this insane cop

Not kidding here.

If I, a 15 year old standing alone in a bikini, had some armed (and obviously insane roided up cop on a rampage) grabbing me, abusing me and holding me down for no real reason, I would sue someone too. 

Fuck, I’d have been talking to Gloria Allred the morning after it happened. 

Because what he did was blatant and borderline sexual abuse of a young girl. The video is shockingly clear on this. 

It was why the cop had to quit on the spot the second the video was released. Even he could never justify it. Not reasonably. 

Stuck With Me

Pairing: Chance Sutton x reader

Word Count: 574 words.

Warnings: A bit of angst and obviously the whole haunted thing. 

Request: Can I plz get a chance Sutton imagine involving the insane asylum. Anonymous

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If your boyfriend ever asks you to go with him to an insane asylum say no. That’s what you should’ve done when he asked. Instead, you’re now standing outside an abandoned asylum for the insane. 

“There’s a cop car,” you whisper pointing towards the red and blue lights. Everyone ducks and Jake calls the rest of you over to a small hole in the fence. 

“I think we can get through,” he whispers starting to wiggle his way through. It takes a lot of ducking and waiting for the cop car to pass before you actually enter. Chance keeps scaring you and you fall for it every time. 

“Please stop,” you pout, “I’m scared enough as it is.” He puts his strong arms around you making you feel completely safe. 

“I’ve got you,” he whispers in your ear before dragging you along as he tries to keep up with the rest of them. Jake decides on a spot for his Ouija board session.

“I really don’t want to do this,” you whisper tightening your grip on Chance’s hand. What if there’s an actual spirit here? You take a few calming breaths watching Jake, Chance and Anthony begin. You completely freak when the little piece actually starts moving because you can see they’re all tapping with the fingers. 

“I’m out,” you say about to turn around when Chance says: “Don’t move!” He’s looking through the glass and you’ve never seen him like this. You completely freeze as you watch Chance put it down. 

“We have to say goodbye,” he says choking on the words. They quickly do as they all ask what he saw. He just hugs you and it creeps you out. But you’re fairly certain that it would creep you out even more if you knew what he saw. As you hurry out you notice that Chance still hasn’t let go of you. 

“Babe, what did you see?” you whisper as a cop car passes. 

“I just… I can’t even explain it, but it was awful. I got so scared,” he replies and you decide to just leave it. You’re never going back though that’s for sure. Once you’re home Chance heads straight to his room and you decide to give him a little space before joining him. 

“Jake, I don’t care how many views this gets. I’m never going back,” you state making them laugh nervously. You’re all pretty shaken up even though no one wants to say it. You talk a little as Jake edits but soon enough you head upstairs. He’s sitting on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands. 

“Hi baby,” you whisper sitting behind him and wrapping your arms around him. You hear him sniffle a little but don’t bother to mention it. 

“The next time I ask you to go to a haunted asylum with me just slap me,” he says turning around and knocking you over. He cuddles up next to you and you wrap your arms around him again. 

“I promise,” you whisper kissing his forehead. 

“I got so scared, I thought you were going to die or something.” 

“Luckily, I’m still here. I’m not that easy to get rid of,” you say tracing invisible circles on his back to make him relax. His breathing starts slowing down and you realise he’s fallen asleep. You look at the circles under his eyes and smile. He does really need the sleep. 


richard spencer and a bunch of other undesirables decided to show up randomly at night holding torches and spouting a bunch of nonsense in front a statue like they were a very primitive insane cult before the cops showed up and made them fuck off.

here goes a pic of him at their ceremony

this ugly bitch is going out of the way to make himself look punchable i swear to god this is the most irritating image i’ve seen in my entire life. stuff like this reminds me why antifa are a thing. like why were the antifa doing nothing but holding clubs and standing on a hill in boston today instead of showing up where this dude was. then again, im psure they planned this whole meeting via smoke signals or something. idk

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I know it's a slightly contentious point but given all this talk about Robert needing redemption - do you think Aaron has redeemed himself now? I know that the narrative doesn't really suggest he needs to, but he's got a pretty violent temper and has no difficulty throwing wrenches and beating the crap out of Robert because he's angry. I'd quite like them to acknowledge that and apologise, but it's unlikely as the show doesn't really recognise male on male violence as problematic.

hello this is an essay i’m sure we’re all shocked

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Fantasy 5...

Bad girls need to be punished…
I love being able to sneak some me & him time. I always feel so refreshed & happy and light when I leave him. I mean my life is not horrible by any means but the connection we have is so Amazing!! I am going to have to answer as to why I’m so damn late but shit I’ll just say I ran into someone I have not seen in forever and we got to talking about the kids and what’s new… I’ll even complain that she would not shut up about their recent vacation. Well now that I have a game plan I’m going to stay in my post orgasmic bliss a little bit longer. Lord I could get lost in my thoughts when it comes to him…. Fuck!!! I just passed a cop going 15 over. Shit Shit Shit!!! Damn that’s what I get for playing in my own head. Damn I can’t get another speeding ticket the last one just went off my record! I will have no explanation for why I was all the way over here. Well fuck there goes my story I better come up with a new one. Lord here he comes…. “ Do you know why I pulled you over? ” “Yes I do. I was speeding” ( why the hell do they ask this… it’s freaking obvious ) “ I need your drivers license, registration & insurance” I had everything ready. Great cause I was ready he probably thinks I get pulled over all the time. I hand him my stuff and finally get a good look at him. And oh my god holy shit!!! He is hot!! Like hire a stripper and he’s a cop stripper hot!! Wow!!! Just wow. He’s tall and broad and tan and lord please let him need to frisk me. I know I just had amazing sex but damn he is the stuff wet dreams are made of…. Well in my fog of lust where I just stared at him and probably drooled on myself he has walked away. I catch a glimpse of his oh so fine ass in the mirror but thanks to the fact that it’s dark and his head lights are blinding it was just a quick glimpse… shit he’s hot but I really really don’t want a ticket!! What the hell he’s already on his way back to my car that was quick!! Maybe no ticket… “Ma'am I need you to step out of the vehicle” Ummmmmm Shit!! Sooo this is not how I saw my night ending I better find some more things that me and this imaginary person talked about cause I’m gonna be super LATE. “ Go to the back of your car and place your hands on the trunk ” Well double SHIT!! What could he of possibly found in such a short amount of time?? And damn I never put my panties back on!! Well hmmmm I place my hands on my trunk and he is standing behind me. No words no movement no Nothing…. what the hell is he doing. “Officer can I ask what I did?” “Sure you can.” Really that’s it… do I need to spell it out for him??? “Ok will you tell me what I did??” It’s then I feel his hands at my waist. He pulls my waist back while he tell me to keep my hands on the trunk. I’m now bent at the waist and my skirt is not long at all & again I have no panties on. I feel his hands start to move from my wait up my sides and he is now grazing the side of my breasts which are not contained by a bra. “I could smell the scent of sex on you when I pulled you over. I see you have a wedding ring on but yet you are here so far away from your home if your address is correct on your license & with no one else with you. Were you being a naughty girl and fucking a man who is not your husband?” I’m about to answer and he tells me to shush. “Don’t try and lie little girl. I know what you were doing. I’m not judging he’s a lucky man to get to fuck you.” His hands are now rubbing me up and down my sides and grazing my breasts. He’s getting bolder with each pass. He so so close to full on cupping my breasts. Please shit just do it!!! Touch me. His voice, his hands, shit this whole scenario is HOT!!! “Should I punish you for being a bad girl?” “Ummm i don’t know???” “Bad girls need to be taught a lesson.” As I’m about to turn my head and ask him what is happening. He quickly lifts my skirt and slaps my right ass cheek. I want to say ouch but it didn’t hurt. If anything it just made me even more wet. “I’m going to teach you a lesson little girl. Are you ready for it?” “Ummm I don’t know??” Shit what am I supposed to say?? I know I should say no but damn I don’t want to. But let’s be serious I really need to say no. As I’m about to stand up and say ok no more, fun & games are over I feel his hand and the top of my back holding me down and his hand slaps my ass again this time the left cheek then the right again… Damn oh Damn Damn Damn!!! Here I am bent over my car with my skirt raised and this insanely hot cop has his hands all over my ass!! He starts to lift my top. One hand gently rubbing my ass and the other moving in to cup my breast!! Oh my god! How can I be this horny after I just got off?!?! He starts to rub between my ass cheeks and is now touching my soaking wet pussy!! “You let him cum in you??” I can’t even answer before he slaps my ass again!! Fuck why does that feel so damn good?!?! “ I’m going to own your pussy little girl! And if you are a good girl I’m going to own your little asshole too! ” Holy hell… am I dreaming. This shit does not happen. Again I know I should be saying no but my inner slut would bitch slap me for walking away from Officer Wet Dream!! He is touching all of me. I’m out and exposed and he is grabbing my breasts. I feel his lips & teeth nibbling and kissing his way all around my neck. I feel him lifting my top all the way off. I’m on the side of the road topless my skirt bunched up and my ass and pussy is exposed. “My good girl is very wet. Does the thought of getting fucked on the side of the road turn you on?? Anyone can drive by and see you exposed?” I don’t know why… But “ yes it does!! I don’t know why but it does! I want you to own my pussy!! Take my ass!!! I’ve been a bad girl make me your good girl!!” He has his fingers in my pussy and the hand that was holding me down he lifts off me. I hear it then he is undoing his zipper. “You ready to be my good girl??” Oh boy was I ever!!! I feel him behind me he pulls his fingers out and pushes his dick inside me. Oh my god he is hot, hard & huge. 3 of the best things ever when it comes to a mans dick!! He’s torturing me by going slow and just holding himself there. I need him to move! I need him to fuck me hard!!! I’m so ready I can’t hold back the whimper that falls from my lips. “Are you ready to be my good girl?? Does she need to be fucked hard & fast??” I damn near tell it… “YES!!! Fuck me!!! Mark me & make me yours!!” I barely get the last of my plea out before he pulls back and slams into me hard! So damn hard I know I’m going to feel it later!! He has such a tight grip on me I know he’s gonna leave finger print marks on my hips! I don’t care. As long as he keeps fucking me the way he is I really really don’t care! I feel used in the best way possible. One would think I wouldn’t be able to come so quick after the explosive orgasm I just had less then an hour ago but I swear I’m so close and I’m going to cum so hard it’s going to hurt!!! Oh my god he is so strong I couldn’t get away if I wanted to. His hips are a weapon. Oh oh oh oh oh I’m gonna cum it’s gonna be huge… fuck I can’t hold it back! “I’m gonna cum oh my god Officer I’m gonna cum!! Oh my god!!! Fuck Fuck Fuck don’t stop please don’t stop!!!!” He does exactly what I ask and if anything fucks me harder!!! “Cum on baby be a good girl and cum!” I swear his voice must have magical powers cause I do just that and I cum so hard I know I screamed there was no holding it back. I feel like I just had an out of body orgasm!!! As I come back to reality I can feel he is still hard & ready to go! Oh lord…. “Your pussy is great baby. But now I’m going to take that ass.” Holy shit I don’t know about you but I don’t carry lube in my purse… I’m not going to lie I’m a little nervous for this. I feel him pull out of me and he inserts his fingers. He pulls them out and starts to rub my ass. He does this a few times. He pushes himself back inside my insanely wet pussy and pulls back out. Thank god I’m so wet cause he slowly pushes himself inside my ass with gentle ease… I am so full so so so full!! “Now it’s my turn baby… Your ass feels so tight and hot around my dick!! You are going to make me cum hard. Do you want me to cum in your ass my good girl?” All I can do is nod my head yes “That’s my good girl I’m going to mark this ass as mine!!” And that’s exactly what he does. He fucks my ass like he owns it & I love every damn second of it! I cum again as he fucks my ass and as I’m coming down from my millionth orgasm of the night I feel him swell even bigger inside me. His hands are holding me so hard I couldn’t move if I wanted to. He is fucking me like I’m a doll made for his own personal pleasure!!! “Fuck baby girl I’m gonna cum. You ready for me??” I have no words so again I nod yes…. I feel him start to cum inside me. Deep inside my ass! Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god…. I chant that over and over again in my head. I’m a boneless mindless heap of a woman. I have no energy at all… I feel him pull out of me and even soft after what felt like a intense orgasm for him he is still thick as hell. He pulls my skirt down and helps me into my shirt. I look up at him as he is putting himself back into his pants and ask him… “Did that get me out of a ticket?” He just looks at me and laughs tells me he was never gonna give me a ticket. The reason he pulled me over is because when he was doing his rounds at the state park he saw me well us and needed to have a go at me…. I can’t believe we were so focused on each other that we didn’t hear the car. Now I’m curious if anyone else saw us. He gives me my information back & informs me that if I ever want another round to give him a call. Cause that’s what I need another man in my life. But damn I take his number cause well I must be insane. For the 2nd time tonight I leave a man fully satisfied and now I really really need to get home… I’m beyond late and well I have no clue what I’m going to say… I’ll just play it by ear. What a crazy crazy night. But one I won’t soon forget…

Dreams Turn Into Reality (Final Chapter) (Jerome Valeska Imagine)

Summary: After Jerome’s escape from Arkham Asylum he goes to visit his best friend Y/N (yes that’s your name right there). But something’s off, and after what you tell him he wants to make sure that your dreams surely comes to reality.

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

Warnings: Swearing and Torture if don’t like then don’t read

Fandom: Gotham

Season: Season 2

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You had helped Jerome grabbed your over weight father as you brought him up to the attic. You both groaned as you began to run out of breath. You had taken up all of your strength just to get him in the attic. Once you had finally managed to get him up to the attic they dropped him and took a breather.

“Never… Expected him… To be that… Heavy!” Jerome breathes out as you nodded in agreement. You looks at your father then back to him.

“Yeah… He’s just… A dead… Weight.” You panted as he laughs. He looks at you then picked up Grey and put him in the chair letting you take a break.

Jerome throws him on the chair as Grey groaned. He puts his arms on the arm rest and his feet on the legs of the chair. He looks over to where the rope was and was about to grab it until.

“Here let me.” You got up and grabbed the rope and walked over where Jerome was. He smiled as you wrapped the rope around his wrist, ankles and torso. You made sure that you done it tightly that he can’t escape. Jerome had made sure of that. He pulled on the rope to make sure and he laughed. He looked at you with shock.

“Where did you learn to tie a knot like that doll?” He asked you as you shrugged and chuckled.

“Well, when your daddy ties you up in rope, you learn a few tricks or two.” You say confidently. Jerome smirks and he got up on his feet. He grabs your hands into his as he smiled warmly at you.

“He’ll be awake in a couple of minutes. Are you ready to show him what you’re really made of?” He asked you again as you smiled at him.

“Jerome, I’m more than ready to beat this guys sorry ass. And you know it, remember?” You smiled as he nodded in response.

“Well gorgeous. It’s showtime and grab that knife of yours and get into position, I’ll be behind that wall over there, okay.” He said as you nodded. Before you could apart you quickly shared a passionate kiss before getting into position.


Grey had groan as he opened his eyes. Everything was a blur to him as he shook his head. When his sight came back he saw that he was in an completely new place. He tried getting up and noticed that he was tied up in a tight grip. He started panicking as he tried freeing himself.

“That’s just gonna make it worse, ya know?” Grey had looked up in the shadows and a figure walks out of the shadows with a crazy smirk on your lips. Grey had looked at you with disgust and anger.

“Y/N what the fuck are you doing?” He asked her in an scared tone. You laughed as you walked closer to Grey. You leaned on the chair and smiled.

“What do you think I’m doing,” you ask sweetly as you get up and walked away from him and then you turned to look at him with an death glare. “I’m proving that I’m not afraid of you.” You pointed your finger at him as you spoke in an death tone.

He gave you an confused look and then laughed it off. You crossed your arms and waited for him to stop.

“Do you think that this is funny?” You asked bluntly. He looks up at you with an smile.

“Oh Y/n. You scared me but now please tell me where the cameras are. Is this on an reality TV show?” He asked as you smirked. You walked up to him and pulled the chair facing you.

“You really think that I’m joking daddy?” You asked him in an death tone. Your eyes spoken darkness and danger. Grey soon caught this and gulped as sweat came pouring down his forehead.

“Y/N where the fuck am I? And who hit me with the fucking baseball bat? And why the actual fuck are you doing this?” He asked. Didn’t he really know?

You looked at him and laughed hard. He gave you an confused look like he wasn’t believing it at all. “What’s so funny?” He asked you. Once you stopped laughing you looked at him.

“I find this amusing well because… We’re in the attic basically. And you really don’t know why the fuck we are doing this to you. Ha funny!” You said as you laughed. Grey started to get uncomfortable as he caught your words.

“We? Who the fuck is we?” He asked as you smirked. You sat on a stool as you looked at him cluelessly as you began to think.

“Hmm we? Oh you mean him! Oh.” You exaggerated as Grey gave you a dirty look. His eyes widen.

“Him! Who the fuck is him! You’ve been hanging out with an boy! Since when!” He yells as you smirked. Once again this was Jerome’s cue to enter the room. He laughed as he walked in.

“I believe that *him* has a name. The name is Jerome Valeska.” He introduced himself as he did a bow like he was doing an performance for the circus. He looks over at you and walks over to you and kisses you passionately. You kissed back a bit too fast. Grey’s eyes widen.

“You’re Jerome Valeska… Your the insane boy that copped up your mummy. You broke out of Arkham recently with other crazy maniacs. What the fuck are you doing in my house and with my daughter! How long have you been seeing each other!” He asked rudely as Jerome looks at him with a pout. He walks over to Grey as he began to fiddle. Jerome knelt down to the ground as he lifted a finger to Grey’s chin to lift him up.

“Oh… It’s nice to know that someone knows me. And I’ve meet your daughter since a few years ago.” He admitted as he did a low and dangerous chuckle. Grey began to sweat of how nervous he was.

“What are you going to do with me?” Grey asked Jerome as he laughed. He looks over at you as he looks back over at him with an smirk. He hummed as he began to think.

“Well Grey. I’ve heard that your on Santa’s naughty list and I’m here to deliver the punishment. Well I’m just the helping hand. Y/N will be doing the real work.” He says as he winks at you. You smiled back at him as Grey laughed at him. He looked at him with an displeasing look.

“Sure you are. Do you really think that bitch would do something crazy as you are. Well you don’t know her that well mate.” He spat as Jerome lifted a brow. He hummed as he looked over at you again. Your face was in anger mode as you already wanted to murder that son of a bitch. But patience is the right way you would repeat to yourself.

“Are you sure?” Jerome asked him as he nodded in full on response. He nodded slowly as he smirked.

“Y/N! I think it’s your turn to have fun.” He calls out to you as you smiled, widely. Jerome got up and walked over to where you were. You got up and grabbed the kitchen knife and made sure that Grey saw it. He panicked as he tried escaping from her.

“Hush daddy! It’s your turn to have the pain. It’s your turn to see what it feels like to be abused all of these years.” You exclaimed as you stabs the knife into his flesh.

He screams in agony as pain flushed through him. You smirks as you pushed deeper into the skin with the knife causing him to scream harder and louder. Blood rushed to escape from him as they begged for freedom. Once the knife was deep enough you started to pull the knife down to his wrist. Slowly as a snail you pulled forward as he scream.

Tears escaping his eyes as he closed his eyes. Torture who would’ve of guess? He had held his breath to cause no more screaming, suffocating the air that he was breathing in, or was. You had finally jerked the knife out causing him to scream in agony. You looked at him with a smirk as he cried.

“What? Do you think that’s all I’m giving you? The nights is still young.” You said as you stabbed his other arm and he once again screams in torture. This was going to be a long night.


After taking turns of torturing Grey with the kitchen knife. Red liquid called blood, his blood was dripping everywhere and it was completely everywhere that you could possibly see. Blood was on you and Jerome’s hands as you had finished the work of him.

Grey was covered in deep cuts and blood everywhere on his body.

Jerome had decided to remove the chair and the ropes and put him out in the lounge room. They had cut the ropes and threw his body down stairs since he was dead from losing too much blood. You carried him into the lounge room as you cleaned up all of the blood that he left.

Jerome had made sure that he’ll get Grey’s blood everywhere on the floor and he has. He had also had to smash a couple of things so it had looked like that someone had broken in and had killed Grey. He had also smashed a couple of windows.

He had helped you clean out the attic so it looked like nothing had happened up here. They had grabbed all of the boxes that were currently up there and replaced them back to where they were before hand.

“Thanks Jerome.” You said as he smiled at her.

“No problem doll. I think Galavan would love you! Now, how about we leave before the cops get here? I’m not ready to face Jim Gordon yet.” He said as you smiled widely and grabbed his hand and snaked it around your waist.

“I would love too.” You murmured as your lips touched his and then the passionate kiss again, but more amazing like fireworks. You both departed as you looked into his eyes. You then walk off hand in hand as Jerome takes you to Galavan where you will be safer than with your dead father.

Dreams Turn Into Reality (Part 1)

Dreams Turn Into Reality (Part 2)

Dreams Turn Into Reality (Part 3)


Ambassador Eunectes

Nomarch of the Glades and fifth to hold the title ‘Eunectes’, this stupendous serpent rules the lives of millions with an iron coil. Despite her relatively bloodless rise to power in a society that demands shows of strength, none have challenged her rule in all her 60 year tenure. Visiting Zootopian journalists suspect that her fabulous wealth and skill as a negotiator is responsible for this unprecedented feat, while local writers quietly note that many of her detractors have been known to mysteriously disappear.

A savvy, suspicious snake, Eunectes sees more than she lets on. Friends and enemies alike who underestimate this massive ophidian would do well to remember that anacondas are ambush predators; watching and waiting, patiently and without mercy, for the right moment to strike.

One of the main characters of the Swinton side-fic! Had a good time experimenting with art styles on the beautiful and cold-blooded giant anaconda Eunectes. And her story continues in Pearls Before Swine chapter 3! There’s more under the cut!

Swinton sat at her custom-made mahogany desk, watching her computer screen intently. She tapped her fingers happily on the shiny, near-mirror finish of the dense, hard wood inlaid with gold leaf; she loved watching her various accounts swell with Reptilian revenue. Even though the currency had to be laundered somewhat before it got to her, Herpetopian dinars raised a few eyebrows unless they were spread to the right pockets. Not that she needed to worry about any of that, she had set up that whole kit and kaboodle years ago, and there was no way anyone would sniff it out. Not without her knowing, anyway.

There was a thump at the door, Swinton’s eyebrow arched at the muffled “…Ow,” that followed.

“A twenty pound rabbit vs a two-hundred pound ironwood door.” She smirked . “It’s open, come in.”

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Why Kensei chose Mashiro to be his lieutenant

As requested by anon. :)

There are many ways to end up with someone as your lieutenant, of course: inheritance, only one person was qualified, etc, etc. But let’s say that when it came to Kensei ending up with Mashiro, he *chose* her to be his lieutenant. Here would be his reasons for doing so!

1. She seems very strong.

“I don’t know what it is about that tiny woman, but I sense that she has crazy-strong spiritual pressure. So although she may look like a strong breeze could knock her over, I have a feeling she could hold her own in battle. I saw her kick a guy in the face during a bar fight the other night. He ran off crying. Crying! That was when I knew. She was the one.”

2. But I think she needs help achieving her full potential.

"Then I met her. And I realized that she might not, uh, quite be realizing her full potential. Because she seems slightly - insane. Apparently she kicked the guy in the face because he said that banana slugs aren’t cute? I don’t even know. But perhaps with a serious and fast-tracking captain like me, she could shape her raw talent into real progress!”

3. With hair that green, she must have very thick skin.

“Lieutenants have to have thick skins. Because of battle. And also because I yell a lot. And that woman? I think she does. I mean, her hair is a CRAZY shade of green. Like, how did that even happen? Did her mother drink a lot of limeade? Did fall into a radioactive clover patch a s a child? For whatever reason, she has that hair. And surely she must have taken shit for it. So she’s gotta have a thick skin.”

4. We can be bad cop and insane cop.

“I am an angry man. I know it. I am giant and I have a lot of muscles and I like to let my temper out. Nothing wrong with that. But to be an effective captain, I need to be paired with someone who will compliment that. I was thinking maybe I’d find someone sweet to be ‘good cop, bad cop’ with me. But I suppose ‘bad cop, insane cop’ works too.”

5. She won’t steal my angry thunder.

“I like to be the only guy that yells a lot. It’s my thing. So I like that she doesn’t yell like that. The thunder of anger is all my own.”

6. I’m sure she won’t throw very many temper tantrums.

“Gotta admit. Kuna gave me pause when she threw that temper tantrum after the guy who doesn’t like banana slugs refused to give her a pickle. Man, that was a weird night. But I’m sure that was just a result of her being kind of drunk and weirdly hung up on slugs. Not like she’d be that way all the time. I mean, she’s a seated officer! Clearly she knows how to act professionally on the job.”

7. My therapist says I need to work on my anger management.

“So….I guess even if she is a little wild, it might be good for me. My therapist says I need to work on controlling my temper. For some reason.”

8. She can sing.

“And although I’m not saying that I plan to turn Squad 9 into the most glamorous band ever to hit the Seireitei, I am saying that it’d be nice to have a good vocalist. Just in case.”

9. I can sense that she is stylish. 

“Not gonna lie. If you want to be in Squad 9, you have to have great hair. Great hair is important. And despite the insane color, Kuna has hair that looks smooth and shiny, the sort of hair that looks styled even when she actually has bedhead. That’s a Squad 9 thing right there.”

10. I just - have to know what’s up with those goggles!

“She wears goggles. I don’t know why. I need to know. She never seems to pull them down over her eyes. They are just - there. Waiting. Watching. Maybe if she worked for me I’d find out the truth. Because otherwise it is going to keep me up every night. Why the hell does she wear goggles?!”

Where the Love Light Gleams (Ginny/Mike, ch 1)

All right Bawson fam, you asked for it. A @darlinginmyway post about a Bawson Hallmark movie AU led to this bright idea. Blame her, and @tacos and @magicinhermadness for their encouragement. Do you know when I last wrote a WIP? I’m going with 10 years ago.

Summary: Ginny Baker, trying to get to her boyfriend’s house for Christmas, gets stranded when a blizzard shuts down the roads. Stuck at the one lodge in the area, she meets grumpy owner Mike Lawson, newly-divorced and not in the mood for Christmas, or customers.

This is not good.

Ginny drives slowly, taking extra care in her small car as she makes her way through a blizzard. An honest to God blizzard. Weather like this makes her miss North Carolina. Weather like this makes her think she should have stayed in Texas or taken that job in San Diego. She’s just not built for the cold.

But, when she interned in New York, met Trevor Davis and fell in love, heading back south didn’t even seem like an option. 6 months in and she felt like a normal person for the first time in forever. Decent enough job, tiny apartment, good partner.

Maybe that’s why she’s risking her life driving through this disaster, because good girlfriends make insane trips to meet their boyfriend’s parents. Never mind her unease at driving, mind always flitting back to the car accident when she was 17. One minute her dad was sitting in the driver’s seat next to her, the next he wasn’t. Bad weather always made her grip the steering wheel that much harder, breathe that much shakier.

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people like to talk about white privilege, straight privilege, cis privilege and that's fine...but how convenient that the majority of tumblr ignores another type of privilege - US privilege. It's so frustrating trying to talk to an American about social justice and issues happening in other countries. It seems they're raised to just see their little bubble in the US and then go on to assume that just because something works a certain way in the US it must be like that everywhere. uuughhhh

I know that I’ve used this fifteen times today but whenever I see people being that fucking self-absorbed I just think of:

but honestly, I hate how when this discussion happens people on here conveniently ignore both that yes coming from the US means you’re automatically privileged and not just in the western world for all the reasons I’m sure we don’t need to repeat, and that if something happens in the US doesn’t automatically mean that the rest of the world is the same. But at the same time we should support their causes without blinking an eye even if we’re not connected to them at all, but the flying spaghetti monster and thor forbid they actually do the reverse and/or don’t chastise their compatriots who do.

Because I mean, now I just hope people don’t misread what I’m writing, but anyway, when Ferguson was going down all of tumblr was pretty much continuous reblogging about every single thing that went down there. A lot of people not from the US supported the cause even if it didn’t affect their countries at all - let’s be real, Ferguson was and is a 100% US-related cause. I didn’t personally reblog much because while I am actually interested in what goes on in the US because of various reasons I found that for once my country’s media gave me a way less confused picture of it. But also, I don’t live in the US, I don’t experience what happens there either way and therefore other than saying that in my world view is absolutely insane that if a cop kills someone in a way that’s not blatant self-defense you need a grand jury to send them to trial I had exactly nothing to offer to the debate, I didn’t say anything about it, let others blog about it, informed myself on my own and left it there. But I haven’t once seen anyone being like ‘hey but what about X, Y and Z happening in this other country while you’re all focused on Ferguson?’ (I mean statistically speaking something else horrid must have happened in another part of the world), and I’ve never seen anyone from the US like ‘hey why are you caring about our issues it’s not your country’. Never mind that I saw some serious guilt-tripping posts as in ‘if you don’t talk about it you don’t care shame on you’, but whatever. Now, if foreigners rallying for Ferguson was all good because it was their cause, why the fuck can’t they let others do the fucking same or if they don’t like it can they just… ignore it and avoid pushing their frankly not requested opinions into the world? Because really. Who cares that they don’t care, but them saying fuck france or fuck paris is just blatantly disrespectful and so fucking egocentric I can’t even. Never mind lecturing *white people* in general as if white Europeans also can’t care about terrorism happening in France

That said, I find it really horrid to pit tragedies against each other and I maintain that you can care about more than one thing at once yes you can, so I’m not saying that people shouldn’t have rallied for Ferguson or anything - I mentioned Ferguson because it was the biggest example I could think of right now. But again, them going black lives matter !!!!! when black lives matter is a strictly 100% American issue right now and neither Paris nor Beirut nor Baghdad nor anything else we’re talking about has zilch to do with racism in the United States is just plain disrespectful. Also I found it fairly ridiculous that they’d go like ‘EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT PARIS BUT THEY’RE SILENCING US ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI!!!’, because I mean uh I looked it up and the entire thing turned out to be a hoax/a fearmongering attempt, so basically there was no KKK there, no one died and the person saying they were gonna shoot people on social media was doing it just to stir fear. Which is bad, but like. No one died. Nothing happened except people getting scared. Meanwhile here there’s 130+ dead people and countless wounded/people still in danger of dying, some of the terrorists are still at loose (and one could be in Italy rn how amazing…), it’s pretty much our Sept. 11th and you complain that people talk more about terrorism in France than the university of Missouri? Uhm I don’t know, look at your life and your choices. I don’t even know what the hell does one say at that kind of thing. Also ‘I don’t know anyone in Paris and I don’t wanna go there so fuck that noise’, lol okay so I don’t know anyone in Lebanon and I have no plans of going there on vacation anytime soon, fuck that noise? What dumbass logic is that even and how self-centered do you have to be to be such an asshole?

Like fuck’s sake let’s end this post with a less horrid note, can they just take a page from the book of their excellent compatriots here, both musicians and public, and show some human decency? (I saw this earlier today and I kind of maybe teared up halfway)

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30. Tourist/ Knowledgeable Local AU

She’s lost. She was supposed to be at this party 20 minutes ago and she has no idea where she is. The Hamptons honestly shouldn’t be this difficult to navigate. But the houses are all so huge and she’s pretty sure she was given the wrong address.

Kate pulls into a gas station, hoping maybe someone inside could tell her where the hell this place is. The checkout boy is absolutely no hope and tries to talk her into buying a map of New York. She doesn’t need a map of New York. She’s lived in the city her whole life, knows her way around the interstates and highways. What she needs is a GPS to get her to this damn house that doesn’t seem to exist.

Flustered she storms back out to her car and tries yet again to turn on her dead cell phone. And of course she forgot her car charger. Today just isn’t her day. She slumps down on her steering wheel with a groan.

Then she hears someone tapping on her car window. Instinctively she reaches for the gun that’s normally at her hip. But of course it’s not there tonight since she’s slipped into her little black dress for this stupid party she’s missing.

Kate turns her head, sees a man waving at her. Reluctantly, she rolls down her window. She raises a questioning eyebrow at him.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, but I was behind you in line and couldn’t help overhearing. I live here, well seasonally, but I know the area pretty well. Perhaps I could help you find what you’re looking for.”

She relaxes, giving him a grateful smile.

“Thanks. Here’s the address.” She hands him a crumpled piece of paper. “Luckily I was able to jot it down before my phone died, but that’s the only bit of luck I’ve had today.”

He studies the address, looking back at her with a grin. “This is on my street. Why don’t you just follow me up there?”

“Really? That’d be great.”

She follows him to his neighborhood, double checking that her back-up piece is in her glove box, just in case this guy ends up being sketchier than he seems. But as they turn a corner, the streets are lined with cars, and loud music and yelling can be heard in the distance. It’s definitely the party she really doesn’t want to be at.

Kate pulls up behind the last of the parked cars and realizes it’s right in front of the house of the man who helped her as he pulls into the driveway. She gets out of the car, adjusts the hem of her skirt and leans on her elbows on the roof of her car, letting out a long sigh.

“Something tells me you were better off being lost,” the man says, striding over to her.

“I don’t want to be here,” she confesses.

“Then why are you?”

“I made a promise to a friend.”

“Some promises are meant to be broken.”

She looks over at him, stepping away from her car.

“That’s an interesting motto to live by.”

“Well, when you’ve been through two divorces like I have, the promises you make in wedding vows start to hold less meaning. And if you can’t even keep those promises, all others might as well get thrown out the window as well.”

She smirks. “Wow, two divorces and you still managed to keep the Hamptons house.”

“They’re not that fond of the beach.”

She smirks again, looking over at the flashing lights from the party. “Have you ever been to one of his parties?”

He nods. “They’re pretty insane. Cops get called on them a lot. Sometimes end in drug busts.”

“Fantastic,” she grumbles.

“Why is it so important to this friend that you’re there anyway? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“She got dragged there by this new guy she’s dating. Said she saw my ex, who I have been complaining about incessantly, and thought I should come and make him jealous.”

“Make him jealous, showing up stag to a party you weren’t actually invited to?”

She shrugs. “I put on my sexiest dress.”

“It does make you look very sexy.”

Kate shakes her head, looking back over at the party.

“Look, if you don’t want to go, don’t go. There has to be healthier ways of getting over your ex.”

“Like what?”

He gestures behind him at his house. “I could make you a drink.”

She raises an eyebrow at him.

“Hey, I’m not trying to get into your pants, I swear. I’m just trying to help you out of situation you don’t want to be in.”

“I don’t even know your name.”

“It’s Rick. Richard Castle. And you are?”

“Kate. Beckett.”

“Well, Kate Beckett, what do you say? One drink.”

She looks at the party house one last time and sighs. “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. Okay, one drink. But I’ll have you know if you try anything, I’m a cop and I have a gun in my car.”

He laughs, ushering her inside. “I assure you, my intentions are pure.”