this interview is the funniest thing

Louis not publicly acknowledging Clifford as his until after Douis ended, but then instagramming him, talking about him in an interview and Including him in pap pics is easily one of the funniest things that has happened in the past year.

that video where the trump family is being interviewed and melania just says “hello” out of nowhere is still the funniest fucking thing


This is one of the funniest interviews I’ve seen with the SH cast. It’s from the screening in Denver, back in December, and it’s really just them having fun together with the main actor from Beyond. It’s the one with Isaiah’s “Gladiator, are you ready?” comment. And the fact that Matt’s utterly exhausted here just makes it even funnier because he finds things like the “buddy system” totally hilarious. Precious!

  • Y'all: omg omg omg talk to us in English we can't understand Korean please say something in English I wanna see how good your pronounciation is *_* <3
  • Idols: *add English in their songs, makes efforts to read things in English in interviews, talk shows, v-app streams etc*
  • Y'all: *make videos titled "50 of KPOP's Unintentionally Funniest English Lyrics", "KPOP English test", "KPOP English Fails", "misheard lyrics" etc*
  • Y'all: LOLOL "she got me gOAT crazy" rofl!!!! why do they even speak in English if they can't even get the pronounciation/grammar right??? lmaooooOOOoo
  • Y'all: why won't they write to or communicate with us in English anymore??? ugh they wouldn't be half as popular as they are now without us international fans the least they can do is communicate with us in English!!! ughhhh
  • Me: *stares into the camera like I'm on The Office*
Ramadan Tag!

Asalamu alaikum! So, Ramadan is coming up soon, and I’m feeling both excited for this Ramadan and reflective for the one that has since passed. So, with that said let’s play a tag game. 

Tag any Muslims you may know (born, convert, whatever) and reblog this post with the strangest thing that you’ve eaten for iftar or suhoor during Ramadan or with your funniest Ramadan story. You can also post any goals that you may have for this Ramadan as well. I’ll start:

Suhoor: I woke up later than I expected once, and in a fit of confusion scarfed down a bowl of cereal and peanut butter 20 minutes before Fajr. I also downed a bottle of water and proceeded to feel a little nauseous for the next three hours. 

Iftar: I’ve eaten a lot of cheese pizza rolls and chocolate in my day. They are my favorite things ever.  

Story: Last Ramadan, I had an interview for a job on my birthday. My sister drove me, but she was running low on gas. I offered to put some in her tank but she said no and that she’d be fine. I got the job, alhamdulillah, but the car ran out of gas in the middle of the road after we left the interview. I was the only one fasting because I’m a convert, but I still got the luxury of walking to get gas and pushing a car in 90 degree weather on my birthday during Ramadan. It was quite the character building experience. 

Goals: My goal for this Ramadan is to become more knowledgeable about the Quran and memorize a Surah or two (Yet again #RevertLyfe so taking it slow). I’d also like to learn more about hijab because I’d like to start wearing it soon.

So, those are my goals and stories about Ramadan. What are yours? I’m tagging:

@contentukhti @astaghs @formyummah @contentmuslimah @nkozi @enwestphalie @xabiiba @passi0n-f0r-wisd0m @straight-fromafrica @femalefaarax @sayyida @undercovermuslimah @anitarose @dimplelylee @malslim

And anyone else who wants to do this is welcome to do it too!

Alfie and his HTGAWM castmates teasing him about HP
  • Jack Falahee: The funniest thing is that I found the other day in Wes’ apartment [set], on the bookshelf there’s a Harry Potter: Behind the Scenes production book — and Alfred didn’t even know! I pointed it out to him and he was like, ‘Oh my god this is so embarrassing.’ You leaf through it and there’s little Alfred sitting at Gryffindor’s table! He requested that it be removed because it was just destroying his entire world.
  • Katie Findlay: The best part about Alfie being in Harry Potter is that when he does things I like, I get to say, ‘10 points for Gryffindor!’ I also do it to Alfie when he does things that bother me and I want to embarrass him. Or I make comments about his quaffle control. That shuts him up.

‘We’re two… decent-looking white people. There’s no-one else that looks like us. It’s a good thing that they found us.’

master-of-schadenfreude  asked:

I literally love you cause we're the #FUCKYOKOSQUAD! I know people who IDOLIZE HER??? IT BLOWS MY MIND! An ex friend to this day constantly posts almost everyday "good thing john is dead" or "john fucking sucks" then preaches how Yoko is her queen… the funniest part? She LOVES George who literally called Yoko a bitch & dissed her on tv & in interviews. I don't even blame Yoko for breaking up the band or her "art". She was a disgusting manipulative person who would have gone NOWHERE without John.

I have to say really I love George and the way he wasn’t afraid to speak up his mind. I love the Yoko stole my cookie story! But indeed your friend doesn’t make a lot of sense when she disses John but idolizes Yoko. Like you said, I don’t think she would’ve ended up like this without John. But me I kinda of do blame her for the breakup. Yes we all knew it was going to happen one day but I think she made sure that it would sooner. I think she also made sure that they would NEVER get together again or even collaborate with each other.

In one of my favorite Gorillaz interviews, Murdoc is asked about his previous bands, right, and he mentions this one called ‘Dave and the Daves’ where there were nine members and everyone was named Dave.
“…we all had a meeting one day and we all sat down and we all agreed, we said, ‘too many Daves.’”
“We were counting the Daves.”

That is, like, the funniest thing to me.

David Hyde Pierce and David Burtka discuss marriage, Broadway, and ‘It Shoulda Been You’

Entertainment Weekly 4/10/2015

What was the funniest mishap that happened at your own wedding?
DAVID BURTKA: Our daughter and flower girl, Harper, getting cold feet and refusing to perform. So Neil [Patrick Harris] and I were crouched behind her like angry stage parents, hissing at her to walk. She didn’t, and Neil carried her the entire way. In hindsight, wouldn’t change a thing.
DAVID HYDE PIERCE: Brian [Hargrove] and I were legally married, but then a few weeks later the State of California told us we weren’t. Oh, how we laughed.

What’s your pre-show ritual like?
PIERCE: Now that I’m directing, I just show up, sit down, and enjoy.
BURTKA: I kneel before my shrine to David Hyde Pierce and bask in his glory.

What surprised you most about the other David?
PIERCE: Not a thing—I expected him to be sweet, charming, and talented, and he is all that.
BURTKA: While he’s incredibly positive and kind, he demands that you never look him directly in the eyes.

How is marriage different from doing Broadway?
BURTKA: You’re doing a show to a MUCH smaller audience.
PIERCE: One is a life-changing religious experience. The other is marriage.

How is marriage the same as doing Broadway?
BURTKA: After performing and getting all sweaty, there is often a standing ovation.
PIERCE: Both involve unions.

How does the cast get the attention of one David vs. another?
BURTKA: Everyone calls him ‘Master Hyde Pierce,’ and for me they just tend to throw things at my head.
PIERCE: They always have my attention. I’m not sure how they get David’s, although I think cookies help.

If my marriage was a musical, my big solo number would be called:
PIERCE: “Forever.”
BURTKA: “Daddy’s Turn.”

Day Twenty-One: Funniest Ghost Band Member Moment

I thought about this one.There are a lot of funny moments I have seen in videos, interviews, gifs…. but then I thought. I will go more personal. Some of you already heard this story, but at our first ritual, we wanted to wait outside to try to meet the band. We were not sure if they would come out in costume or not. There were quite a few people milling about. After quite some time, a man walked past us pulling a suitcase. We joked that it was one of the ghouls. We leaned against the corner of the building, in the alley the man walked out of, and talked about the show, things they did that we thought were “hot”, I said a few things about the hot, aggressive, stomping ghoul, @atomickola mentioned something about the bus and said “where do they all sleep? in a pile in the back of the bus?” I said, “they’re not puppies.” more giggling… then started laughing again about how we have no idea who we are looking for. There was a man leaning on the corner of the building right next to us. He bent down to my eye level (yea I’m a hobbit) and looked me right in the eye with a rather mischievous smile, for an uncomfortably long time. I tried to ignore him, but my eyes were pulled to his face like a tractor beam. I smiled back. He really did have a warm, sweet smile, but why was he listening to us??? It weirded me out even though he seemed sweet. We moved into the driveway of the alley. Then we saw him writing on someone’s poster. He drew the shape of the aether symbol. Oh good god…. it was Omega and he frickin’ heard everything we said.

i swear to god one of the funniest things to me is this one fob interview where andys hand is censored the entire time bc he has fuck tattooed on his fingers like??? its just so funny to me like

what in the WORLD could be hiding behind that blur???

is it will smith?????? classified government secrets????? we may never know