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reasons why futurama is so great and is so important to so many of us

  • philip j fry is our protagonist. he is mentally ill and pansexual (both of which are canon). we watch him develop from an irresponsible “loser” who has nothing to a semi-responsible man with an entire family in the form of the planet express crew. he isn’t a typical science fiction male hero - he always has to be saved, he messes everything up, he hardly does his job, but his saving grace is the fact that he is kind. and fry’s kindness is what endears everyone on the show to him. he is the most important person in the universe even though his mind constantly tells him that he’s a nothing who has no one. (this message has helped me through so many difficult times). also, the beauty in a mentally ill queer character getting the happiest of endings imaginable puts futurama leagues ahead of every other show ever. 
  • turanga leela. EVERYTHING about her. she’s a disabled orphan who grew up bullied and literally had to go through everything alone. when we meet her, time and time again, she chooses her own destiny. the first episode starts with her quitting her boring job to be the best space pilot in the galaxy. leela is the strongest person on the show and is the closest thing to a superhero that the show has. she’s an intersectional feminist, stands up for the rights of minorities and animals. hell, she literally leads a revolution to get the mutants equal rights. one other thing that i want to note is that the animators wanted her nose smaller bc they didn’t think female characters should have big noses, but legend matt groening fought to keep it the size it was. 
  • matt groening also specifically created the character of amy wong to break the stereotype that only men can do slapstick. amy continuously breaks stereotypes. she’s a genius and has a phd, but she’s also ditzy. she’s promiscuous, she’s a party girl. her parents are emotionally abusive and she deals with an eating disorder. she’s also an asian woman who’s a lead character!! what other mainstream cartoon has done that? 
  • hermes conrad could’ve been the stereotypical token black character who only comes in once in a while to say “sassy” lines but he’s not. he’s a proud jamaican who’s a proud bureaucrat, a former olympic champion, and an amazing husband and father. and then we see the beautiful story of how he saved bender as a baby and it just makes you love him anymore.
  • this last point isn’t about the characters, but about one of the most clear main messages of the show, which fry says in bender’s big score: “i want what’ll make you happy, not what’ll make me happy.” not only does it destroy the nice guy trope in that instance, but it’s used in so many other great situations. bender giving up a relationship with his son so that his son can achieve his dreams, leela’s parents giving up a life with her so that she can have a better life. unconditional selfless love is presented to us time and time again and it’s such an important message 

I think what irks me the most about patriarchal theory is that, when one points out the myriad instances in which men suffer (e.g. suicide, homicide, workplace death, homelessness, etc.), feminists will invariably either deny the existence of these issues or will backpedal and say, “well the patriarchy hurts men, too.” The former claim is deplorable, and plainly so. But the latter is equally wrong. As well-intentioned as it sounds (and often is, as many feminists do mean well), it’s nothing more than a backhanded way of saying it’s men’s fault that they are suffering.

And that sounds an awful lot like victim blaming to me.

Imagine if the core four were a band though

It, of course, would be called Isle of the Lost.

Mal plays the drums, Carlos plays the keyboard, Jay plays the guitar and Evie sings/plays keytar sometimes because yes.

Mallory ‘Mal’ (Bertha) Faerie is the daughter of Maleficent Faerie, who runs the world-wide known music label ‘Cursed Wings Music’. Although, due to complications with her mother, she and her band are signed to the rival label ‘Auradon’. Thanks to her friend being the son of the guy who owns it and lead singer of the most popular band, that is. Mal is known for her sarcasm, mischievous green eyes, purple leather and ever-changing hair that ranges from bleached blonde with purple streaks, or full on magenta/violet. Basically, she is the one that everyone’s gay for and knows it.

Carlos Oscar De Vil is the son of British fashion designer Cruella De Vil, although he was born and raised in California. He found a passion in playing the piano when it became his only escape from his mothers ranting and yelling, throwing prized fur coats in frustration then blaming it on Carlos. Although younger and smaller than the rest of the band, he is extremely talented and intelligent, often staying quiet in interviews unless asked a direct question and getting rather flustered when swarmed by fans. His signature look is platinum-blonde hair with black roots, black and white t-shirts with a red jacket thrown over, and white shorts with black spots that somehow works. He is commonly referred to as ‘smol bean’.

Jayson ‘Jay’ Sultan is the son of fallen business owner Jafar Sultan, and although raised most of his life to follow in his fathers footsteps, he much prefers strumming chords on a guitar over looking at paperwork and charts all day. He grew up alongside Mal, and before the band was formed, they often covered random songs together in her basement. Little known fact; Mal has some pretty sick vocal chords. Jay is mostly seen with an electric guitar, although in rare instances he is known to be a tearjerker with an acoustic. He has long brown hair with a beanie usually thrown over it, and often wears black and brownish-yellow leather/sweatshirts. However, he isn’t one for sleeves, and therefor the sweatshirts appear shredded at the shoulders.

Evelyn ‘Evie’ Grimhilde is the daughter of former model Evangeline Grimhilde, or ‘Evil Queen’. She was raised to believe that beauty is happiness, and becoming a model like her mother is the only thing that mattered. Although, after being caught singing by a bashful, curly haired boy who had as many freckles as there were thoughts running through his brain when she was ten, her views quickly changed. She grew to love music with a passion, and value herself to a much higher level, striving for A’s on tests instead of perfecting the red carpet walk(although she rocks at that). She is known for her blue hair(with natural brunette strands at the end), and bright smile, often referred to as ‘Princess’ by the fan-base.

The Andromeda we got is just so far removed from the Andromeda that I saw so much potential in…

When you ship a bunch of people of multiple species (who all have a wealth of history and politics between them) to another galaxy, the baggage of their past doesn’t just evaporate. I like the idea of finding a new home for all these people, but what exactly is that going to mean when the people living there all have good reason to be suspicious of and/or hate each other?

That is the set-up for a much more interesting story in-keeping with Mass Effect’s main themes of interspecies politics and unity, with the progression of the narrative’s tone in-relation to the choices you make basically tipping the balance of whether this is a positive step forward or a much more cynical future for the Milky Way galaxy’s former-residents.

If there had to be a central antagonist to this story (and there didn’t), it should have been Alec Ryder.

I, like many others, am generally tired of how Mac Walters has plastered Cerberus over every god damn corner of Mass Effect’s lore… but this is one instance in which their involvement could really work. ME1 and 2 went into a lot of detail in explaining and showing to us just how many pies Cerberus had their fingers in - certain spoilers from the game aside, it’s a situation where it would basically be inconsistent with ME’s canon for Cerberus not to be involved with the Andromeda Initiative.

Having Alec Ryder be the face of Cerberus in Andromeda, looking to propel humanity in ways that simply weren’t possible in the Milky Way, would be a much stronger and potentially greyer conflict for the protagonist (his son or daughter) than the Archon - who has officially out-lamed Corypheus. The very least you can say for Corypheus was that he was intended to be lame, but the Archon (and the kett in general, who are literally just the Collectors without the awesome Prothean reveal) does so much to damage this game’s story by having them effectively be what turns this story that’s supposed to be about exploration and interspecies politics into another popcorn action flick.

No Archon. No kett. No long-vanished precursor race. Mass Effect already did all that shit in the trilogy.

From my perspective, thinking about what this story could have been, it’s just really hard for me to not be disappointed with this from the outset.

Wolffe Reacting to his Daughter Having His Sass // 3 mini-stories

He first noticed it when his daughter was an infant. He was trying to feed her, and the baby wasn’t having it.

“I know you don’t like,” he paused to look at the label, “mashed broccoli, but you need to eat your vegetables.”

With a sigh, he tried again, “Here comes X-Wing Republic Fighter Jet.”

This was accompanied by fighter jet sound effects. The baby girl didn’t open her mouth, just stared up at him with a ‘that’s-not-a-starfighter-and-we-both-know-it’ look.

“Are you… glaring at me?” He asked the infant. He was met with another look that screamed ‘duh.’

“(Y/N)! Our child is glaring at me!?” He yelled upstairs to you.

“Yeah, she gets it from you, darling.”

He noticed it more and more as she got older, and when she was able to speak, she only got sassier.

For example, when his darling daughter was five and ready to start school, everyone was there to see her off. You and Wolffe of course, Plo Koon, Rex had brought Fives and Echo, and the rest of the Wolf Pack were all there to coo over the Commander’s daughter. Unfortunately the five-year-old was not pleased being woke up early in the morning and go to a new place.

“You’re going to have a great day, aren’t you?” Fives chimed in, holding up a hand for a high five, as you helped your daughter into a backpack. The child looked up at the former arc trooper with a glare to match her father’s before switching to glare at his hand.

“Probably not.” With that, the child huffed and grabbed her mother’s hand to be led off to school. Fives was dumbfounded.

“It seems the little one takes more after he father.” Plo Koon mused from the corner. Wolffe was too busy laughing at Fives with the rest of his brothers.

It was always the highlight of Wolffe’s when his sassy little angel snarked off one of his brothers. His personal favorite instance was when (For some otherworldly reason) he decided to let Jesse and Kix to look after her one afternoon.

Well, it was originally just Jesse, but Wolffe figured Kix would be the brains of the operation and actually keep the now six year old safe and alive.

This afternoon ended early when the two former troopers came back two hours early. Kix was holding the child on one arm and Jesse was walking beside him holding a tissue to a bloody nose.

“Does it hurt, uncle Jesse?” The little girl asked, almost sounding angelic. Jesse smiled a bit, just about forgetting the cause.

“A little bit.” He admitted, then surprised by the glare received.

“Next time don’t steal my ice cream.” She huffed. With that, Kix let her down. Jesse looked at him incredulously.

“What, you’re not gonna say anything? Scold her?” Jesse rewarded the tissue to a clean side as he asked this.

“Don’t steal the kid’s ice cream.” Kix shrugged, continuing on to find Wolffe already holding his daughter.

“What the hel- *ahem* heck… happened to you?” Wolffe inquired, taking in the sight of his bloodied up brother. With a sigh, Jesse recounted the story of how he tried to get a bit of ice cream and instead receive a head butt. Wolffe burst out laughing. Jesss stared at him with wide eyes. With a sigh, “Fine.”

Then he turned to his daughter in his arms, “Hitting your uncles, no matter how funny, is bad, okay?”

“If you say so, Daddy, but he stole my ice cream so I still say he deserved it.”

He always thought her sass reached a pinnacle when she was younger, but he realized she was just starting when she starting messing around with boys.

He knew his little girl had gone on a date. She was so young, just a sophomore in high school. she knew the little di’kut wasn’t good enough for his daughter. That’s why he waited all night for them to get back. In the living room. With the windows up so he could hear them.

When they did arrive, he waited impatiently as they stayed in his speeder talking. That’s when he started eavesdropping.

“Let me get this straight. You want ME. To have sex with YOU. In your speeder, outside my HOUSE.” His daughter growled at the boy. Wolffe was outraged, he loaded the blaster he’d been cleaning for dramatic effect.

“Yeah, I bought you dinner. Think of it as you paying me back. And for gas money.” Was his cocky reply.

“First off, if you’d like dinner back, I’ll be happy to throw up at everything you just said. Secondly, this quickly became a pity date, well it already was when someone leaked your dick pics (rather small really), so really you should be paying me back for my time spent with you. Goodnight, asshole.” She went off, Wolffe had never felt so proud.

“Wait a second bitch.” The boy growled back, trying to grab at her shirt. Wolffe immediately shot up to come beat the shit out of him. But, she beat him to it with a quick punch to the nose, followed by a punch to the crotch.

With that, his daughter marched into the house and slammed the door behind her. Wolffe met her in the entry way, “I’m so proud of you. I love you.”

“Thanks, dad, I love you too. Thanks, also, for teaching me how to punch.” She replied, wrapping her arms around him.

“Anytime, sweetheart.”

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You really think Sasuke held the similar degree of affection toward Naruto and Sakura during shippuden ? To me, it seems that Sasuke started to feel affection for Naruto first then for Sakura in the original series, and then in Shippuden, kept his bond with Naruto while his bond with Sakura wasn't clear from his side. He often thinks about Naruto, and not a lot about Sakura in this period. I think he only realizes and regains completely his affection for her in gaiden/late shippuden.

Sasuke’s bond with Sakura during Part 2 was very clear; she was a dear companion from a past in which he was desperately trying to dispose of. It was the exact same with Naruto. He didn’t regard Naruto any more affectionately during Part 2, and it’s not as if Sasuke kept his bond with Naruto, yet he discarded the one he had with Sakura, they were always grouped as Team 7.

He also didn’t often think about Naruto at all, he thought about Naruto when he was with Naruto, his thoughts were mostly occupied with Itachi In every other instance, when he was thinking about him, then more often than not, they were about killing him. He was not thinking about him in an affectionate manner. Every single time he thought about his former comrades in an affectionate manner, he thought about the both of them, not just Naruto.

Lastly, Sasuke regained his affection for everyone after being saved from the Curse of Hatred, not just Sakura. It wasn’t as though Sasuke was already thinking about Naruto in that manner prior to being freed from the curse.

Tells Your Story, Part 4/5, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Readero

Prompt: Reader is asked to be a part of the Hamilton Mixtape

Words: 1449

Author’s Note: 2 fics in 2 days? What? Anyways, might have a holiday inspired fic soon!

Warnings: None?

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Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee reminded of you when you were a kid. Your parents were basically incapable of starting the day without a cup each, and you remember waking up to the stench and feeling sick to your stomach.

You couldn’t understand why someone would subject themselves to the torture that was drinking coffee. Then college hit, and you found yourself unable to function without it.

On a usual morning, you stumbled out of bed, eyes squinting at the unfamiliar light as you forced yourself into your kitchen to set up your coffee maker.

Today, you woke up to not only the smell of coffee, but to an entire breakfast.

You glanced over at the empty spot in bed next to you, the sheets were disheveled and Lin’s phone was still perched on your bedside table.

Right. Lin. That was a thing that happened.

You flung yourself out of bed, grabbing the first shirt your hands found from your closet and a decent pair of underwear before making the trek to your kitchen.

You stopped in your tracks at your open bedroom door. Lin was moving around the kitchen, humming to himself as he dirtied dish after dish. You allowed yourself a moment to take it all in.

Lin, in this next-morning domestic bliss, was only sporting boxers and a wife beater, his tan skin contrasting nicely with the marks on his neck.

‘Marks I made.’ You reminded yourself proudly.

Lin turned to place a pan in the sink and caught a glimpse of you admiring him from a distance. He grinned immediately as he took in your appearance.

“Morning.” He nodded to you before getting back to work. As if this was a normal thing, as if this happened everyday.

“Hi.” You responded, completely breathless.

This hadn’t happened before. You had had one night stands, you had had partners and long standing relationships, but this was new. The feeling of watching him move effortlessly around your kitchen. He knew exactly where the silverware was without being told, he wrote ‘milk’ on the grocery list that was pinned to the fridge.

You took a few cautious steps forward, testing the waters. For all you knew, you could share breakfast together and he could parade out of your apartment never to be seen again.

You truly doubted it would happen, but you had learned to keep your guard up over the years.

“I was thinking-” He flipped an egg, “-we could see Chance the Rapper tonight, he’ll be on the mixtape and you might want to get a few samples from him while he’s in town.” You allowed yourself to relax as you perched yourself on a kitchen bar stool.

He was making plans, he wanted to keep seeing you.

“You can swing that?” You asked. He turned to you with an expression that said ‘I could swing anything.’ and you were reminded of who you were dealing with here.

There was a moment of silence after you hummed an agreement, Lin felt your uncertainty of what was supposed to happen next.

“Last night…” He started, “I don’t do that. Ever.”

“Me neither.” You breathed, relieved you could work this out together, that he was just as nervous and unsure and completely enthralled as you were.

“I just know that I like you a lot, and that I don’t plan on leaving you alone anytime soon.” He checked to see if you were okay with that, “You’re stuck with me, babe.” His eyes darted nervously between the task at hand and you as you took in this sentiment.

“Okay.” You told him, pushing out of your chair to tidy up after him. If he was the hurricane that came in the destroy the place, you were certainly the calm after the storm.

You and Lin spoke every day, saw each other at least every other day, whether that was in the studio or out and about the town.

You were very much still in the pre-game part of your relationship. Neither of you were particular in labelling the other as a ‘significant other’, and you didn’t call your little outings ‘dates’. He was affectionate. So affectionate it didn’t take long for everyone to put two and two together, within a week you had texts from your publicist.

Something about the virtues of taking a vacation.

He also heavily used twitter as an outlet - his direct line to people who wanted to know what he was up to. Apparently, the only thing of interest he was ‘up to’ was you. Fans eagerly connected the dots, and it wasn’t long until media outlets and all that had an idea of what was happening.

You both heavily ignored any implications or stories about your relationship, and continued to collaborate in the mornings while he performed during the night.

“My parents want to meet you.” He said, about three months into your relationship, “I mean, they already know about you, they’ve followed your music since forever, but they want to get to know you-”


“Okay?” His eyebrow quirked up - you really did love how expressive his face is.

“Yeah. When?”

“Now.” He checked his watch for the time. Javier would be on tonight as usual, and you both were planning a simple dinner, “If I let them know now they can have dinner ready in an hour.”

Jesus Christ, when you said yes you thought you would at least have a week to prepare. Come up with some witty jokes and have a few nice stories to ease any tension.

“Sure!” You smiled through gritted teeth as he went to call his father.

They welcomed you with open arms into their home. Luis, Lin’s father, immediately beat Lin out for the most charming man you’ve ever met. He was the chef of the house, dinner was delicious and all from scratch. You didn’t have to worry about providing stories because they were happy to share their own embarrassing ones about Lin.

When he played Charlie Brown in elementary school, for instance, and the girl who was playing Sally was too late in pulling the football away. Lin ultimately kicked it into the audience, sending the vice principal to the hospital with a broken nose.

“I saw Mr. Rodriguez at the store the other day!” Luz exclaimed about Lin’s former vice principal.

“How is he?” Lin asked, poking at the last of his food.

“Good! Nose is still crooked, but he seemed to be over it.” The table laughed as Luz moved to clear the table.

You immediately followed, grabbing anything she couldn’t as she lead you to the kitchen.

“We’re glad you could make it tonight.” She started, voice low in case the men were listening in, “He seems happy.”

“He makes me very happy.” You told her honestly as she started scrubbing away at the dishes, you taking your place next to her with a dishtowel.

“He has that effect on people.” She smiled softly, and you could feel just how much this family deeply loved each other. “He does this thing-” She shook her head, laughing lightly at her son, “-he’s always working. Never thinks he’s working hard enough, in fact. Just like his father.” She teased affectionately.

“What do you do about it?”

“I work twice as hard.”

Lin gave you a little tour of his childhood home, all the way to his bedroom. His bed was tucked into the corner, an old David Bowie poster pinned on the door.

“Oh my god!” You shrieked, making your way to his bookshelf. You pulled out a recognizable CD from his collection, “My first CD.” You mused, turning it over in your hand.

It was a notorious flop. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but you were just getting your start. You had no label representing you, and no big names featured so people were uninterested in buying it. You didn’t even own a copy.

“It’s got a lot of use. I wrote ‘In the Heights’ from that album.” You inspected the back of the case, reading down the song list. Some you haven’t performed in years. “I have another one back at my place. You can keep that one, if you want.” He shrugged, fingers grazing the spines of his extensive collection of books.


“Yeah.” He glanced at you from the corner of his eye. Your genuine smile still left him as breathless as it did the first time he saw it.

“Thank you.”

“It’s nothing.” He smiled, “Love you.” He said, for the first time. You could hear his parents’ playing a record in the distance, their giggling as they sang along.

“Love you too.”

Why is the Victuuri kiss such a big deal?

So, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been in anime and manga fandoms for a long time now. And when you’ve been around for a long time, and you’ve consumed a lot of the media and you begin to understand the tropes, you know how studios work, you know the rules, you know the industry, you know how the game is played.

You know that the kiss in Episode 7 of Yuri On Ice is a unicorn. It’s more than rare, it almost never happens.

There’s a lot of slash and teasing in anime, but truly gay characters are rare and fall into two boxes; comedic relief or uke/seme archtypes. In the latter, they’re are jokes and in the former they’re more walking/talking fetish trope than fully realized character. (In general, that is.)

Anime that has fully rounded LGBTQ characters are usually ones that are ABOUT those issues. For instance, the very underrated Hourou Musuko (The Wandering Son) which is all about gender identity and sexuality. If the anime is NOT an issue show, then you can forget about getting a main character that happens to be gay.

So when Yuri on Ice comes along, which is about sports instead of sexuality, and yet still has a mature, realistic m/m couple in the forefront, it’s like a double rainbow over a pot of gold in a field full of unicorns. It’s hard to explain the magnitude of just surprising this is to someone who doesn’t really watch anime, but yeah. I never thought I’d live to see the day. 

(That’s assuming the kiss doesn’t get ret-conned next episode.)

(Also, Revolutionary Girl Utena is another one of those rare anime that has a w/w relationship but isn’t explicitly about being a lesbian if you wanna check it out.)


Easter`s Holy Fire

The Holy Fire (Greek Ἃγιον Φῶς, “Holy Light”) is described by Orthodox Christians as a miracle that occurs every year at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Great Saturday, or Holy Saturday, the day preceding Orthodox Easter.

Orthodox tradition holds that the Holy Fire is a miracle that happens annually on the day preceding Orthodox Easter, in which a blue light emanates within Jesus Christ’s tomb (usually rising from the marble slab covering the stone bed believed to be that upon which Jesus’ body was placed for burial) now in the Holy Sepulchre, which eventually forms a column containing a form of fire, from which candles are lit, which are then used to light the candles of the clergy and pilgrims in attendance. The fire is also said to spontaneously light other lamps and candles around the church.Pilgrims and clergy claim that the Holy Fire does not burn them.

While the Patriarch is inside the chapel kneeling in front of the stone, there is darkness but far from silence outside. One hears a rather loud mumbling, and the atmosphere is very tense. When the Patriarch comes out with the two candles lit and shining brightly in the darkness, a roar of jubilation resounds in the Church.

The Holy Fire is brought to certain Orthodox countries, such as Greece by special flights, being received by church and state leaders.

The Orthodox hegumen Daniil (Daniel), who was present at the ceremony in 1106 AD, says that traditional beliefs “that the Holy Ghost descends upon the Holy Sepulchre in the form of a dove” and “that it is lightning from heaven which kindles the lamps above the Sepulchre of the Lord” are untrue, “but the Divine grace comes down unseen from heaven, and lights the lamps of the Sepulchre of our Lord.

Thousands of pilgrims gather in Jerusalem to partake and witness this annual miracle.


The historian Eusebius writes in his Vita Constantini, which dates from around 328, about an interesting occurrence in Jerusalem of Easter in the year 162. When the church wardens were about to fill the lamps to make them ready to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, they suddenly noticed that there was no more oil left to pour in the lamps. Upon this, Bishop Narcissus of Jerusalem ordered the candles to be filled with water. He then told the wardens to ignite them. In front of the eyes of all present every single lamp burned as if filled with pure oil.Christian Orthodox tradition holds that this miracle, which predates the construction of the Holy Sepulchre in the fourth Century, is related to the Miracle of the Holy Fire. They admit that the two differ, as the former was a one-time occurrence while the Miracle of the Holy Fire occurs every year. However, they have in common premise that God has produced fire where there logically speaking should have been none.

Around 385 Egeria, a noble woman from Spain, traveled to Palestine. In the account of her journey, she speaks of a ceremony by the Holy Sepulchre of Christ, where a light comes forth (ejicitur) from the small chapel enclosing the tomb, by which the entire church is filled with an infinite light (lumen infinitum).

Despite these previous instances, the Holy Fire is believed to have been first recorded by the Christian pilgrim Bernard the Wise (Bernardus Monachus) in 876.

In 1099, the failure of Crusaders to obtain the fire led to street riots in Jerusalem.

According to Shihab al-Din al-Qarafi, the 13th century Ayyubid ruler Al-Muazzam Turanshah is mentioned as having discovered the fraudulence of the Holy Fire, however, he allowed the monks to continue their fraud in exchange for money.

On May 3, 1834, the Muslim governor Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt exited the packed church by commanding his guards to slice a way out, the Church was so packed that a stampede added to the deaths which totaled four hundred. This was reported by Robert Curzon.

On April 26, 1856, James Finn watched Greek pilgrims battling Armenians with concealed sticks and stones. The pasha was carried out before his soldiers charged with fixed bayonets.

Taehyung- A Psychosexual Analysis // PART 1

Kim Taehyung.  Wonder boy exrtaordinare.  Wonderbread extraordinare.  Diva.  Alien.  Devil.  Deep-voiced master of the tongue.  Hwarang.  Cutie.  King of stage presence and good looks alike.  

I gave my self twenty seconds to write that bit above.  I got my phone out, hit the timer, and instructed myself to stream-of-conscous-list all those various words and phrases that meant, to me, Kim Taehyung.  

I could have written more- but I found myself dragging my pen when it came to a certain phrase that I wasn’t sure of… that I couldn’t be sure of given it’s unsteadiness, it’s irregularity, and it’s inconsistency within my knowledge and interpretation of his character. 

Kim Taehyung, the sexy.

Now I suppose that to some (to many I suppose) this seems almost incomprehensible- the fact that I even so hesitate as to apply the definition of “sexy” to this wild character we all feel like we know so well.  

But how could I ignore the inconsistencies in my detailed observational research?  How could I possibly ignore the fact that perhaps there was a deeper, more complicated layer to our beloved Kim Taehyung?

To think it took me so long to understand something that was so simple, and so blatantly obvious about Tae…  And you won’t fucking believe what I’ve discovered.  

Shall we begin, then?

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Seraph of the End: the Story of Vampire Michaela, chapter 1 (closing part)

Let’s get this party started, shall we?;) I was only going to translate Crowley-relevant parts, but well, the entire novel turned out to be Crowley-relevant, and it just so happened that this part directly follows the part that has already been translated here, and so with this, chapter 1 is essentially complete.

Seraph of the End: the Story of Vampire Michaela by Kagami Takaya

Chapter 1 (closing part) (volume 1, pages 35-47)

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So, I have like, opposite your problem. :’) I find it harder to write original characters usually. XD

But anyway, while I’m obviously no expert, here are a few tips on how I write em!

First off, when I think of writing Jon or any of the rogues, I try to envision a few key points of things they would/wouldn’t do, and keep them in mind. It’s easier for already established characters because their personalities are already set with specific guidelines from which character development can grow without making them too OOC. You take what you know from canon and work from there. For me, this causes a sort of character profile stemming from the facts I know about them and my perception of it. It helps to recall the symbolism you may have learned in literature classes.

[These are only my personal opinions on his character, a bit behind my version of him. So don’t take it as set in stone accuracy…:’) I’m sure lots of people wouldn’t agree with the analysis I’m about to give, so…///)]

Take Jonathan Crane, for instance. We know his background, his profession and how he works with others. As an abused child, a social outcast and someone who was rejected by someone he had feelings for, he has become an incredibly private, anti-social individual.

His study in psychology suggests he has an interest in how the minds and reactions of people work, therefore rather than forsake people altogether (as one might initially assume) he perhaps wants to see why people are the way they are, and in a way to understand them as well as himself.
His profession in psychology as well as a former therapist working at Arkham suggests he wants to be in control while inadvertently helping others. Now, of course, he has twisted his interests into finding the fear of others and causing them to feel it, which obviously suggests he himself has deep psychological issues (which he probably wouldn’t deny but also would not seek to dwell on either). Causing others to feel fear and having such an unseemly obsession with it suggests he is comfortable (relatively speaking) with the concept of fear (not fear itself incidentally), meaning he has experienced it firsthand often in his past (which we now know to be true).

His study of the human mind would also further fuel his cynicism and overall pessimism (though I find him to be more of a realist under normal circumstances) as psychology tends to focus on natural human nature rather than the higher potential humanity can achieve.
His unrequited feelings that lead to such disaster also influence him in the fact he does not seek out companionship of any sort. He also does not work well with others, tending to double-cross them, meaning he does not trust easily—if at all. He has little to no experience in friendship and was content to focus entirely on his goals of tearing down or ruling Gotham through the fear he himself is far too acquainted with.


From this I have worked out a character that develops into something far more interesting (to me anyway) than what I’ve seen. People tend to focus on his bloodlust, his high off of fear and his lack of emotion, which has become incredibly cliché.

In my current character development I portray Jon as quiet and somewhat humble, more sure of himself. (I find Riddler to be the one who should be the egotistical one but I digress). Since he has no interest in the opinions of others (until he actually implements a successful scheme) he would have no purpose in gloating. He also finds small-talk to be boring and insufferably cumbersome when conversation can be used to get into more interesting topics; that is, if ever got into a conversation. He has never sought out friendship, and only engages in socialization when his psychological interests are piqued (as seen when he first met Jervis Tetch). Once he loses interest in a person, he moves on, like the detached scientist he has become.

And this is where things change. He is a part of the Rogue Gallery, full of rather unpredictable people with whom he seems to fit in with. And in finding a group with which to fit in with as well as a common goal (defeating Batman) has indeed softened his nature if only by a bit, for this alone is a sort of inclusion/comradery he has lacked almost his entire life. His first true friendship has been with that of Jervis Tetch, who has since made it clear he places full trust in Jonathan. Jon, not having ever had someone trust him like that before in his entire life has yet to betray it (knowingly or consciously). Because in the end, trust is something he himself has never truly had in anyone but himself—but now someone else trusts him too. This is what makes him value Tetch, and to some lesser (and I mean lesser) extent, other key Rogue members.

Jon’s destructive nature is exhibited in spurts, for as an intelligent individual with such a troubled background, he would tend to keep things bottled up until things found their own outlet (I base this observation by my experience with other abused people I’ve known in real life). That is why he finds the need to do crime and practice his experiments of fear, it is not quite an addiction (most of the time) but not something he is able to choose not to do by sheer will alone (yet). It is his passion yet his curse, for it reminds him of his past in order to understand his present and perhaps future. And it is something he can’t totally control, something he has seemingly struggled with throughout his life.

I hope that helps? I dunno, this is just my Ronnie!Canon I suppose. But here ya go luv, a long-winded character analysis and some wonky doodles.:’) I hope this does help though. Let me know! And good luck with your fanfic!


Dear S-Shippers Just STOP! Adults Admit When They Are Wrong. They Don’t Keep Insisting Something Is True When It Isn’t. Sam and Cait Told You the Truth Over and Over Again. Just Accept It. Act Like You Have Some Dignity and Stop the Conspiracy Theories and the Lies.

Tony has apparently been with Cait in the US for the past month. He’s not gay. One of your own, former super-shipper K told you that Tony’s bartender said that Tony had a girlfriend and he positively identified a picture of Cait as being that girlfriend. You chose not to believe her although K had no reason to lie (in fact she had every reason to pretend she hadn’t learned what she learned about Cait and Tony). Tony is clearly Cait’s boyfriend. 

You keep seeing what you want to see. For instance, Cait wasn’t in Islay. Take off your rose colored glasses and look really look at the distillery worker in this picture:

That’s not Cait. She never was. You were so caught up in your fantasy and your need for the ship that you turned her into Cait. Cait was never at Islay. If you overlap pictures of two people (like you did to prove Cait was this worker) you can prove that their features line up but lots of people’s features line up–that doesn’t make them the same person. Once you did that the two really started to look the same to you. But they weren’t ever the same person. That worker is also at least 6 inches shorter than Cait. 

Sam wasn’t in Costa Rica. The whole Costa Rica story was so bizarre. It involved ridiculous amounts of travel for Sam to do in a short period of time. And the fireworks were over 4 hours from where Cait and her friends were staying. You took a picture of Donal in the boat and turned it into Sam and you took a picture of Karolina and you turned it into Cait–instead of looking at the picture of the guy sitting next to the woman who was tagged by her friend as being Cait.  And that guy appears to have Tony’s build. Most likely Tony was in Costa Rica with Cait.

You take gifs and photos of BTS shots out of context. When put in context we can see that Sam and Cait are often being directed and posed in these shots:

You see and hear things like “neck kisses” that no one else sees or hears:

You don’t seem to understand how romantic leads in shows are always expected to “sell” their shows at PR events by giving each other heart eyes:

You show images of body mirroring of Sam and Cait:

But you fail to notice that other members of the cast and crew on panels often mirror each other’s body positions as well:

You have gifmakers that slow down the speed of film to make gifs that seem a whole lot sexier and that make glances between Sam and Cait linger longer (like in this gif): 

than they do at regular speeds (like in the gif below):

You have constructed a narrative for yourselves that doesn’t exist. (For more examples see this POST.) You’ve called everyone else liars who didn’t agree with your narrative–including Sam and Cait.

It’s getting ridiculous. Please stop. Or if you are going to persist in this do it in your private Live Journal group. Please don’t entice new fans onto the fake ship. Spare them the ups and downs of this endless shipping cycle.

Finally, please show for once that you actually respect what Sam and Cait went out of their way to tell you in the KDS video–they aren’t a couple. They have never been a couple.

Please just stop!

Tony & Cait, Hollywood May 2016

NOTE: This is just my opinion as a fan, nothing more. If you disagree, please do so respectfully. Updated with last picture on 05.04.16 at 6:54 pm EST.

Dimensions of Thought - May 21, 1997

Dylan further discusses the properties of the physical reality, how his thoughts are the most powerful creator.

Time, Space and Thought

“Within the known limits of time… within the conceived boundaries of space…. the average human thinks those are the settings of existence…Yet the ponderer, the outcast, the believer, helps out the human.  "Think not of 2 dimensions,’ says the ponderer, ‘but of 3, as your world is conceived of 3 dimensions, so is mine.  While you explore the immediate physical boundaries of your body, you see in your 3 dimensions - L (length), W (width), & H (height).  Yet I, who is more mentally open to anything, see my 3 dimensions, my realm of thought - Time, Space, &  THOUGHT.  Thought is the most powerful thing that exists– anything conceivable can be produced, anything & everything is possible in your physical world.’  After this so called 'lecture’ the common man feels confused, empty, & unaware.  Yet those are the best emotions of a ponderer.  The real difference is, a true ponderer will explore these emotions & what cause them.  Another… a dream.”

The universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old, which makes the outer boundaries twice that in light years.  Yet beyond the physical boundaries of the universe, the thoughts we can think appear limitless.  The language of mathematics allows us to write 'infinity to the power of infinity’.  The mind can think thoughts that cannot really exist outside the mind.

Dylan’s prose expresses once more an important aspect of quantum science, as explained earlier, namely that the observing mind induces the result of its own measurement.  While this may be true when we observe the behavior of electrons and photons, it does mean that an underlying 'real’ reality does not exist.  Reality is an illusion that helps observing minds make logical sense of how one thing leads to another.

But some scientists express a bigger concern.  As science digs deeper in the world of atoms and particles, will there ever be an end to new scientific discovery?  Or do scientists them induce new layer of reality simply when they ask new questions?  For example, we now know that atoms are made of protons and electrons, and they themselves are made of quarks.  The problem is that reality may be a sort of onion having infinite layers, in which case science will never be able to answer what the universe is made of and will have to admit defeat.  

However, if the science could really be the cause of its own measurements, then the human mind that invents such science truly is the creator of its surroundings.  Have we built the world we live in by collectively dreaming it up? Do we give birth to a new answer when we pose an original question? 

It appears to me that thought is the most powerful thing that exists. The thinking mind can imagine abstract, infinite realities that we cannot communicate with words or images. 

Quantum mechanics takes a toll on the senses of even seasoned scientists, because of its implication that real reality does not exist.  But others emphasize that we should embrace the ideas of quantum science: “Someone who has learned to accept that nothing exists but observations is far ahead of peers who stumble through physics hoping to find out 'what things are’.”

Dylan’s passages once again echo Heraclitus’ thinking.  Compare “Thought is the most powerful thing that exists […] physical world.” with Heraclitus: “Of all the worlds yet spoken, none comes quite as far as wisdom, which is the action of the mind, beyond all things that may be said,” and compare “After this so called lecture the common man feels confused, empty and unaware […] what caused them. ” with “Many fail to grasp what they have seen, and cannot judge what they have learned, although they tell themselves they know.”

God Complex

“I think, too much, I understand, I am GOD compared to some of those unexistable brainless zombies.  Yet, the actions of them interest me, like a kid with a new toy.”

Not cogito, ergo sum – I think, therefore I am – but cogito nimium, intelligo
I think too much, I understand.

Compare the first sentence of this statement with Heraclitus:  “Those unmindful when they hear, for all they make of their intelligence, may be regarded as the walking dead.”

With great intellect comes great arrogance.  While it is not healthy to look down on people so much, in such a misanthropic manner, both Heraclitus and Dylan Klebold generally felt incapable to communicate their ideas to their peers, which became the cause of their social reclusion.

When Dylan calls others “brainless zombies”, it is simply a mental revenge on the school bullies that cast him out.  In terms of intellect, he felt socially and emotionally as far removed from Average Joe as “God” to “un-existable, brainless zombies." 

ade Vega wrote in her 'applied final project’ titled Dylan Klebold and Schizotypal Personality Disorder: "This is one of several instances in Dylan’s journal where he not only demonstrated odd thinking, but odd speech, as well.  He used several words which were not real, in addition to using words in inappropriate contexts.”  But Klebold’s “un-existable, brainless zombies” are simply a reference to the humanoid enemies in the computer game Doom, and they are coincidentally called 'zombiemen’, Former Humans or Former Sergeants. 

The odd adjective “un-existable” refers to people who, in Klebold’s view, are like primitive animals who live in the three dimensions of space, but never in the three dimensions of “Time, Space and Thought”.  They do not have the overdeveloped mind that burdens Dylan, that makes him question everything about the world around him. 

What bothers most about Vega’s interpretations is that by her measure almost every philosopher would have to suffer some personality disorder.  The oddest thing about Klebold’s writings is that he manages to express highly abstract ideas using the limited vocabulary available to him – limited because of language, not because of Klebold. 

This gem of a book can be purchased on Amazon and you will be able to read the rest which includes Eric’s philosophy. I highly recommend it!

[Part 3]
[Part 2] [Part 1]


Starring Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle, and Kevin McKidd

Directed by Danny Boyle

Scottish heroin addict Mark Renton (McGregor) introduces the audience to his four best friends: Spud, Sick Boy (Miller), Tommy (McKidd), and Begbie (Carlyle). At the start of the film, Mark decides to go clean. He soon finds the pressure from his friends, the reality of his life, and withdrawal symptoms to be all too much to bear and turns back to the needle, dragging Tommy down with him. After getting arrested, Mark is forced into a rehabilitation program. Worried by his friends’ continued trouble with the law and HIV risk, Mark tries to start over with a clean life in London. Just when Mark finally thinks he’s escaped his former life, an old friend returns to drag him back.

Boyle (dir) hints at the cyclical nature of heroin addiction throughout the film. For instance, at the start of the movie, Mark is explaining all the things such as “washing machines, cars, compact disc players, and electrical tin openers” that come with “choosing life” over heroin. At the end of this film, Mark explains he’ll give up heroin forever and lists the exact same things in a description of his new life, essentially making the screenplay one big loop. Heroin is also cyclical because going clean fills their lives with problems, and the only way they know to cope is with mre heroin. First, Mark is hit with horrible pains and hallucinations associated with withdrawal. Next, he must deal with secondary physical problems such as diarrhea and increased sex drive. Lastly, Mark explains, “Once the pain goes away, thats when the real battle starts.” He is implying that the “real battle” is actually adjusting with the real world. He’s also made awful friends on heroin that he has to stick with once he’s clean. All of these factors create immense pressure for Mark, eventually submitting him to his addiction.

Boyle also illustrates how everybody is an addict in their own way. Mark’s mother takes Valium regularly, which he regards as a “socially acceptable” addiction. Begbie, who abstains from heroin, is addicted to fighting, which is even more destructive than the drugs. I also found it interesting how Mark says its the feeling that his job in real estate gives him that makes it to appealing, as if that is an addiction of its own. When Begbie is stressing Mark out, we see a pile of cigarettes accumulate outside of his apartment, yet another “socially acceptable” addiction. Also, it is important to mention how the boys get most of their drugs from scamming medical professionals, drawing attention how these drugs are used by the public. By pointing out the addictions we are all used to seeing, Boyle humanizes the boys.

One of Mark’s characteristic quirks is how articulate he is. He speaks with a vocabulary and candor that clearly indicates high intelligence. This highlights how he’s “wasted potential.” All of the addicts show this in some way. Sick Boys’ extensive and nuanced knowledge of James Bond prove he’s quite smart and intellectually curious, and could have amounted to more with proper education. Spud has a strong moral compass corrupted by his need for a score. Tommy is the clearest example of this idea, since we witness his entire downfall; he went from the gentle, successful one to the first to die.

Mark tells the audience that Sick Boy’s theory to life is that “at one point you got it, then you lose it and its gone forever.” Essentially, your life could be perfect, but the moment something goes wrong, it’s all downhill from there. For the guys, this moment is the death of Baby Dawn. Before then, Mark makes it clear that their heroin use is for the “pleasure of it” rather than escaping some dark feeling. However, in the scene following Dawn’s death, he explains that heroin not only no longer feels good, but it’s actually “misery on misery.” They’re now facing the reality of the hole they’ve dug for themselves, which is the beginning of their “downward trajectory.”

This film is another longtime favorite of mine. Boyle creates a fun vibe without sugarcoating the darkness and severity of the boys’ situation. He creates humor with outrageous, exaggerated moments while still keeping artistic integrity. 


Things to ask yourself: which Player oc of yours would be the Muge and which one would be the Warrior?

For instance, between Rhapsody and Blayne, the former is the Muge and the latter is the warrior.

Rhapsody, although they certainly act confrontational, is petrified of close-quarters aggression. They can’t even argue with people, and sharp movements cause them to flinch. Even though Rhapsody is loud and full of bravado, it’s a false pretense. Instead, they would love to have distance and more control over the conflict.

Blayne, despite his more placating and relaxed nature, would be the Warrior. He’s used to being underestimated or having people dumb things down for him and he’s honestly sick of it. He has this mentality of *needing* to prove he’s capable because he’s so used to being told ‘no, you can’t’ or having things dictated for him. If given the chance to do something of his own accord, he will, if only to prove he can.

So, what would your be?


Note: Having shipped sasusaku for the last 10 years, this is the first time I’ve ever felt compelled to write a fic, so posting this is a bit of a big step for me! That being said, I hope you enjoy it :)
Summary: Sasuke and Sakura must learn to meet each other half way as their lives are about to drastically change.
Words: 2,582

The crisp night air brushed against Sasuke’s face as he made his way back to the one place he had missed terribly over the last three weeks: home. Not that he’d openly admit it, of course. While he was relieved by the fact that he would soon be able to see his wife, he was also apprehensive. Grimacing slightly as he edged closer to Konoha, he knew Sakura wouldn’t be pleased if she could see him now.

He hadn’t intended to overuse his remaining mangekyou sharingan and he was now paying the price with a throbbing headache and slightly blurred vision. His brows were furrowed more than usual as he strained his eyes travelling in the dark, guided by what little moonlight was visible. It was a common topic that always led to heated arguments between him and Sakura. He knew these arguments only arose out of her concern for him, which he was honestly grateful for. Nevertheless, there would always be a part of him that wished she would have more faith in his decision making abilities – who else knew his own strengths and weaknesses in combat better than himself?

Having been married for close to a year now, Sasuke was still learning the fine art of making compromises. For the most part, his relationship with Sakura was quite good as they learnt to accommodate the other’s wants and needs. But in spite of the pleasing progress they had made, and were making still, this one topic would halt everything in its tracks.

Letting out a deep sigh, Sasuke continued his long journey home.


Shutting the door as quietly as possible behind him, Sasuke carefully removed his sandals in the entrance to the apartment and placed his equipment on top of the chest of drawers nearby. Before he had even begun to move towards the bathroom, he was surprised to see the lights in the hallway flicker on and heard the sound of light footsteps on the floorboards.

Turning around, Sasuke was met by his wife’s warm yet tired smile as she hurried over to embrace him.

“Welcome home” she murmured sleepily, holding him tightly and snuggling her face deeper into his chest.

“I’m home,” he replied wearily with a warm smile tugging on his lips, “Did I wake you?”

“You didn’t - I was already having a little trouble sleeping and then I sensed your chakra” Sakura replied looking up at her husband with her bright green eyes.

“Are you okay? Did something happen while I was gone?” Sasuke asked, raising his voice slightly and looking Sakura quickly over in alarm. He knew she was strong enough to take care of herself but the thought that he was unable to protect her in some way did not sit well with him.

“I’m fine,” Sakura giggled as she tried to reassure her now restless husband – she loved seeing him fret over little things like this, “Go take a bath and I’ll get you something to eat – you must be starving. Go on now, scoot!”

Unable to pry further and obtain the answers he sought, Sasuke began making his way to the bathroom while his wife continued to push him affectionately as she headed towards the kitchen. He paused momentarily and couldn’t help but smirk as he watched her small frame scurry down the hallway in her pyjamas. It was truly a relief to be home.


Running a towel through his damp raven hair, Sasuke took his seat at the dining table, an inconspicuous smile tugging at his lips again at the familiar sights and scents around him. Sakura moved about quickly as she set the simple meal before him: rice balls filled with dried bonito flakes and soy sauce, one of his favourites. After giving his thanks, he took a bite into one of the rice balls and savoured the salty-sweetness of the soy soaked fish flakes.

“How did things go with the mission?” Sakura inquired, taking her seat in front of Sasuke.

“Fine. There were some minor complications but nothing I couldn’t handle” He answered plainly, moving on to the second rice ball. Sasuke knew it was wrong to lie to her, especially after everything he had put her through in the past. But in this instance, he was technically being truthful. There had been some complications when he was returning from retrieving some intel for Kakashi. Everything was running smoothly until he came across the very group of rogue ninja from whom he had obtained said information. It was no secret that in spite of Sasuke’s efforts to redeem himself, he still had many enemies who questioned the sixth Hokage’s decision to pardon a traitor and former criminal. One thing led to another and here he was now, trying to avoid acknowledging the fact that he was also technically lying by omission. 

“What happ- oh, the tea’s ready” Sakura stopped mid-sentence, moving to remove the kettle from the stove.

The sound of tea being poured filled the small kitchen and Sasuke’s brief reverie was broken by Sakura’s voice.

“Here you go” she offered cheerily, handing Sasuke the warm tea cup.

“Thank yo-”

Sasuke was unable to finish his sentence when the same throbbing pain he’d experienced only hours earlier returned, catching him unawares and causing him to grip the right side of his face instinctively. It took about a minute for his vision to refocus and he cursed under his breath. There would be no going back now. The tea cup crashed to the floor, the shards scattering and pale green liquid within spreading out beneath the dining table.


“Don’t move – I’ll clean it up” Sasuke ordered gently, grabbing paper towels to contain the mess.

He didn’t have to look up at his wife to confirm the expression that was plastered on her face. Shock, confusion, fear. All of these emotions were tied to him and he could hear each one etched into her wavering voice.

 “You did it again…didn’t you?”

It wasn’t an accusation, merely a confirmation of one of Sakura’s worst fears. Sasuke heard her take a step back as she leaned against the kitchen bench. He continued to clean the mess he made in silence.

“Tell me the truth, Sasuke-kun” Sakura demanded more firmly, her distress still palpable underneath.

He did not reply.

“Answer me!” She cried, bringing her fist down onto the counter which caused a slight tremor through the apartment.


“We’ve discussed this before, Sasuke-kun! You can’t just –“

“There’s no point in repeating the same arguments, you’re only wasting your breath” he replied curtly, disposing of the remaining fragments of the tea cup.

“I am not wasting my breath! Sasuke-kun, I know that you are a proud Uchiha and that the sharingan is as much a part of how you fight as it is a part of who you are. But you can’t keep pushing yourself like this just because you can” Sakura pleaded, biting her bottom lip in a bid to prevent the tears from falling.

Sighing deeply, Sasuke moved to lean against the pantry door and watched his wife begin pacing back and forth in their small dining area. She was still biting her lip and continued to clench and unclench her left fist, a habit of hers whenever she was stressed and worried.

“You’ve already lost your sight once before and you couldn’t even use your sharingan for a period of time after the war. I can’t let you keep doing this to yourself!” She declared adamantly.

“You may be a medic-nin, Sakura, but I know exactly what I’m doing. Other than Kakashi, no one else knows the strengths and weaknesses of the sharingan and rinnegan better than I do” Sasuke stated bluntly, arms folded across his chest and his gaze focussed on an invisible point on the floor.

“That doesn’t mean you should be complacent about all of this!” She cried again in desperation – he wasn’t hearing her, “How I feel about you wouldn’t change if you were to lose your sight but you would change. You…”

“What makes you think I’m being complacent?” Sasuke growled as he tightened his grip on his left arm, nails beginning to dig into flesh. His calm demeanour was beginning to fall away, including his tolerance for his wife’s concerns.

Sakura paused and looked up at her husband with hardened eyes and brows tightly furrowed.

“Every decision I make in combat is carefully considered – how can you of all people assume that I haven’t been doing just that? Or are you going to keep holding my past against me?” He spat bitterly. He saw Sakura flinch at this last point. Sasuke knew he was hitting below the belt but he wasn’t the only one feeling cornered and hurt.

“That is not what I am trying to do and you know it,” Sakura hissed back just as angrily, her voice now wavering even more so as the tears began to stream freely down her cheeks, “You know as well as I how passionate you can become in battle when it comes down to it. If you were to lose what defines you, what enables you to protect everything you hold dear; your self-loathing will kill you. I am not going to just sit idly by and let that happen!”

“I can say the same for you – you’re no Saint yourself. You’ve made decisions that I didn’t agree with and yet, what would you have me do? Ask Kakashi to let you join every mission I have so that you can baby sit me? Don’t be ridiculous…” He snapped, each word dripping with cynicism.

Frowning as she looked to the ground, Sakura softened her tone, “All I am I asking for is that you take your own life into more consideration. I know how deeply you care for the people closest to you. Yet in battle, you focus too often on how others may harm you and or those you hold dear rather than looking at how you are hurting yourself.”

Gritting his teeth, he averted his eyes – refusing to allow Sakura to see the small flicker that recognised the undeniable truth in what she had said. In spite of this fact, it pained him even more to see her doubt him, even just for a moment. Hadn’t he already proved that he could change, that he was still changing for the better?

“Enough…” He murmured wearily, regaining what little composure he had left.

“Please, Sasuke-kun…” Sakura pleaded once more.

“I said enough. There is nothing new in what you’ve said…We’re…done here” Sasuke whispered quietly, turning to leave the kitchen without looking back at his wife.

These arguments always ended in the same manner – he would walk away and retreat to an isolated part of the apartment while she cried. A lot of things had changed for the better but this always brought them right back to the beginning, walls and all.

Edging closer to the doorway, the tension in the air and silence was destroyed by a single utterance.

“You’re going to be a father!”

Sasuke froze where he stood – had he heard correctly? Eyes wide, he slowly turned to look at Sakura. Her eyes were tightly shut and the tears continued to trickle down her cheeks. The knuckles of her left hand were white from gripping the bottom of her pyjama top, her right hand resting on her abdomen.

“What did you just…?” Sasuke muttered, completely at a loss for words.

“I said you’re going to be a father, dammit!” Sakura shouted again.

Sasuke was dumbfounded. He knew what he had heard yet at the same time, none of it seemed entirely real. They both stood there in silence for some time as Sasuke began to piece together the earlier events of the night – everything was falling into place.

“When…did you find out?” He began cautiously, his gaze softening.

“Shortly before you left,” Sakura murmured as she wiped the tears from her eyes with her sleeve, “It will be twelve weeks by the end of this week. It won’t be long now before we can find out if we’re having a girl or a boy…I was planning on telling you when you came back.”

Unsure of what to do, Sasuke remained where he stood staring ruefully at his wife.

“I…I know I’ve upset you too, Sasuke-kun,” Sakura began, “I know that I’ve pushed myself beyond my limits more than once, made you worried…” She twisted the hem of her pyjama top in her hands – it wasn’t easy for either her or Sasuke to admit that they were in the wrong. They both had a stubborn streak and valued their pride, a fact that was renowned amongst those closest to them. Recognising what she was trying to do, Sasuke began to make his way towards her.

“Our lives aren’t just ours anymore,” Sakura continued resolutely, her gaze still on the floor “We can’t make the same decisions as we would now; we can’t afford to be reckless anymore…”

One step, two steps…

“We have a new duty now, one that involves sacrifices, compromises…”

Three steps, four…

“It isn’t going to be easy for either of us but we both need to make changes to keep this child safe, to make them happy…”

Five, six…

“So, what I’m trying to say is, I…”


“…I know” Sasuke whispered gently as he held Sakura close to him, her head now resting against his shoulder.

He felt her body stiffen in shock at the sudden physical contact – a minute passing before she began to relax, her arms now entwined around his waist. Feeling fresh tears dampening his shirt; Sasuke’s arms tightened around Sakura. Expressing himself with words still proved a challenge and so he hoped that this embrace, here and now, would convey everything that needed to be said. His understanding, acceptance, regret, happiness - but most importantly, his promise to be there for Sakura and their child.

“I’m sorry…”

“…Me too” She murmured.

“Thank you…”


Sasuke’s obsidian and lilac eyes lingered on all of Sakura’s tired features as she held their newborn daughter, Sarada, in her arms. Her love and devotion for their daughter was palpable in the air, almost pulsating. Sasuke moved to sit beside Sakura on the bed, draping his right arm across her shoulders and basking in the warmth that was radiating from his wife.

“Look at her; I can’t believe she’s really here right in front of us” Sakura cooed, gently brushing Sarada’s cheek.

“Aa” Sasuke replied, looking softly at this miracle before him.

“She looks just like you. She’ll definitely be a beauty when she gets older – all the more thanks to her own beautiful and intelligent mother, haha” Sakura laughed heartily, resting her head against her husband’s shoulder.

Gingerly, Sasuke reached his own hand out to his daughter – her hand was tiny, her fingers so fragile. Resting his index finger inside Sarada’s palm, a sincere smile spread across Sasuke’s face as his daughter’s little fingers curled around his. Even if he were more articulate, he knew with certainty that no words could truly capture the explosion of warmth, happiness and love he felt in his core.

In that moment, Sasuke and Sakura’s unspoken promise from months past was fully realised. They would treasure every minute with their new family – happy or sad. And should the sky fall or her heart shatter, they would be always be there for their daughter.

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When will you SS fans realize how ugly your ship is? At least SasuNaru had a deep understanding of one another. That’s far more than SasuSaku ever had.

Okay, I’ll bite.

When will you SNS extremists realize that this “understanding” that you cling on to for dear life doesn’t magically make everything negative that ever happened between them disappear. The fact of the matter is, Sasuke treated Naruto far worse than he ever did to Sakura, and no amount of empathy due to their loneliness can erase this fact.

You guys claim how Sakura was selfish in regards to her love, but Naruto was selfless? Why? They both had exactly the same reasons and incentives for wanting to save Sasuke, and that’s what determines whether or not the action is selfish. Therefore, if Sakura was selfish, so was Naruto, there’s no getting around that. Furthermore, Naruto imposed his ideals on Sasuke far more than Sakura ever did, to the point where Sasuke himself shouted at him, asking what was wrong with him:

Sasuke didn’t want anything to do with Naruto, yet Naruto persisted in getting in his way, to the point where he claimed they’d both die. You extremists always claim how Sakura apparently never cared about what Sasuke wanted, never cared about Sasuke’s goals, and that made her selfish. But this is where you fail to see the full scope of the situation. Why should she advocate Sasuke’s goals when they involved slaughtering innocent people and condemning himself to a life of loneliness and misery? Why should either Sakura or Naruto care about a goal like that? What they cared about was getting Sasuke to see how the means in which he wanted to achieve his goals were wrong, and would therefore secure a better future for him, which is exactly what they did. Besides, why is this ignorant criticism only levelled at Sakura when by that logic, Naruto is just as guilty? Where did Naruto demonstrate that he cared about Sasuke’s goals? When he said that he was willing to essentially kill the both of them? Both Sakura and Naruto knew that Sasuke’s goals were heavily influenced by his hatred, so they both wanted to stop him from condemning himself to a life of misery. One can’t be labelled as selfish without the other.

You guys claim there’s an apparent lack of understanding in SS?

  • Sasuke understood Sakura well enough to know that she wasn’t acting like herself prior to the written Chuunin exam.
  • Sakura understood Sasuke well enough to know that despite Naruto and Kakashi’s reassurances, Sasuke was still going to leave the village.
  • Sasuke understood Sakura well enough to be one of the few people unsurprised at her show of strength during the war.
  • Sakura understood Sasuke well enough to know that despite his outward words and actions, there was still good in Sasuke.
  • Sasuke understood Sakura well enough to know that despite being captured by Shin, she wasn’t some helpless damsel in distress.
  • Sakura understood Sasuke well enough to know that he was on that long mission for his family’s sake, and that their feelings were still connected regardless of the distance.

So don’t come to me claiming that SS has a lack of understanding when it actually has plenty of it. It’s as if you guys think that the pain of loneliness is all there is to understand about people in this story. There’s so much more for Sakura to know and understand about Sasuke other than the slaughter of his clan or his loneliness. She knows about Sasuke’s likes, his dislikes, his techniques, his style of fighting, his ambitions, his mannerisms, his way of thinking - you know, his actual personality and character. That’s what actually makes you “know” and “understand” someone. Being privy to the specific truth about one aspect of someone’s past or the loneliness they suffered through, doesn’t mean you know that person. 

Then you guys claim how Sasuke constantly put Sakura down and insulted her, when in actuality, Sasuke never insulted Sakura once in the whole story, not once.

  • He called her annoying - That’s not an insult, and it was only said in a negative manner the first time.
  • He said early on that her skills were below Naruto’s - That’s not an insult.
  • He said at one point against Madara that there was nothing she could do now - That’s not an insult either.

You wanna know who he has insulted? Naruto, on numerous occasions.

Just off the top of my head, Sasuke called Naruto a drop-out:

He called him dead last:

He called him a bastard:

He called him a moron:

He called him a loser:

And then he called him a dimwit idiot who was full of himself:

And you claim he verbally abused and put down Sakura? Okay… The things Sasuke said to Sakura, while they were blunt, they were certainly not insulting. Now the things Sasuke said to Naruto? They most definitely were insulting, on all sorts of levels.

Then you bring up how Sasuke placed Sakura in a cruel genjutsu of him piercing her chest, despite the fact that Sasuke did that to Naruto in reality:

And you have the nerve to call SS physically abusive, but praise SNS? Despite Sasuke trying to kill Naruto far more times than he ever did to Sakura? Yeah, so I’d appreciate it if you extremists stopped constantly claiming that Sasuke physically and verbally abused Sakura, when he actually did neither, and did far worse to Naruto on both accounts.

And to those who constantly try to dismiss SS by saying that Sasuke always had a deep and profound reason for wanting to kill Naruto (as if that makes it any better), whereas he wanted to kill Sakura simply because she was a nuisance - this one panel renders that claim completely null and void:

Sasuke clearly states here that he intended to kill Naruto simply on a whim, simply because he felt like it. There was no profound reason behind his murder attempt on Naruto here. In this instance, Naruto was simply a nuisance, just like Sakura apparently was during the Land of Iron arc.

And funnily enough, this scene parallels what happened between Sasuke and Sakura in the Land of Iron. Where Sasuke nonchalantly attempts to take his former team mate’s life:

And someone stops him. In the Land or Iron it was Kakashi saving Sakura, here it was Sai saving Naruto:

Besides that, why does having a reason to kill someone make the attempt any less negative towards their relationship? Especially since Sasuke’s “deep and profound” reasons for opting to take Naruto’s life were either to gain power (Pt.1) or to be left alone (Pt.2). Such reasons don’t exactly demonstrate the unspeakable depths of his love for Naruto.

I’m a huge fan of Sasuke and Naruto’s relationship anon, but people need to stop elevating SasuNaru on the basis of being free from all the criticisms that are thrown in SasuSaku’s direction, when it actually suffers from many of the same criticisms, and does so to a much greater degree.