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“I cackle every single day.”

Helena Bonham Carter’s glorious laugh


Yuri!!! On ICE Reaction from Olympic Skater Johnny Weir

Johnny Weir just admitted that the scene where it’s revealed that Victor fell in love with Yuri first was his favorite moment in Yuri On Ice 

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Me too dude me too (Well it’s at least in my top 3 moments, I can’t really rank them in order) 

At a job interview
  • Them: why should I hire you?
  • Me: why shouldn't you hire me?
  • Them: shit you got me there


Finn Jones and Tom Pelphrey talk about Iron Fist during their tour in Brazil.


-Both Tom and Finn believe there will be an Iron Fist season 2

-Tom talks about how he wore extra layers so they wouldn’t have to keep spraying him with water for scenes where he had to be sweaty (all that sweat was genuine)

-Tom thinks Ward should date Black Widow

-Tom was very impressed with the writers and what they did with Ward’s development

-Tom calls Harold a bastard

-Tom talks about David Wenham (Harold’s actor) and says he’s extremely funny and helped breaking up the intensity of their scenes together

-Tom says, “I just got hit by Faramir.”

-POSSIBLE WARD MEACHUM APPEARANCE IN DEFENDERS??? The interviewer asks Finn, “I know that you went right through from Iron Fist to Defenders,” and then she looks at Tom and says, “I think you did too,” and then she goes back to Finn and says, “but he’s the main character. How was that for you?”

-When asked what they learned during the show, Tom says he now knows why people will pay $3,000 for a suit (he loved it so much and said it spoiled him for life)

-The offices and Harold’s apartment were very large custom-built sets

-Finn says he and Danny have a lot in common when it comes to personality, both with the good and the bad parts

-Tom absolutely loses it when Finn tells his fart story

-We’re going to see a LOT of Luke Cage/Danny Rand friendship stuff in Defenders, and Finn really enjoyed working with Mike Colter

-Finn hopes that Danny will “get his shit together” and acknowledges Danny grows a lot in Defenders

-Tom and Finn believe Joy and Davos will be the villains for Iron Fist season 2

-A guy catcalls Tom from the audience and Finn joins in

this is for @pretendtobepunkrock ’s singledad/domestic!5sos blurb night! the second michael mentioned his barbecue in that interview i knew i wanted to write something cute and short like this,, so enjoy! xx

“Claire, stop running!” Ashton called out to his giggling daughter, chasing Michael’s little girl around the backyard. He put his drink down, mumbling a quick for fuck’s sake as he stepped down from the deck to catch the short blonde. 

Michael laughed to himself, pulling his attention back to the fish and vegetables grilling on his barbecue. You were sitting on one of the deck chairs, your newborn baby in your arms–Fae. Michael looked over to you, flashing you a quick smile. “How’s our babygirl doing?”

“She’s getting sleepy,” You said, eyes flickering down at her, bundled up in your arms. “I might go put her down, actually.”

“That’s probably a good idea.” Michael agreed. “C’mere”

You stood up, walking over to him and allowing Michael to kiss her forehead. “Love you babygirl.” He cooed to the now-sleeping baby.

“Love you more.” You teased, winking slyly at your husband before disappearing into your house. 

“No, I’m not a monster! Stop hitting me with sticks!” 

Michael looked out into the backyard and saw his older daughter, Maia, teaming up with Claire in repeatedly hitting Ashton’s legs with tree branches. “Maia! Stop hitting Uncle Ash!” 

The girl looked at her dad before dropping the branch, trailing behind Ashton as he carried Claire back up to the deck. “I think that’s enough playtime for tonight.” Ashton sighed, patting his girl’s back. “Your old man is getting too old to be the mean dragon you have to slay.”

“But it’s fun, Daddy!” She exclaimed. He couldn’t argue with that logic; seeing his little girl laugh and show nothing but the biggest smile–that was better than anything else in his life. 

Maia scurried up to Michael, clinging onto his legs. He looked down, chuckling as he rest his hand on her blonde head. “How are you doing, little one?”

“I’m not little, Daddy!” She huffed, looking up at her dad with narrowed eyes, piercing into Michael’s. “I’m almost 4!”

“You’re right, how could I be so silly to forget?” Michael feigned being wrong, making his little girl smile proudly. “You wanna go run inside and get Mommy and tell her dinner’s almost ready?”

“Okay!” She ran off into the house, Claire following right behind to see where her friend was going.

Michael glanced over at Ashton, who stared off in the direction his daughter ran. “How is she holding up after you and Kate…y’know…”

“Oh, she’s fine. She really is.” Ashton said, shrugging off the fact that he and his wife recently split. “She wasn’t much of a mother anyways; to be brutally honest, she never even wanted to be a mom. Claire was confused at first, but she’s too young to get the whole situation, I think. She’ll be fine. I mean, I’m not going anywhere, that’s for sure.”

“That’s great. And if you ever need anything, you can always come over here. Me and Y/N love having you guys over.” Michael said, making sure his friend knew he was there to support him through anything.

“Thanks, man. Maybe I’ll be able to actually use this barbecue next time I’m over.” He said, running his hand along the metal top in admiration.

Michael took the skewers in his hand and smacked Ashton’s hand away. “Paws off my barbecue.”