this interview makes me cry

Imagine thinking Candice Patton isn’t the purest person in the world, luckily can’t relate.

Catching up on SGDQ and like, As You Know gamers are horrible and treat us like shit and seeing one trans woman interviewing another in that environment despite everything, IDK, it makes me want to cry a little bit.

This was an interview before a cis guy ran dark souls and I scrolled down to get the timecode for the run start and while I didn’t see directly any transmisogynist comments, the top comment was someone ranting at the transmisogynists at the top of a thread of like 90 comments I wasn’t going to read, and like, I’m hardly surprised, but it’s a reminder. I can only imagine what chat was like, if they didn’t just shut it down preemptively after what happened in previous years.

In any case, solidarity to my sisters surviving somehow in that hell, you’re braver than me.

Interviewer: Who inspires you not only musically but personally?

Van: Me best mate Larry. He’s been me best mate since we were kids. He’s been on the road with us since we started. Like when we played on Letterman he’s only just learned how to tune the guitar and he’s doing David Letterman now. I was with him, like mate I’ve only just learned how to sing and you just learned how to tune the guitar. It’s was crazy. So like him.. He inspires me. Whenever I’m writing songs in our kitchen, cause we live together, I’m like what do ya think of this? He’ll say, change that bridge it’s horrible, sing summat positive you sound dead morbid and then I go ok. If I sing something positive, he’ll go you nailed it and he’ll tell me song structures, he doesn’t even know but he writes half the songs cause he’ll tell me where to go and if I sound miserable and if I sound miserable, he’ll pick me up.
He got run over when we were younger, he nearly died and ever since then he always lives life like positive, he says yes to everything. When he came out of that he was just like “why not?”

Interviewer : That’s a great way to live life.

Van: It’s why he inspires me.

—  Van McCann

The way transgender stories get straight up marketed to non-dysphoric cis people, on the news, in interviews, to our own gender therapists, just makes me want to cry. It’s deconstructed to completely ignore the sex dysphoria we all feel and replaces it with stories of gender non-conformity being the only precursor to transition. 

Yeah, many trans people are GNC before or even after transitioning as a way to express ourselves and alleviate our dysphoria (which is where things like drag begin to flourish!) but that isn’t what makes someone trans.

It’s just so frustrating because it’s all done to make non-dysphoric cis people who fall decently well into their gender roles feel safe and distant from those who don’t. It’s a reward to them to not be apart of this freak show of gender and sex. 

Then those non-dysphoric people become our gender therapists, they become our doctors and theorists on what dysphoria is. And when that happens, trans and dysphoric cis people are forced into gender conformity to appeal to them. Then those gender conforming stories get spread and praised and passed down, creating this rising pressure on GNC children to decide if they’re trans or not.

It’s so heartbreaking that the way gender and the trans narrative is being handled in popular media is causing a further rift between trans and GNC people that shouldn’t be there! We have many things in common and I just hope for more solidarity and understanding between the two communities.


2(i)/8 cast moments: kelli & steve’s ask a star interview
“I would fall in… you know… I would have an affair with Francesca Johnson. Maybe not the way she looks, but whatever.”
“She’s pretty hot; Francesca Johnson.”
“Well I’m glad you think so.”