this interview is so old but i love how he looks here

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I know we all love somegraham, but looking back I definitely think there were some sparks between paulerina. Its was very low key but Paul was definitely feeling her. I saw an old interview the other day that was just like 2mins of Paul saying how much he wanted to get with Kat asksjsjd. I don't think they dated or anything but 👀😂😂

Yesssssss. Look, I know real life ships are weird and shouldn’t be taken seriously so please don’t put too much weight on anything in my answer here… but at the same time, most everybody has their fave messy conspiracy theories on what went down behind the scenes while the show was filming! I’ve seen people’s ideas floating around about Kat and Ian, or Jomo, or Chris, or Nate.

And I do love Kat/Ian (who clearly are up to their ears in chemistry) but I’m with you… my money is on Paulerina, especially in the earlier seasons. Something about the way they even just stand together now seems so familiar, so intimate and relaxed. Maybe it’s plain old chemistry, maybe it’s history, idk?

But also the total lack of Stefan/Bonnie scenes after s1-2 (with Torrey joining the show in s3), supposedly because they end up too busy laughing together to act when they have scenes together??? Seems fishy, lol.

Btw pls link me that interview thx haha <3

Some things I don’t understand.

Is there a reason why every single character has to be so anti-Rumple?

With how quickly Zelena was welcomed into the hero-circle, it can’t as simple as them still holding a grudge against Rumple for the acts of season 4.

And, here’s the thing, even though the lovely showrunners love to troll in their interviews, they’ve been similarly negative in their own words about the character. ‘Oh, Rumple is looking out for himself, as usual’

If they truly want to run the character into the ground, why didn’t they write him as 2-dimensionally evil as we witnessed in season 4? 

Oh, they’ve been teasing with it, yes. Here’s Bad-Old-Rumple stealing Robin’s heart! Oh, wait, he gave it back. There’s Nasty-Rumple, about to murder the room service attendant! Oh, wait. He’s just giving him a $100 tip. EVIL!

The writers/powers in charge must realize that this character has fans. He’s been a regular/main character since season 1 (these days I’m not sure he can be counted as main anymore, alas, with the less screen time). He doesn’t have as much merchandise as creator’s clear favorite, Mr Jones, but they do still make money off of him. So, clearly they have to know his fanbase exist.

Do they want us to be pissed off at the heroes?

At this point, I’m not even gonna blame the characters. They’re at the mercy of their writers. So, when they give Snow White an actual line like,

“He stole magic from our town to wake the woman he loves! And she’s pregnant!”

Which is suppose to be testament towards Rumplestiltskin’s PURE-EVIL nature, how are we suppose to take that?

Now, of course, if you already have an anti-Rumple mindset, you’re likely to nod along (Amen, sister!), because you too would firmly believe that everything Rumple does HAS to be for something sinister.

And the rest of us get upset. And either we (against better judgment) keep watching in hopes that things will be set right or we storm off.

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It’s all for the sake of unnecessary drama I can guess.

But I still don’t know why they are making Rumple more isolated than before. It would almost seem like the writers have a plan, but these are the same writers that can’t remember tiny details from a few episodes back, like that Hades enchanted a tool for Killian to carve people’s names into headstones and not his hook.

If I wanted to draw a conclusion, I guess I could just go with the likely theory that they want to write off Rumplestitlskin (and likely Belle) after next season. So, they do it in a way that none of the characters will miss them (Henry will just grab his birthday present out of his Grandpa’s safe whenever he feels like it), but his character will still remain likable enough that us, his devoted Dearies, will continue keep buying the cheap dagger/rose/chipped cup merchandise.

(and when I say ‘us’, I actually mean, me, because, cheap or not, I will buy it all!)

Sad, but given how they treated characters in the past, not terribly surprising.

Anyone else have any ideas? I may be reaching with this, but I’d rather think about it in terms of plot, then spend my time pissed off at fictional characters. (spending my time LOVING fictional character is okay, though!) And in the end, I have to tell myself,