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where marinette flirts
  • so alya told her to start flirting with adrien if she liked him so much, and the magazines give her step-by-step guides with 15 ~Chill~ Ways to Flirt With Your Crush Without Totally Embarrassing Yourself, so there’s no way this can go horribly wrong, right?
  • okay but marinette has to be realistic, when has anything ever gone right for her?
  • 1. like their instagram and watch their snapchat: okay but marinette already does this, she follows all of adrien’s social media and collects his takes from photoshoots and knows his schedule, and honestly, there’s really nothing he does that she doesn’t know about it? the whole point of watching his snapchat and liking his instagram would be for him to notice her, but it’s not like she can tell him that she does this, because that would be creepy right? but for the most part she thinks she has this part down pat. 
  • 2. make eye contact: and this one is damn near impossible. every time she looks at adrien, and he looks back, her heart turns into a puddle and she wants to melt. but okay, the magazine said to make eye contact, so that’s maintain eye contact, right? don’t look away as soon as he catches her looking. okay, she tells herself. i can do this.
  • adrien and marinette spend the rest of the week in multiple staring contests. alya and nino are extremely confused, but the game catches on, and soon the whole class spends Madame Bustier’s lectures in staring contests with the rest of their classmates. there’s a running scoreboard, and chloe and alya are surprisingly good at the game, which isn’t that surprisingly at all considering how many glare-showdowns they’ve had throughout the year. 
  • adrien just wants to beat marinette once, and how is it fair she’s so good at this??? marinette just wants to know why it’s not working; she hasn’t gone through dry eyes, blurry vision, and headaches for nothing. at this point, she’s read to pour Johnson’s No More Tears shampoo directly in her eyes to get them back to normal. 
  • 3. let your emojis do the talking: 🍆😛:eggplant: :yum:
  • alya sent it from marinette’s phone, and marinette is too busy dying to say anything about it. adrien still buys her eggplants for a month because he thinks they’re her favorite.
  • 4. wave and say “hi” when they walk by: marinette had to quit when her over-aggressive wave nailed nino in the nose and broke it. alya called him “raccoon eyes” for weeks. it didn’t matter though, adrien didn’t even wave back (though it might have been because his best friend was bleeding on the school steps). 
  • 5. invite your crush to hang out as a group: seems easy enough, right? she invites alya, nino, and adrien over for a study group at her house, but alya and nino cancel at the last minute to give her “some alone time with adrien”. only it doesn’t work out that way because she’s forced to actually learn physics when adrien notices she had some troubles with it and tutors her for the rest of the night. 
  • 6. say something simple, then keep the conversation going: marinette had trouble talking to adrien in the first place, so it was a miracle if she even got something simple out. adrien saves her the trouble anyway when he complicates her cat sweater, but it doesn’t go the way she imagined because it devolves into a heated argument over whether chat noir or ladybug was better, and oh my god, how could she be arguing with her crush over how much she sucked?
  • 7. remember what they tell you, and bring it up later: so adrien refuses to speak to her since she said ladybug sucked, and marinette is panicking internally 24/7. she makes him a hat to apologize because it’s summer and it’s blue, and when he asks her how she knew blue was his favorite color, she just smiles and tells him she read it in a magazine article. 
  • adrien looks touched either way while marinette wishes she could sink through the floor because she’d gone nearly a whole year without adrien knowing she read magazine articles about him. 
  • 8. give them a sincere compliment: 
  • adrien: “so what do we know about penguins already for this biology presentation?”
    marinette: “penguins are inefficient walkers…. they’re cute…. but not cuter than you.”
    adrien: “…thanks, marinette.”
  • adrien: “thanks, marinette. you’re so helpful.”
    marinette: “that’s me. i’m always helpful. i’ll always try to help you. you know, like… i’d totally hold a revolving door for you. i know that’s counterproductive, but you’re worth it.”
  • adrien: “god, they never get all the makeup off after a shoot.”
    marinette: “you know, i would really be okay with seeing you without makeup. that’s how much i like you.”
    adrien: “what?”
    marinette: “what?”
  • 9. casually touch their arm when you’re talking: marinette casually strokes adrien’s arm during their next study session.
    adrien: “… why are you touching my arm?”
    marinette: “i’m checking the seam work.”
    adrien: “….that’s my skin though.”
    marinette: “shh, don’t disrupt a designer at work.”
  • 10. offer them a fry: okay, but marinette doesn’t particularly like fries, so she figured she’d find another way to work this in. it happens one morning while she’s about to go to town on her croissant when she overhears adrien mentioning to nino that he’d forgot his breakfast, so she shoves the food in front of him and rushes away. alya can’t stop laughing at agreste’s startled expression when marinette shoved a croissant in his face without prompt. regardless, alya shares her own breakfast when marinette admits she didn’t have anything else to eat.
  • 11. give them something thoughtful: marinette buys adrien a ladybug-spotted scarf because she knows he likes the superhero. he protests when she gives it to him, but she just shrugs and said she owed him one anyway after dissing his favorite superhero before. 
  • the next day he gives her a matching chat noir one.
  • 12. tease them: she can barely keep a straight face when she teases adrien in front of nino and alya about always smelling like camembert. she even buys him three cheese wheels one day, but he only flushes darkly as he shoves them in his bag. she wants to apologize in case she hurt his feelings, but later that day, she notices that the cheese is gone. 
  • man, he must really like his cheese, she thinks in awe, and spends the rest of the day trying to figure out why adrien kept glaring at his bag during class. 
  • 13. steal their hat and put it on your head: adrien doesn’t wear hats, so she stole nino’s instead. adrien spent the rest of the day trying to set her up with his best friend. 
  • 14. ruffle their hair: marinette ruffles adrien’s hair when she walks into the classroom one morning. some strands end up tangled in her bracelet, and the two spend the remainder of class in the nurse’s office as she tries to cut them loose. 
  • 15. sit in their lap: marinette is a little hesitant to try this one, but alya ends up taking matters into her own hands and pushes marinette into adrien’s lap one day while the three of them and nino were visiting a cafe for lunch. marinette is flustered and apologizes profusely, and she finally finds the courage to look into his eyes. but instead of angry!agreste, she seems wide, shocked green eyes as adrien begins to laugh uncontrollably. marinette starts to giggle and shakes her head and it’s not until she looks at him again that she realizes… this whole situation seems really familiar…
  • “…chat noir?” she asks suddenly.
  • “what?” adrien asks. 
  • “what?” alya asks.
  • “what?” nino asks.
  • “oh my god,” marinette says and dies.

Needless to say, flirting was not her forte. But hey, she still got the man in the end, right? …. alright, it’s a work and progress, but still. 

Mess with Them

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: This is a re-write of Chandler and Monica’s secret relationship.

Word Count: 801

Warnings: Language, Mild Sex

A/N: Based on Friends aka the best fucking show ever. Some dialogues will be taken from the show, I obviously don’t own that. I really hope you’ll like it, I’m super excited about it. :D

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Epilogue]

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“Shh,” Steve leaned down and pressed a soft kiss on your cheek. “They’re going to hear us.”

Your mouth was hanging open, your heavy breathing made your throat dry. You licked your lips to reply something when he swiveled his hips and hit your g-spot.

Your eyes crossed in pleasure, a high pitched moan tore from your throat. Immediately, Steve stopped moving and you put your hands over your mouth. He strained his ear to pick up any sound that might come in your direction. When he didn’t hear anything, he resumed his thrusts.

“Y-Your f-fault.” You breathed out, desperately trying to hold on. “God, you’re so good at this.”

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“Shh, you’re safe. I won’t let you go.” *Steve Rogers x Reader*

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Requested by @lokisgirl5 :  Steve Rogers 6 and 10?
6:  “Shh, you’re safe. I won’t let you go.” & 10: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
A/N: Thank you for all the kind messages and prompt submissions, two years on this blog and I can’t believe it. 

You worked for Hydra, simple as that. It was easy money to be hired by them and kill a few people, it didn’t bother you, it never had. You never questioned your morals, you never had reason to think about the bad you’ve caused and do cause in this world. It’s just a job to you.

Then you met Captain America, the Assets best friend from aeons ago. You had been partnered with the Winter Soldier on some missions, as a handler, make sure he didn’t run if he tried- not that you could take him down. Anytime you had a run in with Cap, he made you think. Think about everything and it was infuriating. You watched as the Winter Soldier got out of Hydra’s fist and was reunited with Steve, you didn’t think that could ever happen, to be rid of Hydra and be your own person.

So, you ran. Ran as fast you could and didn’t look back. You kept running knowing they were after you, they wouldn’t let another one of their killers go, you’d be killed and tortured like all of the others that tried to flee.

You somehow found yourself outside the Avengers compound, in the rain. You shivered from the cold, hair soaked through and stuck to your forehead, your clothes clinging wetly to your body. You walked up to the door and knocked, two loud thuds. The door is thrown open by a very displeased Captain America, eyebrows furrowed as he looked down at your wet body.

“I don’t know why I came here.” You admit with a shaky voice, “I ran-I left… I think I’ve come to hand myself in?” You look up at him, he wasn’t dressed in the uniform you usually see him in. He’s wearing blue washed denim jeans, a white henley. His jaw unsets, stepping aside silently and letting you in. You apprehensively you walk through, not knowing that this is the start of your new life.

Instead of being thrown in prison, like you thought, they offered a compromise. Work for them, like Nat and Bucky, saving people instead of killing them. You accepted, obviously. Everyone held you at arm’s length still, no one really trusted you and that was fine. You didn’t expect rainbows and sunshine in the beginning.  

Then you started to hang out with Steve, well go with him on missions and he was completely different to what you thought. You spent so much time trying to kill him. He was actually really sweet, funny and admittedly, adorable. After he got comfortable around you after he trusted you, everyone else did too- I guess, if Steve Rogers thinks you’re a good person then so do others- you all became close friends.

*a few Years Later*

“Y/N, you okay?” Steve asked tentatively, peeking through your bedroom door. You all had come back from a harrowing mission, Hydra, these missions always made you a little jumpy. You had been caged in and were planning on taking you back into work for Hydra; Steve had swooped in and saved you. “If you want to talk-”

He stopped talking when he heard you sniffing, you wiped your eyes and sobbed. He strode over to you, pulling you into a tight embrace and smoothing your hair. You cried into his chest, holding onto him tightly and not wanting him to let you go.

“Shh, you’re safe. I won’t let you go.” Steve whispered into your hair. “I’m never, ever, going to let them take you, okay?” He pulled back, big hands holding your face and wiping your tears with his thumbs smiling lightly at you.

You sniffed and nodded. “I just… They’re never going to stop, they’re never going to give up till I’m back or dead.” You sighed, “I don’t know how long I can keep fighting against them, Steve.”

“I’m not giving up, neither are you!” Your eyebrows furrow, “they’re not going to stop? Well, neither are we. You came here wanting to be better yourself than them and you have done, don’t give up now. For me, don’t give up.”

It’s silent as you both stare into each other’s eyes. Steve still holding your face in his hands, blue eyes darting from your eyes to your lips and you sucked in a harsh breath.

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” You whispered to him, he nodded softly looking down at you before bringing your lips to his and kissing you just as softly too.  

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Sunday Six

“You talk about sex in a way I’ve never heard anyone else talk about it. And –“


“And suddenly it starts making sense. A little.”

“Suppose when you’ve had the kind of sex life I’ve had, the mysticism around it kinda disappears.”

“Mm,” Holmes says. His breathing is slowing down again, face relaxing

Sebastian smirks and gets back under the covers. 

Cherry’s Prompt List

Feel free to send in your requests and the character you would like to see for Wicked Wednesday - And please tell me how smutty you’d like! You may also use these for your own writing but please tag me, I want to see what you’ve written! =] 

1. “What would I do without you?”

2. “That’s quite the bombshell you dropped on me at 3 am.”

3. “Is it mine?”

4. “Stop fucking yelling at me.”

5. “I can’t because it hurts too much to even think about.”

6. “I never want to see you again.”

7. “Why are you naked in my kitchen?”

8. “Eyes open, baby.”

9. “Shh… I’ve got you.”

10. “You didn’t answer any of my texts.”

11. “Fuck you and fuck your stupid fucking face.”

12. “Can’t a guy get a little gratitude?” 

13. “What do you mean ‘what do you mean’?”

14. “I kept all of it. Every last thing.” 

15. “I’m not strong enough.”

16. “Focus on me.”

17. “Tell me to leave and I will.” 

18. “I don’t know what to say.” 

19. “I’m a piece of shit and you deserve better.”

20. “Please don’t waste your tears on him.” 

21. “You drive me fucking crazy.”

22. “You can fall apart if you want to.”

23. “Is that a smile I see?” 

24. “Wanna hear a pick-up line?” 

25. “I don’t want to listen.” 

26. “I told you so.”

27. “Do you have any idea how worried I was?” 

28. “You deliberately disobeyed me.”

29. “You need to relax - you seem so tense.” 

30. “Don’t say that name.” 

31. “Ice cream is a good start.” 

32. “I didn’t come here expecting a gentleman.” 

33. “I want to run but I feel like my feet are buried in concrete.” 

34. “Nothing good ever happens past midnight.” 

35. “I’m here now and I’m never leaving you again.”

36. “You could have gotten yourself killed.” 

37. “You only drink red wine when you’re angry.” 

38. “That’s not my shade of lipstick.” 

39. “I don’t want an apology. I want you to make it right.” 

40. “You have no idea.” 

41. “Is that my underwear?” 

42. “Lingerie isn’t really ‘business casual’.” 

43. “Don’t be such a pussy.” 

44. “I won’t let myself hurt you.” 

45. “Why do you have to say those things to me?” 

46. “Can I just hold you?”

47. “Let me do this for you.” 

48. “It’s not perfect but at least it’s a start.” 

49. “Don’t you dare tell me that you love me.” 

50. “That might have worked 10 years ago but not now.”

51. “You look good in candle light.” 

52. “We’d better get you to a hospital… like, now.” 

53. “Did you just slap me?” 

54. “All’s fair in love and war, baby.” 

55. “You don’t look too happy to see me.” 

56. “Have you eaten yet?” 

57. “I would absolutely ruin you.” 

58. “All the money in the world can’t warm your bed at night.” 

59. “We were just kids.” 

60. “This coffee tastes like shit.” 

61. “Really? Do you know how many calories are in that?” 

62. “Sober me is an ignorant fuck.” 

63. “I look at you and just… God, I mean look at you.”

64. “What is that under your shirt?” 

65. “Have you ever been this tired in your entire life?” 

66. “Death doesn’t scare me. Living scares me.” 

67. “My vote is on the lemon cake.” 

68. “Keep your arms straight and don’t slouch.” 

69. “Are you wearing a fucking garter belt?” 

70. “You don’t know her like I do.” 

71. “She’s your daughter.”/ “He’s your son.” 

72. “Could I have ever really made you happy?” 

73. “You’re still bleeding.” 

74. “Get your boots off of my clean sheets.” 

75. “I’m busy that day.” 

76. “Psst… Hey… I’m hungry.” 

77. “Is that how you speak to your boss?” 

78. “It’s 2 am, why are you calling me?” 

79. “Wait! Don’t hang up just yet.” 

80. “I’m absolutely fucking terrified.” 

81. “How is ‘I love your sweet ass’ inappropriate?” 

82. “I think someone has a little crush on you.” 

83. “God dammit… that was my favorite one, too.” 

84. “I like night time. It’s quiet and I can think.” 

85. “Did you forget to pay the power bill?” 

86. “I don’t care about them! Please… just give me one more night.” 

87. “That was my favorite book as a kid.” 

88. “Does it hurt when I do this?” 

89. “How do you make your hair do that swoopy thing?” 

90. “Calm down, they’re just tweezers!” 

91. “That was my father. I’m not him if you didn’t notice.” 

92. “Oh my god is that Nickleback?” 

93. “If you want it then you better work for it.”

94. “Did you just say pumpkin? I’m allergic to pumpkin.” 

95. “Come on, you can do it. Just one more.” 

96. “Don’t panic, it’s just me.” 

97. “What are you talking about? 30 is the new 20!” 

98. “Uhh…that’s breast milk.” 

99. “That’s my girl!” 

100. “You have lost that privilege.” 

sleepover: zodiac edition

Sagittarius: IS ANYONE awake
Virgo: *glares* yes, thanks alot.
Libra: SHH I need at least 10 hours of my beauty sleep
Aquarius: what is the meaning of life
Capricorn: dude shut up
Cancer: you guys please be quiet my mom’s gonna hear us
Pisces: turn the lights on. I can’t find Gemini! 
Gemini: I am under the bed.
Leo: What the actual f- 
Aries: that sounds fun! *gets under the bed*
Taurus: okay but can we go back to sleep?
Scorpio (outside, peeping through the window): be silent.

sparhawk and kalten’s friendship is actually the best thing ever though (ノ´ヮ´)ノ

all the books obviously are all about sparhawk and his destiny and the great things he achieves etc etc that is a glory speech for another day, but sparhawk’s name is known everywhere, his description is spread so far in stories about him that ordinary people recognize him by his nose, he’s queen’s champion, prince regent, etc etc

and it’s mentioned many, many times that kalten is the sort of clumsier, less intelligent of the two (although I don’t believe that he isn’t intelligent). he was second to sparhawk in most areas of their training, and behind everyone when it came to spells and languages, he’s the younger one, etc

but neither of them ever let that cause any sort of rift between them

kalten’s parents pass away so he’s raised with sparhawk– sparhawk treats him just like the brother he’s become and shows him the attention that he would have been lacking due to his now non-existent family. they make their way through the pandion order together, grow up together with sparhawk always in the spotlight, so kalten follows him happily and sparhawk draws strength from that.

they get exiled for a decade and people notice almost instantly when sparhawk returns from rendor, but kalten sneaks back home from lamorkand with sparhawk being the first to notice (and sparhawk who had asked a few times when he arrived where kalten was and if he was back yet). they gather together this team for their new quest, and neither of them let the larger group interfere either, they continue where they left off after ten years as if they were never apart to begin with

it’s just so great that they never formed a rivalry (apart from a healthy one in their training), never became to jealous, never forgot about the other, etc and a great trait of martel, as a multi-plot device rather than a simple villain, is how apparent all of that becomes when he and sparhawk do form that rivalry, do head down two different paths (not to say martel isn’t good for anything else)

tbh I think that’s why kalten really does hate martel whereas sparhawk as less strong feelings on the matter– he always states martel’s treachery with a cold detachment whereas kalten hates him– he was there with martel in sparhawk’s shadow and he wonders about and hates the type of person he thinks martel must be to feel the need to betray their friend rather than support him

even after sparhawk gets married he still keeps time for kalten and they’re still as close as ever and kalten’s still the first to go with him on any jobs or missions that need doing even if he really hates the idea of doing some of them

and that is why kalten is incredibly underrated by both fans and his friends (ノ⁰ヮ⁰)ノ*:・゚✧

Sleepover: Young Justice 2016 Team Edition

Bart: Is anyone awake? 
Roy: *glares* yes, thanks a lot.
Karen: Shh I need at least 10 hours of my beauty sleep
Scarab: what is the meaning of life
Jaime: dude shut up
Virgil: you guys please be quiet my mom’s gonna hear us
Barbara: turn the lights on. I can’t find Tim! 
Tim: I am under the bed.
La'gaan: What the actual f-
Cassie: that sounds fun! *gets under the bed*
Mal: okay but can we go back to sleep?
The Light (outside, peeping through the window): be silent.

(Based off this post)

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of all the gin joints in the world - fall out boy

seventeen - marina and the diamonds

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chicago is so two years ago - fall out boy

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