Anyways yes, to answer your question: I’ll do JJ another time because I’m tired today and didn’t have enough time to draw all of them, but here! Our Russian boys obviously go to Durmstrang!

Like, first of all, you can not convince me that Victor wouldn’t ride his broom sidesaddle because lbr. He’s a little diva. And I love him so much and he looks so fucking beautiful in this uniform I think I might cry tbh??? So yeah, hope you like this quick sketch!

The funny thing is that, given the Durmstrang students start school at age 11, but the Mahoutokoro students start at age 7, it means that Yuri and Victor both started school in the same year XD

In this picture though, Victor is probably 16 or so.

And, of course, Yura also goes to Durmstrang, and his patronus is a tiger and he loves it very much.

He’s a lot younger than Victor though, so the two of them never actually went to school together.

However, as a rather famous alumni of the school, Victor does often visit Durmstrang even after he’s graduated, in order to help tutor the students.

During one such visit, Yura manages to convince Victor to tutor him privately for his OWLs and NEWTS on the condition that Yura get top marks in all his subjects.

But when Yura finally starts his fifth year, he discovers that Victor has fallen head over heels for some stupid Japanese wizard, and he’s fucked off to Mahoutokoro like some lovesick puppy.

Yura then decides it’s up to him to go and bring his stupid wayward tutor back.

But then a lot of stuff happens and, long story short, Yura is now studying at Mahoutokoro as an exchange student.

~Harry Potter AU~

r2mich2  asked:

think about this: i bet the second Tsunade became hokage Kiba lit up like the fuckin sky like "GUYS, GUYS OMG, OH. MY. GOD" and no one understands why he's flipping out and he just points and waves his arms like "ITS FINALLY HAPPENING" and at some point /someone/ turns around like "WHAT KIBA" and kiba looks at him straight in the eyes and says "we have a female hokage" like its the best thing in the world because wow he loves lady ninjas. why didn't this happen before?? cmon Konoha get with it.

Kiba and Tenten are among the fifth hokage’s biggest fans