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“Your mother was a housewife! Why couldn’t you swallow your goddamn pride and just come home to her? You tell me why!”

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OMG.. tha last gif of Louis that you reblogged is so cute.. Where is it from?

this one?

the boys went to orlando, florida to shoot an nbc special for the release of four in november 2014 and louis surprised a bunch of fans at the wizarding world of harry potter dressed up like a hogwarts student 🙊

here are some fan pics/other gifs from that day:

i love this girl’s expression of shock

and here’s the full special for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet (it’s like an hour long and includes a bunch of other memorable things like the roller coaster quiz and the bread van fkgjhdskjgf)

“Japan Pavilion Omnimover” Collin Campbell, 1980s

For many of the pavilions in EPCOT’s World Showcase, their plans once included an elaborate cultural attraction. For the Japanese pavilion, many ideas were considered, including a Mount Fuji roller coaster, a bullet train simulator, and, as seen in this art, an omnimover dark ride. This attraction would have brought guests through the various iconic environments of Japan, from the tranquil peace of Kyoto to the neon-lit streets of Akihabara in Tokyo.

Art ©️Disney

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umm... UMMM!!! Can u please talk more about your HC where shirayuki randomly goes drinking in Obi's room in the middle of the night pleaaasse!!!

1) she sneaks there when she can’t sleep at night, wrapping a shawl around her shoulders and most of the time doesn’t wear shoes to keep quiet and not wake Kiki or Mitsuhide up.

2) at the begining Obi started forcing himself to wear a shirt to bed just in case his miss decided to pay a surprise visit (and mostly because drunk Shirayuki gets super flirty and touchy and having an extra layer of clothes is certainly a plus) but eventually he gets used to it and stopped shying away (besides she forced it off of him a couple of times, nearly ripping his favorite shirt and he’s not taking a risk).

3) at the begining it was only Shirayuki getting drunk and talking her heart out, but soon after, Obi started doing the same and Shirayuki would listen to him with care.

4) they play drinking games occasionally.

5) Obi stopped risking his life getting Shirayuki back to her room at night (because over protective big sister Kiki!!) and just lets her use his bed.

6) Obi ends up feeling guilty for miss sleeping in his uncomfortable bed so he actually uses the soft sheets and the many pillows provided for him instead of stuffing them into his closet all the time.

7) Obi ends up saying some pretty sensitive stuff when he thinks that Shirayuki is super drunk but she remembers, but keeps it a secret and only brings clues of it into a conversation when she’s barely drunk so Obi gets to talk again (but she makes sure not to be so drunk so she remembers and try to act accordingly and not say anything that could hurt him by accident).

8) Shirayuki eventually gets Obi to share his huge bed with her instead of sleeping on the couch that hurts his back (though they only use a tiny bit of space of his bed (cuddle)).

9) Shirayuki starts hiding some snacks in her room and takes them over to Obi’s when they drink.

10) they nearly get caught by Mitsuhide many times but Shirayuki curls tightly against Obi under the blanket and he can’t see anything (besides, Obi’s flirting gets Mitsuhide to leave faster instead of looking around and notice anything).

11) Shirayuki never develops a high alcohol tolerance, ever.

12) since Obi is shirtless and his pants reach a little past his knees/ wears short, she came to know where all of his scars are by heart (it’s a secret, but she knows when he clutches at his thigh or side which scar he’s holding but she refrains from saying anything while sober).

13) they attempt to keep their tradition when they move to Lyrias but to no avail as their rooms are far away, but they manage every now and then, if they got near one of their rooms they get in and don’t leave.

14) a few times in Lyrias they are stuck in a room without alcohol, but still talk and chat.

15) spending long nights with Shirayuki made Obi great with managing long hair, like he now knows different braids and simple hairstyles, and brushes her hair almost everytime she comes to his room (favorite position: Obi sits crossed legged on his bed/the floor and Shirayuki sits between his legs as he works).

16) many times when he is done with brushing her hair Shirayuki doesn’t get up and leans back against him, they fell asleep many times like this (waking up laying down still in each other’s arms).

17) Shirayuki insists on doing the same for him, which Obi doesn’t agrees to at first but ends up loving having her fingers running through his hair, it helps him sleep.

Well, I think this should be enough :D thanks for the ask anon, you got the gears in my brain working.

Salmon Run stage suggestions

-Broken down pier with the skeletal remains of an amusement park, including a ferris wheel and roller coaster out in the water.

-Rickety restaurant deck in a salt marsh. Salmonids and jellyfish both spectate in the background.

-Huge abandoned beach mansion (yacht club?) surrounded by tidal flats. Broken furniture and the remains of unauthorized parties decorate it.

-Flooded campground, like Triggerfish but shittier. Fires are burning in the woods in the distance.

-Pirate-themed minigolf course complete with nasty blue water.

Rescued pt. 2

Summary: After Bucky comes to your aid in a moment of panic you extend an invitation to family dinner. Neither of you could have foreseen how this small act of kindness would alter you, and your life, forever.

Warnings: Mentions of cancer and death, self-harm. Swearing, as always.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count:1481

Author’s Note: You know how pretentious it feels to refer to myself as an Author?!   As always, massive round of applause to the ever lovely @the-pri-experience @tatortot2701 and @bxckytrxsh whom I adore.


“What are you doing this weekend?”

He looked a bit surprised and taken aback at your sudden question but Tall Dark and Handsome answered honestly, “Nothing. I don’t really have family here so I usually spend holidays alone.” He shrugged, as if embarrassed, and you only became more determined by his answer.

“Good, that settles it then,” you grin up at him. “You’ll have Good Friday dinner with me.” Quickly writing down your address and phone number you shoved the paper in his hands and began to drive away.

You only made it twenty feet before your car screeched to a halt and you called out, “I’m Y/N, by the way!”

Laughing and shaking his head at the turn of events, he replied, “You can call me Bucky.”

The next morning you barely had time for a cup of coffee before the first of your family members began to arrive. Almost everyone lived in-state but because of your central location and five bedroom house, everyone tended to converge here.

Your oldest brother, and a very pregnant Karen, arrived first. Even though he lived the farthest away Jordan always tried to be first to arrive for three reasons. 1) He wanted first dibs on the loft above the garage, by far the best guest space, 2) he could set booby traps for the others, and 3) he rifled through your snack cupboard and hid all the mini eggs so he wouldn’t have to share. 

As he set to work short sheeting the other beds, you set to work making tea for Karen and catching up on all the latest baby and wedding planning news.

You were plating lunch as two trucks pulled up; your other brothers were here. Jack and Michael were the middle kids, identical twins, and always competing. ALWAYS. About e-ver-y-thing. This moment was a perfect example. They lived together but chose to drive separately so they could race.

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Ok here's my best shot lol, I need a truly fluffy fic please. As you know my emotions have been on the non fun kind of roller coaster this week and reallly need a Prompto day of cuddles. Please include him addressing the depression and emotional roller coaster because it really helps.. hope this request makes some sort of sense..

I hope this is alright for you! Although it may be less fluffy than intended, but I hope you still like it! 

Prompto x Reader
My Everything ~
WC: 1234

It hit you again, completely out of nowhere. One minute you felt fine, and the next… it was like a crippling weight had taken hold of you, your throat felt choked up and you were so despondent. What made it worse was that you were currently sat with Prompto, your ever happy seeming boyfriend. It made you feel bad becoming despondent like this, especially as it was never his fault. How could it be? With his lovely warm laugh, his adorable antics and sweet nature, Prompto had been nothing but wonderful to you.

So why in the hell did you feel so shitty?

It wasn’t fair. You were supposed to be enjoying spending time together, sitting in his room doing whatever you liked for the day. It sounded like bliss. It should have been bliss. But no, this awful feeling had to rear its ugly head now.

Prompto’s voice trailed off from what he was saying, seeing you sat on the edge of the bed with your knees tucked into your chest, your arms hugging them close. It wasn’t how you usually were around him, and he had noted how you had stopped responding as much to the conversation. Watching your huddled form, he couldn’t help it – his heart sunk. Doubt began to creep into his mind.

Are… are they getting tired of me? His mind supplied the question before he could stop himself. Perhaps his lover was losing interest… perhaps they didn’t want to spend time together anymore…?

No, I need to ask first. Taking a shaky breath, Prompto pushed all those thoughts out of his head and shuffled up to sit with you on the edge of his bed.

“Hey… what’s up?” Came his gentle voice, his shoulder bumping against yours so briefly.

“I… I don’t know.” You answered, which was kind of true.

“Oh, what do you mean?” Prompto’s voice was laced with concern, his previous fears at once forgotten and instead replaced with worry for you. There was just something in your tone that resonated with him, and he knew at once it was nothing to do with what he had first thought.

“It’s hard to explain…” Your voice was flat, dull. How could you explain it to him, when you barely understood it yourself?

“Oh, okay… Do you want to talk about it?” Prompto leaned forward to look at your face, his blonde hair falling into his piercing blue eyes filled with concern. He was so lovely. Hesitantly, a hand came to rest on your shoulder. The single contact was enough to just tip you over the edge and you fell into him, willing yourself not to let the tears fall.

He was surprised by your movement at first, but wasted no time pulling you close against his chest, his arms looping around you tightly holding you close. His fingers moved to your hair, slowly running through it soothingly as you cradled into his chest. He smelled so good, so familiar and comforting. He didn’t understand how you were feeling and what brought it on, but he sure as hell knew that he would do anything, anything, to help you. The sight of his lover so upset was not something he wished to prolong, his heart aching to make things better for them again. And so he held you like that for a while, not speaking, just cuddling you close. He hoped that the action would convey what his words couldn’t – that he loved you unconditionally, and that he was there for you as long as you needed. Minutes that felt like hours passed, until you felt comfortable enough to speak once more.

“Sometimes I just… just get this awful feeling. And there isn’t anything I can do to stop it.” You started, face still pressed against his chest. Although your voice is quiet, he understood what you were saying. He gently brushed your hair behind your ears, signalling for you to continue.

“I just feel… worthless. Not good enough. It makes me… hollow.” You finished your sentence, voice breaking on the last word. It was like knives to Prompto’s heart.

It was a feeling that he himself knew well, felt for years and still struggled with… until he met you. That wasn’t to say that he never felt it again, but with you… you made him feel like he was unique, loved, important. You needed him just like he needed you, and that thought alone was enough to lessen that empty feeling. But now you were saying you felt that way?

I should’ve showed them more often, just how much they mean to me.

“Do you know what I mean?” You whispered, after Prompto hadn’t said anything for a while. His fingers had tightened their grip on you unknowingly, and you could feel the tautness in his jaw.

More than you could ever imagine. He thought. But he never wanted you to have to feel that way, not you.

“[Name], you are not worthless.” His voice was deeper than usual, harder. It had suddenly lost all the playful edge to it. You couldn’t see his face, still cuddled into his chest and embrace, but he preferred it this way for now. He didn’t want you to see his painful expression, lest he made you feel any worse.

“That’s what people say.”

“I say it because I mean it.” He answered instantly, and you blinked in surprise. You’d not seen this side to Prompto before.

“Maybe I haven’t done a good enough job of showing it, but gods above do you mean so much to me. You are the reason that I get up in a morning, you are my reason for fighting so hard, why I aim to get stronger, you are the reason…”

The reason that I feel worth something myself.

He took a shaky breath and continued.

“You, are worth everything to me. I couldn’t… couldn’t see myself without you anymore. And you deserve to feel loved.” He whispered the last few words, glad that you couldn’t see the tears pooling in his eyes.

He felt like such a fuck up. How had he let this happen? Why had he not addressed this before, so he could do his god damn hardest to make you feel the way you made him feel?

Your heart was beating fast at his words, this was unlike Prompto. You could barely believe what you were hearing, but the passion and sincerity in his voice made it hard to be disputable. He really did see you as his everything. Just as you saw him.

Your arms looped around his waist and you finally cuddled him back, shuffling onto his lap with your face still cuddled to his chest. At that moment, you just wanted nothing more than just to be as close to him as you possibly could get. Your sunshine boy. The one who would see you through anything, and still love you on the other side. Your Prompto.

“I do feel loved.” You whispered to him. “By you.”

A warm sigh left Prompto’s lips, happy to hear those words from you. It’s all he wanted you to know.

“You are loved. And I’m gonna do my best to prove it to you everyday.”

“I look forward to it.” You answered truthfully, the empty feeling seeming a lot less cavernous now with him by your side.

I love you [Name].”

Stick With You

Summary: When the particle accelerator explodes, many things change after your boyfriend Barry falls into a coma while you suddenly notice that you didn’t escape unharmed either. 

You loved Barry with all your heart. Being together for two years has been a roller coaster–including both the ups and downs of your relationship but the absolute lowest it has ever been was when he fell into a coma for nine months the night the particle accelerator turned on.

Everyone said he most likely wouldn’t wake up. There were a few people who still held onto that hope that he’d recover and you were the one who was clinging to that idea the most. You couldn’t lose him. It wouldn’t be possible to just let go of your best friend and boyfriend. Moving on would be impossible after you’d already found the perfect guy.

You stayed by his side the entire time, though you were sadly forced to return home at the exact time that he finally woke up (since Cisco insisted that it was highly unlikely he’d wake up with the couple of hours you were gone to take a shower and eat a decent meal). But he woke up and immediately asked what had happened to you. The last thing he remembered was promising to bring you home some Big Belly Burger after he finished up at the lab.

Caitlin and Cisco were quick to sum everything up and Cisco knew he was gonna face your wrath at the fact that he was the one to convince you to leave at the same time Barry managed to awake.

Your hair was still wet when you rushed into STAR labs but you couldn’t have cared less when you saw that Barry was there and he was very much alive and well. If you looked at him now, you never would’ve assumed this man was in a coma for nine months. He acted as if he had just awoken from a nap and now was rejuvenated and ready to pick up right where he left off.

“Y/n,” He smiled, opening his arms wide and you instantly wrapped yourself up in his warm, comforting embrace. “I’m so sorry for leaving you.”

You shook your head. This wasn’t his fault; he couldn’t have controlled the series of events that led him to where was he was now. All the mattered was that he was with you know and you were hell bound to make up for those lost months filled with worry and regret. “Just glad you’re alright.” You snuggled deeper into in chest. “Too bad you haven’t got one of those cool lightening scars that happen when you get struck. You weren’t cool enough to get one of those, I guess.” You giggled when Barry pretended to be offended.

“Well I guess I’m sorry to let you down then. I’ll try harder next time.”

You pulled back for the embrace to glare at him. “There better not be a next time, Allen. You better run like hell if there’s even so much as a thunderstorm approaching Central City because I’ll be damned if you’ll make me worry like that ever again. Now c'mon, Iris and Joe and been almost as worried as I have been so you’ve got to go see them.” You intertwined your fingers with his, tugging him towards the exit, smiling at Cisco and Caitlin as a silent thank you for everything they’ve done. “There’s so much you’ve got to catch up on, Bare.”

Months went by and Barry had begun acting strange. He’d leave in the middle of a date after receiving some message and wouldn’t have to guts to come up with any other excuses than, ‘Caitlin needed to run a few tests and needed my help’ or ‘Cisco wanted to make sure everything was still going well after the particle accelerator incident’.  It was becoming a bit ridiculous and very suspicious.

But he had promised you this one date where everything would be perfect. He wouldn’t leave with some questionable excuse and swore that you would be his only concern.

“How about I go place our orders for coffee, my treat, but you have to pick them up since I have to go call Joe back before he thinks I’m flaking off of work today.” Barry suggested and you quickly agreed, finally happy to have some quality time with Barry at Jitters. Five minutes later, you graciously took the orders when they were finished; his was a steaming cup of regular, black coffee, while you opted for a Mocha frozen coffee. The hot coffee warmed your cold hands while you waited for Barry to return back inside but it seemed like the warmth only lasted for thirty seconds or so before it felt the same temperature as your own frozen coffee.

You glanced down to see that it was frosted over and your entire body seemed to tense. This wasn’t the first time this had happened. A few weeks ago, a glass of water had seemed to turn to solid ice while you were still filling it. This couldn’t be a coincidence and you couldn’t bear to tell Barry about this. He wouldn’t understand; he’d just think you’re crazy and would somehow convince you to see a therapist. You threw the now frozen coffees into the trash and dashed out of the side door so that you could slip away without Barry noticing and trying to catch you.

So much for that perfect date without anyone leaving or any interruptions.

You felt a bit more in control of your new abilities about a month or so after that incident but you still lived in fear that, somehow, you would manage to hurt someone because of it by accident.

It seemed like you and Barry had suddenly switched roles. He’d be the one planning the dates and you’d be the one making up some lame, unbelievable excuse on why you couldn’t go. You couldn’t risk hurting Barry. That would kill you if you were the cause of any sort of his pain.

And that was when he had enough. He sped over to apartment, careful to change back to normal clothes in an alleyway and jog up to your door so that he didn’t draw and suspicion. “Y/n,” He knocked on the door, pausing for a moment in case you responded. “Baby, please let me in. Whatever it is, I’m sure I can help you work through it. I don’t want you to avoid me anymore. I miss you.” Barry leaned his head against the wooden door. “Please…”

You hesitantly opened the door, taking a few deeps breaths before you did so.

Barry slipped past you after he pressed his lips against your cheek as his way of saying hello to you. He shivered when he felt the temperature shift from the room temperature hallway to the bone chilling temperature in your apartment. The colder temperature in your home was much better to hide your below average body temperature and, if others took notice, then would automatically assume you were sick. This way, made it easier to play it off as the room’s temperature rather than your body’s chilling change.

“You’ve got to turn the heat up babe. You’ll catch a cold in this apartment if you don’t turn the heat on while its winter.” He instinctively went to your thermostat to crank up the heat a bit but you didn’t have the courage to ask him not to. He’d suspect something was up—he knew you too well.

He soon returned, wrapping you up in a tight hug and you felt his sigh when he felt just how cold you were. “You’re freezing.” He stayed like this for a while, before he realized when he had actually come there in the first place. He was ready to explain everything to you now. Barry had finally come to his senses and realized that keeping you out of the loop seemed to be much more dangerous than telling you. He knew that you were the one person who he knew he could trust with his alter ego.

And if you weren’t the afraid of telling him about your secret, then you definitely were now after he told you about all the bad metahumans that they had locked up. You couldn’t survive if he had ever turned on you and locked you up with all of them.

You quickly became an essential part of The Flash team. You had grown to know Cisco and Caitlin very well while Barry was in a coma and they were more than glad to have your presence around again.

Everything would be absolutely perfect if it weren’t for the fact that you still had this secret bottled up inside you. The more time you spent at the lab, the worse you felt about hiding this. It would come out sooner or later but you knew that you’d have to tell Barry first—he’d be heartbroken and betrayed if he had to find it out from someone else.

And, when he barreled through the lab, dressed in his super suit and smiling with victory of yet another win for team Flash, you knew you couldn’t hide this any longer.

“Bare,” You interrupted his celebration but you’d lose all your initiative if you waited any longer. “Can we talk really quickly?”

He instantly agreed, leading you out of the Cortex and down the hallway for more privacy. “What’s up, beautiful?”

“Barry,” You sighed, trying to stop your trembling hands before he could take notice of them. “I have to tell you something but you have to promise not to be mad or hate me.” It would be a lot to ask due to the severity of your secret but you still need reassurance, even if he went back on his word.

Barry felt a rush of nerves flood towards him as he automatically assumed the worst. Something was wrong, he knew that.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.” You lifted your hand and flicked your wrist and his eyes widened as he watched your hand frost over.

“Are you…? You can… Are you a metahuman too?!” His thoughts were so jumbled and he didn’t even know what to think.

You nodded sadly, afraid that this would change everything and you would lose it all. “When did you discover this ability? Why wouldn’t you tell me?”

“I was scared.” You mumbled, assuming that he would be upset with you withholding such important information from him. He probably could’ve helped you if you had just given him the chance. “I can’t really control this yet and I don’t want to put anyone as risk.”

He shook his head defiantly, stepping forward to wrap you up in a hug. You instantly tensed, not touching him since you feared touching anyone while your hands were still frosted over. “We can help you. I’ve got a general idea how you’re feeling right now and Cisco and Caitlin can help determine the safest way for you to learn how to gain control of this. You’re not alone.” He entwined his fingers with yours, squeezing them to let you know he wasn’t going to give up on you because of this and you noticed the frost instantly melt when he touched your hands. “We could be a team! You could work with me and help me out and we’ll be a perfect crime fighting duo.”

You felt your heart sink, you were in no way ready to take this inhuman power to the level of using it to take down all those evil metahumans Barry faced day in and day out. You weren’t even sure if you could handle that type of action.

“Bare,” You sighed. “My powers aren’t exactly the type that could be used to help people.”

His smile dropped and it felt like your heart did to. He was taking this so, so well but you kept letting him down. It felt like you always managed to let him down lately.

“Giving someone frost bite isn’t exactly something someone would associate with a hero. Most people would automatically assume that someone like that would be a villain…” Your voice trailed off at the end, allowing for Barry to interrupt and shut down that thought.

“That’s crazy. We’ll figure this out together, beautiful. Don’t worry.”

“We could call you Elsa?” Cisco suggested as he continued to spin around on his prized spinny chair.

“As in the Disney character?” He nodded and you scrunched your face. If he insisted on giving you a cool name he could at least be a bit more original.

“Snow White?”

You glared this time. “Now that one doesn’t even make sense. I don’t exactly produce snow, Cisco.”

“I know but you’ve done it once, when you were really sad.” You knew he was taking about the time in spring when you and Barry had a huge fight over you being reckless when you joined him on a mission (and that was saying somethings coming from Mr. Reckless himself). You had burst out crying when he had crossed the line and following those sobs, snow seemed to fall from what was minutes ago a clear sky. Everyone thought it was a phenomenon to have snow in May but didn’t seem to think twice about it.

“So I’m guessing Frozone is out too? Wait!” He exclaimed as if he had an epiphany. “You could be Absolute Zero!”

It had a nice ring to it.

“Picture this, The Flash and Absolute Zero save the day yet again. Where would Central City be without this dream team? I’ll have to make you a special suit that allows us to track your vitals and also enhances your abilities. This is going to be awesome.” By the time he finished his rant, he was dashing around the room, calculating what fabric would work the best, also deciding that a blue color would fit better for you.

He seemed just as excited as Barry was when he found out—once he got past the confusion that is.

Everything seemed to work out perfectly, furthering the idea that your worries were all for nothing. Caitlin performed routine checkups to make sure that your body was functioning properly despite having a constant temperature of 50 degrees or lower. Many things that would be deadly to others had become a new normal for you and having Cisco, Caitlin and Barry there for you was what really kept you going.

Cisco seemed to become your number one cheerleader (though Barry was always quick to shoot that idea down because he had to be your biggest fan. He couldn’t let Cisco steal that away from him).

And Barry. Barry was your rock. As promised, he helped find a way to use your powers to the team’s advantage. He is everything you hoped for and more.

Though he still managed to be a bit overbearing and protective whenever you tagged along with him to get capture a new meta, you wouldn’t change it for the world since he was just scared that something would happen to you.

The only downside was that because of you powers slowing down your body’s systems, whenever you had managed to get hurt, it took longer to heal from the wound than it would take a normal person—which only added to Barry’s anxiety since he always took the blame when you so much as got a cut.

If you could change only one thing it would be telling Barry your secret sooner so you could feel as lightweight as you do now compared to how guilt ridden you were while hiding it from Barry.

Frida Khalo
1907 - 1954

Frida Khalo has undoubtedly become one of the most well-known female artists and for good reason. She was an outspoken feminist and fought for equality in 20th century Mexico, a time and place of political and cultural oppression. Her work explores themes of abortion, miscarriage, gender inequality, sexuality, female beauty ideals, and her own physical disability.
Her lifelong passion for equality was not hindered by a severe bus accident that left her infertile and with long-term pain. Her strength and persistence is inspirational and can be seen in her eyes when you are look at one of her many self-portraits. 

She refused to be brought down by hardship and discrimination. She refused to shave her eyebrows and often darkened them with pencil in defiance of beauty standards pushed upon her. She also refused to become overshadowed by her artist husband Diego Rivera. Both being very dominant personalities, their relationship was an on and off roller coaster which included many affairs on both sides. Khalo openly had relationships with both men and women throughout her life. 

Frida Khalo’s defiance, strength and pride has made her a true feminist icon and if you are ever in need of some inspiration take a quick read about one of her many incredible paintings.

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Hello! I was wondering if you could maybe do the RFA+ Minor trio reacting to MC getting her wisdom teeth removed

OH MY GOD I THOUGHT THIS HAD BEEN DELETED AND I ALMOST CRIED! THANK GOD IT’S RIGHT HERE! Okay, now that my panic is over, it’s time to redo this! It deleted before, this is why I wish Tumblr would let you save answers, but whatever. anyway, let’s begin because I need to post something soon!


  • He was super worried, but you weren’t nearly as nervous
  • You had already had surgery for your knee when it was fractured badly, how bad could this be?
  • that was the last time you’d ever look kindly on getting wisdom teeth pulled
  • When he was allowed back to see you, you were off the walls emotional
  • You cried at every single thing, no matter how small
  • “It’s so emotional!”
  • “Hakuna Matata?”
  • “Yes!”
  • IfyousaysoMC
  • It took him about two hours after surgery to get the doctors to release you
  • Zen wasn’t sure what to do, since you were still super emotional, and it was going to last for at least a few more hours
  • So he did what anyone would do
  • Bribe Ask Jumin to let him use Driver Kim and Elly to make you feel better and get home quickly
  • It was a good thing that no one saw you two because Zen dragging around a crying girl with bloodied swabs in her mouth might be hard to explain to the paparazzi
  • Thank God he wasn’t that famous yet, it could’ve been a lot worse
  • He took you to your apartment, and despite your teary insistence that he could leave he was staying
  • You weren’t allowed to eat for another hour, but he did turn on “Cabaret”
  • Yeah, he forgot how depressing and creepy the movie was
  • “Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!”
  • I swear MC started bawling within the first five minutes
  • You two ended up mostly ignoring the movie and cuddling, you still crying a bit, but calming down
  • For dinner it was just Campbell’s Soup, but you felt so much better
  • Zen decided to stay over and you thanked him profusely
  • “MC, it’s nothing, you would do the exact same for me.”
  • You definitely would
  • He kept cuddling you, and eventually you fell asleep, not as teary as before, dreaming of money, white powdered faces, and Zen’s beautiful voice


  • The most innocent bean you’d ever met when it came to this
  • He didn’t understand that side effects included three possible main effects; loopiness, emotional roller coaster, and sleep
  • You were definitely sleep
  • He came into the outpatient room
  • And you were completely knocked out
  • “MC! are you okay!”
  • “Yoosung, I’m so-ahhh-so tired.” You yawned sleepily, ignoring the blood in your mouth and the concerned look of the blonde in front of you
  • You couldn’t talk very well, but it didn’t matter, it was too much of a hassle, you were too tired
  • Yoosung was besides himself, asking what was wrong with you to the nurse, and when she said it was just the medicine and the IUD he nearly began crying
  • The nurse couldn’t be sure who was the one who just had the surgery
  • LikecomeoneYoosunglol
  • This is why you didn’t want him to accompany you
  • He drove you home, asking you the whole way how you were feeling, but you were asleep halfway through
  • When you two got home he changed your swabs, the ones in your mouth, and looked at what kind of broth you had
  • “Y-Yoosung, what’s that great smell.” You breathed in the lovely smell of chicken broth and carrots
  • “Oh, it’s just dinner, what do you want to do now?”
  • “I want to sleep.”
  • “Please, wait for dinner!”
  • You ended up watching Fantasia, something that confused you quite a bit in your sleepy state
  • After you guys ate dinner Yoosung put you to bed and went to wash the dishes and clean, but you grabbed the back of his shirt
  • “Hey, Yoosung,”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Can you stay, just a little longer”
  • “Okay MC”
  • He ended up falling asleep around the same time you did
  • It was one of the most peaceful sleeps he’d ever had in his life


  • Momhee activated like nothing before
  • Research, research, and more research
  • “MC, what are you allergic too?”
  • “It says this hospital has best results”
  • “You should probably go early around 11, when people are most awake.”
  • She had everything planned out
  • Everything, that is, except how you’d be after surgery
  • Not that she thought you’d be perfectly sound, she expected tiredness or something
  • But not the crazy emotional state you were in now!
  • Yeah not equipped for this kind of thing
  • You were an emotional mess, listening to LOTR on repeat over and over
  • “IT’s-it’s so sad!”
  • “Then why don’t you stop listening?”
  • “NO!”
  • NevergivingupLOTRyoucan’tmakeme!
  • It was a nightmare driving you home
  • You were very distracting, bloodied pieces of swab kept falling out of your mouth, you couldn’t speak very well because of the numbness, and you kept distracting Jaehee, so the ride was slow and painful to say the least
  • Whne you got home she sat you down with ice for your quickly sore-ing gums, and turned on a Disney movie
  • It was “Brave”, your absolute favorite
  • You guys were wrapped up in the movie, snuggling, her checking your bandages and ice every once in a while
  • Eventually you two nodded off to the song of the highlands, forgetting dinner and your beds
  • But even though your necks were a little sore the neck day, it was definitely worth it


  • He hired the best possible doctors, and for three days before the operation he was being super over protective of you
  • “Jumin, it’s fine, it’s just my wisdom teeth!”
  • “No, MC, we can’t take any chances! It has to be planned out perfectly!”
  • The one thing he couldn’t plan out would be your reaction when you were done
  • He also wasn’t quite aware how much blood there would be
  • He was quite shocked to see the amount of blood in your mouth, and the already bloodied cotton on the steel table next to you
  • “Oh my God MC! Are you okay!”
  • He was going insane you would’ve sworn, had you not been snoring away in your chair
  • The chair was nice, not cheap plastic, or like that of a school desk, so it was quite easy for you to fall asleep
  • Jumin didn’t want to wake you up, so he scooped you in his arms and carried you to where Driver Kim was waiting
  • You slept the whole ride, and only woke up once you two were in the apartment and he was shaking you slightly
  • “Oh, hi Jumin, I’m, I’m pretty sleepy.” You garbled through the cotton
  • Jumin changed your cotton as he talked to you
  • “I understand, the whole thing is quite tiring, you did a great job though, yes?”
  • “Yeah, can I sleep now?” You mubled and he smiled a bit at your childlike behavior
  • You clambered on him as he rocked you back and forth, stroking your hair softly as you drifted back to sleep
  • “rest, peacefully MC, you deserve it.”


  • You weren’t particularly scared of the pulling teeth out part
  • What you were scared of however was the Novocain shot
  • You hated any sort of needle, and Saeyoung definitely knew that
  • The whole way there he tried the best he could to make you crack up, even though you felt dread pitting in your stomach, as you ddi with every doctor’s appointment
  • And when the doctor called you in you gripped his shirt and whispered
  • “I’m sorta scared Saeyoung!”
  • He looked you in the eyes and smiled
  • “I understand, but you’ve fared worse, you’re strong, so what If it scares you, so what if they say it’s just a prick and you know they’re wrong? You can be scared, that’s your right, but just remember that there’s a light, and that it will be over sooner rather than later.”
  • He wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to say, but you just kissed him, gave him another squeeze, and walked towards the room
  • When he saw you again you were off the walls loopy!
  • Talking to all the nurses about sort of ridiculous things, like movie productions and random Romanov facts
  • He hugged you tightly when you started crying over the deaths of thee Romanovs
  • “How about we talk about something like, Disney! Or books!”
  • You brightened up at the prospect, and started talking about Tolkien, and Percy Jackson, and all sorts of other book things
  • He was happy when he asked about the shot you shrugged it off
  • “It’s sore” Was all you said, and he kept it at that
  • It was actually pretty late, about five pm, but you were so loopy he couldn’t just put you to sleep
  • You two ended up marathoning LOTR
  • It was awesome
  • Even though you fell asleep halfway through Rreturn of the King”
  • He just smiled and turned off the screen to carry you to bed
  • The movie would have to wait

That’s all for now guys, sorry it’s really late and I still am sick. But I‘m happy to have gotten this out, I will finish tomorrow, and I hope you enjoy!

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honestly, s3 seems to be an emotional roller coaster for everyone, fans and characters included. take your time in digesting it all! we'll be more than happy to hear your opinions and thoughts when you're ready! - much love, your friendly neighborhood anon

I think anyone that was the least bit invested in Shiro has probably found season 3 to be a real drop-kick.  I’m slowly building up thoughts about it and its helping a great deal reading everyone else’s thoughts as well.  I knew something felt off about the last couple of episodes but it was so vague inside me and so uncomfortable that I was kind of pushing it to the side.  Coming here and realizing that not only was I not alone in the feeling but the amount of people that felt that way was huge was a giant relief.  I feel a little like the group of shell shocked teens huddled in some makeshift kind of bunker shortly after the aliens or zombies or whatever have attacked out of nowhere.  Like - shell shocked and a little disorientated and demoralized but surrounded by other people that feel the same way and there’s a great deal of warmth and comfort and strength in not being alone.  Its not a bad place to be while I work out everything in my head.

Idk when Pristin will have a comeback but if their next album doesn’t include ‘Roller Coaster’ then I will call the police


My music tastes have been a literal roller coaster and I’m not even including the 4 months I was into Country (or my never-ending love for 80′s & 90′s music). 


Today I took my kids to the zoo. I had been planning on taking them sometimes this week, just as something fun to do to pass a summer day. Last week I asked one of my mom friends if she and her kids could join us, and they were busy. I asked two other mom friends, and neither of them even replied to my text.

As the kids have gotten older, I have spent less and less time with my mom friends. For a while I was desperate for them, for play dates, for another kid to entertain my kid, for another adult human being to interact with. I would ask random moms at the park for their phone numbers if Eleanor played well with their kids. It hardly ever worked out. Maybe one or two awkward playdates or walks around the lake, then silence on both ends. But I made a small number of good mom friends (like, two) who I saw regularly, then less and less as our kids entered preschool then elementary school.

When this summer began, I wondered how I would keep us all happy and sane without the structure of school, and I told myself we would just have to schedule lots of playdates. Then early in the summer I took the kids to the park, just the three of us, and I sat on a bench and read a Faulkner novel while my kids played together, and I realized maybe we could do without the playdates. Maybe we had all we needed. They had each other. I had a good book. So the playdates have been sparse and I’ve spent a lot of time reading on park benches.

But the zoo felt different. An all day outing, where I couldn’t just sit and read. Having another adult to talk to seemed like it would make the day more enjoyable for me, so I reached out to three friends and got a “no” and two ignored texts. Fine. Whatever. We would just go alone.

This morning I packed a backpack full of sweatshirts (for the foggy morning) and snacks and sunscreen (for when the fog burned off) and away we went. It was such a fun, amazing, lovely day. I expected it to be fun for the kids, just the kids, but I honestly enjoyed myself so much.

It was just us, and we could go at our own pace and see whatever we wanted to see in whatever order, without taking into consideration the wants and needs of a bunch of other kids. I wasn’t frustrated from constantly having my adult conversation attempts interrupted by my kids. Instead I just talked to them–they had my full attention.

We started with the bears and worked our way all the way around the zoo to the elephants, then we took the new gondolas up to the top of the hill (Eleanor was scared, Win loved it) and ate at the new cafe, which was supposed to be a real restaurant, not just zoo food (it was still just zoo food, only more expensive). Then we rode all of the rides, including the little roller coaster, which scared them both but I was so proud that they were brave enough to give it a try (especially Eleanor, who only went on it because Win had his heart set on it).

Our family is such a solid unit. I know I am beyond lucky that my kids love each other and get along the way they do, and I know it is nothing short of amazing that my husband and I still prefer each other’s company over anyone else’s after all of these years. The four of us are so bonded and happy together, and we are all we need. And these kids of ours are so amazing. There’s no one else I would rather spend a day at the zoo with.


Star Wars The Clone Wars Story Reel 2: In Search of the Crystal

tbh I actually forgot which day did I start this blog so let’s take today (10/8) as it’s birthday ayyy

allow me to (re)introduce myself. The name’s Tillie, and I’ve been a year on here and let’s get started.


  • 15 years old from Hong Kong
  • incoming year 10 / hs sophomore
  • infp gemini 
  • 100% pure httyd and disney trash

academics (core and elective subjects)

  • chinese
  • english
  • maths (compulsory part)
  • liberal studies
  • chemisty
  • ICT (short for information, communication and technology)
  • history

why start over again?
over the past year I was soooooooooooo lazy that I struggled with continue studying even if getting motivations from the studyblr community while everything (including my academic results and mental status) had been a super roller-coaster ride. With being so overwhelmed and it’s still summer, I decided to let the past go, give myself a chance to NOT be lazy af again when it comes to studying, try my best to get motivated and productive everyday and be prepared for my public exam in 2020 instead of lying over there scrolling my phone all the time and changing my url hahaaa

fav studyblrs

@afterhourstudying @staestudy @grangerstudiesxx @universi-tea @studyquill@problematicprocrastinator @studydiaryofamedstudent @studyign @studypetals @studyblr @studywoo @yume-studies @hoshi-studies @sophstudyiing @studentsandlattes @intellectys @studying-papers @intellectys @ahrtstudy @lookatthatimstudying @elkstudies @studywithmaggie @studywithinspo @cmstudy and the list goes on…

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I always imagine that perhaps Ignis has some kind of really irrational phobia? Like, he's always so cool and collected, there has to be something that frazzles him? Like, maybe he's scared of thunder and his bros have to sooth him through the night! Just think it'd be cute! <3

This is a really cute idea, anon! I chose a fear of roller coasters instead of lightning, because what better way is there to cope with your own fears than to push them on to your favs? I hope you enjoy!

This is pretty much gen, but there are hints of pairings at the end if you squint.

Ignis Scientia hated roller coasters.

It was a totally unfounded, irrational fear, but it had plagued him for most of his life. Ever since he was taken to a carnival to celebrate Noctis’ 5th birthday, and little Noct looked so excited to ride on the kiddie coasters, and of course his best friend Ignis had to ride with him, until Ignis ended up getting so sick that they had to leave early. Roller coasters did not have a place among his fondest childhood memories.

However, one did not just turn down an all-expenses-paid vacation to a tropical resort and theme park in Northern Accordo, courtesy of King Regis himself. Noctis, Prompto, Gladio and himself were given seven days to enjoy beaches, pools, fine dining and two different theme parks, all passes, tickets and spending money included.

Theme parks, however, meant roller coasters. And at the age of twenty-two he could still not understand how every other young person his age seemed to love flying down a metal track at fifty miles per hour, around loops and banks and corkscrews. Just the thought of such a ride made him dizzy.

Five minutes into their first park visit Prompto already had some silly mascot hat on his head, and their next stop after that was one of the park’s several coasters—the Coerl Hunt. With every step the ride’s lightning blue track grew larger and taller and, once they were close enough to hear the excited shrieks of the riders, Ignis decided he’d had enough for one day.

“I think I’ll sit this one out, Noct,” he said, trying to hide his trembling hands behind a calm demeanor, “I can hold your phones and the camera, and your hat, Prompto.”

“But Specs…they have lockers for all that,” Noctis protested, frustrated that Ignis didn’t want to go on the ride.

“I-I know, I just thought…” he tried to come up with a better excuse, but he knew Noctis could read him like the back of his hand. There was no use lying. “I’d just rather not.”

Noctis glanced over to Prompto and Gladio, perplexed and concerned about Ignis’ sudden change of heart, hoping that his friends could come up with something more comforting to say.

“Wait a minute…” Prompto cocked his head, tapping a finger against his chin, “Are you afraid of roller coasters?” he asked. Noctis put his face in his hands. That wasn’t exactly the motivation he had in mind.

Ignis couldn’t settle on an emotion as his expression morphed between offended, shocked and guilty, “P-Prompto! How, How did you… What makes you think—!”

“Heeyyy, chill out, Iggy! It’s okay to be afraid! I was afraid of roller coasters, too, until Noct forced me to go on one. It’s really fun if you just sit back and enjoy it! You’re not in any danger or—”

Ignis stopped his ‘encouraging’ rant with a hand held up between them. Just the thought of someone forcing him in to an experience he was terrified of…well, Gladio would always be on his side, at least. He had confidence in that.

“That may have worked for you, Prompto, but that kind of solution is not going to work for everyone,” he mumbled, casting his gaze towards the ground. The sun was suddenly too bright, the crowd too overwhelming, and the constant roar of wheels against a steel track was making his heart pound in his chest. A hand gripped his bicep and pulled him toward a bright red table and chairs covered by an umbrella, guiding his hand to the chair back so he could sit down on his own. Sitting in the shade of the umbrella helped, but the roar of the rides and screams of the riders were making his head hurt.

“Whoa, h-hey Ignis, it’s okay. I’m sorry. No one’s going to force you on a ride,” that was Noctis’ voice, sitting on his left. The hand on his arm shifted to his shoulder. Gladio, he decided, judging on the size.

“You gonna be okay, Iggy?” Gladio asked, his tone communicating patience and calm. Right, his friends weren’t demanding anything from him. It was just a mistake; Prompto didn’t mean anything by it.

He took another moment to massage his temples before raising his head again, “Yes, I…as long as I don’t go on that ride, yes.”

“Hey, it’s no problem, buddy! I’m sorry I scared you,” Prompto apologized, rubbing the back of his head and trying to his how terrible he felt. He had no idea Ignis was seriously afraid of these things! “And hey! If you’re not on the ride you can take pictures of us!” he said, lifting the camera from around his neck and pushing it into Ignis’ hands, “…but I did kinda want one with all of us together.”

“Prom, you know they take pictures of you automatically on rides, right? They sell them in the gift shops.”

“Yeah, but Ignis won’t be in that one!” he protested.

“Well, we’ll just have to find some kinda ride that Iggy likes, then,” Gladio said, crossing his arms. They all fell into silence for a few moments as Ignis continued to catch his breath. Prompto unfolded the comically huge park map he grabbed at the gate and scanned over the rides that weren’t roller coasters.

“What about a water ride? Both parks have a couple. Think you’d be up for that, Iggy?” Prompto suggested, glancing over the edge of the map. Ignis thought it over for a minute before answering.

“I would…be willing to try it. At least once, I suppose. It doesn’t sound as bad,” he said.

“Why’s that?” Noctis cocked his head, “I’m just curious, Specs; I don’t want to force you to go on something if it’s going to upset you.”

“No, it’s alright, Noct, but thank you for considering my feelings,” Ignis straightened up in his seat, the nausea and panic just about out of his system, “But water rides won’t go as fast, and they don’t go upside down, either. What frightens me about roller coasters is the feeling of flying, I suppose, like there’s nothing under me. Being on water is different—it’s like being on a boat—and I know there’s still something under me,” he explained, “I know it doesn’t make a lick of sense, but it makes a big difference, to me.”

Realization dawned on Prompto’s face, “No it’s totally cool, Iggy, I never thought about it that way. It makes a lot more sense to me when you put it like that.”

Noctis agreed, rubbing a hand up and down Ignis’ forearm in comfort. “Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with having a fear you can’t control. Everyone’s afraid of something.”

“Like how the prince named ‘night light’ is afraid of the dark?” Gladio taunted, holding back a snicker. The concern on Prompto’s face morphed into the joy of discovering something new as he looked to his best friend.

“Hey, that was only when I was five!” Noctis fought back, his hand still steady on Ignis’ arm, “And I thought Ignis was the only one who knew that! How did you find out?”

“Noct, Iggy and I share everything with each other, and you can bet your pretty little head that that includes gossip about you,” Gladio said, his tone blunt and unapologetic.

Noctis huffed, standing and sticking his nose up in the air as he left his phone on the table beside Ignis, “Well fine, but I hope you’ll have fun sitting next to some rando on every ride, cause Prom is the only one who’s sitting with me,” he said, then plunged his hand into Prompto’s pocket to dig out the blonde’s phone, plopped it on the table next to his own, and finally plucked the mascot hat off Prompto’s head and placed it on Ignis’. With his hand secure around Prompto’s wrist, he began making his way towards the ride’s queue.

Gladio chuckled as he slipped his phone out of his back pocket and handed it to Ignis, giving him a pat on the shoulder before he followed after the younger two. Seizing the opportunity, Ignis picked up Prompto’s camera and aimed it at their retreating backs, snapping a picture just before they turned the corner to enter the ride. Relief washed over him, even as he watched their carriage zoom around turns and sharp drops. Ignis had no problem missing out on roller coasters with them, as long as they could still make happy memories together.

This is pretty much exactly how I feel about roller coasters– I hate how I’m so afraid of them while all my friends love them! It makes living in Florida a struggle because there are so many theme parks around me, but I never want to go on coasters when all my friends want to. So! I push all of my problems on to Ignis. 

Writing this made me want to play roller coaster tycoon so bad. 



When: October 30th - 31st 2017
Where: Lagniappe Valley – taking over some of the free vineyards.
What: Halloween celebration 

Get ready to celebrate Halloween – Royal style. There will be many activities for everyone to do – even if you’re not a fan of being frightened.

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