this interview is gold tbh

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All of these new interviews are pure gold, I could happily watch them all day tbh. Harry is so funny and his charisma is just off the charts here and I love watching everyone's reactions to him lol. He's so good at all this, it's so much fun to watch him in action 😍

he is such a charmer, so funny and giggly and contagious!! I love how fionn tries to be exasperated at harry’s (adorable) ridiculousness but ends up going along with it 😂

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can you please do a taohun gif spam with your favorite taohun moments :') //puppy eyes

anon…. do you know what you have done… i’m in so much pain after looking for all these pictures….. just a warning: there will be a shit-ton of gifs. a lot of them. also you get my commentary on the side bc how could i share my fave moments without telling why they’re my favourites.

anyway, here we go!

star splash was amazing. not the part where tao cried after his family obviously (it was horrible i might’ve cried too) but everything else was great. (tao’s very flattering diving outfit also.)

  • okay so the first moment comes here: tao makes a successful jump and you can see how relieved sehun is. suho is there like “thumbs up son that went well i’m glad i paid the diving instructor a little extra“ meanwhile sehun looks like he’s going to collapse from relief.

  • then the iconic moment when suho thinks tao is going to hug him but sehun goes n o p e and pulls tao to himself.

  • here’s another angle (not a gif but i don’t discriminate based on image format)

oh man. moving on! the 13th music billboard annual festival was also absolutely terrible

  • look at this fucking sunshine dweeb waving please both of you focus on the things you’re supposed to be focusing on.

  • then there’s tao, smiling like a goddamn dumbo. please leave.

i’m going to put the rest under a read more~

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Things Caspar Lee Said Part 2

Let’s make this a series, shall we?

On Joe’s tattoo:

Caspar: I think you should get my name on it


A few seconds later:

Joe: It’s gotta mean something

Caspar: I mean something to you, don’t I?

Joe: Stop looking at me like that!

Caspar: Joe, look at me

STAHP, BOYS, STAHP. THIS IS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. Also, look at the way Caspar is looking at Joe, oml.


Also, can we just talk about this cute moment:

Tom: Hold yourself! I’ve got a couple of questions, you need to answer straight away

Joe: Don’t hold me, hold yourself. Yeah, he’s holding me.

Aw <3


Tbh, this interview is pure gold.