this interview was gold

In an interview after Victor BARELY got gold and Yuuri got silver
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Interviewer:</b> Yuuri, how do you feel about your loss?<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> *arms crossed begrudgingly* Like I was set up.<p/><b>Victor:</b> Don't mind him, he's just mad since he lost he has to do the chores for two months.<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> Literally fight me, Nikiforov.<p/></p><p/></p>
  • interviewer: so you two are against each other. does that affect your relationship at all? add tension? cause fights?
  • victor: oh, well I'm rooting for yuuri. he better win.
  • yuuri: no, victor has to win. he's the one who would truly deserve it. i mean look-
  • victor: okay, but yuuri is going to win??? idc what he says?? he has to win??? like-
  • yuuri: victor is going to win??? sure i might win gold, but he will too? what's your question here?
  • victor: yeah what are you trying to imply? that we won't win gold?
  • interviewer:

Matthew McConaughey thinks it’s time for Americans to “embrace” Donald Trump’s presidency

During an interview with ChannelFi for his new film Gold, the actor was asked whether celebrities such as himself should give President Trump “a break.” McConaughey’s response was probably not what Meryl Streep wanted to hear. In fact, it’s pretty disconcerting.


  • Interviewer: Congratulations on winning gold, Skater Katsuki! But tell me, how did you and your coach first meet?
  • Yuuri: Well, I met Victor at the Grand Prix fina--
  • Victor: He got drunk and danced with me all night and clung to me and begged me to become his coach and after that he shed his clothes and pole-danced in front of everyone half-naked. I still have videos, do you wanna see?

At some point of his life, Kageyama became the best setter of Japan and then one of the youngest and greatest of the world. He’s like 22years old and after an Olympic match, with a gold medal on his chest, an interviewer from the NHK just stops and asks him some questions.

Interviewer: Kageyama-San what can you say about this Olympic? It’s your second time in this court.
Kageyama: Yeah, it was knif.. nice.
Interviewer: What about you? We know that Oikawa-San was your senpai, did he taught you something?
Kageyama: I learned everything I know from a magnificient senpai called Sugawara. *drops the mic and leaves*
Interviewer: …
Team: …
Sugawara: *at home, on the couch, passes out*
Daichi: I can’t believe he really… *holds Suga*
Iwaizumi: Chill, you never really taught him how to improve himself.
Iwaizumi: Babe, shut up. The cameraman is recording you.
NHK’s Cameraman: …

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I have seen a couple people post about the gold dress today.... where did this interview come from?? What did I miss?? I loveeee this dress and this makes it so much better!

This was from back when 1x15 was about to air. 

It’s just resurfaced again and we all collectively sighed because Oliver bought her the gold dress and the heels and then 

internally screamed the entire night about how hot she looked…

Just look at his face. He’s blown away!