this interview is from hell

People of Earth

Just a friendly reminder — Please consider not saying “we all think/thought” or “we all feel/felt” on your blogs because clearly we all perceive things differently. Things that yank my chain might not yank yours, and vice versa.

Emotions and reactions ran the gamut during Georgia Gate On Facebook™, after the Interview From Hell™ (IFH™), and do run the gamut in response to daily shite posted on social media.

In the immortal words of author Scott Adams, we are all induhviduals… no, that doesn’t sound right…

Note to my three readers: I have officially trademarked Interview From Hell™ and IFH™ — apparently I was asleep at the Marriage Train controls when I coined the term on January 20, 2016. Thank you for overlooking my incompetence.

Another Ride - Chapter 4: What Now

One of my favorite things Ive ever written!

Chapter 3

James was finally free of his endless interviews. He left the room, wondering if he would find Sharna back in their rehearsal room. He made his way to their room and found it empty. He pulled his phone out of his bag and saw that he has a message from Sharna.

Leaving. Its 3:30. See you tomorrow if you EVER finish.

She sent that message nearly an hour ago. James quickly realized there was no point in him being there alone. As he walked back down the hall, he typed a message to Sharna.

Finally free from interview hell. In need of a nap and a hug so cancel our rehearsal plans for tomorrow.

He smiled to himself as he sent the message.

One of the things he was loving most about coming back was that it was just like picking up where they left off. He knew Sharna so well already and there wasnt any hesitation or awkwardness to get through. They were able to just jump right back into it like they never left.

James glanced into a room that he passed and saw Val in there alone. On a whim, he knocked gently on the door and walked in.

Hey, James said, leaving his bag just inside the door and walking in. Wheres your partner at?

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thequeenofeffineverything  asked:

Hi :) I'm new in the Outlander fam. My mum turned me on to the show and I've just read all the books, and of course have delved into the tumblr-Outlander world. I've noticed you talking about IFH in different asks, and I was wondering what that is? You don't have to answer publicly if you don't want. Also, I def ship Sam and Cait! Thanks :)

Hii lovely! Welcome aboard!! 

The IFH is this interview. I can’t remember who came up with the name (maybe you @fromheretoeternity1121?) but it means “interview from hell”. It was the first (and only) official video interview where Sam and Cait denied being a couple. The reason we all hated that day so much is because it was completely unexpected. At the time the majority of us were convinced they had just gotten married and were going to walk the carpet together as a couple at the GG’s a few days later. I hope that helps you out. You know where I am if you need any more questions answered :)

The Road Back from Hell
  • Interviewer: Can you cite examples where you were writing more autobiographically than people suspected?
  • Billie Joe: Hitchin’ A Ride is one. Lazy Bones, on ¡Dos! – that song makes me well up, just thinking about it. Little Boy Named Train – that song is so me. It’s about being lost. When I was a kid, I’d always wander off and not really know where I was at. Or I’ll lose myself in thought.

Netflix pass on Marvel’s Agent Carter (x)

Netflix won’t be rescuing Marvel’s Agent Carter from cancellation hell and, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, their Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, has explained why:

“We’re looking for truly original brands to own,” he says, “and in that Marvel space we already have [original comic book shows] – so that was mostly why.”

“They also have some output deal complexities. So when you pick it up, being able to pick it up globally is difficult even after it’s cancelled. Some of those output partners still had it on the air, so they would argue its covered by their output [deals]. Unfortunately, it was a business decision more than a creative one.” 

So there you go. There will be no Agent Carter on Netflix in the foreseeable future. 

i just watched that interview of cara delevingne and good day sacramento that people are going nuts over and tbh i don’t think she was in the wrong… those interviewers were condescending as hell from the beginning like they introduced her as “carla delevingne” and asked her “have you read the book” like??? why wouldn’t she have read the book she’s in the damn movie…

  • interviewer: so what do you look for in a girl?
  • celebrity: i mean, it's always nice to meet someone with natural beauty-
  • me: excuse me? i recycle pizza boxes bc I care about the earth. isn't that the only natural beauty that matters??
  • interviewer:
  • interviewer: who are you and where the hell did you come from
Sam & begets love!

A HUGE thank you to @cb4tb , @sherry-blossom , and @heathercat56 for your very logical and clear analysis of the situation.  It seems abundantly clear to me now that a potential Starz buy-out and contract negotiations led to the denial.  While on the feeling level it makes no sense, on the thinking level it makes all the sense in the world.  A deal could be made or broken on the relationship that the stars of the show have.  That the denial interview, commonly referred to by us shippers as the Interview From Hell, has caused us alot of pain is a well known fact.  But imagine what it must feel like for them!  We KNOW that they are the real deal, that they are genuine, authentic, caring…all of the attributes we hope to see in a human being we see in them.  I’ll not waver from believing in them, respecting them, trusting them, or loving them.  They were forced to do the IFH but they have let a few things out FOR US…to tell us to HANG IN THERE with them, for them.   Their relationship, dare I say their marriage (b/c I think the rings on Cait’s fingers at the Christmas interview were their wedding bands) is solid and strong and unshakeable!  They LOVE each other, they LOVE life, they LOVE their work, they LOVE fans/us…the best we can do is to LOVE them back.  I know that LOVE begets LOVE!

I am Switzerland

I’ve decided to do something I rarely do - to give you my take on things in the SC fandom, but today I felt the need to. I woke up this morning to a post about @pufflander leaving tumblr and it made me so sad. Very sad indeed.

I haven’t been on the Samcait ship for more than five months but in that short period I have found kindred spirits, compassionate and caring souls and good online friends, and not to forget the main reason to board this ship: a shared passion for a lovely couple who cannot hide the love they feel for each other for the world - so much that even I was not able to overlook it. And since I am a hopeless romantic - it pleased my heart…still does.

The ride has been rough at times - there has been ups and downs but I stubbornly stay with my belief - that SC are a couple, and very much so.
But after the interview from hell the fandom has been divided…and a lot of bashing has been going on - on multiple sides…and I refuse to take part in this, the bashing… the choosing sides. 


Some may find me too gullible, some may find me too naive, too straight forward or maybe even too stupid…that’s allright because I live in a free country where everybody is entitled to have their own opinion as I have mine…You see, being neutral does not mean I don’t have an opinion about things, it does not mean that i will try to please everybody….but it means that I won’t choose between this or that, it means I have my own opinion but do not always wish to share it. It means I try to respect different sides and different opinions (as I hope people will respect mine)….


I’m not running a big, significant blog. I have around 300 followers and I cherish every one - I am very thankful that they find me important enough to follow me. To gain as much information about what’s going on with our lovely couple, I follow various shipper blogs. I lurk, reblog, like and comment. That doesn’t mean I always agree with the blogger, but I find it important to show different point of views on my blog as well. 

I don’t follow the dark side, never have, never will - because they don’t have anything in common with me and frankly I get depressed when I randomly see one of their posts. So that’s a no-go for me. 

What I try to say is - I will continue to follow a lot of different shipper blogs, even if I don’t always agree with them. Because it’s important for me in order to gain the most various informations - to see the wider picture - in order for me to put the puzzle pieces together.

I have followed Puffy since the start and Jess, too and the rest of the cool kids club…and that’s not going to change. I’ve refused to take side in the occasionally shipper bashing going on in this fandom, and that’s not going to change either because I AM SWITZERLAND - AND I STAY NEUTRAL

I’m truly sad to see Puffy leave because I admire her insight and spot on remarks - but that’s her shipper choice…I adore Jess’ huge enthusiasm, love and dedication for our couple - because that’s her shipper choice. I enjoy Sherrigamblings detective skills - that’s her shipper choice. I find St-Teresa-of-Avila’s ‘fuck Frank’ comments hilarious - and that’s her shipper choice…and I could go on and on…

I will continue to swoon daily over Tom Hiddleston and his awesomeness, i will stay true to the SamCait ship because that’s what i believe in, i will continue to be a straight forward, gullible and caring person because that’s who I am. I will follow different blogs because I’m an information-seeker and always have the need to know… and I WILL STAY NEUTRAL LIKE SWITZERLAND - and that’s my shipper choice

Now you may disagree with me and unfollow me because of that choice and that’s allright. I will indeed be sad to see you leave my blog, but I would never blame you or bash you for that decision. I cannot and will not try to change your mind, because I believe in the free right to speak different opinions and that different opinions gives the most various picture but most of all because that’s your shipper choice and I respect that…

So if our ways have to separate because of this, I bid you farewell, wish you all the happiness in the world and smooth SC shipping forward.

I AM SWITZERLAND AND I WILL STAY NEUTRAL and not loose my integrity over that. 

XOXO Sjallepalle

( PS: i beg you excuse me for any language mistakes I have made in this post - English isn’t my first language)