this inspires so many headcanons of mine

Die Kleine Blume (Germancest Week: 8th November “Life And Death”)

This story was inspired by a headcanon that says “When a country dies, wherever thay fell of faded, one of their national flower will grow in their place. No matter how many times it is trempled or has wilted, it will always grow back.”

Thanks to @sleepingbeautyino for giving awesome ideas and listening mine, even if she was busy or had plenty of work to do :D
And @germancestweek for making this possible. I have so much love for this fandom and my happiness increase when I see people drawing and writing for my two favourite Germans :)

Ludwig loved walking in the forest since his childhood.

Now, he was a grown man and many things have changed since then, but he still loved forests.

Because, in the middle of the Black Forest, lay a single, beautiful blue cornflower.

When a nation dies, their body becomes the national flower of their own, single, untouchable, immortal ones. Prussia’s flower was one of them.
His flower was right next to Germania’s, Brandenburg’s, Holy Roman Empire’s and the other deceased German nations. Ludwig never saw theirs since his beloved brother joined them.

It was when the Allies dissolved and executed him.

Ludwig was in his cell, nervous, alone and scared. His Reich had fallen. His boss was dead. He had lost his land, he had lost his brother. He was filled with so much regret, and heaven knows what on earth could happen to him.
Outside he heard a familiar voice, telling the guards that he came to see the prisoner with the Allies’ permission.
When the door opened, Ludwig ran to his brother, crying and seeking comfort. Gilbert didn’t say a word. His expression was blank and Ludwig couldn’t understand what was happening.
Then the slap came.
Ludwig drew back in pain and cupped his own cheek, tears falling from his eyes. This time, Gilbert’s expression wasn’t blank. He was crying.
“You idiot…”
Suddenly Ludwig felt wetness and warmness on his lips. And the salty taste of tears too.
Gilbert was kissing him with all his heart and for a moment he pulled away.
“But I loved you anyway. You were our hope, you were my dream. You
were a miracle. My miracle…”
“Gilbert, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… I love you…”
“I am sorry. I couldn’t stop you, I couldn’t…”
Ludwig silenced him with a kiss. They began to cry again.
“Am I gonna die, Gilbert?”
“No, no you won’t. You’ll stay alive, and proud. Germany will be a world power. You learned your lesson. You’ll never let it happen again, will you?”
“What will the Allies do?”
“They’ll listen to me. They let me to say–see you.”
“What if…”
“Be quiet…”
When Gilbert kissed his brother again, life and death melted into each other.

Years later, when Ludwig finally set free, Roderich came and took him to Gilbert’s flower, told him that he’s gone. He told him that the Allies took Gilbert to the spot where his father and brothers’ flowers grew, when he left Ludwig’s cell.
He wanted Francis to kill him, but Francis couldn’t bring himself to do that. Ivan accepted but when he pulled the trigger, his eyes were filled with tears too.
They buried him there and a blue cornflower grew. Ludwig never knew that, he just thought Russia had taken him. It was Gilbert’s death wish.
“Don’t let Ludwig know that I’m no more while he is imprisoned.”

Since then, Ludwig spent his free days beside the flower, talking about their friends, his dogs and his country’s development. He told him how he loved him and couldn’t tell him enough when he is alive.

Gilbird was still alive in Ludwig’s care, he loved to visit his former owner and mostly didn’t want to leave. He never chirped or sang at home.

And in a usual day, Ludwig came and sat in front of the flower with Gilbird on his shoulder.
A cold sensation brushed against his cheeks and lips, greeted him.
“Hello, brother.”

My Armitage nickname headcanon

Everyone is calling him Armie, which I adore, however I have one of my own.

Well, not entirely my own. I got inspired by That Unsteady Afterglow by oorsprong (it’s really great go read it). In this fic, the author had made a language in which adding “ll” at the end of a word means “mine.” 

So I thought, what about “Armel.”

I looked it up, and it turns out that Armel means “bear prince”

This is all over the place BUT...

Omg ok so Bitty is super smol right? Well, I am an athlete who is 5'4 and not only conditions but weight trains A LOT. I don’t look swol ( Bits also is in v good shape but lets be honest he ain’t swol like Holster, Ransom or Nursey) but lemme tell u a thing: I can outdo many a 6'0 and above boy in push ups and I can not only squat but bench press all my girl friends and half of my guy friends.


OR like Bits is in a class with Lardo, a few lax bros, girls v-ball players, and maybe like some football players and one of the lax bros keeps getting on Bitty for being so tiny so Bitty challenges him in the middle of a lecture to a push up contest and so both boys JUST DROP and start fucking going for it and BITTY BEATS OUT THE LAX BRO AFTER 70 PUSH UPS AND LARDO EVEN SITS ON HIS BACK AND SMIRKS SMUGLY AT THE LAX BRO WHO IS STRUGGLING HARD CORE NOW AND THE FOOTBALL AND V-BALL PLAYERS ARE SMIRKING ALSO AND BITTY IS STILL GOING. WOW DONT THE LAX BROS FEEL SO STUPID HAHA!!!