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Hey you mentioned Original Jason was part native american? Do you have any source? I've been looking for it but I couldn't find it. TIA

Everything I’ve ever read about Austin St. John says “Austin is of German, Native American, Irish, Japanese, Italian and Spanish decent” And you can find that consistently through any search. I have never been able to find him specify a tribe through.

It was something we always talked about as a kid, especially because we recognized the race/color coding immediately.

I’ll never forget about the interview the original Zordon actor, David Fielding, gave where he admitted to being fired, said he called the actors slurs and said horrible horrible racist and homophobic things on set all the time. Admitted to greeting Austin St. John with “How!” all the time and put warbonnets on the helmet. I tried really really hard to find this interview or at least find a good source for you guys but I think it’s been archived and disappeared so here’s what I can offer: (x)

I know it was the season “Power Rangers Zeo” where suddenly they made a huge deal about TOMMY being Native American, which his actor is not (Jason David Frank). I feel like he visited a reservation and that’s how he found out about his roots and they talked about it almost every freakin episode. That was also the same season Tommy became the new Red Ranger. GO FIGURE! Yeah, my cousins and I talked about this show a LOT lol

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ize interview teaser - woozi

because the team’s color is so bright, there must be requests of aegyo (being cute).
ah, i really didn’t think about this. although it is still very hard (laughs), i do it because fans ask me to. i’m usually not the kind who brightly does aegyo, but when i need it, i’m suddenly in the situation where i’m doing it. it’s like having good reflexes? because the fans love it so much. the fans don’t ask for aegyo to a member who’s already good at it. i think because i’m not good at it, they ask me. however, the fans like it because i work hard on doing it. being fully committed, i work very hard on it. (laughs)

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jimin's love for jungkook. (2)
  • {150106} MPD MISSION BTS Season Greeting Card Mission ─ Jimin: “Ah~ Hyung! Look at my picture! Jungkook took the picture really well”.
  • {150106} BANGTAN BOMB Finding Jungkook by Jimin PD (2) ─ Jimin: “Watching our Jungkook work hard on his interview over there makes me feel very proud. Jungkook, please give writer Jimin a kiss before you leave”.
  • {140203} BANGTAN Idol Show EP.02 ─ Jimin: “Jungkook-ah~ you look so handsome like that”.
  • {150307} BTS Idols True Color Radio ─ Jimin: “Like I said, the maknae is the most handsome”.
  • {150505} BTS Sukira Radio ─ RyeoWook: “Jimin really likes BTS's golden maknae, Jungkook. Why do you like him?”. Jimin: “There's something I don't like about him, but he's cute. It's because he's the maknae, he's quite like a man”.
  • {150710} BANGTAN BOMB J-hope & Jimin's 'DOPE' Music Video Reaction ─ Jimin: “Jungkookie is handsome. What I've felt the most while watching this is 'Ah, Jungkookie is really handsome'. This policeman... he's very handsome”.
  • {150802} V App Run BTS! EP.02 ─ Jimin: “Jeon Jungkookie will win! Even though I did my best, I predict Jungkookie will win”.
  • {150901} V App Happy Birthday Jungkook! ─ Jimin: “There's something I want to say to Jungkook. I'm going to say it while I'm sitting beside him. Come closer and give me a kiss”. V: “Jimin, what present are you giving Jungkook?”. Jimin: “I'm gonna give him a kiss”.
  • {151013} V App Run BTS! EP.06 ─ Jimin: “What brings you here, cutie? Do you know that you're handsome?”. Jungkook: “No, I don't”. Jimin: “Being handsome means that you're blessed”.
  • {151027} V App BTS Gayo Track EP.06 ─ Jungkook: “I wrote the right answer then changed it”. Jimin: “You should've trusted and followed hyung, just earlier we got the right answer together”.
  • {151121} BANGTAN BOMB Know-how For Making A Handsome Look ─ Jimin: “He puts on lip balm so well! He was putting on lip balm and... he's almost a real man!”.
  • {151208} BANGTAN EPISODE Making of Run MV ─ Jimin: “When you think running, you think Jeon Jungkook. A little while ago, I ran outside with Jungkook”.
  • {151214} BANGTAN BOMB Jimin's Self Camera (RUN 151204 ver.) ─ Jimin: “Please give Jungkook lots of love”.
  • {151215} V App Run BTS! EP.08 ─ Jimin: “I'll give one flag to Jungkook”. Rap Monster: “Why, why?”. Jimin: “Jungkook is too cute”.
(Laughs.) I’m quite fond of a splash of purple! And a purple suit is really hard to beat, quite frankly. There were a lot of Kilgrave’s outfits that I was coveting for myself. We shopped in all the best Manhattan boutiques for that wardrobe because he can get anything he wanted, so he would have all the best that luxury could offer. So it’s not put me off purple at all. There were so many outfits I wish I could have stuffed in my bag at the end of the day.

David Tennant, Hollywood Reporter interview, answering the question: After Jessica Jones, are you ever going to wear the color purple again or have you had enough of it?

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So you’re saying that you didn’t pinch anything from the set? Not even a pocket square?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing. Marvel is fearsome about everything from plot spoilers to props. It’s all locked up tight. I didn’t get to take anything. But now I know where to shop to get it all, so maybe I’ll get a discount.

53. "You have a wall up. " Michael


Michael was on a high. Promotional interviews always ran the risk of going downhill fast. They either asked really pointless questions that caused all four of the boys to groan and internally roll their eyes or they pried and made the small studio feel even more miniscule due to awkward tension. However, today the radio show had been really enjoyable. Michael actually left the building feeling relaxed. Sometimes,  he actually had knots lining up in his shoulders after being interviewed, but all the questions had been focused on the new album and the acoustic set was nearly flawless except for one mix up that Calum assured him no one noticed.

Whistling, he climbed into the backseat of the black SUV, his lips growing out of their lowercase ‘o’ shape and into a full grin at the sight of you on his iPad, lurking on the homepage of a colorful website. He smacked a hard kiss on your cheek before buckling up beside you, glancing at the screen and realizing you were on a website for an American University. 

“When did you leave the station?” He had left you outside the sound booth with Luke’s girlfriend and one publicist. It had been a surprise when he came out and you were missing. He wanted your opinion on how the two songs they played sounded.

“You guys were just about to play a guessing game…” Radio interviews always came with games.

“Ah. You okay? Feeling ill? ” He checked as Calum and Ashton piled into the front seats, the car ready to take off and go to the venue’s sound check.

“No. I’m all fine.” Lightly, you told him, looking into his hunting eyes for only a moment before returning your attention to the screen. To Michael, it was obvious you were lying and he hated when you lied to him. It felt insulting and hurtful.

“Are you sure?” He gave you one more chance, but you answered again with a quick nod. “What’s wrong?” Like the kind of journalist he loathed, Michael pried.

“Now isn’t a good time, Mike…” You intended to whisper to your boyfriend of nearly a year, but instead you hissed at him with your eyes bouncing between the backs of Ashton and Calum’s heads. Even though the bassist had his headphones on and Ashton was laughing with the driver, you didn’t want them to hear anything that was supposed to be private between  yourself and Michael. You two had always been so open and noisy, a fun loving couple who didn’t know the word ‘silence’, but things were changing rapidly these days.

The car ride to the arena was silent between yourself and Michael. The only noise being made was his two hands constantly drumming on his legs and the small crack from your neck when you gently knocked it to the right. It wasn’t like you two at all and it caused those shoulder knots to return due to anxiety. He was always so scared you might change your mind about him one day. He never understood how he found a girl like you and convinced her to be with him in the first place. Michael knew you were too good to be true, but he tried every day, even when you two were apart due to his lifestyle, to remind you just how much you meant to him. Some days it was gifts showing up at your door, others it was just a quick ‘I love you’ text, but he always tried.

Once the car pulled into the back lot, Michael exhaled sharply. He was going to explode if you two didn’t talk soon. As soon as everyone was out of the car, he slid out and stopped you right at the fire door to the venue. 

“I’m not trying to be annoying, but I need to know what’s going on. You’ve been so quiet lately. You have a wall up and you have since we left L.A.” Michael swiped underneath the plastic band of his backwards baseball cap,  sweat naturally and nervously beginning to form in his wispy hairs. He was trying to keep it together, but his stomach was twisting about with doubts and menacing fears. “I can’t fix things if I don’t know what’s going on…” Sighing, he confessed while trying to earn contact from your terribly sad eyes.

“It’s just so hard to share you with the world.” Quietly, you whispered like it was a secret you didn’t want anyone to know about. You felt guilty and embarrassed and the way your bottom lip and chin quivered when you spoke exposed that. “You don’t feel like mine when you’re on the road.”

Michael’s heart stopped racing in order to drop as soon as water began to rise in your eyes, the ones he had fallen for as soon as they locked with his at a crowded party back in June.

“I’m trying, but I hate it.” You bit down as hard as you could on your bottom lip, hoping it would help you pull it together, but as soon as Michael brought you against his chest, nestled into a hug with his lips on top of your head, you lost it. He couldn’t hear your tears, but he felt them dye his shirt a darker shade of red and it made him want to jump in front of busy traffic. He hated how much you were hurting, but the worst part was he felt responsible. It was awful, the idea that you were better off anywhere else as long as you were without him. He wanted so badly to be the one for you.

“I promise I am yours though. ..” Michael whispered into your hair, knowing it probably wouldn’t help how you felt any.