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Mercykill Week - Day 4


I tried to combine the Valkyrie Suit, Reaper’s normal skin and the Blackwatch Commander outfit. it was tricky trying to figure out which parts of their usual clothes should stay and which should go, but in the end I’m really happy how it turned out!


MD: For our fourth and final antagonist, we were looking to have a female character who was physically similar to korra. We wanted our hero to have to face the shadow version of herself-a woman who was fierce, uncompromising, and a bending heavyweight. Kuvira brought a lot of new story and character possibilities to the table, and I really enjoyed writing the female hero/villain dynamic. There was a lot of talk in the first storyboard meeting about how Kuvira’s metal armor could be used in battle. To give her lots of ammo, we decided she should have thin strips of metal stacked on her back and upper arms. As she bends one piece of metal, another strip is revealed, ready for the next strike. I cannot remember if it was written into the script, but Kuvira’s arm blade and whip seemed to be natural extensions of her impressive ability to manipulate metal.

BK: Above is one of the first concepts I did of Kuvira, back during Book Three when we knew we were going to weave her into the story as a background character. I had been wanting to do a military dictator as a villain for a long time, so it was fun to finally play around with what the uniform motifs would be. When we were casting the character, we had a couple of pieces of concept art to show the actors. Zelda Williams, who ended up getting the part and played it wonderfully, said, “Hey she looks like me!” I thought the exact same thing when she walked into the studio. Later she told me her mother even has the same beauty mark under her eye. I really liked how Kuvira looked with her hair down, and it helped to sell this hallucination where Korra once again sees the “Dark Avatar” version of herself in her opponent. Kuvira expressions and concepts by Ki-Hyun Ryu, Lauren Montgomery, and Bryan Konietzko.  Designs by Angela Song Mueller and Joseph Aguilar. Cleanup by Steve Hirt. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf. [x]


Some of the latest issues on magazines here in Brazil 🇧🇷 with a lot of black pride (from the top left to the bottom down description translated): 1. “Powerful Africa - a continent of reigns and empires” 2. “Taís Araújo and Lázaro Ramos - reflections from the number 1 couple of TV” 3. “J.P 10 Years - Boldness and Irreverence, with Karol Conká, Emicida and Taís Araújo” 4. “Black Feminism - The Power of Women” 5. “Angela Davis - reverberations of her thoughts on black, feminist and academic movements on Brazil”