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Humans Are Weird

It is well established among all sentient species that Humans are Weird. Exceptional Humans, however, make the regular humans seem almost tame in comparison.
Yatrov was to show the newest crew member- another Human- “the ropes”, as Human Jenny phrased it.
Upon arriving, however, the newest Human barely spared xir even a glance, which was odd, seeing how Humans prize interaction above all else. Shrugging it off, xe delicately held out a clawed hand to engage in the Human positive-meeting greeting, a “hand-shake” it was aptly named. “I am known as Yatrov, in Human Common tongue. I am sorry to say that I was unable to read your file report, and am thus left without your name. What is it you wish to be called?” Yatrov was genuinely sorry; the ship was in dire need of repairs, and this Human was coming to help.
Instead of taking the proffered hand, the human’s brown eyes stared into xi’s own violet. “I am Giovanni. And you are approximately 7 minutes late. I do not fault you for your tardiness, your job is a busy one, so your apologies are void. I do not need to see the entirety of this ship, I only require the engine room. Take me there and I will begin repairs immediately. Social niceties and other such meaningless things can be done at a later date, if done they must be at all.”
Yatrov felt somewhat slighted; xe’s species did not greet with touch, but it was seen as an insult- a social misdemeanor- to deny the shaking of hands. Attributing it to the Human having been under circumstances that made him “cranky” and to the fact that the Human was excited to work- humans forgot norms when excited, xe had found- Yatrov continued to try to create a pack-bond with this Human, “I have heard many great things about you.”
“Truly?” The Human considered this for a moment, head tilting, “I am merely faster than most, mentally. A marathoner or racer is not spoken of in as high-esteem as those with quick mental facilities are, are they?” The Human was speaking out loud, xe found this practice odd and ignored it. “What exactly have you heard?” The Human tapped their legs with their fingers, adopting a rhythm unknown to xir, and hummed. 
Arrogance or curiosity? “Admittedly, not much has been told. I know that you have several thesis papers, have repaired and improved upon numerous ships, and that you were good enough that our captain was surprised that you even bothered to consider joining our crew.”
“Huh.” And that was that. Giovanni did not speak after that, made no effort to communicate. Giovanni did not try to obtain physical contact. Giovanni remained aloof with even Human crewmates long after he had joined. He also remained fidgety, seemingly unable to keep still, unless it was to engage in a staring contest with the resident cat- to keep the Humans from adopting a weird, deadly creature- or to continue his single-minded work with machinery.
Three weeks after he had joined, the ship was attacked. Vernians boarded the ship, using their many appendages to apprehend multiple members of The Highlight- the ship- at once. No one knew where Giovanni was, and no one would have been surprised if he had left to save his own hide.
Which was precisely why everyone, who were all bound and trying to negotiate with what was essentially pirates, was surprised when Giovanni came around the corner, a knocked out Vernian held under gun point.
Guns pointed at him, Vernians shifted to attack him. “What you need to know: firstly, I have hacked into your language processors. All Vernae will sound like gibberish.” He paused, then grinned ferally. “Try”, he dared.
“Kir-ah?!” They did, and did not seem pleased with the results.
“Back! Restore!” the voices of Vernians screeched, their language translators on the fritz. 
“Secondly,” he paused, “I will shoot your friend if you do not release my own.” When an uproar of shouting started again, he blandly stated, “Blank point will be quite messy, won’t it?” He hummed, as though in thought, though his eyes trailed after every movement the Vernians made.
A smaller one, likely emotionally closer to the Vernian Giovanni was holding captive,  pounced.
ZZZZZT-PA! The Vernian howled, two of its 11 “arms” gone. “My threat is not idle.”
The room quieted, members of the Highlighter slowly being released.
“Thirdly.” His lips pursed, his nose tilted, sneer deadly, “Run, and pray that I never see you again!” He shot a wall, and they scattered, leaving the crew of The Highlighter mostly unscathed.
It was hours later, after the chaos was settled and the ship fixed up again, that Yatrov approached Giovanni.
“Why did you save us?”
Giovanni scrunched his thick eyebrows together, “Why ever would I not?”
“You make no attempt to communicate with us.” Yatrov insisted, trying to discover the reason Giovanni would do something without some sort of gain.
“Oh, that.” He dismissively waved his hand, his face again lax and bored. “I do not see the point in wasting words. I enjoy the presence of the crew, and- while I see no point in engaging in it- their idle chatter is amusing to listen to.” He raised an eyebrow, “Why do you ask?”
“The crew operated under the belief that you disliked us.” Yatrov felt a small bit of shame; clearly, Yatrov had been wrong to assume that all Humans were so similar.
“I-” He looked hurt, eyes filling with water- tears, they were called, and Yatrov knew that this was not a good sign. His lips twitched, his words near whispered, “Did you not consider me a friend? I thought we were.” He had begun nervously threading his fingers, humming lightly.
“I thought you disliked me.” Yatrov’s admission only increased xir’s guilt, and the slight tremors of the Humans smaller body.
“I made you and the others a new computer.” Giovanni’s eyes searched Yatrov’s one, and again found no solace. A computer did not equate to friendship. “I *made* you and the others a new computer.” The emphasis hit Yatrov. Why would one handmake something if the person receiving it did not matter to them.
“I am sorry.” Yatrov paused, xe had seen it in a Human film once, maybe…? “Can we start over?” A small nod eased Yatrov’s mind and reaffirmed xir’s decision. “I am the one known as Yatrov, and I enjoy reading: fiction, typically.” Xe did not hold out his hand, but stared Giovanni right in the eye.
The smirk on Giovanni’s face told xir that the actions- or lack there of- was not missed. “I am known as Giovanni.” He held out his hand, looking smug and slightly proud of remembering this, as their hands clasped, he said, “I enjoy sandwhiches, science, and conversations on how realistic or achievable a work of fiction can be. It will be a pleasure to work with you.”

Humans were odd, but exceptional Humans lived by a very different set of rules. Intelligence changed their perceptions. Yatrov knew, from personal experience, that they were still Human, still fantastic and horrifying, at their core. Yatrov put down the book xe was reading, looking up to watch Giovanni’s animated expressions as he ranted about machinery. Yes, truly, Humans are Weird.

(Please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes, my hand has been cramping up lately and it is hard to write at the moment. And I should not be writing sci-fi, because it is NOT my forte, but I had a plot-bunny and felt the need to attempt it. This is basically a shortened version of what I wanted to write, skipping over much of what I actually wanted to put down. Feel free to take the general idea and write something better XD )

The Night She Took (My Breath Away) SMUT (NSFW 18+)

A/N: Hi guys. I have no idea where is came from but here it is. The titles is from this song I Don’t Know Her Name by Bad Boy Blue and I think the lyrics are perfect for this song. Also, idfc by Blackbear helped me with the smut. Thank you thank you thank you to @writing-obrien for helping with this. She’s such a lifesaver, She’s always there to jump in and take over.

Warning: SMUTTT, Slight alcohol abuse(I mean their drunk so), mentions for drugs

Word Count: 5482

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

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5 times yura wore otabeks clothes on Accident and one time it wasnt an accident


It’s, overall, a pretty shitty day for Yura so far.

It’s not even that he forgot to charge his phone the night before, and is now watching it shut down again after obnoxiously letting him know of its lack of battery and competence. It’s not, even, the fact that his phone being dead all night meant it conveniently didn’t wake him up in time for his 10am class. It’s not, even, the fact that said class is in 13 minutes and he’s 15 minutes from campus.

No, the real cherry on the toothpaste sundae is the fact that when he and Otabek stumbled to their room last night, drunk off their asses and all over each other, they didn’t bother to sort out the laundry.

So, here he is, phone charger precariously stretched across the table from the wall plug (in the most ridiculous and unaccessible place possible) to where he’s checking the time every 2 minutes while pulling on his last pair of clean jeans and simultaneously trying to arrange his hair into something less ‘bird nest’ and more ‘artfully messy’. It all goes great, except he can’t put his phone down on the floor and needs one hand to pull on his pants and There Are No More Hands Left For The Hair, but he makes do. See, Yura makes do like the model student he is, until he looks down and realizes he’s still in his pyjama shirt.

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The Wrath of a short woman - Bruce Wayne x Reader

So it’s late and I’m quite tired but I really wanted to write this so…Yeah. Written in 7 minutes (in two part, like I started to wrote it late at night yesterday, finished this morning), by a very tired Ella (you know I’m tired when I’m referring to myself with the third person), I hope you’ll like it, especially you @homework-is-the-real-killer

Warning : tiny bit TINY bit NSFW 

Yes I know he’s more around 6′2″/6′3″ in the comics, changed it for a few reasons, the first one because I wanted the reader to really be average sized, cause I think it’s funny that they’d all call her “short” when she really isn’t HOWEVER I’ll write a story soon with his actual height and and actual really short reader, like around 5′0″ or under :-). Boom. 

My masterlist blog :


-You can’t fight me, you’re miniature. 

As soon as those words get out of his mouth, he regrets it. Oh and by the look on your face, he knows he’s right to…

-What did you say ? 

-I mean…You…I…Hum….

The Batman is nervous. You made the Batman nervous, with your glare and the hint of danger in your eyes. You approach him. Him and his damn giant frame. 

He’s not wrong, of course. You are miniature. At least compared to him. With his 6 foot 7, he’s towering quite high above you but…he’s not entirely right. 

You can totally fight him, and oh you will.


You know you’re short. 

Well…That’s not exactly true. 

You know you’re short compared to your husband and sons. 

Hell, even compared to Alfred. The butler was actually quite tall. You always had to twist your neck up to look at him in the eyes while talking to him.  

Your height is actually average for a woman, but your husband is a damn giant, and your sons are too. 

Bruce is over a good foot taller than you, and so is Jason. Dick is exactly 10 inches taller, and Tim around 7. But it’s really when your youngest son, Damian, your baby, your eleven years old little boy started to rise above you of almost 2 inches that you realized that…Well, yes. 

In this family, you were a short one.  

This spurred a few teasing, and some “you’re so cute my tiny mom/wife” but nothing more (mostly because your sons and husband were afraid of your sarcasm and wits), just nice little jokes that made you feel loved for your shortness…

But you had to admit that sometimes, them being so tall and you not being a supermodel sized woman…could make things a bit awkward. 

You were thinking about that, sitting in the Manor’s library. 

About how Bruce always had to bend down to kiss you, and you had to go on your tip toes to be able to reach when he bend down. 

How when paparazzis were taking pictures sometimes you wouldn’t even be on it because they only had Bruce’s back and he was somehow shielding you with his massive frame (that, was a good thing)…

How even when you had high heels on, you still wouldn’t be tall enough. 

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“We’re going to be late for the meal.”

“We’re not going to be late babe.” Nursey says, buttoning up his shirt. “We’ll be on time.”

“On time? Derek, it starts in forty minutes and we’re not even ready to go yet!” Dex argues, shrugging on his jacket.

“We’ll make it Will.” Nursey says. He stops tying his shirt and walks over to his boyfriend “Don’t worry.” he adds, before pressing a small kiss to his nose. Dex laughs, before becoming serious again.

“Ok come on, we can’t be late.”

“We won’t be.” Nursey repeats, pulling on his jacket. “See, I’m ready to go!”

“Ok I’m almost ready to go- Where’s my tie?” Dex asks suddenly looking frantically around him.

“You don’t need a tie babe.” Nursey says “You look great.”

“I want a tie. My dad loaned me this one, he’ll expect to see me wearing it in photos. And I can’t find it and we’re going to be late, and we’re going to miss Ransom and Holster and Lardo’s last team dinner, and Bitty and Ollie and Wicks’ second last team dinner and mine and yours and Chowder’s third last team dinner and-”

“Woah Will, breath.” Nursey says calmly. He places his hands on Dex’s shoulders, and waits until his boyfriend looks at him. “We’re not going to miss the team dinner. If we’re a little late - which we won’t be - they’ll wait for us. Okay?”

After a moment, Dex nods. “Okay.”

“So what colour is this tie?” Nursey asks.

“Navy? Kind of the same colour as your jacket.” Dex says “I had it when I came over to your dorm, I’m sure of it, but I don’t know what happened it-”

“Wear mine.” Nursey says. He’s already loosening the tie around his neck, and pulling it off as he speaks.

“But…I can’t…what tie will you wear?” Dex ask.

“None. I hate ties anyway.” Nursey admits “They always feel too tight around my neck. Tie-ght, if you will.” he laughs, and Dex groans, but can’t hide his smile.

“If you’re sure…” Dex says, and Nursey starts tying the tie on him.

“Of course I’m sure.” Nursey says. He gives Dex a quick kiss before pulling away grinning. “Now come on, or you’ll make us late for the meal.” he says laughing.

“I’ll make us late?! You’re the one who was still in bed half an hour ago!” Dex argues back, laughing as well, as they leave for the meal.

Mobile Masterlist (fluff/angst/reactions/other)

Here you can find our masterlist for everything else than smut! 

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Morning + cuddles + “Sometimes I wonder how I ended up with someone as wonderful as you.” (fluff)
Cuddles + “C'mon, 5 more minutes!” (fluff)
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In your dreams (fluff-ish, AU) 
7 Minutes in heaven (fluff) 
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Fall fun (fluff) 
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Period + shopping + singing (fluff)
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Coffee + First date (fluff) 
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You’re on a drama set and he purposely messes up your kiss scenes and ends up proposing (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
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Sunset + holding hands (fluff)
Jealous + kisses + dancing (sorta fluff w/ making out and all that) 
You like him but he’s dating your best friend (angst) (part 2 ; fluffier than part 1!!)
He grabs your ass and lifts you into a hug in front of the other members (99,9% fluff)     
“Boyfriend does my make up” youtuber AU (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points)
Medieval AU (fluff-ish) 


Dancing + “Hey! What are you doing on my phone?!” + “You’re so cheesy!” (fluff)
Kisses + “I’m tired but I’m not going to bed until you come with me.” (fluff)
Night + stress + “I’m tired but I’m not going to bed until you come with me.“ (fluff)
Coffee + picnic + “Stay here with me?” (fluff)
Sunset + rapping + “You smell really nice…” (fluff) 
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How would it be to date him when you’re both Shawols (fluff)
First holiday alone with him (fluff) 
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Rain + “Please don’t leave.” (angst)
Period + “Who cares what other people think? You’re really beautiful.” + “Say what you want, I still love you.” (angst) 
Confession + jealous + “Who cares what they think? You’re really beautiful.” (fluff) 
College/barista!AU (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
You accidentally adopt 5 kittens (fluff; bullet points) 
You go on a holiday with all the members as friends, but fall in love with Wonwoo (fluff) 
Wonwoo as a boyfriend (fluff)
Hogwarts AU where you’re a power couple (fluff) 
You confess but he rejects because he has his sights on someone else (angst to fluff, longer)


Confession + all nighter (fluff)
Shower (fluff)
Period + stress + “(S)he’s going to kill me!” (fluff)
7 minutes in heaven (fluff) 
You’re his best friend and he confesses (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Fluff scenario with a noona; college-ish (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
Your child asks him for a younger sibling & he brings it up with you (fluff) 
Jicheol fluff (fluff, no reader) 
Dorm-wide nerf gun war where you’re best friends with Woozi but betray him (fluff) 
Poly relationship with Jicheol (fluff) 
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Picnic date (fluff) 
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Long distance + “I really have to go, darling…” (fluff) 
Coffee + stress + “Stay here with me?” (fluff) 
Everyone’s been trying to set you up for months but you’re already together (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
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Cooking (fluff)

The 8

I only see you (fluff, high school AU)
Cuddles/Kisses + “Stay here with me?” (fluff)
“Say what you want, I still love you.” (angst / hurt/comfort)
You’re friends with Seventeen and he develops feelings for you (fluff) 
Intense make out session after his dance practice but the boys walk in (fluff)
He tries to help you relax because you’re on an exam week (fluff) 
Bathing together with kisses and cuddling (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Number one (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
You’re a trainee at Pledis and he sees you practicing and starts liking you (fluff; also with Dino and Mingyu) 
He takes care of you when you have a fever (fluff)


Crushing on you
A road trip to Jeju with your 2 small children
Snow + first kiss + “I really do love you. You know that, right?” (fluff)
Snow + period + rapping (fluff)
Ringing Memories (AU-ish, fluff?) 
He sees you wearing his mother’s wedding dress (fluff)   
Fall fun (fluff) 
Call (fluff) 
Morning fluff (fluff) 
Singing a lullaby to your baby (fluff) 
You cheat on him (angst) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
You sing at home without realizing the window’s open, and he starts belting out with you (fluff ; bullet points) 
Mini imagine: Making out (fluff, suggestive)
College AU: you’re best friends, he’s stressed and you take him out for a drive (fluff)


Jealous + “No, she isn’t prettier than you!” + “Hey! What are you doing on my phone?!” (fluff)
Song + kisses + “You’re so cheesy!” (fluff)
Shower + “No, I’m not going to shower with you!” (fluff)
Jealous + spring + “You’re so cheesy!” (fluff)
Cuddles + kisses + “I really do love you. You know that, right?” (fluff)
Make-out session (fluff)
Jealous Hansol (fluff)
Birthday scenario where he’s tired and you snuggle and watch a movie (fluff) 
You’re Vernon’s girlfriend but he keeps seeing Mingyu and Wonwoo flirt with you (fluff)
Cuddles, tickles and kisses (fluff) 
Fall fun (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
Pool date (fluff) 
Halloween (fluff)


You bringing him food to the studio (fluff)
A fluffy noona scenario (fluff)
Fall fun (fluff) 
You’re cuddling when Jeonghan walks in and proceeds to tell the other members (fluff) 
Late night date where you doze off because you’re so exhausted (fluff) 
He accidentally gives you a hickey, and the rest of the boys have a “serious talk” with you (fluff) 
You’re a year above him and use aegyo to motivate him to study (fluff) 
First date (fluff) 
Late night cuddling (short ; bullet points) 
First kiss (fluff)
You’re a trainee at Pledis and he sees you practicing and starts liking you (fluff; also with Mingyu and The 8) 
You’re having a movie night and the other members come home to find you cuddled up asleep (fluff) 
Zoo date (fluff) 


You break your racket while playing tennis (hip hop unit + Jun)
You ask them to brush your (very) tangled hair (vocal unit)
You try to kiss them with pickle breath (vocal unit)
You nearly pass out from not enough food/sleep (Mingyu, Jun, Hoshi, DK and Wonwoo)
Touching your incredibly soft hands (hip hop unit)
Finding your sketchbook that’s full of sketches of them (performance unit)
You see a cockroach on your way out of the shower and your towel slips off as you run away (Hoshi, Woozi, Joshua, Seungkwan, Mingyu)
You nearly pass out from not enough food/sleep (Vernon)
Their younger sibling is someone’s crush (vocal unit)
You bending down in front of them in a more public place, which gives them a nice view (Mingyu, Jun, The 8, Wonwoo, S.Coups; with gifs) 
They’re put in charge of a 13/14 yo trainee - how they’d treat her, act etc (Hoshi, Jun, Woozi, The 8) (reaction / bullet point scenario) 
You’re very flexible (performance unit) 
You’re not able to walk after a rather rough night (S.Coups, The 8, Jun, Wonwoo) 
They see you in lingerie for the first time (S.Coups, The 8, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Jun) 
You’re writing a song about them but they don’t realize until they see you blushing (vocal unit) 
They hear you hit Jimin’s high note at the end of Let me know (vocal unit)


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Performance unit comforting you when you’re on your period
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[Miraculous Ladybug]: A Full Commitment’s What I’m Thinking Of

idk man, i haven’t written the lovesquare in a while, and for some reason i wanted come crack-ish MiracuClass antics, so sue me

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: A Full Commitment’s What I’m Thinking Of

Summary: Sometimes, when you’re friends are so obviously in love and they’re taking forever to get with the program, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. 

In which Alya takes matchmaking to a whole new level, Nino tries to be the voice of reason, the entire class is incapable of keeping a secret, and Marinette and Adrien just try to have a decent picnic

A Full Commitment’s What I’m Thinking Of

“A class picnic?”

Alya nodded as she scribbled a time and a location on the back of Marinette’s hand. “Yup. I figured it’d be fun. School year’s ending, the weather is beautiful, and exams are just about wrapped up. Thought it’d be a cool casual thing.”

“You didn’t tell me you were planning this,” Marinette said. “I could’ve helped you!”

“Oh, don’t even worried about it, girlie,” Alya assured. “You’ve been so busy with class rep stuff lately I just went and asked Nino for help. Worked out just fine, too. He’s been helping me handle music and food.”

Marinette smiled. “This is so sweet! I can’t believe you did all this for everyone. Is everyone else coming?”

“Oh yeah,” Alya insisted. “Everyone in class. Even Adrien.”

Alya expected some blushing and stammering, but Marinette merely blinked at her. “Adrien’s going to be there?”

“Of course! He was super excited when he found out you were coming.”

Marinette lifted both of her brows in surprise. “He was?”

Alya patted Marinette on the shoulder. “I would never lie to you. So yeah, you should definitely come. After school today, don’t forget.”

“Ok cool!” Marinette nodded. “Do you wanna walk over together with Nino and — ”

NO!” Alya shouted, hands darting out to grab Marinette’s shoulders. Marinette jumped in shock and leaned away from Alya’s frantic looking expression. Alya bit her lip and sighed out through her nose. “I-I mean….nah, i-it’s fine. I have to help Nino with….something after school anyway. Uh….I’ll meet you there a little afterwards.”

“Um…okay,” Marinette said. “You sure you and Nino don’t need any — ”

“Nope! No help!” Alya insisted, spinning Marinette around and marching her over to the locker room. “You just get your books together and meet us at the park. It’ll be a blast.”

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A Royal Arrangement

The kingdom of Seoul is ruled by a kind king and queen, and they have two sons- Yoongi and Jungkook. You come from a noble family, the youngest and only daughter to your parents. Because you turned 18, it’s time for you to get a husband. So what happens when you get an invitation to dine with the royal family? 

Genre- fluff, angst, future smut?

Word count- 1.6k

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

I was born into a noble family. The youngest of 3 children and the only daughter to my parents. Because I was the youngest and the only daughter I had to work my ass off to meet their standards.

My first Brother, Jinwoo he is 26, was already married. He has two small children too Both were girls, Jaehun and Minsun. And his wife Ara was a sweetheart. I never had problems with my brothers, they treated me as an equal, they were my best friends. 

And then my other brother Taemin, he was 22, and he was set to be married to a girl from another noble family, I believe her name is Jisoo. I’ve only had a few conversations with her and she seemed odd, but in a good way.

And then me Y/N, I’m the youngest, and I just turned 18. my parents are currently searching for a husband for me. Now it’s not something I was excited for, but maybe I would get lucky like Jinwoo did with Ara. 

The idea of having a Husband wasn’t something awful. It’s just I was afraid of what he would be like when they found him. Now I guess I should tell you about about the kingdom of Seoul.

Seoul is ruled by a kind king and Queen. They have two sons- Yoongi who is the eldest and Jungkook who is the younger. Neither were married yet, and both were quite handsome. 

Yoongi had just turned 25 a few months back and Jungkook was going to turn 20 on September 1st. The perks of being princes, their birthdays were holidays.

Yoongi seemed to be cold hearted, but I’d seen him at parties. He was a sweetheart, and has the sweetest gummy smile. Jungkook was the same, except the kingdom knew him that was. 

Jungkook was also known a bunny by the children of the kingdom, due to the fact that he had bunny nose. He loved the children, always running around with them, he was practically a child himself. 

There was nothing people hated about the royal family. As far as all of us knew they were all kind hearted people. 

My family was close with the royal family, and by close I meant my father and the king were friends. So we got invited to many royal parties, some that even most nobles weren’t allowed to attend. 

In my life I had had 1 conversation with each prince, and they were both pleasant. Though I doubt they remember me. That is until we received and invited to dinner with the royal family. And i was the only child invited. 

I found it odd but we received that invitation one week ago. The dinner was tonight, and here i sat with my mother behind me doing my hair while i did my makeup. She had such a giddy smile on her face, i felt like she knew something i didn’t but brushed it off. 

“Remember Y/N, light makeup, you’re a natural beauty and i want the king and queen to see that.” i nodded. That was an odd thing to say, but i always wore very little makeup, just some to accentuate my features.  

I was already in my dress, a simple baby pink gown, it wasn’t poofy thank god. It stuck to my figure and made my chest look a little bigger than it was. I blushed when I tried it on, I was always very conservative, I didn’t feel a need to show off my body or impress people. 

“Y/n” I glanced up at my mom through the mirror. “Tell them about your paintings, and your favorite hobbies, ohh and maybe you can sing for them” I went scarlet, sing for them! Was she insane? “No y/n I’m not insane, but if you don’t want to sing then you won’t have too.” I blushed and nodded at that. 

“Mom…can I ask you a question l?” She nodded as she continued to pin up parts of my hair. “Why are you so giddy about this dinner? You’ve had dinner plenty of times with the royal family.” Her smile grew “You are joining us, it’s a very special dinner tonight” and with that she winked at me.

Special dinner? What was happening tonight? Maybe one of the Princes are getting engaged wait. “Mom were we the only family invited tonight?” She nodded and continued her work. Special dinner, only family invited, my parents have been looking for a husband for me…. my mom was so giddy. Was I going to be engaged to a prince tonight? I shook my head, I was just overthinking it wasn’t I. 

After 20 more minutes my hair and makeup was done. “Y/n you look gorgeous!” My mother cooed. “Thank you mom!” She smiled before giving me a kiss on the cheek. We were to arrive at the palace  at 7pm and it was 6:30, so I had a few minutes to myself before we had to get in the carriage.

“Taemin! Are you still here?” I pushed open my brother’s door. He was sitting on his bed flipping through an old book before smiling up at me. “You look stunning little sis.” I giggled at his comment. “Well I must impress the royal family!” I wiggled my eyebrows and he chucked at my comment. “Trust me you will, now head downstairs mom and dad are probably waiting. Good luck little sis!” I nodded before heading down the hall to the grand staircase. 

I headed outside towards the gardens but stopped short when I saw my brother, his wife and two small daughters “Jinwoo! Ara! What are you guys doing here?” Ara smiled and put a hand over her mouth “Y/n you look breath taking!” I blushed at her comment before bowing and saying “thank you” 

Jinwoo was holding Minsun in his arms, poor little thing struggling to stay awake while Jaehun was giggling softly at my whatever my dad was saying to her. Jinwoo’s eyes shined as he looked at me. He was always one to get a little emotional over small things. “Look at my baby sister, all grown up. And going to have dinner with the royal family! I never got to do that! Neither did Taemin.” 

“Ah Jinwoo always one for the over dramatics” I teased. He chuckled before pulling me into a tight hug. Why was everyone acting as if they knew something I didn’t? He pulled away and kissed my cheek “good luck tonight, I’m so proud” I nodded at him before my father gestured me to follow him and my mom. Towards the carriage, it was time to go to the palace.

We were halfway to our destination, my parents were making small talk while I sat in silence and watched the scenery. My mind was racing, why was everyone acting like they knew something I didn’t.

My mind wandered back to the marriage idea, but I brushed it off and they were just giddy I was going to meet the princes, a chance for a Marriage? At this point I didn’t have time to worry about that, we were approaching the palace. 

The carriage went through the gates of the palace. I had been here before but I had a new sensation of expectancy as I passed through. I felt nervous, but I wasn’t sure why. I held myself with confidence, I had to. You would get pushed around so easily if you didn’t have respect for yourself.

The horse slowly made their ascent up towards the palace doors. we passed guards and palace workers on our way up. The workers, who I assume were gardeners, gave us happy smiles and small waves. Only a few guardsmen glanced in our direction, the others remained stone faced and staring straight ahead. 

The carriage came to a halt. And one of the guards opened the door to let us out.i was the last to leave the carriage right after my mom. She did what all mothers did and quickly straightened my dress and hair, perfectly in place. 

We were greeted by a very cheerful looking man. “Hello there! My name is Hoseok, and the king and Queen have sent me to retrieve you and the young Miss.” the man- Hoseok, and my father shook hands and kissed both my mother and I’s hands. 

Hoseok lead us into the palace. I started after Hoseok before my parents followed behind me. “Hoseok… is it?” He turned and gave me a bright smile before nodding “Yes it is miss, may I ask yours?” I chuckled “Of course, it’s Y/N” 

“That’s a beautiful name.” His smile was so sweet and contagious. We were walking through one of the many halls of the palace, I had gotten lost in here once and my dad had to find me, he would have scolded me if he wasn’t laughing so hard. 

“The King and Queen asked me to give you a small tour of the gardens before dinner.” My mom gasped before squealing “how lovely!” She loved Gardens and gardening so her reaction didn’t surprise me, but I did catch Hoseok chuckle softly. 

“When is dinner?” Hoseok smiled once more, how was he always so cheerful? “A tour of the gardens will take 15 minutes, which will bring us too 7:30, dinner is then.” I nodded and remained silent. 

Hoseok spent the next 15 minutes as he promised showing us the gardens. He and my father had a few laughs and my mom was entranced by the different plants. “Time for dinner, it’s 3 minutes to 7:30 and we won’t want to be late.”  At that Hoseok lead us to the dining room. 

It was time to have dinner with the royal family. 

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The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 112

After showing you the cities we went to on our vacation, we come back to Germany now, and will start a little series about clichés.
I always knew we Germans are famous for punctuality. I never really thought about this cliché until I did some research for this series. I found out that in travel guide books about Germany they give the tip that if you have an appointment you better show up ten minutes earlier. I wondered about this tip because isn’t that normal? And at this moment I realized that I’m more German than I thought.
You maybe don’t know it, but Heiko and I post our series every Sunday at 7pm sharp (German time). We only posted it too late one time (and it was my fault). And the fact that I can remember our delay shows again that this prejudice about Germans is true.
Btw Heiko and I maybe post punctual, but often we finish our posts only 3 minutes before 7pm. Which is still punctual for the rest of the world, but for us it means that we are 7 minutes too late.
This week’s praise to all the clocks (first clock Cologne and second one Munich), which help us to be punctual.

Seriously, fuck customers and fuck holiday weekends.

I work in a retail pharmacy and on weekends we only have one pharmacist working so that means when it’s lunch time the pharmacy has to close down. It’s literally illegal for us technicians to be in there without the pharmacist. We close around the same time every weekend. 1:30-2 but the times vary depending on if we had to close late because we were busy helping customers.
Today (7/1) we closed 10 minutes late for lunch, 1:40, because of customers. Got back and of course there’s a long ass line of angry old folks yelling at us. (Bonus points to the old hag that yelled at me while we were trying to close because “you’re a pharmacy! You don’t close!”)
We got screamed at by not one. Not two. But THREE separate people for closing for lunch because clearly we are only there to serve them and aren’t allowed to be tired and hungry and need a break. One old guy said it was ridiculous that we would close for lunch on a weekend of all days. (Literally our slowest days of the week)
Like, even if I didn’t want to go to lunch, which I very much do, I would get in trouble by my company and get written up for working through lunch and legally I am allowed to go eat food for thirty minutes away from old sacks of shit like you with nothing better to do than scream at twenty-something year old girls because you came during our lunch time and had to wait. And of course they complained to management. What was their complaint you ask? That we had the nerve to take a lunch break. I fucking hate people. I’m just glad my pharmacist wasn’t taking any shit today and went off on one of the people.

Tldr customers got upset about having to wait and screamed at us for taking a mandatory lunch break.

Her - Vernon/Hansol - SEVENTEEN

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(edit: there’s now a part 2 :-). Please read it here)

Words: 1.6k

It makes no sense, he thinks lying in bed for another sleepless night. I just met her two weeks ago. She’s Joshua’s best friend, since forever! They’re practically siblings. Joshua wouldn’t be happy if I thought of her in any other way besides acquaintances. Besides I don’t know her that well. That’s always an easy fix. Wait no, no fixing, no nothing. She’s Joshua’s best friend. That’s it.

He huffs and turns to see the alarm clock on his nightstand. 2 AM. 

I better sleep or else Woozi and Hoshi won’t be happy if I arrive late again.

His eyes flutter open to a bright red alarm clock that reads 9:32 and suddenly the adrenaline in his body kicks in.

“Isn’t this supposed to alarm me?!”, Vernon snapped at the alarm clock while throwing it to the floor. 

Woozi and Hoshi were nice enough to allow weekend practices to start at 10:00 and not at 9 o’ clock sharp as usual. Vernon worked up a sweat running all over the dorms, seeing if anyone was there, while trying to brush his teeth, while trying to get dressed, while trying to find his beanie.  

I’ve never moved this fast, and Hoshi can be really mean to us with his choreography.

Finally, when everything was done Vernon walked out the door and pulled out his phone checking the time, 9:50. 

Okay so that gives me 10 minutes to run to the studio. Dammit.

Arriving only 7 minutes late, Vernon runs in sweaty and out of breath. All the members were already there. Most sitting on the floor except for Hoshi who was reviewing the choreography he was planning to teach with Minghao behind him attempting to mimic the moves. In the corner of the room a fit of giggles erupted. Except the weren’t any of the guys’ laughter. This was more soft and melodic. It was hers. Wearing a regular tee shirt and jeans but somehow, she was able to make it look amazing. He didn’t realize how much he was staring at her until a voice thundered at him. Woozi.

“You’re late. Again.”, Woozi yelled in very noticeably angry voice that caused everyone to stare. “We even moved practice an hour late for you. We were all waiting this morning. How can you sleep so…”

Without noticing his voice started zoning out as he began to pan around the room while Woozi continued to lecture him. Most of the members looking sorry for him because he wasn’t that late, but there still was a smile on her face, and it was because of Mingyu. Mingyu took away her phone and was holding it above her so she wasn’t able to reach. She was jumping to try to reach but he just kept pulling it up higher.

“ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING HANSOL???”, screamed the same voice which he had zoned out causing everyone to stare, even her. Seungcheol began rubbing Woozi’s shoulders to calm him down.

“Y-Yes. Of course. I’m sorry. I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Good. I’m glad I was able to make it clear to you.”

Without knowing he began breathing again. Not noticing that he actually stopped breathing while being confronted.

“Now that everyone is here I’m going to need a little time to polish the dance, then we’ll begin,” announced an already tired Hoshi.

With some break time to catch his breath, Vernon walked to the corner. There was no longer just her and Mingyu, but Joshua there too. All three sitting on a table that was always in the corner. She was sitting in between them talking to Mingyu. Sneaking into the conversation, he began listening to what Mingyu was explaining.

“The new comeback is about a heartbroken guy who lost the love of his life and he’s trying to stay strong. Sooo have you ever been in love?”, Mingyu questioned randomly making Vernon involuntarily glare at him.

“Weellllll~,” she began thinking on what to say, “yes and no.”

“What do you mean yes and no?”, Joshua began, now fully listening to the conversation, “It’s yes or no.”

“I’ve never been in love with a male that I’m attracted to, you know, like that, but I am in love with people who are close with me. Like my unnies, and even you Jisoo oppa.” She finshed her words with a smile and linked her arms with Joshua.

“Can I be an oppa too [Y/N]?”, said sultrily to her.

Joshua immediately pushed Mingyu away from her. “Don’t talk to her like that, ever.”

“Sorry dude. Just a joke.” Said Mingyu while he walked away a little smirk.

“Don’t talk to him. I don’t know what has gotten into him lately.”, Joshua apologized.

“Well for starters, he hasn’t talked to a girl in a very long time”, said Vernon finally talking and replacing Mingyu’s seat next to her. She laughed a bit making Vernon smile.

“Vernon, correct?”, [Y/N] asked, now slightly turned towards him.


“Okay good.”

After her response, a small silence occurred as they both looked away.

“Wait I have a question for you Vernon.” Hearing her say his name made his entire day.

“Sure.”, Vernon said with a smile, still happy she said his name.

“Why did Woozi call you Hansol?”

“That’s my real name. I go by my middle name, Vernon. Hansol Vernon Choi, nice to meet you.” He said while extending his hand with a smile.

She laughed before taking his hand. “[Your/Full/Name], the pleasure is mine.” Their laughter filled the corner.

“So where did you grow up, [Y/N]?”

“In L.A. with Jisoo.”

You idiot. They’ve been friends practically since birth.

“So, um, you’re the same age?”, Vernon said breaking from his thoughts.

“No, he’s the same age as my sister, I’m 1998. He took care of me and was a lot nicer to me than my sister was back then. He’s basically a brother to us.”

“I am a ‘98 baby too too!”, Vernon said excitedly.

“Jisoo told me you were also born in the states?”

“I am but I identify more with-”

“It’s so nice to have another person from states around. Maybe we can all hang out together?”, she said interrupting him. Vernon hates being interrupted, but he’ll do anything be closer to her in a heartbeat.

“Of course.”, he said practically standing up of excitement. “So, um, I should leave you my number, in case you want to talk, or something.” Vernon was now looking at the floor noticeably blushing waiting for her response.

Pabo pabo pabo. I probably seem desperate. She’s not going to except she’s not she’s not she’s not-

“Sure, and I’ll give you mine,” she said while taking out her phone and pulling up her contacts.

Vernon was the happiest boy on the planet. He couldn’t believe how smooth he was being, almost as if he was being controlled by someone else. In a hurry Vernon pulled out his phone and did the same. He was just so lucky that he recently bought a new iphone; his own phone was completely embarrassing that he never used it in public.

She was typing her number in his phone and he was doing the same to hers. Vernon returned the phone to her making sure to save it and handed it back. She took the phone and opened up the Snow app.

“If it’s not too much to ask…can we take a picture? I like to have pictures to my contacts.”

“I don’t mind.” He said smiling even more than he already was.

The app opened up to filter less screen of both their faces.

“Ah. Sorry I need a cute filter. I look ugly today”, she said seeming embarrassed.

“You’re beautiful. You don’t need it.”

Vernon noticed a slight blush appear on her face, making him blush as well.

“Um, oh, thanks, heh, so the picture.”

“Yes, the picture.”

They took multiple pictures, making different faces in each one, and laughing after each one was taken.

“This one is my favorite,” she said opening a picture of him holding peace signs while she frames her face. She opens up his contact information again and adds the picture.

She presses save then frowns at the information. Vernon’s heart sinks.

Did I do something wrong? Did she think I was joking??

Suddenly, Joshua appears in front of them. Neither one of them noticing when he walked away. “Yo, Vernon, Hoshi wants to start soon so start stretching. Also, [Y/N] you wanted to make food for us?”

“Oh yeah. I almost forgot. I wanted to make food for you guys because you have been working so hard for this comeback and Seungcheol said it’s been a long time since you guys had a home cooked meal?”

“You’re the best,” Joshua exclaimed while hugging her. “Vernon and I have to go practice now. You can stay for as long as you like.”

“No, no. I have to get the food ready. I’ll go in a bit.”

“Alright. C’mon Vernon,” Joshua said while walking away.

[Y/N] pulls up Vernon’s contact again, presses edit, and begins erasing his name.

If she didn’t want my number she could have told me.

Immediately she begins typing again.

Name: Hansol

“I like Hansol better.” [Y/N] squeezes his hand and runs out the practice room.

Vernon’s heart flutters. This time, he is fully accepting of his crush, [Y/N]. He has the urge to chase after her, but his mind is again interrupted.

“Are you in this practice or not?”, Hoshi says loudly with his hands on his hips. Vernon runs towards the guys.

“Sorry. I’m in”

Joshua stared at him quizzically, knowing something was up, but scared to know if it was about [Y/N]. He promised [Y/N]’s sister to keep her safe, but from Vernon?

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The Blind Date | Dan Howell

Hello! This is a short fanfic about Dan Howell based on the request below. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!

You grabbed your clutch as you looked at yourself in the mirror one last time, making sure everything was in place. Your childhood friend Phil had set up a blind-date for you with a guy he swore you would like, and you decided to go along with it. It’d been a while since you had dated and most of your friends agreed it was time for you to get back out there. You got into your car and drove off, towards the small restaurant you were supposed to meet the boy. His name was Dan and in a picture Phil showed you he looked very nice, so you were pretty sure this wouldn’t be one of those dates gone wrong. You parked your car and walked up to the terrace. The restaurant was situated on the town square, with a lovely view of the church. You peeked in your mirror again as you noticed Dan wasn’t there yet, checking your hair. You put the mirror back in your pocket and checked the time. 7:10. You had already been ten minutes late but Dan wasn’t even here yet. This was off to a great start. At 7:30 you just about had enough and were making preparations to leave when a rather tall guy came running towards the restaurant, and when he was near enough you recognized him as Dan. The man recognized you as well and immediately started apologizing. “I am so sorry, my car broke down on my way here and I didn’t have your number so I couldn’t call you. It’s at the dealer’s now and I ran here hoping you were still here… I am so sorry, truly sorry…” They boy stumbled, completely out of breath and it made you let out a pitiful chuckle. It could have been a lousy excuse but you believed him, and so you decided to stay. “I forgive you. Now can we sit down, I’m starving.”

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Love Buzz - part 5

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pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader | Kim Namjoon x Reader
genre: angst, college!Au
word count:0.7 k

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Dating Jung Wooseok:

-Puppy love™
-his age leads to the assumption that he lacks some experience on how to get the girl
-so he’ll probably ask Mr. Scumbag and Mr. Cheese Shinwon and Yeo One for tipps and tricks
-I have a strong, very strong, feeling that he’d try to impress you by acting extra  badass and manly on stage
-and he’d try so hard to seem cool
-and then he’d tell you about how he won a violin competition once
-Wow, that is what you call diversity
-so when he would ask you out eventually boy it’d take some nagging from his members
-and by that point you’d probably know already just bc homeboy isn’t as secretive as he thinks
-But when he approached you shyly and asked if you’d have time to talk to him in private with a flower bouquet you’d probably still die
-so and then he’d tell you he likes you and you’d be like „I like you too“ and his eyes would glow up and he’d be all smiley and he wanted to wait for a while before asking but he’d be like
-“Wanna be my girlfriend?“
-and you would agree
-and Hui is somewhere in the back trying to keep the cheers of the members to a minimum
-So y'all dating
-and Wooseok and Yuto are a ‘take one, get two’- deal
-so rather than Yuto Walking in on Wooseok and you in intimate moments it would  come to situations where you’d walk in on weird situations between them two
-like you’d visit the dorm and walk in the living room and there they sit, spicy ramen in front of them, tears and Yuto’s eyes and Wooseok holding the milk cup for him and petting his back
-and you’d all just share this awkward moment of eye contact and no movement before you’d just turn around
-“I’ll come back in 5 minutes be done by then
-Or y'all decide to watch a scary movie and sit down and you’d wanna scoot a lil closer for some of those cuddles from your boyfriend ;))))))
-and then suddenly the lights turn on bc someone came home and you’d look over at Wooseok cuddling with Yuto while you just lean your head against his shoulder looking like the third wheel
-“I don’t know why I came but this is why I’m leaving“
-So if you ever, ever show PDA in front of his members:
-“Haha slow with the young horses!“
-“Please use protection, omg y'all moving so quick“

-and all you did was like touch his hand by accident
-but that means if you’d get alone time he’d burry you in a bear hug
-with your bodies just in one mess, kind of looks painful but is very comfortable
-I also think he’d either say really cheesy, romantic, beautiful things like
-“You are the only one I need to be happy“
-or he’d say some bullish along the lines of
-“You’re like the plastic piece at the end of shoe lace that hold the lace together“
-“bc you hold my life toghether“

-which is awww so cute but also.. why Wooseok?
-Also if you ever wear his clothes
-you would look adorable
-BC he is so tol and you’d feel very fashiony and be like
-“Babe I need one of your T-Shirts“
-so you could wear it with overknees and look good
-but his shirt would end around 10 cm under your knees and you’d figure just buying an oversized shirt is not that bad after all
-also imagine you’d ever be out and suddenly it started raining and he’d take to to the dorm for a quick shower and he’d provide you with his clothes and after you’re done he walks into the bathroom and you look like a toddler in their father’s clothes.
-Like what was the point of giving you his sweatpants?
-you’d need to hold them so they don’t fall and they are longer than Rapunzels hair smh
-so you just stay in his jumper which is good too!
-so he would have different types of smooches
-type A) quick pecks, those shy stolen kisses, mostly at the beginning and he’ll smile after them awwwwwwwwwww
-type B) the kisses where he’ll hold you and be very careful like you’re made out of glass and he’ll be unsure of where his hand should go etc at first but it would all fall into place eventually
-type C) making out would get messy, likely in a seated position with you on his lap seems the comfiest as he is so tall. He’d use tongue, guys his age do. Hands on your assets bc he can
-PDA outside would be very limited
-so holding hands or having a hand on your back while he guides you
-Woahohoho when Baby gets jealous beware
-He’d scoot very close to you and just show how 'Hey that is my s/o. Hello. Bye’
-and probably gets all needy afterwards
-he would write songs about you and show you work in progress
-probably cares a lot about your opinion
-when it is time for the first 'I love you’ I think he wouldn’t be sure about when to say it and he would want it to be special and romantic but then he would end up saying it while you two watch Youtube videos and eat Happy Meals
-because you just sitting there, no makeup, in comfy clothes, your hair in a messy bun
-that’s how he loves you
-it still means a lot and is a moment between you two that you both will cherish and remember everytime you get McDonalds
-I don’t think you’d fight all that much
-he is petty
-like he is so petty it could be his name
-Jung Woo Petty
-So you know you’d be 7 minutes late or something like that
-and you’d be like
-“I’m so sorry, the bus was late“
-and he would pettily reply
-“It’s fine.“
-and then he’d be salty for like the net twenty minutes and you would ask what is wrong and if he is angry and he would decline
-and then when you almost forgot he’d bring it up like
-“I just think it is interesting how you–“
-so moving on!
-I think he’d be into calling you names like 'Babe, Baby’ it seems like him or jst calling your name cutely
-He’d joke around with you a lot
-and you two would share many inside jokes that would seem completely unexplainable to others
-like one time your mom told him about that time when you were youngger and you wore white pants when you were sick and pooped your pants and now you have a white pants trauma
-so now being sick or diarrhea is 'white pants’
-“Should we eat that Chili from that place down the street?“
-“No, white pants“

-and you two would laugh but if anyone heard it they’d just be like „what“
-you have free access to his aegyo but only if he effed up and you’d be kind of pissed but he’d be acting cute and it is so cringey  you would have to give in just so he could stop
-Overall I feel like being in a relationship with him would be full of firsts both of you experience and share with each other. In the beginning there would be many giggles and a lot of shyness but it would fade away and become comfortable closeness between you two. Again, Yuto is with you two often enough to not become a hassle or a problem in the relationship. Being with him would definitely be filled with jokes and laughter and lots of love.

Classmates > Best Friends > Lovers

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look at that cutie 

Changkyun x reader


  • you would meet changkyun one day when you sit in the wrong class 
  • honestly you didn’t know what you were thinking
  • you were just too tired from the overload of coffee
  • and assignments that you were rushing the night before
  • anywaYs
  • you would just rush into class because you were already like 7 minutes late
  • and sit at the nearest empty spot you could find
  • you had no materials because it was the first day of that lesson
  • and you were so ready to learn about plants 
  • but no?? the teacher started talking about forensics
  • you were so confused like “what am i doing in forensics”
  • because you watched too many CSI shows that creeped the poop out of you
  • so you turned to the boy sitting beside you
  • and my was he a cutie
  • but pushing that thought aside, you asked him
  • “hey this is the plant biology class right”
  • and he just gives you this really confused look like what are you talking about??
  • “erm no this is the forensics class”
  • oh wow
  • you just embarrassed yourself 
  • in front of a cute guy 
  • how nice
  • but you were too embarrassed to leave the class halfway so you just sit through it
  • and it was actually quite interesting?
  • and then suddenly your teacher is like 
  • “okay class discuss some goals that you want to achieve in this class with your partner because they will be your lab partners for the rest of this module”
  • honestly, shit was the only word going through your head because firstly
  • you don’t belong in this class
  • and secondly
  • that boy was the only one who knew you were in the wrong class and he ends up being your lab partner
  • so as you turned around to face him
  • he asks you
  • “do you wanna tell the teacher that you’re not going to take forensics??”
  • and you just shake your head and start turning red
  • oh my were you embarrassed x1000
  • but this guy just nods his head smiling 
  • “i’m lim changkyun”
  • he just sticks his hand out awkwardly, waiting for you to introduce yourself
  • “erm i’m y/n y/ln”
  • this leads ya’ll to making conversation
  • and the next thing you know, the class has ended
  • you walk up to the teacher and explain yourself 
  • praying to every god that he doesn’t scream at you
  • and you might have also expressed your wish to stay in this class
  • not because of this cute boy beside you, oh no
  • its because the class is so interesting and fun
  • totally
  • you must have been lucky because this teacher decides to settle with laughing at you 
  • “okay y/n, i’ll speak with the department and get them to shift you into the forensics module”
  • halleluJAh
  • seriously, who in their right minds would choose plants over forensics
  • right
  • you walk out of the class and walah
  • guess who’s waiting for you
  • lim changkyun
  • “so are you gonna stay in forensics or am i going to have to suffer without a lab partner for the rest of the module?”
  • “i’m staying”
  • and he flashes you the cutest smile and walks off towards the cafeteria 
  • “see you tomorrow then”



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EXO: Baekhyun fluff/angst


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“Meet me. 7pm. Pop’s.” That is what a message from your boyfriend Archie Andrews says. You were learning for tomorrow’s test but of course, you want to see Archie, your beloved boyfriend. The clock shows it’s 6:30pm. You have just 30 minutes to get ready!

“I hate you, Archie!” You say for yourself, dressing up beautiful baby pink dress, trying to hurry up to not be late. Of course you didn’t mean it seriously. He’s the best thing you’ve ever had in your life. You’re trying to fix your make up. You don’t wear make up that much, just mascara and lip gloss but still. You want to look pretty for your boyfriend.

You’re at Pop’s at 7:15pm, 15 minutes late. Archie sits at your usual place. He looks kinda sad, probably thinking you’ll not come. “Hey, Arch!” You say loudly, sitting opposite. Archie looks at you and you can see how surprised and calm he is now. “I thought… you’ll not come.” He says sadly with a light smile. You just blink. “How could you, Archie Andrews? I’m sorry I’m late. I was learning for tomorrow’s test and you know, I had to dress up, fix my make up and other girly stuff, you know.” You laugh, grabbing his hand. You’re so in love with him, probably the happiest girl in Riverdale ‘cause he’s dating you.

Archie says, standing up, going to somewhere. You’re shocked and surprised. Is there something wrong with me?, you think.

Archie is back in few minutes. You turn your head to see him but the thing you see is… a really big bouquet of your favorite flowers. “I bought some flowers for my beautiful girl.” He smiles, giving you the bouquet, kissing you longly.