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I always find it amusing when they start “dating” someone during promo time. They want us to believe that they had all these months of just chilling and doing nothing and didn’t bother to date once, but the second they get busy and are flying all over the place, that is when they suddenly feel the need to date someone. Yeah, right. They just make everything so obvious. I mean he literally said that he hadn’t dated in forever like a month ago in the first promo interview, and then boom “Harry has a girlfriend.” two seconds later as he promotes the album the rest of the time.

  • Interviewer: Hi
  • David Bowie: Hi
  • Interviewer: so how have you -
  • David Bowie: SO LATELY I HAVE BEEN READING ABOUT THIS AND THAT AND FOUND IT REALLY INTERESTING HOW *proceeds to dump all knowledge acquired in the last months in one big speech which has nothing to do with anything the interviewer had been aiming for*
  • Interviewer: Okay but -
  • David Bowie: Also!!! My daughter did this thing!!!
Lip Biting

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 2.000+

Summary: Luke loves biting his lip out of habit and that is, according to some, the biggest turn on to date. 


“What?” He innocently questioned and looked up at you with his oceanic eyes that showed nothing else but what his tone was hinting at.

Of course he knew what he was doing.  

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Nathalie and Chat Noir "Are you always this quiet?"

He stalked back and forth across the foyer, his heavy boots echoing against the marble flooring. His baton was clenched between his fingers, obviously ready to be on the defensive. 

“As I have said before this really is unnecessary.” 

The hero glared at her, then resumed his agitated pacing. 

Nathalie pursed her lips in a small display of irritation. She really did have more important things to be doing than cowering like some damsel in her employer’s front hallway. This was hardly the first time she had earned the wrath of a disgruntled Gabriel employee- or in this case potential employee. She certainly so no need to stress over the situation simply because this one had been granted temporary super powers. 

“What happened?” Chat Noir ask, his eye still dutifully scanning between the various points of entry.


“The akuma. Why is it targeting you?” 

Nathalie blinked. “I can only assume due to lacking sense of personal responsibility.” 

“What?” the hero finally looked at her with a puzzled frown. 

“I denied him a job,” Nathalie stated bluntly.

The boy’s brow furrowed his lips curling in a thoughtful pout. “Was he qualified?”

Nathalie smirked. “I doubt anyone who has an emotional meltdown from a simple failed job interview is qualified to work directly under Gabriel Agreste.” 

“You may have a point,” he muttered. He flipped open a com screen on his weapon,  pressed a few buttons and frowned before returning back to his vigilant guard duty. 

Nathalie studied the hero, seeing as how she had nothing better to do given that her tablet was in her office and the boy had made it exceedingly clear that she was not to leave his line of sight. Given that she had seen footage of the teen heroes literally toppling national monuments she didn’t feel it was worth arguing over it. 

He was younger than she would have thought, and was surprised that she had never picked up on that from the footage. Maybe 16 at most? He carried himself with authority, seemingly relatively nonplussed by his current surroundings, meaning he probably came from money himself. Of course that may just come from the security of having superpowers. 

He was more sullen than she would have imagined too. In the last 3 months since Ladybug and Chat Noir had arrived on the scene in Paris she had watched more than her fair share of new reports on the power couple. Both Gabriel and Adrien seemed to follow their exploits religiously, a strange nerdy hobby they could possibly bond over if they ever communicated for more than 5 minutes a day. Chat Noir had always seemed to be the more outgoing of the two. All smiles and jokes and self-assurance. Perhaps it was a show for the cameras. 

“Are you always this quiet?” she asked. 

“What?” he whirled around, eyes wide with the same expression of teen aged guilt that Adrien used to have when she would catch him trying to climb out the window. 

She didn’t repeat the question. He had obviously heard her. Instead she just raised on eyebrow slightly and waiting. 

He turned away, hopping nervously from foot to foot. “Just focused on the job Miss,” he said, his voice dropping about a half octave in pitch. 

Odd, but Nathalie figured she might as well try to take advantage of this unexpected sign of weakness. 

“While I appreciate your help, I really don’t see what the harm is in my returning to my office.” 

“No!” he said, his voice returning to it’s usual timbre as he tensed in irritation. “You are going to stay here where I can protect you. That office is a bottleneck, it’s too risky.” 

Nathalie gave him her most intimidating stare. “Listen, young man, I can assue you that-” 

“I am not losing anyone else!” he yelled whirling on her again, his brilliant green eyes blazing with a defiant expression that she knew almost as well as her own name. One that she normally associated with a much more familiar set of eyes in a different shade of green. 

Her expression didn’t change as she mentally catalogued all the facts at her disposal. 

It made sense, it a horribly tragic sort of way. 

She knew that she would need to process this more fully later, probably with a bottle of wine, but right now she needed to make a decision, one that she wouldn’t be able to take back if she chose wrong. 

She adjusted her glasses, forcing herself to give him the tight smile that she normally reserved for particularly irritating clients who it’s simply easier to humor. It was a look he would know well. 

“Whatever you think is best, Mr. Noir,” she said flatly, holding his gaze with practiced indifference. 

He visibly relaxed turning back to the door to wait for the coming enemy. When a few moments had passed and he hadn’t tried to steal so much as a glace behind her she finally allowed her expression to drop, her mind racing with a million questions. 

What on earth was she supposed to do now?

4 word prompt drabbles. Not taking new ones just finishing the ones I have now. 

shoma’s interviews reveal so much about how little he is aware of everything related to his ‘look’.
How was Shoma’s hair set the way it was? Shoma was sleeping (at a hairdressers) and literally 'woke up like this’.
How were Shoma’s costumes decided upon? Who knows, he just had three of them somehow. (They are a little tight though, he states; he grew more muscular than he expected)
What does Shoma do that makes his skin look this clear? Nothing in particular (he gets scolded for that often).
So is Shoma another man with normal man problems or is he a secret disney prince who gets magical clear skin and hair cuts (curtsy fairy godmothers) and has pixies stitch his costumes?
Who knows? Certainly not Shoma.
(It’s most probably thanks to his amazing coaches).
(But his ability to dodge questions is a real useful life skill man i wish i had it).

EXO’s reaction to their celebrity crush admitting she thinks he’s hot. (OT9)

You’re their celebrity crush and has admitted to liking them. Hope you enjoy~


He was just casually listening to a radio show, while driving through Seoul with Chen, when suddenly you appeared in an interview. He got so awkward and pretended not to listen, but Chen was loving it. 

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MC: If you had to pick any actor in the world to be your love interest in your next film, who would it be?

You: Suho from EXO… I’ve had a bit of a crush on him ever since I saw him for the first time in person at an award show, so… Yeah. He’s hot.

The MC and you laughed, but Suho was worried to death. How was he going to handle this? Should he get your number from someone and call you or do nothing at all? This poor baby just really didn’t want to mess up.

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SO HAPPY! Literally just walks around with a smile on his face for the rest of the week. Talks about it in an interview and says he feels very honored to be “the chosen one”. Everyone ships the two of you, but the first time the two of you actually meet he keeps fidgeting and gets really nervous and oblivious. But is hella cute.

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Blushes so hard when it gets revealed to him in an interview and everyone in EXO teases him. Eventually you ask him out. He tries to act funny on the first date but ends up getting so flustered and can’t control himself.

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Chen: Wait, what?

Everyone was staring at you. 

You: I’ve just always had a thing for cheekbones, and like… Chen’s cheekbones are pretty much legendary.

All of EXO were staring at you, when you were asked to rank EXO according to who you thought was hottest on weekly idol, when you were the guest host, because Doni was sick. You had answered Chen right away, and it was safe to say, that everyone was rather shocked, since he had ranked so low the last time. Chen quickly sat on his assigned chair, but not before blowing you a kiss, that made you blush. 

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You were a famous and highly respected painter, who had caught the attention of Chanyeol, after it was revealed, that you liked EXO, and that he was your bias. He would go undercover and attend all your exhibitions and buy a ridiculous amount of paintings, and act all art-interested, but in reality he didn’t even like your paintings. They were too complicated and abstract for him to understand, but he liked the thought of you hearing about this mystery man, who bought all your paintings. 

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Chanyeol’s reaction to your new and well-praised painting, that to him looked like a bunch of stripes, but was named “hip thrust”.

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Didn’t know what to do when you; an academy award-winning actress said you didn’t really think any of the guys Ellen Degeneres came up with in her game “Who’d you rather?” was your ideal type. 

Ellen: Who is then?

You: Have you heard of EXO? The Korean boy band? Their singer D.O is extremely hot and incredibly talented! Oh God! I live for his smile.

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Kai was dancing on the stage at an award show and was of course doing amazing. He was body rolling, hip thrusting and ending every move with a sexy as hell smile, when the camera cut to you. You quickly closed your mouth, that was wide agape due to a mixture of shock and bliss, and blushed, but then decided to have a little fun with everybody. 

You: So hot.

you blinked at the camera and the next day people couldn’t talk about anything else. Fans were deciding whether or not you two were ship-worthy and good enough for each other, but Kai couldn’t help but hope, you meant it. 

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Brags about it, whenever he can.

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MC: So the fans seem-

Sehun: Yeah, I just got a new fan. Y/N, you know her? Just the best songwriter in the world. It’s really no big deal. 


Suho: Just let him.

Sehun: She thinks I’m hot, you know. Hot… I mean I get it, but she doesn’t have to be so extreme about it. 

*acts all cool and disinterested*

on the inside:

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I hope you like it<3 

You wouldn’t know it from social media, but I’m extremely introverted in real life. I am that person who wears headphones to avoid random conversations and plows through crowds with her heads down. I think it’s surprising to people who approach me in public- I’m usually surprised/in my own little world & end up infecting whoever it is with the byproducts of my social anxiety. If you and I have had this kind of interaction, please accept my sincerest apologies. I was very apprehensive about meeting so many new people during the #everybodyyoga book tour and I took an opportunity to spout off at the mouth about my assorted neurosis to @gabbybernstein while we waited backstage at a @motrin #womaninprogress event last winter. She listened patiently without interrupting because she’s generous, kind and probably had nothing better to do. Then she suggested that the tour might actually be energizing for me- that the experience would offer opportunity for growth. At the time, I maaaaaaay have mentally given side eye bc at my best I’m a know it all, ya dig. But as time’s elapsed, I’ve gotta retract my side eye. I think Gabby was right. Do I still feel compelled to hide in a corner after every signing and interview? Um, duh. But I have met so many awesome people already and it’s literally only been a week. Y'all are so dope and you’re legit giving me life. So if I act sketchy when we meet, don’t take it personally- I’m like that with basically everyone.

I’m talking body politics and signing books in NYC at @strandbookstore on Wednesday at 7pm with @bustle’s @amandakater my play cousin @kellyaugustineb & the incredible @thelindywest-click the link in my instagram header or go to Jessamyn for tickets!

Throwback to practicing #treepose a month the hunbling Joshua Trees. Photo by bae @brittsully

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literally what has harry done that's so anti feminist??

Many of his songs are sexist and objectifying. He names a girl he had a “one nightstand with” and in an interview tells the world she should be grateful. He does a stage dive and hurts a fan. When asked about it he laughs and says she’s probably lying about her injuries.

We live in a highly misogynistic culture and when we continue to promote and support artist that don’t treat women with the respect we deserve we cultivate that culture.

If I do nothing other then start the conversation of “yes I am a feminist but I also support musicians who sing sexist songs” then that’s fine. But at least have a conversation and acknowledge it.

Wearing a T-shirt and having a quote about how girls are the future in an article does not make you an activist.

It really saddens me that they’re going to be tens of thousands of young girls dancing, and singing along at the top of their lungs to songs slut shaming a girl for wearing a short skirt, glorifying under age sex and some other very objectifying lyrics. I know it’s prevailant in the music industry, that doesn’t make it right.🌸

early atwood would constantly write things that are clearly second-wave feminist or clearly speculative fiction and when an interviewer was like “oh so this is feminist/sci-fi” she was like NO. IT ISN’T. and you can literally trace a full range of late-70s 2nd wave feminist popular discourse in some of her short stories from that era, but she was pointedly asserting to EVERYONE that it had nothing to do with feminism. wyd maggie

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Halsey has stated in interviews thats she picked lauren because she is bisexual and wanted it to be authentic, if that is the case she didn't have a lot of artist to choose from( i think).. had nothing to do with being friends or she wanted to do a collab with L, she literally just fit the song cause she is bi

okay yeah, but why do you guys think they’re not friends? i’m guessing halsey wouldn’t be motivated to have to work with someone she didn’t like.


OK IM RANTING guys i literally CAN NOT with katy perry and honest to God truth it has nothing to do bc i’m a fan of taylor’s. her new music is actual garbage. and i watched her interview on ellen and i was cringing at the way she was acting the whole time. she’s trying SO hard. tbh the last time she had good music was the teenage dream album and that was what 7 years ago??? and don’t even get me started on swish swish NOPE CANT DO IT. which is a shame bc she was actually semi talented?? and now she sux sorry not sorry

omfg i woke up from a nap and i had the weirdest goddamn dream about Kings of Con

i was going to be at a con and i got an email from their staff asking if i was available to do a small role and i was like “??? sure why not!”

the role was literally just “reluctant assistant to rob benedict” and we did several scenes but the only one i remember was

i had just been “hired” and it was us awkwardly in a hotel room watching shitty daytime television while eating ice cream and it was like it was supposed to be a job interview and we had this conversation:

but his character was actually just lonely and wanted someone to hang out with

keep doing you, brain

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is Karry really good idol ? you know there's some EW idols in music industry

I believe he is a good idol.

First, he takes his job very seriously and is very dedicated (going to singine g/dancing/music training since he was 11 every Saturday, not eating fried foods/spicy food because it might affect his throat and singing etc) This is his dream and passion, he’s not going to allow anyone including himself to mess it up.

WY/YYQX and himself have said that as leader of TFBOYS, he takes the most responsibility, and encourages them the most.

Being still a student currently in a country where education is taken very seriously, he was a representative for math in his class in middle school, currently he is a member of the National Youth committee. Not only is he a celebrity, he is also a student. He completes all his lessons and homework between schedules, rehearsals, after recordings etc. During their debut era, they were only 12-13 year olds and were quoted saying “they slept 2-3 hours a day” on top of going to school. According to his family, friends, classmates and  teachers, he is a hardworking student in the classroom, friendly and polite. One of his teacher’s said, I quote said “He doesn’t have to succeed right away but is willing to work at it one step at a time until he does.”.

Being one of the more “hot” idols in China recently, he hasn’t complained his work schedule, which is pretty much flying to different cities almost every day.(they work long hours, and all three of them have been sick/take medication for their throats/gone to the hospital for IV drips). On top of that, stalker fans follow all three of them everywhere, like airports, outside of their houses/school and he still doesn’t complain much except “I know you just want to see me but I really don’t like it when you stand outside of my school/house.” Even when people steal notebooks out of his desk, he doesn’t say anything. 

And those same stalker fans literally follow him everywhere so if WJK was smoking or drinking underage, people will know right away. It’s part of his image as the handsome boy next door, but it’s also really him; he’s a good kid. (Also, stalker fans have broken into Qian Xi’s grandparents home, messed around his room, there have been fancams of girls literally chasing Wang Yuan through the traffic in Chongqing). 

Fans send him expensive clothing / shoes as gifts , companies give him clothing to wear ; he has nice things to wear but at school he wears his uniform like 95% of the time.

Staff who work for their stages/interviews say he and his bandmates are modest and have good manners. Director Zhang Yimou had nothing but good things to say - “He’s very obedient, handsome and has talent.”

He’s still only a 16 year old kid but in my opinion, he’s doing a great job as an idol. He shows good example. He works very hard, and coping with being a celebrity very well . Karry Wang deserves all the fame he has right now.

Lets talk about how Danielle had nothing but nice things to say in her ET interview.

She could’ve been like “Louis did a great job raising Freddie”, but she literally just started off with “Louis and Briana did a great job raising Freddie”. She constantly gave her credit in the involvement with her son, which some girls wouldn’t do if it was their boyfriend’s baby with another girl.

Then, she continued to say how Freddie is beautiful because of BOTH of his parents. Once again, she could’ve been like “he is so precious, he looks just like Louis”. Once again, she mentioned Briana.


Call me extra or whatever but Danielle Campbell is literally the most angelic and genuine person in this world wtf

The Hard Questions (Chapter 5)

Chapter 4

“EDINBURGH, ARE YOU READYYYYYYYYY!” Liam yelled. The crowd reacted with a roar that made me glad for ear protection I bought at Louis’ insistence.

“Seriously, love.” he’d told me, “I’m surprised I don’t have the same hearing as my gran by now.”

The boys had performed for two days in Glasgow, then we drove to Edinburgh and spent the day there before they performed for two more days. This was their second night. In those four days I had managed to avoid Harry completely, getting one-on-one sessions with each of the boys. When I wasn’t doing that, I was walking Steinem, working out, talking to the crew, or sightseeing. I was a master at avoidance. 

The boys went through their set list, blowing each song out of the water. On their breaks, I conveniently excused myself for various reasons. By the time the concert was over, I was exhausted from lightly jogging to all my various temporary hiding places and craning my neck around corners to see if Harry was around, in addition to my mind racing between questions and mentally yelling at myself for handling the situation like a first grader. I sighed in relief at the prospect of a warm bed and a shower. As the boys started to exit the stage, I made my way toward the back entrance. When I was about ten paces from the door, I felt a gently insistent hand on my upper arm.

“You can’t run from me for eight months, y'know.” a voice rasped behind me. I turned to see a smiling Harry.

“I’m not running from you,” I stammered, “I’m just tired from-”

“Hiding from me all night.”

“No, I-”

“Wanted to wait to get me alone?”

“Okay, you know what? Yeah, I actually need to do an interview session with you. I’ve done the rest of the band.”

“No time like the present.”

Harry was still sweaty from being on stage. His shirt was sticking to his torso, and combined with how low it was buttoned left literally nothing to the imagination. He let go of my arm and we made our way to the alley outside where the buses were waiting. One was the relaxation bus, the other a recording bus since the boys had some material to put on the album. As we reached the two massive vehicles, a deafening shriek rang out from a dozen yards away.


A group of at least thirty girls came barreling toward the band at breakneck speed. We stood frozen, closer to the recording bus than the relaxation one. The driver of the former was jolted awake by all the  screaming.


Without a word, Harry ripped open the door to the bus in front of us, grabbing me by the waist and pulling me inside. Outside, a squadron of crew and bodyguards trying to separate the girls in order to make a path. Once that was done we started driving to the hotel. It was only a few minutes  away, but after an event like that happened, we couldn’t wait to get there.

It was then that I took notice of my surroundings. And how close I was to Harry. Since the bus was full of recording equipment, our only choice was to stand practically cheek to cheek. He was breathing heavily and smelled like a mixture of Tom Ford, sweat and a unique musk. He was shaking.

"I’m sorry that h-happened.” he quaked. I looked into his normally jade eyes, which were now a nervous watery green. Was he  about to cry? I couldn’t tell with how dim the bus was. The point was, he had just undergone a clearly semi-traumatic event that had him shivering, and he was apologizing to me

“It’s not your fault.” I told him. He still was looking away. I gently took hold of his head and made him face me. “Harry,” I said gently, “Look at me. None of this is your fault.”

I felt him breathe out and relax under my touch. The bus goes over a small bump and suddenly our faces are almost touching.  A few seconds feel like they’re expanding into hours as we look at each other. We steadied ourselves and I took a breath in, inhaling his warm spicy musk.

“Is-Is there anything I can do to help? So you feel more at ease?” I whisper. Harry waits a minute before responding 

“You’re gonna think it’s weird.”

“I doubt that.”

“Um, can I hold you?’ He asks. I looked up at him. I wasn’t expecting that. But I had asked him if there was anything I could do. So without replying, I stepped forward and nuzzled into his chest. He only took a second to react, wrapping his arms around me, with one hand pressed to the back of my head.

"How does this help?” I asked softly, my voice slightly muffled.

“Dunno,” he answered. “Just does.” Again, without replying, I let my own arms come up and wrap around his waist. His lower back felt tense and I couldn’t help but wonder if he’d used his seemingly infinite wealth to pay for a good massage lately.

We spent the rest of the ride wrapped around each other, our grips getting gradually tighter as we neared the hotel. When we disconnected as the bus stopped, I felt cold.

“So,” Harry started, “When did you want to sit down and chat?”

It was nearing midnight, and I knew we’d have to get up early. A promise of getting together the next day was ready on my lips when I noticed something hopeful in his eyes. Did he genuinely want to hang out with me? 

“Um, we can’t really do a full session tonight, but you’re welcome to join me in liberating some stuff from my minibar.” I told him. He smiled slightly.

“Sounds great.” he said.

Steinem was nearly beside himself with happiness once we got back to the room. His tail threatened to take a chunk out of the wall, and Harry chuckled as he squatted once more to pet him. “Hey, bud.” he greeted softly.

“So, I’ve got whiskey, vodka, tequila, amaretto, and no, I drank the scotch already.”

“Amaretto, if that’s alright.” I turned to give him a curious look before tossing him the bottle. “What?” he asked, noticing my expression.

“Nothing, just amaretto? Isn’t that kind of girly?”

“I’ve never liked assigning gender roles,” Harry said with faux snark. “Especially when it comes to drinking.”

I giggled and opened my bottle of vodka. Harry was looking at me with some kind of gaze I couldn’t understand. “What?” I asked.

“That’s a nice sound, your giggle,” he told me. “you should do it more.”

“I’ll do it when there’s a reason.”

Harry once again pretended to be offended, clasping his hand over his heart in a show of mock pain, causing me to giggle again. I smiled at him.

“You’re not fair.” I told him. His face took on a curious expression.

“What do you mean?”

“That thing you do where where you make everyone feel at ease, it’s disarming. It’s unfair.” I was toeing the carpet, not wanting to see Harry’s reaction to my comment. I got a quiet response.

“Maybe you don’t have to be armed.”

My head snapped up to meet his sincere stare. “I think I do.” I replied.

“And why’s that?”

“Because when I’m unarmed, I get hurt.” I heard myself say, which shocked me. I’d never said anything like that to anyone. Ever. Harry’s eyes were now alight with concern. He was just opening his mouth to reply when a knock sounded at my door. Harry turned and opened the door to reveal Sam.

“Harry, we need to go over some more of the exit protocols.” he said brusquely. Harry nodded and turned back to me. “We should be checking into our next hotel at dinnertime. Meet me then and we can eat together yeah?”

“Sure.” I agreed. He gave Steinem one last pat and left. All throughout my and as I tossed and turned, I tried to process what had happened. I had never seen Harry that vulnerable, although to be fair, that could’ve been said for me tonight. After more tossing and turning  and much disturbing of Steinem, who snuffled grumpily, I finally  drifted off.

I was being pulled by my hair. Being dragged toward the toilet. My knees were being pressed uncomfortably to the hard tile. My mouth was pried open, and fingers were shoved in. They navigated around until they reached that special spot that made me release everything into the waiting white pristine bowl beneath me. I was shrieking and crying, imploring the hands holding me to just stop and let me go. I got no response. When I stopped vomiting, the hand shoved my head into the lip of the toilet again and again and again, and just when I thought I would mercifully pass out, my eyes opened and I was back in my hotel room. Steinem was anxiously whimpering, and once he saw I was awake, he nuzzled his way into my lap. I was still crying, but I buried my face in his back and kept sobbing, still feeling the pounding in my head. And hearing it? I sat up and after a moment realized that it wasn’t the pounding from my dream, it was someone banging on my door. I wiped my eyes and cheeks messily with the hem of my nightgown before making my way to the door, opening it to see Harry looking wide-eyed and anxious.

“Are you alright?” he asked. “It sounded like you were screaming.”

“Oh, um.” I said, mentally scrambling for an excuse. “I had a dream about um, Steinem being hit by a car.” the explanation sounded shitty, even to my ears, but Harry seemed to accept it. “Well, I’m sure if that happened, it would do more damage to the car than him.” he told me. I grinned through my residual tears, desperate for the spotlight to be anywhere but on me.

“So, what’s with the wake up call?” I asked. Was it just me, or did Harry blush slightly? That had to be me, right?

“Er,” he started. “I just heard that the boys would be on the fun bus with the Xbox and stuff, and so I was wondering if you’d be comfortable pushing our session forward and sharing the relaxation bus with me while we talk.”

“Sure.” I answered without even really thinking. I mean, I didn’t really have to. It only made sense.

“Great.” Harry said, sounding relieved. “So I’ll see you down there then?”

“Sure.” I said again. I was trying to hide my growing excitement of having Harry on a bus all to myself, the thought of which was making me tingly literally everywhere. Harry smiled and nodded and made his way back down the hall to his room. I closed the door to my own and did a little dance as I packed. Once that was done and I was dressed, with Steinem fully leashed up, I grabbed everything and made my way down to the lobby exiting through the back to find the relaxation bus, where Harry was waiting with a cinnamon chai and a selection of pastries. 

“You really are quite the boy scout,” I remarked as I bit into a scone. In front of us, Steinem took a running jump onto the large couch at the back of the bus, making himself at home as Harry and I stowed my suitcase. Once that was done, we joined Steinem on the couch, where I took out my notebook, pen, and recorder. I looked up at Harry, who seemed suddenly ill at ease.

“Something wrong?” I asked. 

“Well, do you really have to use that?” Harry asked, pointing at the recorder. “I don’t really like the way my voice sounds on those things.”

“We don’t have to,” I answered, putting the recorder back in my bag and pushing it aside. “whatever makes you most comfortable.”

“I thought that wasn’t what Smirk was about.”

“I’m sorry, did you want me to get it-”

“No, never mind, just a stupid joke, sorry.” Harry mumbled. I smiled at him and readied my pencil and paper. “Okay,” I started, “Let’s begin with your childhood." 

Over the course of the next few hours, we talked out Harry’s life, which proved to be way more interesting than I thought it would be. His childhood, school days, his X-Factor experience, and the way he lived his life in general opened me up to a side I wish I had examined more thoroughly before making the assumptions I had within the article. When we had talked about everything we could, we had no choice but to discuss what we had been avoiding. There was a beat of silence.

"I suppose you want to know about my relationships now, yeah?” Harry asked.

“Well, that does seem to be the area that garners the most interest,” I said quietly. Harry sighed.

“Well, who was your first girlfriend?” I prodded. Another sigh.

“Her name was Felicity.” he almost whispered. “We were fifteen.”

“How long were you together?”

“Almost a year.”

“Did you love her?”

“I don’t really know what that is yet, but at fifteen, I guess you’ll convince yourself that anything counts as love.”

“How philosophical of you.” I smiled. Harry returned it. I steeled myself for the reply to my next question. “Why did you break up?” Harry’s face fell, and I immediately wanted to smack myself.

“Things just fizzled, I guess. Things were starting to get serious with the X-factor, and she was afraid I’d meet someone else.”

“And did you?”

A small smile flitted across his face, gone in an instant.

“Yeah, I s'pose you could say I did.”

“Caroline Flack, you mean.” If possible, Harry’s face fell even more, and I wanted to hit myself again. “Yeah.” he then looked up, suddenly. “She didn’t prey on me, if that’s what you’re thinking,” he said insistently.  "I went after her.“

"And how did that go?”

“Okay. For a while." 

"What happened after a while?”

Harry turned from me to look out the window. Steinem’s therapy dog instincts took over, and he gingerly nudged his way into Harry’s lap, where he was rewarded with some absentminded scratches.

“I went to this party one night, and she was there,” he explained. “It was just after we had started working on Up All Night. I had invited her to go with me myself earlier, and she had said she wasn’t feeling well. So I just went by myself. Then I saw her there and called out to her. And she turned away from all her posh friends and looked at me and she just looked……….so embarrassed. Like I was her kid brother that had tagged along or something and was annoying her.” he paused and sucked in a breath. “All of her friends were smirking at me and I just felt like such an idiot for not seeing it sooner.”

“Seeing what sooner?” I was afraid of the answer. Harry kept looking out the window and petting Steinem.

“She was ashamed of me.” he finally answered. “When we were alone she was so caring and great, but in public it was like……it was like I wasn’t there. Like she didn’t want me there. ”

I was glad for Harry looking out the window so he wouldn’t see me wince. I couldn’t imagine what that had felt like. To be so young and have the world on your shoulders after coming out of such a scary competitive environment, becoming a sensation overnight and having all that attention on you, only to find that the one person you thought you could trust and be yourself around was actually ashamed of you. It made me grow cold despite the pleasantly regulated temperature of the bus.

Without thinking I stuck my hand out and grabbed Harry’s who looked over at me in surprise. “I’m really sorry that happened to you.” I said sincerely. Harry blinked down at my hand before I felt his grip tighten around it.

“I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that before.” he admitted softly. I squeezed his hand, and without a second thought, leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. Our eyes lock as I drew back.

“Sorry,” I said quickly, “You just looked so sad and I-”

“Don’t apologize.” Harry interrupted. “It felt good.”

Before I could say anything else, the bus came to a stop, and we both glanced out the window to notice that several hours had in fact gone by and we were now at our next hotel. Steinem stood up unsteadily and barked with excitement at the thought of a walk and food. Reluctantly, Harry and I separated and disembarked, each with large suitcases, and made our way toward the hotel, my giant hound padding beside us happily.

“That was nice, I enjoyed that.” Harry said once we were in the elevator.

“What, me interrogating you?” I asked with a slight laugh. 

“It didn’t feel like one.” Harry replied.

“That’s how good I am.”

Harry laughed as the elevators opened and we were on the hotel floor designated for the band. “Was there anything else you wanted to know?” Harry asked as we made it to his room and he unlocked his door. We both fell into the room, breathing from hauling around our luggage.

“A couple things, yeah.” I mumbled.

“We could have dinner later, if you want.” I resisted the urge to gasp instead pretended to readjust my sandal.

“Um, that’d be great.” I murmured, trying to conceal my excitement. A day with him on the bus and dinner? I failed to see how this could get much better. 

“What time should I stop by your room?”

“In like an hour? This guy needs a walk.” I said, gesturing to Steinem, whose tail went into overdrive again. 

“Okay.” Harry agreed. I smiled and once more turned and hauled my suitcase and dog out of the room, buzzing. Once I got to mine, I did another happy dance similar to that morning’s and grabbed my phone and some headphones. Steinem and I walked the grounds and listened to music, my mind only half there. Harry had looked so despondent on the bus today. So lonely and isolated.

Then it hit me, so hard I almost had to grab the ostentatious fountain I had been walking near for support. It was a realization I had been looking for that finally answered the question my article had asked. Why did Harry hang out with so many glamazons? It wasn’t because he was shallow or selfish or misogynistic or any of the other tripe I had suggested.

It was because he was lonely. 

Harry Styles,the kindhearted, witty, philanthropist rockstar, with many stories to tell and experiences to share, was lonely.

He didn’t have the privilege of simply being able to walk into a book club or yoga class and make new friends without having to wonder if they liked him for him. He was a figurehead, an exhibit of fame and fortune for people to gawk at and take pictures of. And within that flashbulb-filled lifestyle, true friends were few and far between, and the people that were most readily available to hang out with? Beautiful people with plenty of experience in front of camera and posing already. Models

I was suddenly breathing hard and my head was pounding. I wanted to sprint back up to Harry’s room, hug him and shout to him that he wasn’t alone. I turned back toward the hotel and started lightly jog.

Harry thought about Elodie as he checked his email and looked for something to wear to dinner. He thought about her eyes as she absorbed the stories he had told her of his life and experiences, and even though she thought he hadn’t seen it, her wince when he told her about Caroline. Mostly he remembered the light but honest touch of her hand when she grabbed his.

Then, completely unbidden, the memory of their hips together at the club came into his mind and he started to harden.

“Gonna need to get lotion at this rate,” he grumbled to himself as he made his way toward the bathroom.

I finally made it back to our floor and deposited Steinem in my room, who was content to watch Animal Planet over a travel bowl of kibble. For some fortunate reason, I had left Harry’s door unlocked when I had left. I slipped in silently and closed the door behind me, expecting to see Harry on the bed or the balcony. Instead he just wasn’t there. Just as I started to make my way to the door, I heard it.

A moan. A sexy, deep, desperate-for-release moan. I felt myself grow wet, feeling like I was once again on some sensual autopilot as i made my way toward the bathroom door, which I was right outside of when I heard my name.

“Fuck, Elodie!” Harry’s raspy voice echoed out of the bathroom. And before I knew what I was doing, I had pushed the bathroom door open and was standing in front of one of the sexiest sights I had ever beheld. Harry, his gorgeous body completely naked, eyes closed with his hand around his beautiful cock. This was real. Not my fingers or a shower nozzle aiding my imagination. Thank God I had worn another loose maxi dress today. Without underwear.  I stepped out of it and firmly grasped Harry’s dick in my own had, trying not to moan myself at how perfect it felt.

Harry’s eyes shot open.

“Elodie!” he nearly shouted out of surprise. I grabbed his other hand and placed it on my wetness, being rewarded with another surprised moan. 
“This is real, Harry,” I whispered in his ear. “This is the effect we have on each other." 

Another moan.

"I think we should do something about it , don’t you?” I whispered. Harry’s lips were on mine in a kiss that was anything but tidy. I suddenly felt myself being picked up, and steps being taken while we continued to feed off each other’s lust via our mouths via our mouths and tongues. I felt my back hit the bed, pinned beneath Harry, whose mouth went to my neck, biting and sucking as his fingers worked my clit with a stream of perfect circles and figure eights, just like I had fantasized in L.A.

That seemed like years ago. 

I felt very close to coming from Harry’s fingers when I felt his other hand try and find my bra clasp. As a reflex, grabbed his wrist and rolled him over so I was on top, pinning his hands above him.

“Condoms?” I asked. Harry inclined his head toward his wallet on the bedside table. I held his trapped hands with one hand and and retrieved the condom from his wallet with the other, rolling it on to him with a flourish. 

“Ready?” I asked breathlessly as I positioned myself above him.

“Since the day I met you.”  He replied equally out of breath. With that, I sunk down on him, both of us keening at the feeling. I released Harry’s hands and put my own on his chest to steady myself as I started to thrust downward, nearly screaming with pleasure when I felt him thrust upward in response. The feeling of him filling me was everything I’d been hoping for, and I could tell he felt the same. We moved together, the only sounds in the room being our skin moving together and our moans and praises of each other as we rocked in and out. Harry’s hands started to move toward my breasts, and I grabbed them and put them on my hips. He started to open his mouth, most likely to ask me what was wrong when let out a gasp.

“God, Elodie, I’m gonna-”

“Yeah, me too” I moaned, feeling the long-awaited pleasurable burn of my approaching orgasm. Harry sat up with our faces centimeters apart and began forcibly moving me up and down with his hips. He at last sighed in my ear with pleasure as he twitched inside me, his forehead falling into mine gently. His hands continued to grip my hips, as he had seen that I had yet to come.

“C'mon, Elodie.” he whispered into my neck. “I know you can, you’ve been so good to me, you look so fucking gorgeous right now.” I had never heard this sort of praise during sex before, and with a yell, I came almost violently onto Harry. His fingers stroked me through my release, making me nearly mewl into his ear with the earth-shattering pleasure I was feeling. When I felt myself return, I opened my eyes to see Harry staring intently at me. I rolled gently off of him and onto the bed. Harry discarded the condom and crawled under the covers as I sat uncertainly beside him.

“D'you want to leave?” he asked quietly.


“Get under the covers with me then?”

I obliged and soon we were lying on our sides facing each other beneath the hotel’s sumptuous sheets.

“How long have you wanted to do that?” I asked him. He smiled sheepishly.

“Honestly? Since the day of the press conference.” he chuckled. I smiled in response.

“Me too.”

“Can I ask you somethin’? Well, a couple things.”

“Sure, what?”

“Why did you come back to my room?’

I took a breath before answering, hoping I wouldn’t sound as creepy as I did in my head.

"To tell you weren’t alone.” I said softly. Harry looked back at me unblinking.

“What do you mean?”

“Well you just seemed so sad on the bus, and I wanted to come back and try to tell you how much I’ve changed my mind about you in the past few days, and that you have a lot of people who love and treasure you.”

He still stared at me, and I could feel myself start to blush.

“I know that sounds creepy, but-” I started to say, but was interrupted by Harry’s lips. He pressed his to mine sweetly, subtly nibbling at my lip before pulling away.

“Thank you.” he told me sincerely. We both smiled at each other, and I felt his hand on my hip, pulling me close to him.

“I needed to hear that,” he told me.

“What was your other question?” I asked him.

“Why wouldn’t you let me touch your chest?”

I felt myself stiffen, and so did he.

“Elodie?” he asked worriedly.

“That’s a long and painful story Harry.” I told him. “And as much as I like you, I don’t think we’re there yet.”

He nodded in understanding, gingerly setting his chin  on my head while I cuddled into his chest. I had never felt this kind of affection before post-sex, and even though Harry and I were barely friends, it felt extremely right. 

“Stay with me for a while?” he asked.

“Well, you did promise me dinner.”

He chuckled. “Yeah, I s'pose I did.”

“I’m a bit tired though. Would it offend you terribly if I napped for a while?”

“Nope. In fact, I think I’ll join you.”

Within Harry’s gentle yet strong arms, I felt myself drift off, refusing to let my now-screaming logical side worry me as I listened to Harry’s contented breathing.

Phew! That was a load off! Hope you like this chapter, dearies! I know it took a while. Between midterms and seeing Fifty Shades of Grey this weekend, I’ve been a tad busy ;)

Hope you enjoyed, and remember to give me feedback!

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure where you got your information about Alex the parrot, but I think you're mistaken. I'm pretty sure even PETA hasn't dredged up any allegations of abuse.

Peta is the last organization you want to drop here to support your point, I’m just saying. Google something along the lines of “The truth about PETA” and you will see why I say that.

Anyway, I saw this stuff about Alex last year, so I was just unsure if it was the same parrot we were talking about, but now I know we are. Was basically just fucking around on Youtube watching docu’s about him, but the fact that the bird looked so unhealthy made me uncomfortable. He always looked like he was molting, 

See? This bird looks stressed as hell. Birds self- mutilate and pluck out their own feathers {especially from the chest area} when they are under stress or under stimulated. I ruled out the second part considering she’s always working with him in a way that would keep his mind challenged.

This is what he should look like:

See how the feathers are flat against it, smooth? Alex looks like he just got pulled out the clothes dryer. And it’s not because he’s old.

Anyhoo, I just kept looking more and more into the story and it was very clear that the doctor literally saw him as a lab rat and that’s it. I’m not saying she was beating him or anything along those lines, but she def put the needs of her study over his well-being. Stuff like leaving him alone in the dark for days at a time {Which is very stressful for a bird that is bonded to a human} when she didn’t need him and stuff like forcing him to perform for her when he would be begging, in the words she taught him to say, for her to put him back. She tells him no and just keeps working him. If  we were talking about a small child or something begging to not be poked and tested all the time, treated like an experiment, literally born and raised in the corner of a lab, I think you would easier see what I am trying to say. Pretend? <– Count how many times he says “Can I go back” or anything along those lines, he clearly doesn’t want to be doing this stuff but she tells him no and persists with her testing some more.

She would take him to do shows around the place, and I ran into a video of a woman who also has an african grey and does the same shit. Somehow her bird didn’t manage to look like Alex did. Or die 30 years earlier than the species’s expected life span.

When I was looking into Alex’s story, I wasn’t impressed that he’s “the smartest bird” or anything like that. I saw a stressed out bird being forced to do tricks for his owner who only seen him as a series of tests, not as an animal looking to be loved and properly cared for. Not to say she didn’t LOVE him, or that he didn’t love her back, but really the lifestyle he was forced to live so the Dr can write her books and shit, is a far cry from the type of lifestyle he could have had if she saw him as her pet bird instead of her lab rat. 

To further clarify my perspective, I kept birds for over a year. Like yeah, we learned more about the intelligence of birds, that’s great, but Alex literally had to suffer the entire time for it to happen. I can’t remember all the little details, there was nothing dramatic like you would hear in an extreme case of animal abuse like being beaten or starved, just a lot of stuff that- knowing how birds work- I saw as being detrimental to him and his quality of life. The saddest part is he was just used to it by then and had just taken to self-mutilation to cope with the situation he was forced into. Literally you can see him plucking himself in the backround in some of the videos I was watching, when the Dr was in the front doing her interviews. 

I just find it sad.


woke up to half the fandom hating on ricky whittle for being supportive of his friends and not speaking on an issue that had nothing to do with his character nor his overall treatment on the show 

who do i block 

On the real the lawyer on the other side that was interviewing Justin was so fucking rude and the questions had literally nothing to do with the case sometimes. The full 30 minute interview is the one that should go viral. TMZ literally chopped out any part of the deposition that makes Justin look even remotely sane or respectful and created this compilation of comments he made emotionally. TMZ is out to ruin Justin Bieber’s career in my opinion and beliebers should be pissed the fuck off tbh cause I am.

the agents of cast shield at marvel premieres tho. they’re just a bunch of puppies. literally a bunch of hyperactive puppies. chloe can’t focus for a second she looks around all the time she gets excited and forgets the interviewer is there. she starts answering a question and trails off and starts talking about how much she wants to see iain and how handsome brett looks. at the thor premiere brett gave an answer that had nothing to do with the question cause he was too busy looking at everything around him. the photographers yell at them and beg them to just fucking look at the camera. at the catws premiere the woman apparently gave up on interviewing brett and chloe after only one question because they were too excited to focus on the question. last night at the gotg premiere the woman tried to go on with the interview but chloe and liz were like “BJ BRITT SMELLS SO GOOD. SMELL HIM.”