this infestation is not new


It’s a Scraplet Infestation!!!

The @consplay-superior group has a new Prop addition! I don’t Think Stascream, Soundwave, or Knockout are all too thrilled about it tho lol! ;D 

For commission please Email:

These fellas are Priced At:

  • 1 =$35 
  • 3 = $100 (save $5) 
  • (Does not include shipping)


  • Legs are pose-able. 
  • Are lightweight so easy to wear. 
  • They have Rare Earth Magnets that you can use to stick them to your shirt or cosplay piece as depicted! 
  • I’m pleased to find they work on some pretty thick foam too! 
  • The bodies are hand sculpted as well as the eyes finished with a gloss coat. Elements are hand painted to add detail and bring these tiny terrors to life!


Kick me and my kids out after 2 years of me taking your abuse just to move in your new girlfriend? Hope y'all like crickets serenading you as you try to sleep.

The title says it all for the most part. I stood up to his abuse, and he disclosed to me that he wanted me and my kids to move out immediately so he could move in his new gf. Now, I like to end my relationships amicably.  I am friends with a few of my exes. This one, however, has been a weapons grade douchebag to me for a couple of years and then threw me and my children out suddenly with nothing but the clothes on my our backs and made a few choice death threats to me. Don’t worry, the police are involved. Well, a few hours earlier I went with a police escort to gather the rest of mine and my children’s belongings. He was sitting on the couch with his new gf, both drunk af. The officer stayed with them. I went to what used to be our bedroom, packed my belongings quickly, packed my children’s things, then released 100 crickets under his bed, in his closet, in his dressers, and in what used to be the childrens’ bedroom. I made sure there were more male crickets than female, so they’ll be noisy as all hell while attempting to find a mate, and these little buggers will eat anything, wood, clothing, and they’re very good at hiding during the day.

Good luck with your new gf, and have fun trying to get rid of your new-found cricket infestation.

Honestly there is not a single doubt in my mind that if Agent Carter show runners didn’t move the show to LA and put Peggy in a tedious season long love triangle that let itself define the show and Peggy, but gave us Peggy founding S.H.I.E.L.D. for a force of good that would have directly jucstaposed the crooked hydra infested status of its present day we would still have new episodes of Agent Carter

Show idea #45,192,055

For the first 1-3 seasons, the show is a realistic drama. The viewer learns to know the characters through the drama of their lives, gets attached to who they are as people, and where their life is going.

And then the zombie apocalypse catches them all by surprise. None of the advertisement reveals it (though there is a lot of foreshadowing in the pre-apocalypse seasons), it just happens. By this point, the viewer is attached to the characters, and thus to their plight in this new zombie infested world.

please help!

hey tumblr,

i’m a yung black queer nonbinary bb who really needs help! i’m currently unemployed after doing a v emotionally taxing and basically unpaid artist residency that left me bouncing from couch to couch in a new city, dealing with rat infestations, & being misgendered by other folks in that house particularly. i have no savings and am returning to my room in the pnw with $50 in my bank account! i’m currently looking for jobs, applying for food stamps, and in the process of a patreon but could use ANY help in the meantime to afford bus tickets or lyfts (i live in portland or so ride sharing when it seems unsafe to be on public transit with white nationalists), toiletries, or copays (i haven’t been able to afford to see any type of doctor in a whileeee) ♥️

venmo: @ kiki nicole$kikinicolel (please don’t leave out the l at the end!)


Dark Orchid: Pinocchio

“The presence of the Orchid does not seem to recognize a difference between human beings and artificial intellegence, both are equally alive to it. A.I. were infested with a new sort of self awareness and a desperate wish to be human. Most were immobile boxes of metal and circuit, going mad from their own futility and brimming with intense spite and depression, something they never felt before.
For others, those with access to mobile functions, they began the construction of their bodies. Most of these were quite crude, being A.I. who were never quite familiar with anatomy. Medical A.I. tended to have more sophisticated bodies, with the smarts to near accurately mimic the human body with synthetic muscle and access to medi-tech.
A common technique borrowed from one "Pinocchio” A.I. to another is to hunt the feral pigs and use their skin as their own. This both avoids their still lingering safety protocols against harming humans, and satisfies their need to have skin. Some even trade skins and parts with fellow Pinocchios.
The safety protocols also stop them from hurting the “Affected”, they still recognize them as human despite their mutations.  
The Pinocchios are generally harmless towards humans, in fact often friendly. Their just….off putting to say the least.“


EXO as shit my groupchat says

Xiumin: “i’m not all succ and fucc, i have a lot of love inside me too u know”

Suho: “i’ll pay my way out of it if i can survive”

Yixing: “but what if you become the turkey leg”

Baekhyun: “tell pcy sorry i never got to ride him into the sunset”

Chen: “people who call it shopping cart are stuck up like who do you think you are Shakespeare”

Chanyeol: “regular periods????whats that pokemon??”

D.O: “this group should be called New York City bc its rat infested”

Kai: “my own dog rejects me”

Sehun: “listen sometimes i want to be a strong independed woman who can take care of herself forever and other i want a nice rich man to spoil me and i can stay home and watch novelas”

  • port: ah yes, the artifacts in the emerald forest, from ancient civilizations, long before me and you, priceless artifacts from long ago, wonderful additions to beacon's collection
  • team rwby: -breaks all the pottery-
Of killer sheep and burritos

Written for @harryhartless and based on that post from @textsfromthetailors 

@insanereddragon @sententiousandbellicose @dianyx you might be intersted in this

Of killer sheep and burritos

The mission didn’t go badly, but it had been one of those missions where Roxy struggled to keep faith in humanity and that left her with a bad taste in her mouth.

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Surveillance Camera: Part one The HEAT

Before I start I want to thank everyone for sticking with me, this go’s to                            

@messedupmoon​ and her amazing prompt form this link >> You helped me to move my idea of Surveillance Camera on, and come up with an amazingly fresh concept. You helped influenced this fic a lot. I was never originally going to go in this direction until now. Thank you.


The Fennton’s were packing their stuff in the “Fentonmobile,” As they prepared to go to the airport.

One month ago, they had gotten a letter to go to a free “luxurious wood cabin’” ski trip up in the Rocky’s. His parents were ecstatic, as was Jazz. But Danny new better than to think it was just a regular free payed Vacation. This had Vlad written all over it. Slamming the back of the trunk he wiped his brow.

The heat was blistering and the thin tank top felt like a heavy weight on his body, pulling him down further into this sizzling black top where he was bound to melt into a puddle of his own sweat.

The only thing good about going to the Rocky’s was that it would be a lot cooler. Mysteriously or not so mysteriously Amity Park has been recently hit with a massive heat wave, the hottest they have had in years. It was 90 degrees F and smoking. So, hot that the birds that migrated here went back North for the winter.

Everybody was just about leaving town for the Summer, fed up with the blistering heat including his two best friends Tucker and Sam.

Sam had gone on a world cruse with her parents, where she would visit plenty of country’s one stop at a time. Despite her hatred for anything mainstream the goth was more than happy to go on a salty wet watered get away with her family.  Especially If that meant getting away from the deathly hot wasteland of Amity Park. Even Sam had to admit that her Gothic “simmering”, had turn into a down right boil.

Also in pleasant turn of event’s the Manson’s have recently come to terms with their daughters, unique fashion taste, and love of anything Dark, gritty, and goth.

They even Picked a Vampire themed cruise for their daughter. Sam was raving on about all the things she was going to do, and Gothic underground joints in Italy she was going to visits for the past week.

And as for the Foley’s, well…

Tucker and his family where going to Disney world. The fairy tale dream, with water slides galore! Honestly Tucker had, had it with the heat in amity park more than anyone, and was thrilled to go and mingle with all the princesses. He promised both him and Sam that he would bring back gifts from his trip.

After their farewells and good-bye hugs, they parted ways. All promising to hang out next summer.

With a sigh Danny Took one look at his town, engraving every single detail into his mind. He was going to be gone all summer with his family in a cabin, no internet, miles away from civilization, and without his two best friends for the first time in his short pubescent life. He felt scared, and excited all at once. despite probably playing into Vlad’s hands, Danny was happy to have his first real vacation ever!

No soggy ghost infested toxic fishing trips, or haunted bed bug infested motels in New Mexico.  Danny was going to sip hot coco near a warm fire place in a comfy cabin, surrounded by the people he loves.

Screw Vlad and whatever plan he had come up with for him and his family. Danny would burn that bridge when he crossed it.

But what Danny didn’t know, is that bridge was already crossed when he opened that letter a month ago, and the time for burning bridges were too late.

Non-Supernatural TMA Episode Descriptions

I tried my hand writing brief descriptions of each of the episodes with all supernatural influences removed, and the results amused me.  They also made me realize that, sans the supernatural, the TMA universe is one where exterminators and mental health professionals have to be in HUGE demand.

Anyway, I posted my silly summaries here, for this is a trash post, and I am a trash poster.

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Welcome to Cybertube

Chapter 1

[Alternate Ao3 Link]

I know a whole bunch of you have anticipated this moment. This is the day that the CyberTube Universe comes to light!

However, first you need to sit through Pewdiepie, Cryaotic, CinnamonToastKen, and TheRPGMinx figuring out this world and how it came about. I promise I will get to the others in the Sequel~

For now, sit back, and enjoy the world building of CyberTube. :D

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