this interview is from hell


This is a video I keep in my phone and listen to it once in a while when I’m down. 

It’s one hell of a gifset, but I just don’t want to cut anything he said because every word shows his precious growing mindset. Everyone has weakness and difficult times, but it is so important that one can be critical of oneself even if others are lenient, be conscious of their ability and goal, be realistic but also optimistic about the future, and have a fire to keep going despite hardship. Each of those characteristics is good enough, but it’s such an amazing thing to find this all in one person, and condensed in just a few sentences in this interview.

Beside his lovely performances, this is the reason why I admire this person so much. And because life is so hard for me recently, let me just translate this and gain some strength from it now then.

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Hi hun, I just wanted to drop some love on your blog. Whenever I have a bad day or feel down I love coming here and seeing so much positivity and good vibes. Love how you encourage being uplifting others and thinking positive. Much love! 💕❤️

I’m sending love right back to you, @allthefangirlishfeels, and to all who are having a hard time right now! I am so glad my blog can be uplifting. 

I am truly blessed that I have no doubts about Sam and Cait on any level. I trust that they are the kind, compassionate, generous, honest, and genuine people everyone has described them to be. I trust that their love is of the rare, written-in-the-stars and meant-to-be kind. Perhaps where I differ from some who have a hard time with the Narrative, I trust that none of it is their choice…or if they do have a choice, it’s so bad as to not be viable. 

For anyone who wants to believe, but is still full of doubt after more than a year of the Narrative, I’ll remind you of the absolute joy and giddiness Sam and Cait displayed on Flirty Thursday (the day before the IFH). Look at them!

Everything pointed to a reveal at the Golden Globes. Here are just two of many examples:

Even Sam’s stylist for the Golden Globes knew about the reveal. He captioned this IG post “MR + MRS.” Apparently he didn’t get the IFH memo.

And then their world turned upside down. I believe they were vacationing together in Costa Rica (Sam had previously been in Thailand). There was bad weather which prevented them from getting to the PCAs in time. (There was no problem with flights from Thailand.) Lionsgate was looking to buy Starz at this time, and I believe they discovered that Sam and Cait were together, which didn’t suit them. Hence the Interview From Hell where Sam and Cait both looked like someone had died, and Sam looked like he’d been crying. Sam has a glass face and can’t hide his love for Cait. Look at the difference in their faces and bodies in the IFH compared to the Flirty Thursday gif above. I don’t understand how can anyone honestly believe this was their choice. 

Where does that leave us? LG/Starz is still promoting (more like shoving it down our throats) the Narrative. I’ve given up trying to guess if and when it will be over, because I don’t think like TPTB do. Money and power are not my gods; LOVE is. So I ignore the noise (or Noise of Nothingness, as I call it). I don’t pretend it’s not there, but I choose not to give it any energy. Why would I? I’d be giving my power over to TPTB, and they don’t deserve it. Sam and Cait, on the other hand, are the ones who are suffering the most from the Narrative. They have to hide their love, hide their pride in each other (remember BAFTA), hide their relationship, and as Sam so eloquently stated at the recent SDCC, he feels like he’s living his personal life in a cave. On top of that, they have to watch as their beloved is linked to a fake SO, AND they are accused of lying and deception. LG/Starz have put them in an untenable position. It breaks my heart.

I may be accused of being a Sam apologist, and that’s okay. What others do is up to them, but I will defend Sam and Cait as long as necessary, because that is what my heart and my integrity direct me to do. For me, there is nothing more important than love, and that’s what I see in and around Sam and Cait.

Whoever is reading this, wherever you are in your process with the Narrative, I hope you find peace. Trust yourself, not others. Listen to your heart. Listen to your intuition. Ignore the Noise. Remember what you know. 

Blessings to us all.

christmas is talking about how this is a game where you need to collect info from others and how one shouldn’t be mad at someone else for doing so…….sis, you and the rest of the uglies literally got rid of dom because she was supposedly “collecting info” from people during ha interviews 


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I'm very confused. What happened with supergirl and once?? What am I missing

So for once Once Upon a Time did things right.  They’ve announced that they will have a new season seven LGBT character, admitted their previous representation was “a special episode” and that this would be a character who is gay not a gay storyline.  Also heavily implied a romance so … more likely two LGBT characters.  They’ve also taken their show with one person of color in a 9 member cast and they now have a majority woman of color cast.

Supergirl’s cast decided to take the opportunity of their biggest publicity even of the year to sing a jokey rap that included screaming about how a fanon queer ship was never going to happen.  Included in the interview train wreck from hell was the assertion that attending musical theater school meant you understood people making assumptions about sexuality and that was the same thing as gay people wanting fictional people to be non-straight.  Talking over a costar who was trying to walk back the mess.  Issuing an apology that talked about how hurt they were people were mad at them.  Telling gay people they were attacking their allies.  And threatening to sue a 19 year old girl who wrote a thoughtful letter about how the entire thing made her feel.

Isn’t it nice to be in OUAT fandom for once where we’re not the ones on fire in the dumpster on fire on the ship full of dumpsters on fire which is also on fire?

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I used to think CB was behind the denials and fake SO narrative, mostly because she's late in the acting career, maybe she thought ppl wouldn't take her serious as "the actress dating her costar cliche" but after her visceral reaction with Sam bringing a date to EWRC, I really doubt she's the one who came with the idea, she's too much territorial over Sam.

Maybe you haven’t been following me very long. I’ve always asserted the narrative started when Lionsgate was looking to buy Starz, and they found out Sam and Cait were planning to reveal their relationship. LG has a long history of not wanting their “assets” together.

SC had been acting like newlyweds through Flirty Thursday. The next day they were forced to do the Interview From Hell (with Albrecht apparently in the room), where they denied they were together. I think you know the rest. 

I don’t believe Sam and Cait have any choice in this narrative. Several times they appeared to be close to a new reveal, then either the goalposts set by TPTB were moved (i.e. when the Season 3 Premiere was postponed until September), or else SC were slapped back in retaliation for their actions. 

In any event, Sam didn’t take a date to EWRC. She was hired by LG/Starz.

My shipping story

So most of you know I used to be one of the major shippers. I guess I was looking for something in my life at the time to fill a hole, found Outlander, Sam and Cait and all was right again. I hadn’t been in the fandom long before Abbie accompanied Sam to Monte Carlo so at that point I just went with the feeling that they were friends. When Abbie posted pics from from Sams kitchen I blissfully ignored it all. I think I even believed at one point that she was staying at Sams while he was at Caits. Then clay pigeon day came and I thought it was more. I was heartbroken and I almost jumped ship but friends talked me down and I happily carried on blissfully ignoring everything. I totally believed Sam had flown all around the world that New years Eve to see Cait in Costa Rica.

‘Interview from hell’ was next. As I’ve said before I went wedding dress shopping the day after that and I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember any of it because I had been awake all night upset because ‘how could Sam and Cait do that to us’. Then the scotch talks night came, they posted pics and all was right again in my world. I met them in the March and gave them the macaroons. I didn’t ever believe they were married (maybe engaged) but I wanted to give them a joint present from the shippers. I went home thinking they were a couple and how adorable they were.

Next Mackenzie showed up and she was my new Abbie. I along with the other shippers thought she was creating innuendo, playing Sam etc. I tried to ignore her but as time went on it started to become more and more obvious she was something in Sams life. At the same time Cait had been seen with Tony in alot of places. It was Cannes in 2016 where I first had major doubts. I remember thinking surely if Sam and Cait were a couple he would be with her not flipping a tyre over in a street in Scotland. Instead Tony was with her. I didn’t believe in Tptb keeping them apart because surely that would be a goldmine for Starz? Sam next showed up in Montreal where Mackenzie was filming. I was starting to get depressed over it all. I had to start seeing things at face value because it was now affecting my life.

Forward to October and Caits birthday. Rosies tweet made me re-board the ship. For a while I ignored Mackenzie again and obsessed over what looked to me like Sam turning his Twitter into a Cait love fest. It didn’t last long because Mackenzie was back again and then we had the Baftas which was my final nail in the coffin. I couldn’t ship them anymore when they had others. I had to draw a line once and for all and emotionally cut myself off of the ship.

I felt sad. I felt numb. I hated them both for a bit. But when I looked at the bigger picture, I was more annoyed with myself. I had allowed my depression (which at that point been almost gone for a few years) to resurface over it all and it wasn’t right. It was all over my perception of Sam and Cait and what I wanted them to be.

So here we are months later and I’m in a much better place. Sure I sadly lost all but one of my shipper friends but my emotional health is alot better. I believe in love and happiness and to see Sam happy and comfortable with Mackenzie well I’m now here for that. Same with Cait and Tony.

I don’t really know why I wrote this, I always get crap when I write about my Sam and Cait feelings. I wanted to sympathise with shippers but I also wish that some shippers would see the bigger picture. That there is another side to the ship if you just allow yourself to stop and breathe for a bit. Sam and Cait really aren’t the liars you think they are. They are simply living their lives and have been all along. Peace to all ✌

the nurse who loved me

Say hello to the shrinking in your head:
you can’t see it, but you know it’s there, so don’t neglect it.

Sam walks into a bar.

There’s a hunt. Werewolves, maybe, or ghouls. He and Dean have been working the case and he’s still not sure which it is, which is kind of a worry. Either way—he knows what works. He sits at the bar and pops his neck, shrugs his shoulders, but it’s just out of habit. He’s not sore anymore, not tired. A relief, after the long months of feeling so shitty with the trials. He can have a beer now without puking, while he waits for Dean to get back from interviewing the sheriff, and hell, he’s going to indulge. Been long enough without.

The bartender’s tall—maybe as tall as Sam is. “What do you need?” he says, and he’s not smiling.

Sam’s dreaming. There’s a hunt, he thinks, and it’s something—it’s pulling at his attention. Angels, and he doesn’t know why he’s so scared of them, why there’s some kind of hollow yawning dread pulling open the pit of his stomach. He looks at Castiel and feels no warmth, feels nothing but pure skittering terror and he

Sam walks into a bar. The light’s dim, the bar long and dark and familiar. Bars are all the same, in the end, and he takes a stool close to the end, leans his elbows on the counter. He wants a drink. The bartender stands in front of him, silent, and Sam says, “Hey, just a pint of whatever’s on tap,” but the bartender doesn’t move. He’s tall. Maybe Sam’s age, or Dean’s. He frowns, sits up a little more. Thinks, maybe the guy didn’t hear him, and he says, “Hey, buddy?” because it pays to be polite even with assholes, and the bartender leans his hands on the counter, looks right into Sam’s eyes, and

Sam spreads his thighs wider, stretches out against the plush leather back of the armchair. Dean’s mouth is—god. He’s almost too sensitive, but the soft thorough cleaning he’s getting is just so good he can’t find it in himself to complain. Rough hands smooth up over his belly, pet over his hips, and when Dean goes to pull back Sam picks his head up off the chair back with an effort, cups the back of Dean’s head and runs his fingers through the soft short hair. “My turn, isn’t it,” he says, and he’s drowsy but he really is more than willing, only Dean picks his head up and licks his lips and grins, and maybe it’s not the wide pleased got-the-cream smile Sam’s used to but it’s pleased enough, and he says, “Nah, I’m just feeling greedy, Sammy,” and he leans in and kisses Sam, soft, quick enough that Sam finds himself leaning forward, wishing for more. Dean’s already zipping him up, though, neatening him away. Sam wishes he would look up. He wants to see Dean’s eyes, and he doesn’t know why Dean isn’t

Sam walks into a bar and the bartender looks right at him. It’s like he was waiting. Sam sits at the bar and leans on his elbows, asks for a beer.

The bartender looks at him.

Sam drinks his beer, cold bitter at the back of his tongue, and the bartender looks at him. “What do you need?” the bartender says.

Sam puts his pint down and shrugs. “I’m good,” he says, and it’s the truth. Nothing hurts, and there’s a hunt, and Dean’s healthy and happy, and everything is as it should be. Not like this guy needs to know that, though.

“Of course,” the bartender says, slowly. He talks stiffly, awkwardly. “You are—happy.”

Sam frowns a little, though he smiles, too. “Yeah, buddy,” he says, and toasts the guy with his beer. “I’m good.”

There’s—blood, oh—oh, shit, there’s so much—blood purling out from between his fingers, a weird lucky shot and Dean’s crying out, yelling his name across the awful reeking basement, and Sam wavers, shocked, stares at the blood on his fingers for a weird moment thinking, he didn’t expect this, that this terrible dusty place and this stupid ghoul would be the end, after everything, and he falls to his knees and feels the blood warm against his chilled skin and thinks, Dean—

Sam walks into a bar. There’s a hunt. There’s something—wrong, maybe, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. The bartender is gripping hard onto the brass railing. “Whatever’s on tap,” Sam says, and the bartender looks up at him with weird grief on his face, something so vivid that Sam startles still, for a second, frozen half onto the bar stool, and the bartender says, “I am sorry, Sam Winchester,” and Sam thinks what, he thinks how do you and he also thinks why but then the bartender squeezes his eyes closed and bows his head and

There’s time missing. Miles go by and Sam isn’t—he doesn’t remember them. Dean’s worried, he can tell, even though all he gets when he talks about it is dismissal, lots of ‘oh, the trials,’ and ‘you just need more time to heal,’ and, well, Sam loves him but Dean talks a lot of bullshit, a lot of the time. He’ll crawl out of Dean’s bed and go take a shower and then blink at himself in the mirror, completely dressed and brushing his teeth, and have no idea what happened in the interim. He’ll go for a jog and not remember a thing. He looks at himself in the mirror and he’s okay, he recognizes himself, but sometimes, sometimes he’ll open his own eyes and there in the split second when his eyelids part his eyes spark unfamiliar and he thinks

Sam walks into a bar. There’s a hunt, he knows there is. He just—can’t remember the details, right now.

The bartender looks like he’s been crying, though Sam doesn’t notice until after he’s already asked for a pint, and by then it’s too late—he sits there, awkward, while the guy goes through the motions, pouring off the foam, setting the full glass carefully in front of Sam on a neat square coaster. “Thanks,” Sam says, trying to pass it off as normal.

“Do not thank me,” the bartender says, voice a deep scrape. He leans on the brass rail, right in front of Sam, looking into some middle distance. Sam takes an awkward sip—cold, bitter hops lingering in the back of the throat like sorrow, and it’s hard to swallow it down. The bartender closes his eyes. He says, “I am not sure of my course.”

Sam puts the glass down, cups his hands around the cold solidity of it. “Nobody is,” he says. The bartender blinks at him, and hell, Sam’s half-surprised himself, but this guy doesn’t expect him to be Agent Rose, or a hunter with the answers. They’re just two guys, talking.

“Do you not think—“ the bartender starts, and swallows. He folds his arms over his chest, standing stiff and straight. “I thought, always, that there must be a plan, for all of us. That there must be meaning. Now, I am not so sure.”

Sam shrugs. He and Dean have had this conversation, in various ways, half a dozen times. He always feels like he comes to a different conclusion. “I don’t know the answer to that,” he says, semi-honestly. “I think, all you can ever do is what you believe is right.” The bartender looks directly at him, and Sam shrugs, again. “I mean, what’s the alternative?”

There’s a pause, and the bartender nods. “Of course,” he says, but quietly, like he doesn’t mean for Sam to hear—or like it doesn’t matter, if he does. Sam sips his beer and the bartender nods, and meets his eyes. He seems taller, brighter. His shoulders square out and for a second Sam sees him—pure, strong. Beautiful, and that thought’s a surprise but the bartender earns it, somehow. He smiles at Sam and it’s—beautiful. He says, “Thank you, Sam Winchester,” and all Sam can see after that is light.

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i am bad at scheduling

so i’m going to fly to Hong Kong on sept 25 (arrive the 26th), fly back to Canada on sept 30th (arrive sept 30th), then leave for Australia october 2nd (arrive october 4th because time zones and long ass flights) then turn around and fly back to Canada again leaving on october 7th.

how did this happen, you might be wondering? 

i forgot i would lose a day when flying to australia, and that the flight was 24 hours, so i’d really need ~48 hours lead time to get to melbourne by the 4th. 

what… did i just do to myself.

comic #2515: boring

Podcasts I enjoy listening to right now:

  • Food Stuff - history and science behind various foods
  • Stuff You Should Know - history and science behind a bunch of random topics
  • TED Talk Radio - snippets from the best TED talks about various topics
  • Food Psych - interviews with Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size advocates
  • Clients From Hell - resources for freelancers

“I think my first real experience in the rock and roll world came in Cleveland the day that Hole joined the tour. The lineup was actually Marilyn Manson, Hole and Nine Inch Nails. Courtney showed up late. She had flown in and was completely wrecked when she got to the concert. She went on to play probably one of the worst shows in her life, and i’m sure she would admit this. She took off her top said something sarcastic speculating whether Trent Reznor was a top or bottom to piss off the audience, and then dove into the crowd. A lot of people tried to grope her breasts and tear off the rest of her clothes.
After she finished, she decided to come into our dressing room because we had adjoining ones. She was pretty much just in her underpants and her bra, and lying sprawled out, high or drunk. i’m not sure which, probably a combination of both. I was kind of confused by the situation because-other than Trent-she was one of the first infamous (rather than famous) people I had come across. So I kept my distance. i’m not sure if I was scared of her or if I just didn’t want to get involved.
She was trying on everyone’s clothes, and I remember Daisy was pissing me off because, in particularly bad taste, he was trying to trade some of his clothes to get her to send him one of Kurt Cobain’s guitars. She was very cool about it and didn’t take any offense.

Now, Courtney has always said that she had some kind of relationship with Trent but Trent has always denied it. What’s the truth?
I probably shouldn’t talk about that. All I’ll say is that it seemed that Trent had picked Hole to be on the tour as a bit of a novelty. He seemed to dislike her greatly, and I think he wanted her on tour either to make a fool out of her or just to study her. But as the tour progressed I noticed that Trent and Courtney were hanging around a lot together, and it was a part of the tour where he wasn’t talking to us too much. He had disappeared into his own world-or hers.

So you didn’t really know whether they were sleeping together?
Well, things started to get weird a month or so down the road as the tour was ending. Courtney showed up at Trent’s bungalow trying to break down the door and doing some other stuff that I forgot about because I was drunk. But it was some sort of outburst that comes from a girl only if you fuck her. So I could tell that there was something going on that Trent wasn’t telling us about, especially since he was stumbling around her hotel room at certain hours of the night that were very suspicious. Still to this day he won’t admit to any of us what happened. So you can make your own judgement.

I thought this interview was to tell the truth about everything that happened in the past year.
I’m telling the truth, but Twiggy can probably tell you more because he had an undocumented, undisclosed relationship with her afterwards. 

Is that true Twiggy?
Twiggy: It’s true that I need whiskey and speed.
Manson: What happened was that after the leg of the tour with Hole was over, for some reason we kept running into Courtney. Whenever she would pop up, it would cause great amounts of stress for Trent. He’s a non-confrontational person so rather than dealing with it he would let it torment him. There was a night that we were all partying. I think it was in Houston, and Trent was working on the Natural Born killers soundtrack. Twiggy and I went out to a bar and some guy gave us drugs. We had one of our very first nights of terror where I felt like I was gonna die, and I wanted to call everybody I knew and tell them that I loved them and that I was afraid. In the midst of the terror, Twiggy disappeared because he had gotten some frantic phone call in the middle of the night. Apparently Courtney was in town and told him, “Come over. I’m freaking out!”
He didn’t come back until about seven o’clock the next morning. I asked him what happened, and he pulled up his shirt and had these giant red claw marks on his back. He kind of sheepishly admitted to doing some very graphic and very obscene sexual acts. Very exciting. I’ll leave it up to your imagination. So they continued to have this secret relationship, probably because Twiggy wasn’t famous enough at the time for Courtney to admit that she was having sex with him.

Do you think she was manipulating him to get to Trent?
Manson: I don’t know, but Trent seemed to think so. And it worked. Because not long afterwards we got a call from John Malm, the president of Nothing. During the tour, we had fired our management from Florida, which was too busy taking care of that country band the Mavericks to really care, and let Nothing take over. So now John Malm, our new manager, was telling us, “Listen, you can’t hang out with Courtney because she’s trying to find out where Trent’s staying and she’s gonna use you to do it.”

So which did you choose, Twiggy, Trent’s peace of mind or your budding relationship with Courtney?
Twiggy: Whiskey and speed.
Manson: He kept seeing her, but not to rebel against anyone. He was just into her. I think he was also starstruck by Courtney because he had never had a relationship with anyone of her stature. At the time I didn’t really understand Courtney and was siding with Trent. I sympathized with him and believed his side of the story. I felt like Courtney was a bad thing and I didn’t want any part of it.
Twiggy: Everyone was accusing me of being used when at the time it was genuine. It meant something. I learned a lot from that relationship, more than any other one. It was inspiring. But the closer we got to each other, the more pressure there was to stay away. I think there was also this idea at the beginning that I was discrediting Trent’s trophy. I guess the timing was wrong.

Is there anything else you want to add, Twiggy?
Twiggy: Whiskey and speed.
Manson: I never really ever had a conversation with Courtney until just recently, when I found out that she is a very smart person and more in control than most people think. We were playing somewhere on the West Coast and there was a knock on our tour bus door. I heard this drunken, raspy voice screaming, “Jeordie! Jeordie! Where the fuck’s Jeordie?” And Courtney came limping on the tour bus because apparently the night before she had fallen and hurt her leg. She saw a girl sitting there and immediately started telling her, “You don’t need to be on this bus. You should get a keyboard and start your own band. Then these guys’ll be on your bus.”
Then she looked at us and asked, “You got any donuts?” I had just gotten a dozen glazed donuts and she took four and devoured them before I even saw her mouth open. Then she whipped off her bandage and winged it at our tour manager, who started freaking out because getting blood on him, whether it belongs to someone famous or not, was not in his contract. When Twiggy came out from the back of the tour bus, no doubt hiding the several teenage girls he had back there, he seemed semi-embarrassed and semi-entertained by the whole situation. It was at that point that I started to like Courtney and gain a bizarre respect for her because she made me laugh and I thought she was cool.”
-Marilyn Manson, 1995 interview from, The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, 1998.

Interview from hell cole sprouse x reader part one

I sat back stage with the rest of the cast plying with snap. I zoom in on kj face when he’s not looking.
“ so we have a stalker do we” Cole whispers in my ear.
I turn around to see Cole smirking and I rolled my eyes.
“ should I tell Kj your madly in love or should you” he said softly
I giggled “what do you mean” I asked
“ oh y/n don’t act as if I’m dumb” he said
“ Cole I don’t know what you mean I do not like Kj like that” I said
“ hmmmm then who” he said smirking
“ what do you mean” I asked
“ you like someone I can tell your always, gushing about some guy when your on FaceTime with your best friend.” He said
“ you mean him ” I said giggle
“ what are you jealous” i ask
“ what no” he said crossing his arms
“ then why do you need to know so bad” I ask
“ I was wondering” he said
“ no more like an interview” I said “ come one Cole just say it you love me” I close to his face
“ I do not love you” he said
I kissed him lightly on the cheek
“ what ever you say Cole” I whispered and walked over to Kj

“So did you tell him” Kj asked “ tell him what” I asked “ you love him, 90% of the time when we talk we’re talking about him” he said “ no he thought I was in love with you” I said “ what you me” he said laughing “ yeah” I said “ speaking of the devi” Kj said softly Just then Cole came over. “Hey Kj and Y/n ” he said “ oh Kj lets run off and get married” I said “ oh let’s” he said “ hahahah very funny, I’m guessing she told you I thought she was in love with you” he said “ oh yes she did” Kj said “ you know I know the guy she likes”. I punch his arm “ shut up Kj” I said “ oh you do” Cole said smirking “ who is he” “ I can’t tell she will kill me” he said “ oh no she won’t” Cole said “ oh yes I will” I said glaring “ I told you” said Kj “ just tell me” he said “ Kj tell him but once I’m gone” I said as I get up and walk away quickly to my trailer. Cole’s pov I watched her quickly walk away. “ so tell me Kj” I said looking at him. “ your an idiot you are in love with her admit it” he said I rolled my eyes. “ I am not” I said even though i was lying through my teeth. “ lies then why must you know so bad” he asked “ because I must know” I said “ you idiot, it’s you she like you” he said “ stop messing with me and tell me ” I said “ she is deeply in love with your dumb ass” he said “ what” I said I looked the way she had left “ I’ll be back” I said “ go get her Cole” he said Where could she be I thought as I walked the way she went. The place she’s at home, her trailer. Y/n pov I slammed my trailer door shut. “ what am I going to do” I whispered to my self he’s not gonna like me I’m just me. Then my phone started to ring. It was my best friend y/b/f/n. “ hey- what the hell is wrong” she said “ nothing” I said “Lies tell me” she said I sighed “He knows” I said “ Like HIM like Cole” she asked “ Yeah Cole knows how I feel” I said “ what did he say” she asked “ I don’t know, I walked away-” I said There was a knock on the door and I heard Coles voice “ y/n can we talk” he asked “ I’ll talk you later” I said then hung up the phone I opened the door to my trailer to see him. “ hi” he said “Hey, please come in” I said he walks in I close the door and turn around. Suddenly his lips were on mine and I was pushed up against the door. My hands run through his hair and he pulls apart. “ you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that” he said I blushed “ Probably as long as I have been wanting” I said He kissed me again but this one was softer and then it got heated his hands washed over me as he kissed my neck. There was a knock on the door. “Y/n they need you on set” a voice said “ I’ll be right there” I said “ we can finish this latter” Cole whispered “ or in a little because we do have our kissing scene” I said “ your right, maybe we should practice more” he said “ no no no, we are needed on set” I said With that we walked on set. The scene was set in my characters bedroom. “And action” “ Emma your the most beautiful girl I have ever seen” Cole said “ oh juggie stop lying” I said he took my face in his hands “ you are” he said softly and kissed me .

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