this is 'supporting cast appreciation' night


jenmorrisonlive: About this weekend… #lafilmfestival
Serious moment caught by @ashlevinson
Red carpet with the lead of the film #nedchipley @michaelangarano
Thank you to my fiends, family and everyone who came out to support @sundogsmovie everyone there was a big part of helping get the film made. It was amazing to share the film with so many people that I love and appreciate.
Thank you to @kemal_harris for finding the gorgeous @yigalazrouel suite.
It was such a special night! (x)

LWA Ep. 4 is the most precious gift.

Truly. Here we have a young author emotionally drained by all the nasty reviews and comments she’s been receiving for her writing…

…and her spirit is so beaten down by the flames that she just wants to quit.

Then in comes Lotte and what she says next is absolutely incredible. She doesn’t tell Annabel to “just write for herself”. She doesn’t tell Annabel to “just ignore the haters”.

This is SO important, guys.

Because by pointing out that the haters make up only a small portion of the fandom and that there are just as many people who do enjoy what Annabel publishes, Lotte is able to reassure Annabel and give her a purpose without discriminately excluding anyone from the fandom.

No fandom on this Earth is a safe haven. There will be trolls and critics one way or another. And nothing and nobody, not even the creator, can do anything to change that because people just have their own opinions.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not part of the fandom. In fact, judging by how long this series has been going and how no one has noticed that there’s been twelve succeeding authors behind “night fall” since the beginning, a number of these trolls probably flame the newer volumes because they’re likely fans of the older books…written by previous authors. Or something similar to that.

Point is, you can’t satisfy everybody and that’s fine. You don’t have to feel obligated to. What’s not okay is to forget the fans who do look forward to how you’ll continue the story, who do appreciate what you write, who do love your work. You may not be able to erase the negative feedback but that shouldn’t cast a shadow on the positive feedback that surely exist. Because if you give that much effort into something you like, chances are someone is bound to like what you’ve done.


Then Lotte ultimately reels Annabel in by sharing what they both love about “night fall”.

And it’s because Lotte loves these books so much and loves the books that the current Annabel wrote so much and therefore, knows how much Annabel loves this series so much that she can put her confidence in Annabel’s ability to make it even more interesting to read. Because Annabel has already done that for her and a lot of fans and it’d be an utter shame for her to stop now!

Only a person who’s been following a series for that long (since childhood in this case!), who passionately loves a series as much as Lotte does can convince another fan-turned-author to continue contributing more greatness to this established piece of work and thereby, keep giving the fans something to enjoy and love.

And I think that’s so wonderful. It’s so encouraging to all the aspiring creative thinkers out there so really, thanks, Trigger. You truly are awesome for sending out this message through this amazing anime.

so that was a real fuckin' long break, huh?

my obsessive ass couldn’t stay away.

i am so so sorry for any worry i caused last night. i was pretty hysterical and those few glasses of rum and coke i had didn’t help. i’m pretty embarrassed ngl.

cast and i talked things over and we’re going to give this one more shot. they explained why they’ve felt disconnected from me lately and i totally understand. i have things i need to work on and i’m going to try my best.

so yeah, i’m better now. i appreciate all the love and support you guys sent. i really don’t know what to say other than thank you and i love you all. <3

I don’t know why, but apparently it’s Night Watch Supporting Cast Appreciation Week? Anyway, here’s Madam* and Reg**.

*inspirations: Renaissance portraiture, Art Noveau paintings of Greek goddesses, my gigantic folder of 1830s portraits and fashion plates

**inspiration: Ramin Karimloo, but 25% narrower. And floofy haired.

I wish people would focus more on Kuroshitsuji’s supporting cast instead of focusing solely on Sebastian, Ciel, Alois, and Claude.

I mean, they’re great characters too, but can we talk about Soma and his precious smile? Nina and how flirtatious she is? The Noah’s Ark Circus members growing up together, giving each other presents on Christmas morning? Joker and Beast taking the younger kids out exploring in the woods? Lau and Ranmao celebrating the Chinese New Year’s Eve? Sieglinde eating like a monster and still looking adorable? Lizzie and Edward fencing together, giggling themselves silly? Grell visiting Madame Red’s grave on the anniversary of her death? Bard and Finny making a terrible, sloppy, horrendous cake for Meyrin’s birthday and she loves it anyway? Snake tucking his snakes into a comfy cage every night when he goes to bed?

Honestly, Kuroshitsuji has SUCH a fun, diverse cast of characters and it pains me to see them go neglected. I WANT MORE FAN ART OF THESE PRECIOUS BABIES! I WANT APPRECIATION POSTS! I WANT THE SUPPORTING CAST TO GET MORE LOVE!


“Like anything else, like any other working relationship, it’s about finding your place within it, finding when it’s your turn, finding out when it’s not your turn. And I’m amazed how well it’s happened, I really am. It’s one of the things I’m proudest of, actually. And I think it’s one of the things we’ll all be proudest of in ten years, is that we all maintained quite a good working relationship, and pretty friendly, really.”

A HUGE thank you is in order from my part here as over the past night, the Blog hit and surpassed 30,000 Followers! It’s all thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit and support this Blog so loyally. I am seriously overwhelmed by this great honor and vow to continue making this Blog the best it can be.

These books, movies, characters, and actors have influenced and inspired me for almost 13 years and I know that they will continue to do so for the rest of my life. 

From me to you lovely people, I made a giant cast collage for you all to enjoy! Just something to show my appreciation for all your support. 

Again, thank you SO much.



Greetings, mortals.

Today marks the second anniversary of my twitter account, and as much as I hate to admit it, my account could not exist without all the many wonderful submissions that you mortals have made.

Without you my twitter would just be me, shrieking into the darkness, much like when I was trapped in the void… I really do not like to think about it.

I thank you all for your kindness and support, for your many photos and your replies. They have all been seen, and appreciated, even if they have not been retweeted or replied to.