this interview gives me life

If you haven’t yet read the newest interview summary with Mappa’s producer Otsuka (who also worked on Yuri on Ice) then I highly highly recommend reading it (it’s so good). Allow me to highlight a few of my favorite points from it:

  • Yuuri keeps surprising Viktor both as a skater and in private, and Viktor is drawn to him as a person and influenced by him
  • Yuuri’s and Viktor’s relationship is drawn around love, and bonds with others. Yuuri and Yurio’s relationship is about doing one’s best
  • For Viktor and Yuuri, their coach-skater relationship is just the outer layer of their connection 
  • They met when Yuuri was miserable and Viktor felt that he was losing sight of something in his life; when they both needed change
  • They completed each other and found a new path to follow ahead of them
  • Viktor’s and Yuuri’s relationship has transcended love and gone even beyond that. They push each other in the best direction possible

All of this confirms what I’ve been thinking for a while now, but couldn’t quite express. The line “their coach-skater relationship is just the outer layer of their connection“ is exactly what I needed though. Because yes, they are coach and skater but that is just one aspect of their relations.

Some people will only see that “outer layer” of their relationship, and will refuse to see the love that lies deeper, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s there. They love each other as skaters, as competitors, as coach and student and as humans - as two people who are in love.

Their love is not just simple romantic love - it is more than that. Their love is bigger than that. Their love is complex and multi-layered and it is in no way inferior to clear-cut romantic love.

And I just… appreciate that so much.

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The office au gives me life. Going around interviewing everyone asking them what's up with Stanley, and everyone answering with something along the lines of "He thinks we don't know that he has a crush on Lefou and he's very hopeless" and then it gets to Lefou looking confused and just being like "Wait what's up with Stanley did I miss something". Stanley's up to speak and he's just like "I danced with him once and then excused myself to go scream in the bathroom for 20 minutes"

I snorted so loud just now. This needs to be written or illustrated or something because this is genius.

Also after the “I excused myself to go scream in the bathroom for 20 minutes” bit it cuts to Stanley just shrieking into a pile of towels. Then back to his completely straight face. Then Tom’s just like “I walked in on him screaming his head off in the bathroom. I just let him do his thing at this point.”


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