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I just watched the "Times talks" interview with Claire from 2015 in full length for the first time - great interview btw about 90 min long - but what struck me odd was when asked about RF she totally avoided an answer going on about the cast in general which was so drastically different from her other replies that precisely answered each question thoroughly ... do you think she found the Carrie Quinn idea totally ridiculous or silly or RF too young or too much of a "heartthrob"??

Anonymous #2: I just watched the recent interview with RF (and I didn’t think I could adore that man any more than I already did). As the interview was wrapping up I had this thought: Rupert Friend is so intelligent, eloquent, layered - he has that natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge that must be quenched. He is fascinated with all components of making Homeland, a television world he was new to, and he so genuinely loved learning from the behind the scenes peeps. Hmm, who would be most threatened? AFG

I watched Claire’s interview when it came out and thought the exact same thing.

You know, we’ve not shied away from this raging hot potato of a topic–BTS tensions–despite our desire to do so. Claire’s interview along with some other examples, could lead one to reasonably conclude that there were some tensions between Claire and Rupert. If so, we shouldn’t be all that surprised. 

Because it’s acting, most of us have an expectation that the cast and crew should behave like a big happy family (is there such a thing?) when, in fact, it’s work and, like most well-compensated work, it involves long hours, lots of tedium, and very invested and opinionated people. 

Think about any co-worker with whom you have had to work for years. These tensions can involve almost anything: monetary renumeration, decision making, performance reviews, work style, egos, favoritism by higher ups, lack of recognition, etc, etc.

But… three things:

  1. I automatically recoil from the notion that whatever the issues - assuming they existed - rest solely at Claire’s feet. In fact, I find the way that Rupert has been speaking about Quinn’s superior “moral code” and emotional availability indicates that he didn’t understand the romance or the story accurately. Sure, we all adore Rupert but we should also be dispassionate about calling him out when he gets it wrong.
  2. I’d put some good money on their working relationship being just fine. In five years there has not been a single idle rumor about any overt problems between them. Compare that with TXF wherein GA (who preferred many takes) and DD (known as “one take Duchovny”) regularly had shouting matches with one another.
  3. On this we’re clear (anonymous #2, this is for you): Rupert was frustrated with how Quinn’s story was told. If there were tensions between Claire and Rupert, they may have been secondary and stemmed entirely from his frustration with Gansa.

Related… apparently June 8 is “Let’s Talk About Claire and Rupert’s Working Relationship” day:

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You know the song Change My Mind? Of course you do. There is this verse=Lean in when you laugh, we take photographs, there’s no music on but we dance along. Never felt like this before. Are we friends or are we more? As I’m walking towards the door, I’m not sure. = I have a felling that that verse was written with Niall and Harry in mind. Let's dissect the song, shall we? Oh, btw, that interview was one of the great interviews of Nialls I've seen in a long time. I love him.


Lean in when you laugh

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