this interview was just incredible

“So I went over to Supergirl… I hung out with Katie McGrath in her trailer, she plays Lena, she is hysterical, we had so much fun, like I did not want it to end but security you know… they came and got me”  - Matt Mitovich on Tvline fb live.

You know someone is charming as hell when a man interviewed 6 cast members but only mentions one of them.  Ahhhhh can’t wait for that interview!!


Watch: Samantha Bee just had the most incredible interview with trolls paid by the Russian government to meddle in American elections

One of the most psychologically compelling moments of the interview comes when Samantha asks one of the trolls whether she believes she is helping or hurting. You’ll never guess the way she answers.

Gifs: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee


Steve is also pretty shameless about his love for Tony as well. 

He makes sure to proclaim wherever and whenever he can whether Tony is around or not. Steve wants to make it very clear that he isn’t with Tony because he has to be or because he’s been ‘bewitched’ (really, guys?). The love that he has for Tony is so unadulterated and so real that sometimes it even surprises Tony just how much Steve really loves him. 

There’s an incident where Steve is being interviewed and the interviewer makes a rude comment about Tony as well as how someone as good and pure as Steve could love a man who’s filthy, wrong and basically a mistake. 

Steve’s eyes are livid as he tries to restrain himself, tells himself to be calm but oh god, it does not work. 

He slays the interview and makes it known just how wonderful, beautiful and incredible Tony Stark is. He announces how much he loves him, how important Tony is to him as well as the rest of the team, his family. 

“I love Tony more than anything and I will continue to love him until I draw my last breath even if he chooses not to love me anymore. He is such an important part of my life, our lives that if he were to suddenly disappear, I wouldn’t know what I’d do.” 

He then turns to look the interviewer in the eye. 

“And I’m definitely not pure. I mean, fucking your boyfriend so hard until he comes all over himself five times is hardly pure…right?” 

Behind the scenes, Pepper is immensely happy but can’t help but face-palm due to the last comment. 

Every single time…

Are you interested?

Imagine a mini documentary series that covered mental illness but not in a totally dreary light. Just interviews with real people who are incredible and happen to be suffering from a mental illness. The hook would be cutaway sketches that would try to visually express what the illness is like.

The primary focus would be to humanize people with mental illness - including the ones with more “scary” illnesses - to promote more support for those worldwide.

Reblog if you are interested.

Also feel free to submit any experiences you have with mental illness if you think it’d help.

literally all of the boys, not just harry and louis, have looked noticeably happier and lighter over the past few days and that makes me feel happier and lighter