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Individual Success PT1(Shawn Mendes x Reader)

I made this imagine with Fred Weasley on my Harry Potter blog, and decided to make a Shawn version with it. There will be more parts so I BEG YOU to be patient because there will be a happy ending. Don’t get fooled by the first couple sentences that Shawn ends up with Camila okay there will be more parts!!!!! Leave feedback hope u enjoy oxxxoxoxoxo

« Y/N! Y/N you look stunning! Can we get a smile?”

Y/N flashed her signature smile at the cameras, ears blocking out, out of habit, the thousands of screams of fans. It wasn’t that she didn’t appreciate her huge fanbase, but come on, she’d like to keep her eardrums intact.

She walked along the red carpet.

Shawn got out of his cab, and lent a hand out to his girlfriend.

“Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes! Hollywood’s sweetest couple! Smile!”

Shawn kissed Camila on the cheek and walked onto the carpet with her. He moved on slowly down the carpet towards the center of it.

Nearing the middle of the carpet, Y/N turned her head and spotted Shawn Mendes. Her breath hitched in her lungs.

Shawn smiled and looked in front of him. His hand fell from Camila’s waist. Standing in front of him was Y/N Y/L/N.

They locked eyes as the same memories played inside both of their heads.


Shawn walked into the bright small Los Angeles café, looking forward to the caffeine he was going to get.

He walked up to the cashier, who had her (hair color) hair tied up in a messy ponytail. She looked up from what looked like a script and smiled.

“Oh my god Shawn Mendes! Oh gosh, I’m so sorry I’m being totally unprofessional haha. Um what can I get you?” she smiled brightly.

Shawn smiled widely at her. Smiling looked good on her.

“Um can I get a triple shot latte?”

“Yeah sure. I’m assuming you got a big day ahead of ya?” She laughed as she started preparing his drink.

“Yeah actually, got a lot of press conferences today.” He glanced down at the pack of papers she was holding. It was indeed a script, more precisely what looked like a musical.

“Triple shot latte.” She said, placing a cup down in front of him.

“Thank you so much um-“ he looked at her nametag. “Y/N.”

“My pleasure. Shawn.” Y/N grinned.

“Um may I ask if that’s a script?”

“Oh yeah, I um have an audition for a musical in a couple weeks.”

“Wow, best of luck!”


Y/N took a deep deep breath before walking into the audition room. The movie musical she was auditioning for was called “Summer of Love” and the character was the main love interest.

Walking in, she spotted a table of directors and, Shawn.

“U-um hi!” Y/N stuttered. What was he doing here?!

“Hi Y/N, thank you for being here today. So, you are auditioning for Shawn’s character’s love interest. Um, why don’t we turn to page 41 and read from the top?”


“Hello Y/N, this is Amy from casting. I’m calling to tell you that you got the part! It’s a six-week shoot, we start on Monday.”



Articles read:

Shawn Mendes and new upcoming actress Y/N Y/L/N to star in musical movie “Summer of Love”

Shawn Mendes’ love interest will be played by Y/N Y/L/N, brand new actress


Shooting the movie was amazing. Y/N and Shawn had this natural chemistry and their attraction on camera was the most natural thing ever.

After each shoot, Y/N and Shawn hung out; at times practicing their scenes, at times just watching their favourite movies together, at times going out late into the night downtown to see the lights of the tall LA buildings.


Pictures of Y/N and Shawn surfaced on the internet, in magazines… Pictures of them laughing together, of them leaving set in sweats and a cup of coffee in hand, snapchats of them on set together goofing around.


“Hello this is and here we are with two absolutely talented actors both making their film debut in the musical «Summer of Love», welcome Shawn Mendes and Y/N Y/L/N!”

Y/N and Shawn sat down, Shawn put his arm around Y/N’s shoulder comfortably.

“So, this is both your first movie. Congratulations by the way! How does it feel?”

“Wow, it’s so cool. Actually when I was a kid, I wanted to become an actor so it’s really out of this world for me right now.” Shawn said.

“Ah the anticipated how do you feel question.” Y/N laughed.

Shawn chuckled, and looked at her.

“Well I moved from Canada five years ago to become an actress, and every single day had been a struggle for me. But luckily I had an amazing family and friends circle betting on me, so I kept on pushing and bam here I am!”

“Oh Y/N, I didn’t know you were from Canada!” The interviewer said.

“Montreal actually.” Shawn interjected as Y/N opened her mouth to say the same answer.

“Hahaha you two seem very close!”

“I guess we are.” Y/N grinned. “We became really close of course during this entire shoot and we hung out every day actually.”

“Shawn, what do you think of Y/N?”

“Oh god, where do I start. She’s annoying, irritating-“

“Shut up!” Y/N punched him amicably.

“I’m kiddiing.” Shawn said to her. “Y/N is honestly a perfect mix of funny, kind, goofy, artistic and um… “

“And um what mister?”

“Fun.” Shawn finished.

“Well if you don’t mind me asking are you two-“

“If you’re gonna say dating, I’m going to say yes.” Y/N said. “JUST KIDDING. Oh shit, I already see the paparazzi twisting this around.”

“Yeah, maybe this wasn’t a question to joke around with, the media die for this kind of stuff.” Shawn smiled down at her.


“Alright guys last shot of the whole movie. The kiss scene. Make it fire. Action!”

Y/N and Shawn undeniably had feelings for each other. What was a little crush turned slowly into more, and after a long six weeks, their feelings have blossomed into a beautiful love waiting to be announced.

Shawn looked into Y/N’s eyes, and took her hand in his. Y/N smiled up at him and closed her eyes as she felt his lips on hers.

And in this moment, they were not their characters, they were Y/N and Shawn and their kiss lit up fireworks in their minds.


“Wow you look beautiful.” Shawn gushed. Y/N blushed.

“We’ve been a couple for two months and you say that to me every day, you know?”

“Well how can I not, it would be a sin not to tell you you are beautiful.”
“I love you Shawn.”

“I love you more love.”

Shawn pulled Y/N into a kiss.

“Whoa whoa whoa there tiger. Red lipstick.” Y/N smirked.

“Fuck it.” Shawn said, pulling her close again.

On their way to the premiere, he wiped the lipstick off his face.

“You know, eeeverybody thinks we’re dating.” Shawn said.

“Well we are.” Y/N giggled.

“So do you think we should just tell them and make it official?”

“I don’t see why not, since we’re not very subtle anyway.” Y/N laughed.

The two stepped out on the carpet to a round of shouts and camera flashes.

“Y/N! Y/N you look amazing! Oh and you came with Shawn!”

“Yeah actually we have a little announcement to make.” Y/N said, looking at the cameras.

Shawn was looking at her, and said:

“Yeah and that announcement is-“
He pulled Y/N into his arms and kissed her. Y/N smiled up at him.

And in that moment, each other was all existed.


“Y/N have you seen my sweater-“

Shawn looked up to quite a sight. There y/N was, sitting in his apartment kitchen, wearing his sweater and fuzzy socks, coffee mug in one hand, book in another.

“Hmm?” She looked up.

“Nothing.” Shawn said, sitting beside her, kissing her cheek.


Shawn’s career was flourishing and he was preparing his biggest tour yet, he was going to be on the road for a year and a half.

Y/N meanwhile, had been to numerous auditions, but hasn’t gotten a part since Summer of Love.


“Shawn are you coming to bed baby?” Y/N hugged him from behind, as he was hunched over contracts and international concert venue information sheets.

“Hmm yeah.”

Y/N went to bed alone, waiting for his body to warm her up.


“Hello love.” Shawn said coming back home.

On the kitchen counter was a note.

“Hey Shawn, I got three auditions in a row tonight. See ya in the morning.”


“We never spend time together anymore!”

“Well maybe I’d see you more often if you weren’t involved in tour preparations 24/7!”

“I’d see you more often Y/N if you weren’t trying to get every movie role available in America!”

“I’m sorry if I’m ambitious and want things in life!”

“I have ambitions too!”

Y/N sat down, tears streaming down her face. Shawn flopped down onto a chair, hand going through his hair nervously.

“What’s happening to us Shawn?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“Our goals, careers they’re just. They’re driving us apart.”

“I miss how we used to be.”

“We’re still the same people, we’re just so busy you know? Anyways, I got an audition in ten minutes we’ll um we’ll talk later.”

“I’ll come with you.”

The cab ride, Shawn held Y/N’s hand. Their minds left their careers, their jobs, their schedules and just focused on this intimate moment. As they pulled up to the building however, it all came rushing back.

Y/N’s audition went well. She was borderline trying, having been rejected for every role she auditioned in the past year. This just made the casters see her natural self though, and they loved her.


Outside of the audition building, on a park bench overlooking the city.

“So, what do we do Y/N?”

“I don’t know. Nothing. You’ll have to go on tour, because that’s what you love; and I’ll stay here and you know, wait for responses.”

“I’ll never forget you Y/N. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you. When I met you, my life was changed because of you.”

“And I will always love you Shawn. Maybe we’ll find out way back to each other.” Y/N smiled sadly.


The camera flashes and shouts came back into Shawn and Y/N’s ears. Y/N blinked and Shawn swallowed as they both turned away from each other and smiled to the cameras.

Y/N turned her head slightly to look back at Shawn. He did the same. In their eyes there still was a hint of love that would not fade.

Y/N smiled at him, and Shawn gave her a small one back.

They weren’t with each other, but all of their other dreams had come true. Y/N was an Oscar-winning actress and Shawn had taken home his first Grammys. It just wasn’t with each other that it all happened.

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Never say die - Chapter 20

Pairing: Axl Rose x reader
Words: 1813
Summary: Reader accidentally time travels back to 1985 where Axl, Duff, Slash, Steven and Izzy find her.
Warnings: Smut again lol

Never say die masterlist

A/N: Idk what i think about this but hereee, i’m sorry i haven’t updated this earlier. Welll i hope you enjoy again.

Originally posted by dust-cake-gretal

We were sitting at a bar again, there was only Erin, Axl, Duff, Izzy and Scarlet with me there, we had lost Slash and Steven somewhere. We were going to still travel to Georgia tonight in couple of hours.

We chatted and drank and smoked together at the table, but soon after a while some random man approached us. Scarlet’s face brightened immediately when she saw him.

”Oh, Dave! What are you doing here?” Scarlet exclaimed and got up to hug the man. The man gave Scarlet a warm smile before the both of them turned back to us. ”This is my brother. His name is Dave,” she said and all of us greeted him with a short ‘hi’. She introduced us as well to Dave and when she had mentioned my name, Dave stayed looking at me for a while and made an intensive eye contact with me, which made me blush, but then turned back to the others.

”Nice to meet you all,” Dave greeted as well, smiling.

”What brings you here?” Scarlet asked eagerly.

”I came here to interview a few people for the newspaper. And saw a couple of friends here as well,” he answered to her. ”You remember Nick, right? From high school, he moved back to North Carolina about two weeks ago after being a few years in Europe.”

”Ohh Nick, right. Damn, i haven’t heard anything about him in ages,” Scarlet said, thinking. ”Oh yeah and also, Dave works as a journalist for a quite popular newspaper,” Scarlet told us eagerly. ”Hey, maybe you could give an interview for Dave as well?” she offered.

Duff, Axl and Izzy looked quickly at each other and then shrugged. ”Yeah why not,” Izzy answered.

”But later,” Duff continued. ”I want to finish my vodka without any extra questions.”

”Damn, thanks a lot, guys. My boss is going to be satisfied if i really get one from you. Big fan,” he said laughing. Then he turned back to me again and looked straight into my eyes. ”But damn, Scarlet, you haven’t told me how gorgeous your friend here is,” he said smiling and winked.

”Hey! Hands off her, go to flirt with other chicks, she’s not interested!” Axl said to the man, raising his voice. I looked at Axl, raising my eyebrows and giving him a murderous look to shut the fuck up. The others looked at Axl too quite surprised and confused.

”What do you mean Amy’s not interested?” Izzy asked raising his eyebrows, laughing a bit. Axl just opened his mouth, closing it again, not knowing what to answer to this.

I furrowed my eyebrows as well, pretending to not know what got into him. ”Yeah, Axl, why? I think i can handle things myself without you taking part of this,” i scoffed and shook my head. I looked at Axl and saw him clenching his fists. These were again the times when i was scared that our cover would fail because of Axl’s temperament.

”I just,” he started. ”I just saw you earlier flirting there with couple of other chicks as well so, uhm, i-i just don’t want any player trying to hit on her,” Axl tried to stutter some excuse and then cleared his throat and scratched his neck. Erin looked at him a bit confused and worried.

Dave just chuckled. ”Man, i just arrived here, maybe there’s some guy who just looks like me,” he said to Axl and patted his shoulder. ”An honest mistake, it’s alright,” Dave said smiling and winked. ”I already started thinking that you two were dating.”

”What? That’s ridiculous,” Axl said laughing nervously and grabbed Erin by her waist, pulling her closer to him. ”I’m dating this beautiful woman, i’m just friends with Amy,” he said and turned to look at Erin, kissing him on her lips and they both shared a smile with each other. And just by watching them smiling and looking happier than ever, it hurt like hell although i know he was just pretending. But he made it look so real.

”Oh damn, you really look like the perfect couple,” Dave said and then turned back to me. ”So, could i by any chance buy you a drink now when this matter is solved?” he asked. I shared a short look with Axl, but soon moved my gaze back to Dave.

”Sure, why not,” i answered smiling and he went to chat with the bartender until came back and handed me a glass of beer. He came to sit next to me, casually put his arm around my shoulder. Axl was sitting in front of me with Erin, only the table separating us from each other. I saw how his blood was basically boiling inside him.

The next hour i let Dave flirt with me and tell all stories about him and his work and everything, and some of them were quite interesting as well. Axl watched us the whole time, still hand on Erin’s waist, her head resting on Axl’s shoulder. And a few times they shared a kiss with each other, Erin starting it though but Axl had to play along.

”Hey, i was just wondering,” Dave started. ”Would you go out with me sometimes?” he asked me carefully. I thought about it for a moment and saw Axl’s head turned to us, but then Erin turned his attention back to her again. ”I mean, it’s okay if you don’t want to,” Dave corrected when i didn’t answer immediately.

”Hmm, i don’t know, i have to think about it. But we’re leaving to Georgia soon anyway, tonight already, so,” i told him and shrugged.

”No way, really? I’m going there too. Could i come there the same way with you guys?” he asked others and they nodded. Before i could say anything more to Dave, Axl got my full attention.

”Amy, can i talk with you for a moment?” Axl asked me, but wasn’t patient enough to wait for an answer and grabbed me by my arm, starting to walk away from others. ”We’ll come right back, okay,” he told others. They just nodded and we started heading to the hotel, it was right in front of the bar actually, across the road. And soon we were already upstairs in Axl’s hotel room, Axl closing the door after us.

”What did you wa–” i started but couldn’t finish my sentence since Axl already lifted me and threw me over his shoulder, carrying me towards the bed. ”Hey, what the fuck are you doing, let me down!” i tried to yell, but i still had to admire how much strength he had.

He threw me on the bed and started ripping my clothes off. ”You shut the fuck up now,” he commanded me between his teeth. ”Do you think you can flirt with that Dave bitch like that, huh?” he asked angrily and took now my pants off and threw them to floor and soon i was laying there only my underwear on.

I just smiled amused. ”Is someone jealous?” i asked smirking and Axl raised his eyebrows.

”Jealous?” he scoffed. ”I’m not fuckin jealous.”

”Yes you are,” i stated, still grinning, and i could see even more fire in his eyes. ”Just admit it, you’re fuckin jealous when you saw Dave keeping his arm around me and even talking with me, saying cheeky flirting stuff to me, asking me for a date aaand –”

”Yeah, fine! I was fuckin jealous when i saw how he looked at you, i’ve never been more jealous, are you happy now, huh?” he said with a loud voice.

I pondered it for a moment and didn’t even notice when he took his underwear off. ”Hmm, i don’t really know, could you say it again?” i asked.

He looked at me in the eyes, brought his face closer to mine so our noses almost touched each other. ”I’ll fuckin show you how much i hate that guy now, i’ll make sure that you know who you actually belong to,” he murmured with a low voice and before i could even think about an answer, he slammed into me hard, with no warning and gave me no time to adjust.

I screamed a bit because of the pain and sinked my nails on Axl’s back. When it wasn’t so painful anymore, i dared to say something again. ”Do you know why i did it?” i asked, panting, and he turned to look at me, raising his eyebrows. ”Because it hurt so fuckin much seeing you w-with Erin,” i tried to say desperately between my moans.

”Oh, so now you’re the jealous one,” he said smirking and started moving even faster, hitting exactly the right spot.

”O-of course i am fuckin jealous, i don’t want to see you with her,” i said angrily, cupped his face and took him in a deep, passionate kiss. ”One time you’re kissing Erin and looking happier than ever, and then soon you’re fucking me in a hotel room like it was our last day alive,” i said whimpering and had to keep a break from speaking.

”I’m sorry, okay, it’s just that we can’t reveal this yet to them. I hate to pretend but –” he started.

”I don’t care, we’re not doing this anymore until you’ve told Erin, you understand?” i stated, raising my eyebrows. ”I’m not gonna lie them anymore. You have to choose, me or Erin.”

Axl just sighed and slowered his movements a bit. ”Fine, i guess that’s fair enough,” Axl groaned. ”I’ll tell her in some point, okay.”

And suddenly, just a bit before i reached my climax, the door opened and we heard a familiar voice. ”Hey, Axl, have you –” Steven started and Axl immediately stopped moving and the horror spread on my and Axl’s faces, my heart starting to beat faster. ”Oh shit, i’m so sorry, i thought –”

Steven was standing about ten metres away from us and Axl tried to hide me with his body the best he could. ”What the fuck are you doing here?! Don’t you see we’re in the middle of action here,” Axl interrupted him and looked at Steven over his shoulder. ”With, uhm, Erin,” Axl added which didn’t help the situation much though.

”I’m really sorry, i was just going to come to ask if you had seen Amy anywhere? The others told me that she left with you,” Steven asked awkwardly, but before Axl could answer anything, he continued. ”Wait. I just saw Erin a moment ago downstairs with Scarlet,” Steven said confused, furrowing his eyebrows.

Axl looked at me quickly, not knowing what to do. I turned to look at Steven over Axl’s shoulder and saw his eyes widening, accidentally dropping his glass he was holding which broke into pieces on the floor. ”Look, we can explain.”