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BTS on Overwatch, League of Legends, StarCraft, and their favorite esports teams and players

Rapmon: They are not fluent in english so
Tae: *nods nods … nods more*
Jimin: *smiles then looks down*
Jin: say what? aha … aha …
Jungkook: *clenching hands together and stares*
Hobi: Throwing shades and being salty af
Suga: *smirks* let’s keep him in the dark guys

There was one time on the tube in London- the underground- and there was a girl sitting opposite me and I could tell if I stare- if I looked at her, she was gonna know who I was.. so I just kinda.. I stayed.. I kept my head down like that and then I was getting off.. thank God I was getting off coz my anxiety levels were just about to go through the roof as I was sitting there.. yeah I was on my own.. yeah and I was on the edge of the seat and I was just getting out the door just here and kinda got up and swung my body around the pole like that to get out the door and all I heard was OH MY GOD NIALL and just as I was getting off, I was like WHOA-OH GOD and then I get out, the doors closed really quick before she could get off..

BTS Sings “Despacito” & Gives Sweet Message To Their Fans


BTS interview at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards