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What do you think about Louis photoshoot?

I really liked it! overall I think the photos showcast how gorgeous he is and the photographer really worked with his natural photogenicity, which usually wouldn’t do it for me in bramell’s other work with male models but considering that we’ve never seen louis like this it works really well and it didn’t cross over to be too generic or commercial. 

I liked the styling too, they went for a palette of colors that suit him really well, and they didn’t step away from who he is in terms of clothes which goes along with his interview that was kind of a tell all. I liked the set they chose, and I really liked the props, it kinda told a story without trying too hard to actually place him somewhere - he is this laid-back guy who’s super rich and likes to wear athleisurewear and write music but isn’t tied to a specific place or time or people who’d then be used as his “influences”. he’s his own person opening up about his story and the photos go along with it, and I think it was done really well. 


A/N: This was not planned and I should totally be studying now but I’m fed up with stuff I’m reading these days , coming from the inside of the fandom mostly and these type of situations just trigger my inner crazy EXO-L so I’M GONNA SPREAD LOVE TO ALL THE MEMBERS I DON’T CARE.

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->Kim Junmyeon (Suho):

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-this boy trained for 7 years ok?

-i’m obv biased but one of the best kpop group leaders out there

-actually is thinking about EXO all the time

-sincere eyesmile

-takes care of all members

-big sense of responsibility

-probably blames himself if anything bad happens to EXO

-is prob very pressured by the company

-LOVES all the members, i’m sure of it

-also loves fans with all his being

-never dissapointed us

-defends EXO all the time


-learned to be more himself on camera

-is always improving

-one of the most handsome guys out there

-doesn’t care about fanwars

-carries everything on his shoulders

-tries to make EXO-L happy all the time

-comforts members  

-underrated talent

-dad jokes 

-but it comes from his heart

-is always teased af but everyone loves him too much

->Kim Minseok (Xiumin):

-has always been amazingly precious

-works hard

-cute af

-sexy af


-amazing laugh

-great vocals

-everyone respects him

-is always teased by baek but secretly loves it

-Suho’s partner for dad jokes

-can have a lot of facial expressions

-is always the one chosen to talk by the other members

-is much more popular than SM expected him to be (suck it losers)

-looks good all the time

-is much more than just looks though

-performs af

-simple with a touch of too much

-mature guy with a fun side

->Zhang Yixing (Lay):

-someone hold me up while talking about this boy


-cutie pie sweetie

-so talented

-underrated vocals

-cares SO much about EXO 

-works too hard 

-like all the time

-has an amazing soul

-look at this smile

-puts too much pressure on himself

-is the link between present ot9 and old ot12

-broke a bunch of records with his solo

-feels comfy around the members

-sometimes is shy

-can be straighforward

-is always trying to contact fans

-reads fan letters at airports

-husband material

-also sexy af

-look at those hips ok?

-literally never stops practicing

-because he always thinks he is not doing good enough

-musically gifted

-how can someone not like him??????????? i’ll never understand

->Byun Baekhyun (Baekhyun):

-popular line

-extra af


-vocals that make me cry

-for real

-always tries to lighten up the mood

-can get angry

-it’s a light

-king of dance improvement

-knows what EXO-L think

-lowkey everyone’s bias

-don’t deny it


-after you are too into EXO, you can just know what he’s thinking by observing his facial expressions

-little shit

-in a good way

-Yixing protection squad president

-doesn’t deserve all the shit he gets

-laughs and smiles 


-so talented

-he literally trained for like 6 months

-somehow still manages to always surprise us

->Kim Jongdae (Chen):

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-prob one of the best vocalists out there

-king of dance improvement part 2

-where’s his solo?

-admits to have a dirty mind

-and knows we all do too

-laughs a lot

-screams a lot

-whines a lot

-passes a lot of emotion through singing

-i don’t think i’ve ever seen this boy sad

-sometimes underrated talent

-has a good relationship with all members

-gets awkward sometimes

-gets annoyed 


-mature guy with a fun side part 2

-always gives his all


-high notes

-knows the limits when teasing

-helps others

-defends his members

-> Park Chanyeol (Chanyeol):

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-musically gifted 

-can do anything basically

-works so hard

-is always putting pressure on himself

-but it is silent about it

-popular line 

-goes with the mood 

-best rapper of SM (sorry not sorry)

-appreciates everything fans do

-wants to be loved

-loves back

-can be really really cute

-even if he is a giant

-gets stressed easily


-underrated vocals


-family oriented

-still reaction king

-supports everyone



-very handsome

-is prob making music rn

-sleeps late

->Do Kyungsoo (D.O.):

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-hold me up when talking about this boy part 2

-one of my favorite voices for real

-you can swim at his vocals

-is so genuine

-is friends’ with all the members

-very gifted actor

-maybe doesn’t express that much but you can see he appreciates everything fans do with all his heart



-wants to murder Chanyeol and Baekhyun

-but actually loves them too much to do so

-his smile>>>>>>>>>

-and laugh

-everyone loves him

-is actually really fun

-is naturally cute

-even if he doesn’t accept it


-cute eyes thing

-really really handsome

-generally doesn’t die his hair

-because he is superior


-actually loves being EXO

-RnB/Soul king

->Kim Jongin (Kai) :

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-I might get a little too ahead of myself rn so i’m sorry in advance

-overworks himself all the time

-is literally always practicing

-cries when he doesn’t get to perform

-literally just wants to dance and sing 

-is thankful

-is a baby 

-family oriented

-puppy lover

-underrated vocals

-genious dancer


-best laugh ever

-looks good all the time

-really really cute

-king of facial expressions on stage

-has two personalities

-hip thrusts generally on point

-looks great in suits

-has the kindest soul


-observes a lot

-can be quiet

-thinks a lot

-gets nervous before performing

-puts too much pressure on himself

-100% potential to be sexy at any time

-king of smirks

-is always dramatic when dancing

-can be deep if you understand what he is saying

-boyfriend material

-is very soft 

-kim kai


-> Oh Sehun (Sehun):

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-do i even have to do this? everyone knows i love him

-is always improving

-underrated actor

-honestly i laugh at all interviews he is in because he is so random i luv him

-is also a baby

-popular line

-needs company

-gets lonely

-loves Suho

-most loyal of them all


-unique in his own way

-really good laugh

-has died his hair of every color ever

-likes to comunicate with fans

-is very fun when not on awkward interviews

-loves EXO

-lowkey king

-can be shy

-sometimes doesn’t know how to speak what he’s thinking

-ocassionally writes cute letters

-really really really handsome

-we all get proud when he gets his solo dancing shots

-sleeps late along with Chanyeol

-has a really soft heart

-lowkey makes fun of himself

-all the members are his brothers

-is precious af

BONUS: (i’m a hardcore ot12 stan, what did you expect?)

->Wu Yifan (Kris):

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-very talented

-obv underrated

-looks cold

-is actually kind

-loves his mom

-hard worker


-very very handsome

-doesn’t regret his time with EXO

-has a lot of opinions

-is a really nice guy for real

-appreciates his fans so much

-really great smile


-says he gets all the girls

-is actually a dork


-speaks a bunch of languages

-boy is smart


-> Luhan:

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-is an actual prince

-i’m not even kidding


-is shy on camera

-has been much more natural nowadays though

-is conquering the world

-defends himself

-loves soccer

-family oriented

-extroverted + introverted

-really shiny eyes

-great smile

-is awkward

-gets anxious while doing interviews

-is constantly improving

-underrated dancer

-probably the only one that still contacts every EXO member ever

-mature but fun guy part 3

-is willing to give his all

-has something to say to the paparazzi and stalkers

-still gets shy often

-you cannot not like him

-i’ll say it again, actual prince

-> Huang Zitao (Tao):

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-is also a baby

-has grown up a lot though

-really sincere with the fans

-wants to tell us everything

-admits his mistakes

-wants to be loved

-appreciates the fans too much

-loves the members

-specially close to Sehun and Suho

-very talented



-martial arts king

-is happy now and that’s all that matters

-loves to perform

-has a burning passion for it

-is also always improving

-easy to know when he is tired or annoyed

-great laugh

-works hard

-precious part12

-is heartbreaking to watch him cry

-overcomes obstacles

-lowkey diva

-in a good way

-protect him

Interview: Fran

Today we’re joined by Fran. Fran is a phenomenal musician who plays a variety of instruments and also participates in her school’s marching band. When she’s not playing music, Fran enjoys doodling and is currently writing a novel, which sounds like a fun adventure (a superhero rom-com, how can you not love that). She has also written some poetry and short stories. It’s very clear that Fran is a dedicated and versatile artist, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I just graduated high school and plan to attend university as a double major in music education and music performance. My primary instrument is flute, but I also play saxophone and a little bit of piano, ukulele, and clarinet. I really enjoy playing classical music, but a lot of my passion lies in jazz, and I am a member of my high school marching band and a future member of my college marching band. I also doodle a little bit, and I am writing a rom com superhero novel about a meteorite that wishes that she can become human and the stars grant her wish. It is a wlw romance, but mostly it consists of humor and superhero action. I also write poetry and short stories.

What inspires you?

My hero is Michael Giacchino and other movie soundtrack writers like him. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved getting inspiration for my music from soundtracks. Because of this wonderful music guiding my life, I plan on inspiring others to pursue music by teaching, and maybe even continue my talents into the professional field. For my visual art, I mostly get inspiration from my friends. We all draw together as a hobby so we get inspired by each other often. For my writing I am inspired by my favorite authors, J.K. Rowling, Brandon Sanderson, David Leviathan, and Rick Riordan. I love writing books with positive outlooks and messages about love and peace.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I have loved music and art ever since I was a child. I started playing flute in 4th grade and I have been obsessed with band ever since. I loved watching movies and playing games almost solely for the excellent musical track. It was only a matter of time until I decided it would be my career. I’ve drawn and written for just as long. I wrote many short stories when I was young, and drew in that stereotypical 6th grade anime style that all artists cringe at later in life. My writing and drawing styles are a little bit better now, though I look back at my childhood doodles and stories with fondness.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Not really. My signature is just my name in cursive.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

If you want to be a musician, do it! Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a “phony career” and that you won’t be able to make a living with it. With hard work and a little thinking outside of the box, you can make a good career out of any art form. Follow your dream and don’t let the downers destroy your passion!


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I identify as an Asexual Lesbian. I experience no sexual attraction, but I am romantically attracted to girls exclusively.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I’ve had people tell me that you can’t have a romantic relationship without sex and that I’ll “change my mind”. It used to bother me, but now I just let the words wash over me. I know that I’ll find someone who will understand and love that part about me. I can’t help it that their concept of relationships is so small-minded. I don’t experience that often, though. Most people in my field are very accepting.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

That I can’t experience a romantic relationship. Many people lump asexual and aromantic together without realizing that they are both different. You can be both, or just one or the other. There are also people who think I’m just innocent. It’s true that I’m a bit innocent in some areas, I don’t like to cuss, I don’t have a dirty mind, I would rather watch Disney movies than anything with too much sex or violence, but that has nothing to do with my orientation. I know how sex works. I just don’t want to have it.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

Don’t feel like you have to rush into a label. And your label can be fluid and change over time. I know that I may change my label in the future. Just like your favorite color changes over time, so can your label. Also, I know it’s hard living in a world where sex can be prioritized over a healthy and understanding relationship. Be who you are. Because “those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter won’t mind”. Your identity is a beautiful thing!

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

I don’t really have a website or anything. Most of my work is just in my ensembles or in my community.

Thank you, Fran, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

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Hi guys! I recently marathoned Black Sails and i loved it! the only thing I'm sad about is that i didn't watch it in real time... I don't care if my ship is cannon, but I found that seeing it all at once means i know what happened to everyone, and I'm having a hard time shutting it off. I want to be into it, bc there are so many characters and ships i like in BS, but i don't know how to make the story feel open for exploration. any ideas or thoughts on how to incept myself into BS fandom?

Hello! Of course Elizabeth is answering this. This is a GREAT ASK, thank you, and not just because the entry point to this question is Black Sails ⚓⚓⚓. 

(I’ll have you know this is one of, like, three gifs of Flint smiling in the entire series. I also googled “Black Sails happy” and…no one looked happy.)

OK so it seems like there are a few things going on here. Apologies for taking what’s ostensibly about one show and turning it into something broader, but I think it gets at fundamental questions of fannish engagement, so I’M GOING IN.

1) Watching/reading a series all at once 

Flourish and I talk about this one a lot, because we (and many others) have observed that younger/newer Harry Potter fans approach characters and plot elements VERY differently than we do, and we chalk a lot of this up to reading the books as a complete text versus reading it with miserable long gaps in which to turn over every freakin detail only to have 75% of it jossed when the next book came out. In 2002 I legit read this one page of Dumbledore dialogue in GoF 100 times thinking there was a clue that was just…under…the surface.

I think that with some texts and with some fans, the serialized nature of TV and book series are the way in—we climb into those gaps and lingering there, waiting and obsessively turning things over and imagining all the branching possibilities, all the future reveals, all the resolutions, is part of the pleasure. I sure as hell wouldn’t have fallen for Sherlock if I hadn’t shown up to poke at the gaping emotional wound between s2 and s3. (Frankly if you showed me all four seasons at once I’m not sure I’d even like the show—my lingering emotional loyalty was the only thing that kept me saying anything nice about s4.) 

If I had not watched Black Sails all in one go it would have been LITERAL TORTURE FOR ME. I had to pause for a week while traveling and I started to read fic that actually spoiled parts of the fourth season WHOOPS. :-/// But I can also understand how watching it all in one go wouldn’t give you enough space. But then, we watched the same way and I am deep in it, plotting out fic and everything. So maybe… 

2) A complete text can stay with you but might not give you a way in

This happens to me with books *all the time*. I’ll read something that shakes me—I’ve often used the metaphor “knocks your world off its axis” when describing a really great book, like it can be the subtlest tilt and you’ll feel like everything’s changed. I think it’s pretty normal for texts to stay with you? If they’re good or if they touch you in some specific way? Especially if you’re fannish and really feel the media you’re consuming.

But one thing I often find about books is they’re more…complete. Even when television shows end properly, rather than being cancelled, they might stretch for longer than what was initially planned, for example, so it doesn’t feel like the arc of the plot was as carefully constructed—often it can’t be, especially with long-running American shows (and of course with classic episodic television, say, a monster-of-the-week show, it’s not even structurally designed to have the same sort of ~ABCDE structure as a novel might). 

Black Sails is not one of those shows—they knew they were bringing the story to a close, and the entire show rests on carefully-plotted narrative arcs. (Not to mention there was an actual ~canonical endpoint for all the Treasure Island characters, ie where the book begins (like, sort of). I mean, there were also canonical endpoints for Jack, Anne, Vane, Blackbeard, Hornigold, and every other historical figure, but…)

Over the years I’ve joined fandoms for WIPs as well as finished products, and often for me fandom’s been a way of trying to mend the wounds of a media property I found incomplete, either narratively (with bad writing) or literally (like, when a show ends abruptly). I think for some fans, this is a crucial piece—they say that when they find something too complete, there’s nothing to mend. 

3) Different modes of fannish engagement

So here’s another thing I’ve observed—different friends have different definitions of “fandom.” So people are like, “Oh yeah, I’m in the fandom, I love that show!” And I find out that means they enjoy the show and livetweet it and look at some gifs and that’s that. Which is totally fandom! And then there’s me, nodding nervously as I debate mentioning that, “Oh yeah, I’m in the fandom, I love that show!” for me means “THIS IS THE ONLY THING I WANT TO THINK ABOUT, HELP ME, I AM DROWNING.” It’s funny, sometimes I think about archetypal nerdboy fandom and its dick-measuring fact recitation, and then I think about all the times I tried to read the room to see if it was safe to let another person know how much I thought about something I loved, how much I felt about it. Even in totally fannish spaces, I still hesitate. :-/

There have been some things in the past few years that I’ve really enjoyed and toyed with checking out fandoms for, but what I’ve come to realize over the years is for me, it needs to be like falling in love. I think for some people, interest and obsession grows, and for others, you fall in head-first. And for others still, it depends on the thing. 

I understand this ask might have been specifically looking for resources or suggestions and while I’d just say if you’re not feeling it in this way, that’s cool, there are lots of different ways to fan, and you can keep thinking about something even if you aren’t drawn to, say, create transformative works about it? But maybe I should say something about Black Sails in particular…

4) Black Sails-specific: unreliable narrators and transformative works

If anyone hasn’t finished Black Sails, stop reading here, I’ll keep it vague but there’s only so much I can do. This is one thing that’s especially interesting to me about this ask: while I’m going on about how final and precisely plotted it all was, it’s not…that final. Because the entire point of the show is about narrative, right? Who gets to write them, who gets to own them, how they can be manipulated, how they shape “civilization.” Characters constantly talk—and constantly show—how both Flint and Silver (and, like, most of the characters, from Max to Thomas to Vane to Woodes Rogers) are these masterful shapers of narrative. Flint is the victim of clashing narratives: what’s actually happened to him, what he tells the world he’s doing, what he’s actually doing (note that explosive scene when Miranda calls him on this, ahhh I love Miranda). But the show’s choice to shift to Silver’s narration to wrap up events is a really fascinating one: the man who works so hard to obscure his past, laying out the narratives of the future. Should we believe him? 

I recommend this interview with creators Johnathan Steinberg and Robert Levine—the Flint section at the start is really delightful if you’re into artists being super into open-interpretation of their work. “Do we have a sense of what we imagine is happening?” Steinberg says when asked if we should believe Silver’s speech to Madi. “Yes, but if I was someone else, I wouldn’t want to watch it with my interpretation coloring it.” They talk about how this is essentially a transformative work (they don’t use that term)—a certain decision “made sense as a way to both acknowledge the book and spin it.”

So this is like the literal opposite of, say, JK Rowling, who seems intent on letting us know every freakin detail of canon and post-canon and seems genuinely unhappy at the idea that people will interpret things in ways that “aren’t true.” (At least in interviews I’ve seen/read of hers in the past few years.) Steinberg and Levine seem to be the ultimate “open to interpretation” guys, which really is like this big blank slate for fandom building on and playing with this world they’ve created. That being said, if oppositional fandom is your cup of tea—if you love fic and fandom as a corrective, as a way of wrestling a creator over the text—then the, “Go for it, interpret however you want” thing is probably not super appealing. 

This is the first time in my entire fandom life, going on two decades now, that I have simultaneously been really satisfied with a show’s ending and still wanted to write and read fic. And that seems…weird to me? So I don’t think it’s that weird that it wouldn’t work for someone. TL;DR: I’d just say if it happens, it happens. But it’s OK to love something and not find a way into the fandom. But if that changes for you, I’ll be there. :-)

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It's fairly obvious that Tom doesn't look 18 but as anon said, he is very well matched with Troian, they look good enough together as twins to suspend our disbelief. Tom said in an interview he shaved several times a day for the role, he is wearing a ton of makeup and his hair color may be contributing to the attempt to make him look younger. It's hard for us to believe his image b/c we see him as he really is in RL in everyday candids but it can work for people if they focus on the plot.

I’m a bit surprised… Is it so important if he looks 18 or not? I mean, maybe it’s just me, but i watched so many american tv series about high school where actors were in their late 20s and 30s still playing teens, that i don’t pay attention to it at all. 


How did you come up with the idea of using a violin bow on an electric guitar?
When I was a session musician, I would often play with string sections. For the most part, the string players would keep to themselves, except for a guy who one day asked me if I ever thought of playing my guitar with a bow. I said I didn’t think it would work because the bridge of the guitar isn’t arched like it is on a violin or cello. But he insisted that I give it a try, and he gave me his bow. And whatever squeaks I made sort of intrigued me. I didn’t really start developing the technique for quite some time later, but he was the guy that turned me onto the idea.

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If Lauren was dating a black man (or woman) who didn't sing and talk about women as though they were animals/pieces of property while she at the same time points out other douche's "obvious misogyny", most of the "upset" stans would be fine with it. The problem is with what Ty regularly says in interviews and lyrics, not the color of his skin. If she was with Chance, people would be elated. It's her life and she gets to live it as she pleases. BUT we get to think she's a fake ass feminist.

I get that, but I have a hard time believing it. Just because you say that doesn’t really mean its true in any way. It may apply for you, but not for other people who have said racist things about Ty.

I was tagged by @ghost-grantaire!!! Hey!! 

  • Relationship status: Single
  • Favorite color: Yellow/Gold
  • Lipstick or chapstick: Tinted chapstick. 
  • Last song I listened to: Powerful by Major Laser/Ellie Goulding  
  • Last movie i watched: Interview With The Vampire
  • Top three shows: Legends of Tomorrow, Sense8, and American Gods
  • Top three characters: Neil Perry, Henry Cheng, and Jim Kirk (It was….really hard to pick just three I have a lot of love)
  • Top three ships: Sarchengsey (Blue/Gansey/Henry), McKirk, and Shadow Moon/Happiness and peace of mind (Idk I don’t really get into shipping as much as I used to…I don’t really care anymore whoops)

I’m tagging @cottoncandyfeuilly @exponentialequations @justin-noah @pygmypuffgonebonkers @ sleepyminyard  and I can’t think of anyoone else I’m so sorry I was supposed to tag 8 people rip. 

jimin's love for jungkook. (2)
  • {150106} MPD MISSION BTS Season Greeting Card Mission ─ Jimin: “Ah~ Hyung! Look at my picture! Jungkook took the picture really well”.
  • {150106} BANGTAN BOMB Finding Jungkook by Jimin PD (2) ─ Jimin: “Watching our Jungkook work hard on his interview over there makes me feel very proud. Jungkook, please give writer Jimin a kiss before you leave”.
  • {140203} BANGTAN Idol Show EP.02 ─ Jimin: “Jungkook-ah~ you look so handsome like that”.
  • {150307} BTS Idols True Color Radio ─ Jimin: “Like I said, the maknae is the most handsome”.
  • {150505} BTS Sukira Radio ─ RyeoWook: “Jimin really likes BTS's golden maknae, Jungkook. Why do you like him?”. Jimin: “There's something I don't like about him, but he's cute. It's because he's the maknae, he's quite like a man”.
  • {150710} BANGTAN BOMB J-hope & Jimin's 'DOPE' Music Video Reaction ─ Jimin: “Jungkookie is handsome. What I've felt the most while watching this is 'Ah, Jungkookie is really handsome'. This policeman... he's very handsome”.
  • {150802} V App Run BTS! EP.02 ─ Jimin: “Jeon Jungkookie will win! Even though I did my best, I predict Jungkookie will win”.
  • {150901} V App Happy Birthday Jungkook! ─ Jimin: “There's something I want to say to Jungkook. I'm going to say it while I'm sitting beside him. Come closer and give me a kiss”. V: “Jimin, what present are you giving Jungkook?”. Jimin: “I'm gonna give him a kiss”.
  • {151013} V App Run BTS! EP.06 ─ Jimin: “What brings you here, cutie? Do you know that you're handsome?”. Jungkook: “No, I don't”. Jimin: “Being handsome means that you're blessed”.
  • {151027} V App BTS Gayo Track EP.06 ─ Jungkook: “I wrote the right answer then changed it”. Jimin: “You should've trusted and followed hyung, just earlier we got the right answer together”.
  • {151121} BANGTAN BOMB Know-how For Making A Handsome Look ─ Jimin: “He puts on lip balm so well! He was putting on lip balm and... he's almost a real man!”.
  • {151208} BANGTAN EPISODE Making of Run MV ─ Jimin: “When you think running, you think Jeon Jungkook. A little while ago, I ran outside with Jungkook”.
  • {151214} BANGTAN BOMB Jimin's Self Camera (RUN 151204 ver.) ─ Jimin: “Please give Jungkook lots of love”.
  • {151215} V App Run BTS! EP.08 ─ Jimin: “I'll give one flag to Jungkook”. Rap Monster: “Why, why?”. Jimin: “Jungkook is too cute”.
an ode to you - ot5

~1.6k words, pg, bandverse. sappy/emotional ot5 fluff.

this is a small, onew-centric fic that i just came up with whilst very overcome with ot5 feels. this is also in celebration of shinee’s seventh anniversary. thank you so much, shinee, for existing. your bond is strength for so many, including myself. it is an honor to call myself your fan, to have been able to watch as you all grew together. you are strength, you are faith, you are inspiration. thank you for being our song. <3

Jinki’s chest hurts.

His throat is tight and he can barely breathe, can’t even risk blinking his eyes too hard else he’s bound to let out an onslaught of tears that have been building up since they set foot on that stage the first day. And now it’s day three, d-day as far as the comeback is concerned, and he’s sitting on the bench with his members around as they wait for Jonghyun to finish up with his show they just guested on.

He can do it. Hold it in, Leader.

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Hunger Games AU

Title: Jimin’s interview
Fandom: BTS-fandom / A.R.M.Y.
Pairing: Jikook
Genre: Uhm… Holy cow idk… Maybe fluff and a tiny bit of angst? It’s just about an interview before the Games so there are no violence or things like that. ^^
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1 158
Summary: Jikook + Hunger Games. Basically that’s all. :D A short drabble about one tribute’s interview. I don’t know if I’ll continue it or not…
Author’s Note: Literally no one asked me to write this and I have exams this week but who cares hahahaha
Please enjoy! (❁´‿`❁)

Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 , Part 7 , Part 8 , Part 9

The announcer – the famous and popular Jackson Wang - is bouncing his left knee in excitement, while leaning closer to the tribute from the 12th District. He wears a wide, almost predatory smile what probably meant as an encouraging and nice one, while combs away the bleached blonde locks from his forehead and stares at the young, short male in front of him.

“Is… I-is Jimin-hyung going to be okay?” Jungkook asks as he bites his bottom lip, eyes don’t leave the screen for a single moment.

“Of course!” Kim Seokjin says while patting Jungkook’s broad shoulders lightly. The older man’s voice is so certain, Jungkook wants to trust him with his whole heart.

He wants to trust Seokjin with his whole heart but his heart has better things to do at this moment – for example, jumping against his ribcage with shattering force and pumping blood into his veins with incredible speed. Jungkook gulps, a drop of sweat rolls down his face, washing away the layers of thick make-up. His eyes are glued to the television.

On the screen, the boy with light brown hair – Jimin - is visibly shaking, muscles are tense under the suit, but his warm, dark eyes are dedicated. The reflectors make Jimin’s face glow and Jungkook feels anger squeezing his stomach – somebody this achingly beautiful should not stand there, in front of Jackson Wang. Because Jackson Wang means interviews, and interviews mean the Hunger Games. Somebody that nice and kind like Jimin should not even know what the Games means. Because—

Jungkook’s grip tightens around the necktie he’s nervously grabbing.

Because it means death.

“Relax, kid” Yoongi’s raspy voice cuts Jungkook out of his thoughts. The mentor’s long, bony fingers are around a glass with some golden liquid in it. It’s alcohol, Jungkook knows. “You are already over your interview, so chill. Anyway, it seems like Jimin has a plan in his mind.”

Jungkook sighs, voice trembling. His interview was pretty boring and average - at least Yoongi said that. Jimin’s most important job is to make them, the District 12 (or at least himself) unforgettable for the sake of many sponsors. Sponsors are the line between life and death in this sick game.


Jimin is going to be okay. He must to be okay.

“So… Park Jimin-ssi, let’s start with some introduction” Jackson Wang begins the last interview. “Please tell us a little about yourself. Our Capitol- no, I’m sure our whole country, Bangtan loves hearing stuff about new tributes!”

The audience enthusiastically agrees. Yoongi snorts and takes a sip from his drink. Jungkook’s fists are so tight, he feels the nails sinking into the skin of his palm.

“Oh, they certainly do” Jimin says with a small smile and the mocking tone is almost undiscoverable in his soft voice.

Jackson’s smirk widens as his eyes checking the tribute’s entire body out.

“Jimin-ssi, the reason why you are so different from the other tributes is-”, the air stiffens and Jungkook feels his throat scratching. “That you’ve volunteered for someone.“ Jimin blinks and nods a little. “Someone very special to you, I guess?“

Jimin nods again.

The audience doesn’t have to know that the reason why he volunteered for a girl he barely knows (well, in this situation it’s better to use knew) is not that he wanted to save her. Yes, of course Jimin did it partly because of that. But the main reason is that Jungkook was the other tribute and Jimin was not able to volunteer for him. After Seokjin picked the paper with the girl’s name out, Jimin decided in the twinkling of an eye that if he could die with Jungkook (or for Jungkook, like protecting, saving him) in that terrifying arena, then he’d wave goodbye to this cruel world happily than live without him. And that was the moment when Jimin’s body reacted without a second thought, and he shouted: “I volunteer!”

But the audience doesn’t have to know that. Not yet.

Jackson Wang crosses his legs and leans back in his chair. He found out that Jimin doesn’t want to talk about the Reaping nor answer his question. His fingers are lightly tapping on the handle and he quickly changes the topic.

“You look really handsome in that suit! And Seokjin’s team made wonders with your face!” Jackson lowers his voice and winks at Jimin. “Please tell me: is there a special lady at home waiting for you going back?”

Jimin doesn’t want to believe his ears. What a random question, but it played perfectly into his hands!

“No, not really” Jimin says lazily, licking his lips. His eyes teasingly fixed on the camera.

The audience boos in disappointment.

“C’mon, tell me the truth!” Jackson asks with a grin. “The Capitol likes romance stories, so don’t be shy~”

Jimin’s smile widens, his cheek flushes, and Jackson gives a final push. “There is a love interest for sure and we want to know who is it! Don’t make us wait, Jimin-ssi, the audience is impatient!”

„L-love interest, yeah… That’s more close” Jimin stutters, fingers fidgeting with the carpet of the chair. “Because… the one I love is not a lady.”

The united „oooohhh” sends chills down to Jimin’s spine. Well, it’s time to reveal the secret.

“Woah, that’s interesting news!” Jackson leans even closer, eyes wide with anticipation. The whole audience is one big lurry; loud and cheerful. “Then, tell me about him.”

“U-uhm, well… He’s kind of cute. Sometimes dorky, sometimes awkward – but always cute” he smiles fondly, looking into the camera. He knows that Jungkook is watching him right now.

“It seems you like him a lot. But does he like you back?”

“He’s not good at showing his emotions” Jimin giggles. “Well, I know that he doesn’t hate me but-”

“You are not sure that he likes you either” Jackson finishes the sentence. The audience expresses its sympathy, sad, pitying gazes narrowing towards Jimin.

“But you know what, Jimin-ssi? He’ll probably pay more attention to you if you win the Hunger Games, right? He sure will be a little more affectionate, right?”

“Hmmm. Unfortunately, I don’t think so.”

“Huh? Why?” Jackson seems surprised.

Jimin pauses as if he is hesitant to answer. The Capitol gasps and holds back its breath. Jungkook can feel the tension pounding in his chest like a hammer.




“Because he is right here with me.”

After a moment of silence, the studio explodes. Jungkook feels like his head is empty and spinning, his mouth is as dry as sand, and his body is on fire.

“He is not that dumb as he seems” Yoongi hums in amazement, almost impressed, pointing at Jimin’s figure with his chin. In the background Seokjin is white as a wall under his fancy, colorful make-up, and tries really hard not to faint.

Before Jackson could answer or even react to Jimin’s statement, the time-counter beeps – sign of that the interview ended.

ize interview teaser - woozi

because the team’s color is so bright, there must be requests of aegyo (being cute).
ah, i really didn’t think about this. although it is still very hard (laughs), i do it because fans ask me to. i’m usually not the kind who brightly does aegyo, but when i need it, i’m suddenly in the situation where i’m doing it. it’s like having good reflexes? because the fans love it so much. the fans don’t ask for aegyo to a member who’s already good at it. i think because i’m not good at it, they ask me. however, the fans like it because i work hard on doing it. being fully committed, i work very hard on it. (laughs)

trans by mountean

Sakura Haruno minus the pink wig. (possibly might go as her for Fanime, but it’s still a work in progress)

That special jutsu sign is also mainly for Kishimoto. Dude worked hard to make an awesome story/characters for years don’t get me wrong, but then he really crashed and burned towards the end then decided to show his true colors in that interview about the ending. Honestly I’m not really surprised.   


“ I love Adele. She’s so fresh and young, which really helped me because sometimes it was really hard as the conditions were very difficult. My approach to working is more intellectual and hers is more instinctive - which i suppose is only natural since she’s still very young. I would try to reassure her at times and tell her that in the end everything would work out. We shot for six months and for seven days a week in the end - but we made it! ”

- Léa Seydoux / Yen Magazine

Help me out of an abusive household.... again...

Hoo boy, okay, so i’ll try to be quick… I had moved out with one of my friends and I was starting to do better, but due to complications I had to move back in with my abusive mother, and since then my will to live has absolutely plummeted.

Despite that, I am still searching for a job because none of the 20-ish places I applied to ever called me back so that is incredibly discouraging… not many of the places around me are currently hiring, I’m 18 years old and have 0 real job experience because of my mental illnesses (which doesn’t look good on applications…), and I tend to have panic attacks every time I go into a job interview ranging from incredibly mild to severe and it can be extremely hard to hide that.

Being back in this house has made it even harder for me, and I want to move out as soon as possible.

So! If you would like to help me out, you can do one of 3 things: 

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Anything helps me. Every penny counts, every reblog counts, every positive thought helps. I really really appreciate everything that y’all do for me and I can’t thank y’all enough in advance…

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JYJ and TVXQ: a summary of 2014

To the ever awesome Cassiopeia-Bigeast tandem:

I know that some of us or maybe quite the majority is not sold with our 26-million votes down the drain. But here’s a breakdown of what happened this year to cheer us up!

It’s been a pretty fucked up year for other groups, but it’s been quite a year for Cassiopeia and BigEast. We waited for two years for a Korean comeback, and finally we had our 7th album. Omg. The songs are awesome, we slayed the charts, and everything was a blast!

And off we went for Tree album. It’s real good! The album was followed by Hide & Seek / Something, Sweat / Answer, and Time Works Wonders" as singles which were heaven and a pain in both heart and pockets.

Toho Tree Tour started and TVXQ gathered 600, 000 fans just from Japan alone with only 11-dome tour. How’s that right?

And who would dare forget Ti Amo? Like omfg. HoMin’s so handsome. *heavy breathing* No one should dare contend the power of the two.

And the brusque maknae made us laugh when he surprised us with Shim JangMi.

They all acted in various dramas; Mimi for Changmin; Three Days for Yoochun; Triangle for Jaejoong; Dracula for Junsu; and Night’s Watchman for Yunho. Congrats to our boys for a job well done!

Moving on to some rated x smexy jyj comeback, every fangirl heart screamed when they released Just Us album. And who would not swoon over…

Here’s another story of our success.

JYJ nearly got mistreated by IAG. After being promised to participate in the opening of Incheon Asian Games, they were suddenly withdrawn from the list, and Cassi-East fought for their position! And fuck yeah. We fucking did it. They got their performance which is due of their title as IAG ambassadors. They were banned for years on tv, but any Korean channel couldn’t do anything but to air them. How’s that for a big fuck you?

On the other hand, is there anybody who’s not impressed when they froze traffic due to their 50, 000-attendees street concert? la la la la

This list won’t be complete without mad congratulations to Junsu who was crowned as the best male musical actor with the highest box office draw and to Yoochun who won best new actor at Daejong festival. Loud clap and shoutout to Junsu who opened his luxurious Tuscana hotel.

And I might just add on how JYJ chose RED as their color for Ichigo Chie? Um…stans just went uh-oh. lol

Now, here’s the deal breaker. Who would dare forget heart-wrenching ot5 moments of the year? How Junsu sang ot5 songs? How Yunho admitted that he watched Jaejoong’s drama, and acknowledged his hard work? And how Jaejoong replied with a “Yunho-yah” and a loooooong speech filled with heartfelt message.

Here’s more, do you remember Yoochun’s interview?

“The two that wished to stay and the three that wished to leave. I just wish that we could all be happy now. I’m really looking foward to Yunho’s new drama ‘The Night Watchman.” ‘The Night Watchman’ is the follow up drama to JYJ Jaejoong’s drama ‘Triangle’. I wish the five of us could all earn great success. And although I don’t know exactly know when, I just wish that we could come together and share drinks as a five. That itself would be great. “

And do you remember how JYJ surprised us with an emotional tearjerker performance when they sang their old tvxq songs?


And before this list comes to close, please don’t forget how Toho won Tohoshinki Best Asian Artist, Time Album of the Year (Asia), Best 3 Albums (Asia), "Catch Me -If you wanna-” Song of the Year by Download (Asia), and Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~ Best Music Videos in Japan Golden Disc Awards.

So, yes. Basically, 2014’s been good to us.

Other groups might have a fucked up year, and although we lost MAMA, but we generally had a good year. I’m raising my middle finger to anybody who would dare say that we do not deserve these things after everything that we’ve been through.

Here’s to the past decade and to the future decades!

Color My Life (1/?)


A/N: Okay, well, I’m not sure how long this is exactly going to be, but I had to get started on it ASAP because I thought this was a really cool idea. Hope it doesn’t disappoint so far!!

Word Count: 2701


When you opened your eyes for the very first time, the world was black and white. When you adjusted to the light of the hospital room, the world remained in black and white. Your earliest memories were in black and white. The scenery surrounding you as your grew older were all just black and white. Because that’s how the world worked. Not for everyone, though. Many talked of color, how beautifully green nature was, how there were many different shades of a certain color. Kids and most teenagers never believed this. There was no such thing as color. The world worked in two colors and two colors only; black and white.

Most teachers who taught kindergarten were married or currently in a relationship where it was obvious it was meant to be, because they could see it – the colors. They happened when one met the one destined to be with them, the one they were meant to be with, the one they would fall in love with, the one that in a sense, completed them. So in kindergarten, even though the children didn’t see anything beyond the gray scale, they were taught to learn each color. Of course, none of it made sense to them, and they didn’t really have to learn to tell them apart – that would be impossible, but they would learn the names for future references.

It sounded silly to them, no matter how many times their parents would tell them the world did exist in color. They couldn’t believe it, and they wouldn’t believe it until they saw it for themselves.

“With time, you’ll see it, too, Michael,” Mrs. Jones, a proud mother of a restless, curly haired boy, said to the boy every night as she tucked him in.

Michael always wrinkled up his nose in response and crossed his arms.

And this particular night, Mrs. Jones laughed and kissed his forehead. “You’ll see.”

“Yuck, love,” Michael stuck out his tongue. “Why does something so gross help us see color? That’s dumb.”

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