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Why Jongdae is my Ultimate Bias

I hope other Jongdae stans will agree with me lol- kpopwallapaper

I have a giant poster of him from my kokobop album on my wall and its 36 ½ x 24 inches

  • His Voice is Heavenly… I first found exo by their English cover of ‘open arms’ and I instantly fell for the guy in the red cap from his beautiful voice and the rest of them and their amazing voices too. But Chen’s voice was so distinct and unique to me don't get me wrong i love the other members too when he first sang i knew there was no way out and I instantly searched him up and the rest of exo. i love his voice so fucking much
  • He is so pretty… When I first saw him while googling him up after watching ‘open arms,’ he reminded me of a camel lol and the shape of his lips made me gush and coo at how cute he looked his lips literally looks like this {
  • hIS SMILE… his smile reminds me of the sun, it’s so bright and I can’t help but smile back every time I see him smile. The way the corner of his mouth curls up and his straight teeth shows up when he’s happy or laughing, the way his eyes has little wrinkles at the edge of his eyes, the way his eyes squint when he’s smiling hjkaloihbsdf
  • His personality… He is usually the one who lifts the mood up, the one that makes everyone happy and smiling just from one joke. He is the on that comforts everyone and shows affection to the other members. He’s so kind, gentle, considerate, funny, hyper, cheerful, and polite. He’s a prankster, a troll, a tease, and my ultimate bias. he is stubborn sometimes tho lol
  • His fashion sense/style… He either dresses really hot or weird in a good way Sometimes his fashion sense makes me laugh or scream cause it’s so good or hot lol. His airport fashion is my favorite or him in turtle necks. His fashion style is unique and I love it.
  • His dancing… He has improved so much since debut and I’m so proud of him. He always smiles when he dances and puts his best efforts to dance. Every time he messes up he just smiles and laughs which is adorable they dont call him chensing machine for nothin lol 
  • His high notes… his high notes are higher than my grades i have fucking straight A’s btw. His high notes are something to repeat in every song or any member’s high notes The way he faces up and how his cheekbones look like they are about to combust lol. The way the note easily slips out from his mouth and they are so satisfying to hear
  • His low notes… They are just as good as his high notes. When he was on ‘king of masked singers’ he sang ‘stained and ‘drunken truth’ and showed a completely different side of his voice that we rarely see because SM entertainment makes chen sing in a higher tone because of his amazing range and infamous high notes. His low notes are so beautiful and satisfying to hear… I makes my heart melt and made me fall in love with him all over again hygtfyuadijc
  • His sense of humor… I have a dark and weird sense of humor… But his jokes and funny actions make me smile and laugh. He makes the other members laugh and smile and I love it.
  • His nicknames lol… hiS NICKNAMES ARE SO CUTE! Orange, Camel, Dinosaur, Chensing Machine, Chenchen, and Whiny-Dae! I call him chenchen lol
  • His adorableness… He is A D O R A B L E. He hates doing Aegyo tho. He is just so cute and fluffy and squishy and hghfujiduygf… hes so cute when he whines tho
  • His hot/sexiness… jESUS CHRIST THIS MAN IS THE DEATH OF ME WHEN HE PERFORMS. I can’t… he’s too hot… when he sweats when dancing and rolling his hips to the cane in artificial love and the way he moves his body jesus christ hiS BODY ROLLS He looks amazing in ripped jeans, turtle necks, the color black, and pinstripe i have this obsession with pinstripe and i screamed so loud while watching love me right for the first time


  • His kindness… He is one of the nicest members in exo with his cute interaction with fans, how he acts in interviews, even tho he pranks the members lol
  • His Laugh… The way he laughs, the sound he makes when he laughs is so contagious. It makes me smile and laughs back.He has a habit of sticking his tongue out when he laughs and his shoulders bounce a little and it’s adorable…
  • His love/interactions with fans… As I said he is the nicest member in exo that doesn’t mean that the other aren’t mean or anything  His interaction with fans is so sweet. At fan meetings, he would talk a lot to them, smile 24/5, stare into their eyes while signing the things, never break eye contact, and laughs at the fans jokes. 
  • At the airport one day, a fan dropped their phone and picked it up and said to all the fans to be careful and watch their steps and gave the phone back to the lucky fan. 
  • One time he was throwing signed balls at their concert to fans and he accidentally hit a fan in the head and he felt bad/guilty. He wants to find the fan and apologize. 
  • His body(?)… He is handsome as fuck. He has an amazing body fight me on this. He has very prominent cheek bones, his beautiful legs (he said it), and he really likes his small feet. He also don’t like people touching his ear lol. (i just wanted to put this gif in lol)
  • His love for the other members… He is very considerate. One time Lay injured his back and Jongdae brought him to the hospital. Another time Minseok injured himself at an interview and he rushed towards him to see if he was ok my xiuchen feels

Him in general

He makes me smile and laugh. It’s sad that he’s the most underrated member in exo besides minseok xiuchen when he has so much talent is one of the best vocalists in kpop at this time. It hurts when he is sad because he’s always happy and cheerful. I love every error, flaw, imperfections about him. He and exo give me happiness and love. He may not be perfect, but in my eyes he is…

These are just some reasons why he is my ultimate bias and why I love him so much (i love exo just as much tho)

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thank you if you actually read this lol

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Whenever I look at Cat Grant I think "She's so cool and nurturing to Carter, I don't know if I want her to be my mentor feminist mom, or if I want her to sit on my face for days" :D So prompt: Supercat, mommy issues. Because let's be honest poor Kara has a lot of abandonment issues and eagerness to please to prove she's worthy of being kept around.

Kara hates that Alex convinced her to go to a midnight showing of classic horror movies, starting with Creature From the Black Lagoon and ending on Carrie. She hates that it’s now three thirty in the morning and she’s unlikely to sleep well for at least a week, thanks to every jump scare, brutal killing, and hacked limb.

“C’mon, Kar. You see violence like every day,” Alex teases, linking their arms together as they leave the theater. “This shoulda been like nothing to you.”

Kara grimaces. “I fight because I need to. They killed because it was fun for them. You can’t always stop evil like that.”

“You got pretty scared by Carrie there at the end.”

“No I didn’t,” Kara retorts, her cheeks coloring. “I just… I thought mothers were supposed to be like Eliza. Why didn’t anyone see that something was wrong at home?”

“Yeah, maybe it was a little exaggerated in the film, but there’s tons of mothers out there who don’t do a very good job with the whole love, praise, and pride thing. A lot of people have to seek out, like, mother-figures to get emotional junk they don’t get at home.”

Kara’s quiet for a moment. “Like you found J’onn as a sort of father?”

Alex huffs but nods. “Yeah, like space dad. You can’t tell me you haven’t looked, even unintentionally, at Cat as a sort of maternal force.”

“Oh, no!” Kara misses a step. “I couldn’t. That would be… weird, I guess.”

“She guides you, teaches you, and helps you be a better person, right?”


“That’s pretty motherly.”

Kara shakes her head vehemently. “I do not look at her like a mother.”

For a moment, Alex considers this. Finally, a smile spreads across her lips. “Oh my God, Kara. You like her, don’t you?”


“You so do.” Alex tugs her along more quickly. “Let’s get home and you can spill all the details. I can’t believe you kept this from me. How long?”

“Um, since my interview?”

“I always wondered why you stuck around.”

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Quite a lot of soulmate AUs out here don't ya think? XD I have an abstract prompt for you, if you wanna write it. It's often said that "the one for you brings out the colours in your world." So I was thinking you can make a sonamy oneshot out of that? Is that cool? Yeah? Ehem...lovely weather we're having here...hehhe...

Oh, lovely weather indeed.

So, I finally looked up Soulmate AU’s, and to match yours, I found one that said if you “Touch your soulmate, you can see color. If not, you see in black and white.” And I found that… rather… interesting.

Hehehehe~ Huhuhu~



“Hey, mister!”

Sonic, turning to the crowd, bent down to see a young girl waving her arm around to be noticed.

“May I help you?” He smiled, charmingly. It wasn’t his first time dealing with cute fangirls…

She giggled, ‘teehee’ing at being noticed before held a microphone up, revealing this little girl actually had some motive.

“Oh?” He blinked his eyes, looking more further up to see a man holding a camera.

An interview?

“Sonic The Hedgehog, could you describe your encounter with Eggman?”

Happily, he leaned up, thumbs up’ing the excited crowd and giving a friendly wink.

“Sure thing! After hearing the flickies went missing, I set out to Little Planet but before I could retrieve them through time-traveling nuisance- And honestly… the traffic for the future these days, sheesh!” He folded his arms, shaking his head as he looked away while the crowd laughed at his joke. “Well, anyway. I had to save this girl, see. And-”

“A girl?” The news reporter tilted her head, “Did you by chance see color with this girl?”

Suddenly, Sonic’s once confident and playful attitude left in almost an instant.

“…Color…” He moved his hand that was pointing out to speak another witty line of his story down as he suddenly seemed a little phased by that question.

He looked at his white and black hand, turning it over a time or two.

“Color.” His eyelids dropped, as if some foreign longing…

“Yes. As in, did you perchance meet your soulmate?” The girl held the microphone to him.

Disenchanted by the world a moment, he continued to look at his hand… before slowly smiling a soft grin, his hand clenching, and his eyelids slowly falling.

The world around him changed…

His flashback started as he lifted his head, and his image returned to the moment Amy stood behind him, looking out towards him.

“I had no idea… One touch could bring out so much wonder in the world.”

He turns around, still holding his hand out and closed, but this time, angling himself to see her better.

She stood there, in black and white, before grinning widely and striking a cute pose.

“She seemed normal. I’d seen girls before. She might have acted a little funny and weird. But to me, she was as normal as any of them come.”

She started running towards him now, jumping out to embrace.

He staggered back a moment, sheepish it seemed.

“That said… I never have seen one… light up in my arms before.”

His arms moved out to catch her, worried she had fallen or tripped in some way.

The second they touched, her hands to his arms, the world sprang to beautiful life, and Sonic’s eyes widened as the first colors he could see… were her own.

“I’ll never forget it. The first time I really looked around.”

With her head still ducked down, Sonic almost bent to a knee, before straightening himself out and looking around.

“The sky was.. blue? I was blue! The water, some flowers… all blue too.”

He had heard by some that he was blue, always with their hands holding tightly to their soulmates, and he had always wondered what blue looked liked.

Making the comparison, he liked his color very much.

But it wasn’t his favorite.

He looked down at the girl.

“I heard her say her name was Amy… Amy Rose.”

Amy lifted her head, and the first thing he noticed… was the different color of her eyes.

“In that instant, all I wanted to know was what color was that.”

Amy blinked, apparently now noticing the shift too.

For a moment, they stared at each other’s eyes, before she turned to look around, freaking out slightly as she jumped further into his embrace at her shock from seeing grasses green for the first time.

Sonic was startled by the abrupt movement, stepping back a bit, but seeming to pull her with him.

They awkwardly held onto one another a moment, looking back at each other, what they looked liked, and then to the world around them once more.

For a moment, he didn’t mind the touch, before moving away slightly and taking his hand off of her.

He looked around as the color almost instantaneously drained from the world. In great displeasure, he frowned, pouting.

He immediately, and lightly, gripped her arm again.

She blushed as she looked down, before back at him, and then the world.

“The next words out of our mouths was mostly an exchange. I told her what I thought the color blue was- well, that’s a lie. First we asked if we saw the same things, then we talked about our scarce knowledge of colors. She knew more than me, and complained about her outfit didn’t match, apparently.”

The two walked, hand in hand for a time, before Sonic finally let go.

“She started talking about what this meant… and that’s where it got weird.”

She looked confused at him pulling away, and slowly backing off, looking sweaty and a waving his arms about, shaking his head slightly.

“Marriage? Why? I think I’ll pass. Color is cool and all… beautiful even. But if that means trading my freedom away? Pfft! Smell ya later, Amy!”

Sonic took off, as Amy raced after him, her arms out, desperation in her eyes at wanting to be close again and see the different combinations of miraculous light.

He looked behind him.

“It was probably the first time ever that I looked back… and actually was tempted, and wanted to, go back.”

Amy struggled to keep up, and soon, she hit her knees coming down. Looking up, there was a hopeless look in her eyes, as if….

“How could someone seem so heart broken… like the way we were when I ran away? I said goodbye to love. I chose that right off the bat, but…”

Sonic looked forward and to the ground, frowning in deep thought before hearing a shriek and skidding to a halt, turning around only to find that Metal Sonic had scooped Amy up, carrying her off and away from him.

“Destiny.. apparently… had other plans.”

“You saved me!”

“Well, I had too.”

“But you did-! W-wait, h-ha-had too?”

She pulled away from her embrace, looking distraught at his reply.

He dodged eye contact, but just the embrace alone had triggered the colors.


He finally thought he saw a rainbow.

His eyes, mesmerized by beauty, fixated on what he could see as Amy tilted her head to try and see him better.

Upset, she pouted and quickly moved her hands away from him.

The vision faded to gray-scales once more.

“Hey!” Sonic swung around.

“Hmph.” she folded her arms, looking away and holding her head up high to the side.

“What’s the big idea? Don’t like what you see?” He bent his head down, a little sour. Only because he wished he didn’t have to get along with some girl in order to see the beautiful world around him.

He blinked, waiting for a response before she finally looked back at him, hunching over slightly and putting her hands to her hips; rebelliously.

“I like the pretty colors too, you know!”

“Good. Then we agree.” He outstretched his hand. “Give me your hand so we can see them again.”

“No!” She turned away, once again being stubborn.

‘This chick..!’ he gripped his hand close, shaking it slightly in his frustrations before swishing his hand away.

“Grr… Why are you being so stuck up about it?” He was gritting his teeth. Honestly, though, he was just upset he had to ‘get permission’ to look at color.

“A moment ago, you were talking about marriage. Now, you can’t stand me?”

“It’s not that!” she turned back around, looking a bit pompous as she stood with her eyes closed, chest out as if to make a statement that she wasn’t intimidated by him.

“Huh?” He put his own hands to his side, sizing her up as he leaned forward, wondering what her strange deal was…

“We’re soulmates! And that means we have to be together!”


“It’s not funny! It’s serious! I’m your true love!”

“True love?”

She looked offended, before her face dropped to sorrow and she nodded, turning a little more helpless again.

“Don’t you understand that?”

“Heh. I highly doubt the two of us even knew what that meant before we crossed paths.” He turned his head away, before realizing he was being pretty mean to her.

She turned away, holding her hands up to herself and seeming saddened by his reply…

He sighed.

‘Look Sonic…’ he glanced back over to her. ‘You may not like it… but if you want to actually see for a change, you’re gonna have to make this girl happy with you. So start charming!’

He turned around, “Ehem. Let me try this again…”

She looked back to him, still seeming a bit shut down from his last statement…

He offered her his hand, “I don’t know about the whole ‘soulmate’ thing, but… Why not go on a ride with me?” He lifted a toe up, almost bowing to ‘try’ and be polite by asking her.

“It would be my… uh… treat.” now he seemed out of his element, looking away a moment as if nervous, but innocently waiting for a response.

‘Girls like gentlemen, right?’

She seemed to smile suddenly, taking his hand.

“Sonic…” she looked up at him, as the world of color once again returned.

“Hmm?” He bent his eyes slightly, glad he had won her back, somehow.

“….” she stared at his hand, then raced into his arms again, another awkward hug as he flailed a bit at the impact.

“Wha-wha-whaaa! H-hey! What gives!? Ahh…”

“Emmm~ I’m gonna love you till eternity!”

“E…E-what now?” he blinked, unsure of that word, before looking up and seeing something familiar…



Sonic thought back on the wild chase, the long runs and walks as he took that girl all over to explore the sights and colors they could find. Eventually, making it a sport.

He smiled as he placed a hand to his chin, still thinking, before looking up at the reporter girl.

“I’ll tell you one thing.” Sonic smiled, moving his head up and out of his hand.

The people all stared, before the camera man peeked away from where his eye was looking in, before nervously remembering his job and ducking it back down.

The camera zoomed in and focused, as the place went quiet to hear his reply.

He folded his arms, smirking another haughty grin at the attention.

“I don’t know where she is at the moment… but I know she’ll probably catch up with me. And when she does…” He then struck his signature bend-forward-and-wave-finger to the camera.

“I won’t let her slip away this time!”

Amy watched the screen with total delight, her face elated at the news with a big rise of an open grin.

She hurriedly grabbed her coat, then her hammer, and started off.

It had been forever since she’d last had her little ‘date’ with her hero. And after all this time…

“Heehee~” she strode bravely out of her house, “I knew he couldn’t resist me!~ Or the wonder of color, for that matter! haha!” she almost skipped as she made her way to wherever the wind may take her this time…~