this insane cop

Not kidding here.

If I, a 15 year old standing alone in a bikini, had some armed (and obviously insane roided up cop on a rampage) grabbing me, abusing me and holding me down for no real reason, I would sue someone too. 

Fuck, I’d have been talking to Gloria Allred the morning after it happened. 

Because what he did was blatant and borderline sexual abuse of a young girl. The video is shockingly clear on this. 

It was why the cop had to quit on the spot the second the video was released. Even he could never justify it. Not reasonably. 

Scott’s lack of priorities is staggering. In Season 1 he was all about Allison when everybody around him is literally in life threatening situations not to mention his best friend was physically threatened by himself, but all he could think about was impressing Allison. 

I don’t even remember what happened in Season 2-4 anymore. But right now? I really hate how he accuses Stiles of killing ‘someone they’re supposed to save’. I mean, really, even before Donovan became a Chimera he threatened the Sheriff on multiple occasions and have shown real capability to carry out his threats. Donovan is a victim of some fucked up medical experimentation, not his vile temper and aggression and malice against the Sheriff. Even if they did manage to help Donovan out of his situation, he still would have gone after the Sheriff because that is part of who is now. Between Donovan and the Sheriff, Stiles would choose to save his dad and not some two bit wannabe cop with insane aggression issues any fucking day. I fucking hate how Scott thinks it’s right/good/saintly in any way that he basically implicitly said that saving Donovan from his dark body-modifying sins is more important than keeping the Sheriff alive. 

The entire rain scene in 5x09 is Scott saying ‘we were supposed to save Donovan’ and Stiles frustratingly saying ‘are you fucking kidding me this is the person who wanted to kill my father’. There is deliberate miscommunication in this scene, because Theo is a lying liar who lies, and also a piece of trash that deserves to a death so horrible that it will make Genghis Khan cry, but to be honest I completely understand why Stiles doesn’t even think about fact checking with Scott - he is way too incredulous that Scott is more concerned over Donovan’s wellbeing than the Sheriff’s life. 

By the way, Stiles is infinitely protective of the Sheriff. Just think about how he obsessively controls the Sheriff’s diet, and how he flatout says (and believes) that he needs to take care of the Sheriff. And think about how fucked up he got by just the merely suggestion that the Sheriff has been taken by Jennifer Blake. And more importantly, think about how fucking angry Stiles got when Donovan started taunting him about ruining the Sheriff for life by hurting him… His knuckles were white, he was shaking, breathing heavily, I bet you anything at that moment he saw red. He looked like he was positively ready to kill, even though the Sheriff raised him better. Also, at the sheriff station, when Donovan started threatening the Sheriff in a very graphic way, Stiles’ acerbic reply actually quite surprised me. I mean, Stiles has always been sarcastic and quickwitted, but he has always been a more comedic character, alleviating the tension in the heavy shitstorm that is the daily life of Beacon Hills; but his reply to Donovan was downright malicious and cruel. So, really, I can’t really imagine Stiles not doing anything about this. Even if the accident didn’t happen, I can just imagine Stiles pulling less than legal strings behind the scenes to make sure Donovan gets locked up and fucked up for the rest of eternity. 

And just for reasons, let’s think back at all the stuff Scott did in order to keep Melissa safe… Like I said, I don’t remember much of it. But I do distinctly recall all the shit that went down with Gerard, Scott doing whatever he could to keep his mother safe, Stiles getting kidnapped, everything turning to shit, etc. Scott has done his fair share of shitty things and morally dubious bullcrap in his life, ok, just because he has never killed a person doesn’t automatically make him Jean Valjean. By the way, when it was about him, he was pretty ready to kill Peter and was actually quite upset Derek deprived him of that chance. Another side note, not that I’m defending Gerard, because he’s a fucking psycho and I fucking hate him because what the fuck dude you are so fucked up and not in a good way like can you just get your shit together and not be such a sadistic fuck, but what Scott did to him was actually extremely messed up. I don’t see how letting a man cough out black goo out of all his pores and not even able to die is better than just killing the man. Honestly. 

Ha ha double standards are so morbidly funny.