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Bobby’s Thought

I guess he’s wondering, “Since Ronnie Anne and Lincoln took care of an egg, what if they had a baby together? Is it possible? I wonder….”

Apparently, Bobby and Ronnie Anne have both read some form of a Manga, because they both day dream the same way. XD

That new episode “Shell Shock” was adorable! Nie Nie is such an adorable name for Ronnie Anne. And Clyde and Penelope are FREAKING CUTE! And guess what that baby’s name is! Lol

Linky + Nie Nie daw. Or as I call the two Ronnielin. Most say Ronniecoln, but Ronnielin is what I say. Or what about Lincolnnie? <3

Be sure to read my Ronnie Anne Dream part 2

Loud House Request are still open guys Q . Q. request me….please

SIDE NOTE: BTW guys, if you see a person with the name endraa faving your stuff. That’s me. This is actually a secondary blog because I didn’t feel like making a new account. I don’t post anything on my endraa blog anymore for art, but I still fav and follow people since secondary blogs cannot OTL. Endifi is what I mainly use now. You don’t need to follow my main blog. I’m on endifi forever. XD Just a heads up! Thank you for the support. <3

dreamcatchersdaughter  asked:

Hi, I love your blog and I love your fics and you said to send bellarke prompts your way so here it goes: Flower shop below a tattoo shop AU/ Murphy is Clarkes asshole best friend that she beat up for being mean when they first met and then defended because he was being bullied. Also: Octavia and Bellamy are Grounders AU/ Arranged marriage and Lincoln becomes her friend? Idk these have just been stuck in my head forever and you write lovely.

Wow, I am so sorry that this took forever to get to, but I hope you like what I chose to do. This is tattoo show/flower shop au + Murphy is Clarke’s asshole best friend. Enjoy! 

“Hey! Blondie! I think I just saw your future husband,” Murphy yelled. Clarke looked idly up, raising a brow as she waited for Murphy to explain. “You should probably come check it out.”

“I don’t care.”

“If you saw him, you’d care.”

“Last time you said that it was about Finn, Murph. Clearly, you suck at this,” Clarke replied, turning her eyes back to the sketch.

“Actually, last time I said something like that was about Lexa,” he corrected.

“And that one was even worse, so thank you for proving my point.” Clarke waited a beat, turning her gaze up to see Murphy watching her expectantly. She groaned, threw her pencil down, and made her way over. If she didn’t he would just keep bitching about it anyway, and she was so not in the mood.

“Look who’s moving in shop downstairs,” Murphy spoke. He was wearing a triumphant sort of smirk that was so aggravating Clarke contemplated slapping it right off, but she begrudgingly liked Murphy, had since the 4th grade when some kid had made fun of Murphy’s alcoholic mother and she had punched the little bastard straight in the face, so she let the look slide.

Clarke finally reached the window, eyeing the stranger on the street. She now understood Murphy’s excitement, the guy was ridiculously attractive, even from a floor above she could tell that. He wasn’t necessarily what she normally found herself attracted to, but there was something about his broad shoulders and wild hair that pulled at something low in her stomach in a way she had never felt pulled before.

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Guys I have 3K followers!!!!  Never in a million years would I have thought this blog would get anywhere and you have proved me wrong.  Thank you all so so much for your support, you all are so awesome you have no idea. ♥♥♥♥

In celebration of this momentous occasion, I made a new follow forever! Please take a moment to check out these awesome blogs if you’re not already following them; they make my dash the best place in the world and are every day an inspiration to me.  Thank you all again so much, love you all! ♥♥♥♥

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Hey, lovelies! This is my first ever follow forever. So, I decided that I would try and stick with Walking Dead blogs, since most everyone is following me for this show. 

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ummmmmmmm ok hi! hey! hello! ummm well.. somehow i got 1k followers????? and i have no idea how to thank you guys so i made another follow forever :)! (sorry the pics are really bad but idk im still kind of in shock??????) idk this may not seem like very many followers to some of you but omg i kinda just… i cant believe that many people put up with me talking shit 24/7 .. anywayyyy i just want to say thank you and i love you guys!!!!!! (sorry if i missed anyone out, its most likely because you changed you url and i cant really find you, and im also sorry about how the blogs arent exactly in alphabetical order..) 

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Hiii there people (≧ω≦). So, I decided to make another Follow Forever thingy because I really need to thank a bunch of people, so.. well.. that’s a thang… that happens.. anyway, movin’ on. I dunno if you guys know but I’m a real mess, I’ve got a lot of anxieties and it’s making such simple things harder than they should be, like, talking to you, answering your messages or even posting something, these things are so hard for me to do -so I let you imagine how fucked I am out there, in the real world-. I’m so sorry, I don’t talk much with you guys, I just feel really bad whenever I try, not that you guys are the problem, that’s not what I mean, it all comes from me. Anyway, the thing is, despite all that, I really wish I was able to chat with you, but, clearly, I can’t, so.. Thank you all so much for making my dash all pretty, thank you for being such beautiful human beings, thank you for following the blog even if it’s a mess and i love you. [+] The boldded URLs are really cute lil penguins that i love a lot -even if i never talk to them ‘cause i’m a loser and all-

Since the year is almost over -dunno if you noticed, you might just have been sleeping all along, who knows- it’ll be my last Follow Forever of 2014, so.. that’s a thang.

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And.. voilà! I’m all done *can i have a cookie now?* I love you, all of you, whatever you’re doing, keep doing it 'cause you’re doing it right. Take care of yourself, don’t do your wrists, legs, tummy, thighs, arms, waist, back, chest, legs no harm and eat lots of candies -chocolate is your friend, never forget.. sorry if you don’t like chocolate.. or if you’re allergic to it… this is awkward-  *hugs you tightly* I love you so much, stay safe ( ˘ ³˘)♡ Goo-bye! And also; HAPPY NEW YEAR

Okay so I’ve had this blog 10 days and I have 100 followers?? This is just so exciting so here’s a follow forever thing and idk i just love you all lots okay.


Shoutout to andrew-lincoln-is-bae for being one of those people that I always see on my dash and they’ve been liking my posts from the start

Shoutout to trainedbydaryl for just being generally great and putting up with the fact I’ve been neglecting my skype admittedly cause my computer doesnt like skype for some reason but

Shoutout to all of Team Delusional for keeping my hopes up with these theories and stuff.


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Hello, this is my first follow forever and I just want to say thanks to all of you. Thank you for letting my dash beautiful everyday. TO ME YOU ALL ARE PERFECT

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