this interview jfc

You know that point were you’ve started insulting your fans by telling them they have ‘unhealthy fantasies’ about characters because they have a unique interpretation of what they’ve read because they’re readers with imaginations?

You couldn’t have worded it better? Or Better yet, left them alone?

You’re literally calling them unhealthy because they’re trying to find redeeming points in a character that you wrote as someone worthy of (at least some) redemption.

Well we’ve all had sex and we all know what we’re doing. And we all know we want to make it look good – everyone wants to look good! I feel very, very relaxed in the sex scenes with Jonathan. We can both go for it and at no point do I feel like I’m taking advantage, or like I’m being taken advantage of.

Whenever I did scenes with Joe Williamson, who plays my boyfriend Jon, he’s straight in real life… He’s fucking brilliant, but a part of me always felt slightly guilty that he had to kiss and cuddle and be intimate with me. I felt like, ‘I know this isn’t your game, it’s my game, and I don’t want you to ever feel like I’m taking advantage just because it’s written in the script and you signed up for it.’ Do you know what I mean? I felt like I had a responsibility with Joe.

But with Jonathan, I was literally just like, hands and fingers everywhere – and he loved it! And vice versa, because it’s comfortable and it’s real. That’s the most freeing thing – It feels very, very easy to have sex with Jonathan Groff.


Russell Tovey, about his sex scenes with Jonathan Groff in Looking.

(source: GT, January 2015 issue)

the sherlock/molly scene doesn’t make me mad per se. of course it was sad as fuck and it was really tough to watch poor molly feel so humiliated, but sherlock had no choice and thought he was saving her life. 

i’m not even mad because molly didn’t move on from sherlock. love is a bitch precisely because you don’t just decide you move on. i barely moved on from my ex whom i rarely ever see, how can i expect her to fall out of love with someone who’s always under her nose? like guys that’s the point of love.

so no, i don’t get mad watching that scene. to quote everyone else from the show, it is what it is.


WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK WAS MOFFAT THINKING IN THAT EW INTERVIEW? JFC IF HE ISN’T THE MOST SEXIST, NARROW-MINDED, OBNOXIOUS PIECE OF SHITE IN THE WORLD IDK WHO IS like steven for god’s sake the correct and sensible thing to say would have been that sherlock does indeed love molly to an extent, she’s his friend, he might not be in love with her BUT JFC. “sherlock was more devastated blablah” will you ever stop making everything about your golden boy’s man pain for god’s sake WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU these characters are supposedly living breathing human beings and this is almost as bad as that time where you said sherlock was pretending to cry on the roof DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND THE CHARACTERS YOU WRITE