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‘Zootopia 2’ Movie Sequel: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps ‘Romance’ Confirmed In 2017? Golden Globes Interview With Directors Byron Howard And Rich Moore [Video]
A Zootopia 2 interview and the 2017 Golden Globes has Byron Howard and Rich Moore discussing Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps… and romance.

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McAvoy: There was one moment in that scene where we go into the world of cross-dressing. Which ultimately got cut out. [To Michael] You loved it.

Kravitz: You loved it. You f*cking loved it.

Fassbender: I found a whole new side of my personality. [To James] That’s just ‘cause you found me attractive, James.

McAvoy: I’ve asked you not to reveal that bit while we’re on camera.



   [13 Days of Outlander]
   [2x09 | Je Suis Prest]
   [Favorite Scenery | Marching to Battle]

“There was a day Sam and I had to – we were on horseback and it was a build up to one of the battles. And we had this long line of an army coming behind us and we were sort of galloping across a field and the sun was out and you have the mountains in the background. Days like that, you’re just pinching yourself because you’re like, ‘How did I get so lucky?’”

~ Caitriona Balfe for Entertainment Weekly


“One of the things that’s inspiring about playing Claire is that she’s this strong woman, standing up against chauvinism, and that’s really made me consider my own responsibilities, as someone who has a platform. I realize some people object to the idea of actors expressing their political opinions, but we’re human beings living in this world, responding to what’s going on, and why shouldn’t we be able to take a stand on what we see as injustice?”

Caitriona Balfe, Vogue