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Why Usnavi is a bad cousin.

Usnavi spent all of In the Heights forgetting Sonny. Or simply not including his cousin in his future. In the opening number, “one day I’ll be on the beach with Sonny writing checks to me”. Completely ignoring the fact that Sonny would basically alone without one of the few familial figures he has left. In the first scene of the show he reiterates the fact that he wants to leave Sonny behind to fend for himself without thinking of the repercussions.

In 96,000 we see Usnavi again, making plans without Sonny in them. He’ll send money on Vanessa, he’ll send money on Abuela and himself, but not his own cousin.

Let’s not forget about the fact that he left Sonny all by himself during the blackout. He left Sonny, a teenager, with no weapons with which to defend himself, alone at the bodega. There’s a whole scene in the show about he neglects to call Vanessa, who at this point isn’t even his girlfriend. They never mention the fact that Usnavi didn’t bother to make sure that Sonny was safe.

In the beginning of act two when Usnavi decides to close the bodega, he doesn’t realize that the store is the only source of income for Sonny. Without the bodega and Usnavi there to run it, he won’t have any way to provide for himself. When Abuela and Usnavi talk about what to do with their lotto winnings, she’s the one who decides to give money to Sonny. Usnavi would probably never have thought about him.

In Carnaval Del Barrio, when Sonny can finally confront Usnavi with how he’s been neglected, Usnavi deflects. Instead of apologizing or taking accountability for his actions, he thinks that giving Sonny some of the money will make everything better. Not to mention that Usnavi doesn’t tell Sonny that he is leaving the country, indefinitely, until literally the day before. If I haven’t been able to convince you that Usnavi is a bad cousin, this should do it. He is about to leave the country, where Sonny won’t be able to contact him. Sonny is about to be without his cousin. He already lost his aunt and uncle, there’s no mention of Sonny’s parents. Sonny is about to lose his only family member. Usnavi doesn’t seem to notice.

After Abuela dies, and Sonny has officially lost every family member, and Usnavi is still going to the Dominican Republic. He doesn’t think about the fact that Sonny is grieving too, that he might want his cousin there, so that they can get through this together. It’s not just Usnavi leaving either. Vanessa is moving downtown, Nina has to go back to collage, Dani and Carla are closing the salon and moving to the Bronx.

In the scene before Champagne, Sonny  once again tells Usnavi that he has been a bad cousin, Usnavi, again, thinks that money will make everything better. Says they’ll talk about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is when he’s leaving. They’ll talk about it before he leaves. You can’t really talk about why your cousin needs you to stay when you’re about to get on a plane.

So in Champagne when Vanessa tells Usnavi that Sonny doesn’t have role models, it all comes flooding in. He realizes that he hasn’t been the best role model for his cousin, and yet, it’s not enough for him to stay. Not until Pete paints the mural of Abuela. He see’s the mural and it reminded of everything he loves about Washington Heights. One of those things is Sonny. Not until then can he really truly see that Sonny needs him, and he needs Sonny. That’s why that moment is one of my favorite parts of the show. In the book the stage directions say ‘Usnavi starts to say something, gets choked up, and motions to his own heart’, before Sonny goes with Pete to tell everyone Usnavi is staying. I don’t know if it makes up for how Usnavi treated Sonny, but it makes for a damn good ending to the show. Usnavi does end up staying, and hopefully he’ll start treating Sonny better. Sonny deserves a cousin who will take care of him, and I think Usnavi can eventually become that.


The Signs as Harry Potter Marauders Era Characters pt.4 (Water)

Cancer - Narcissa Black

Narcissa is tall, slim, very pale and has blue eyes and long blond hair. Her voice is described as significantly clear and cold. She is the youngest of the Blacks and keeps good relations with both of her sisters as well as all of her cousins, including Sirius, because her family means everything to her so it hurts her that she can not speak to one side without being shamed by the other. This is why she always tries to be neutral and is a really silent person. Narcissa has very random mood swings and can be very emotional and is not one who hides this feelings. Sure, she is not as cold-hearted as a lot of the Slytherins and cares deeply for the persons she loves.

Scorpio - Remus Lupin

Remus has amber eyes and shaggy brown hair and is considered quite attractive although he is covered with scars which he got from the transfiguration into a werewolf. In his early years as a child, he was bitten and afflicted with lycanthropy. However this did not stop him from going to Hogwarts and developing to a brave, kind and loyal student. Remus is thoughtful, compassionate and always there to lend a hand. Moreover he likes to see the best in people and also give them a chance to defend them self. He is curious about the world and as a typical bookworm very intelligent but not without a good sense of humor.

Pisces - Alice Longbottom

Alice is beloved among Hogwarts because of her warm and open hearted personality. She has dark brown hair and always has a wide smile on her face. Alice is the sort of person who always seems to be ready for the next moment or the next adventure. Moreover she is very tolerant which is why she easily makes friends. When it comes to her inner circle of friends and family, Alice would do anything for them; loyalty comes before ambition or bravery. She is the one who listens to you, who cheers you up and always stands by your side. Alice also can be something of a mess. Most of the time she is disorganized because she does not look in the future and take the things as they come.


Feysand Modern AU: Feyre has just been accepted to Prythian Academy, a boarding school for gifted teens, where she’ll meet her new roommate Mor and her unusual group of friends, including an attractive cousin she’s determined not to like. Shoutout to this precious cinnamon roll for listening to me talk obsessively about this fic and all my ideas.

Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV / Part V

Feyre Archeron made a face as her father pulled over at the looming iron gates of Prythian Academy. This would not, in any way, shape, or form, be fun. Her sister, Elain, had been jealous when she’d arrived home one day from her art course with a letter from a prestigious school in the north, where she, by recommendation of her teacher, had been accepted and granted a scholarship. But despite what everyone kept saying to her about the ‘fantastic opportunity’, Feyre couldn’t help but feel a bit bitter about not having a choice about going.

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So @xxtorchxx attacked me with this gorgeousness. Casually asked if I might have a little story to go with it. And I do. But go look at it again. Another moment. Beautiful, right?

Now, if we’re all sitting comfortably, there’s the story to go along with:

“Kara, look at me.”

“I should have been faster, I could have gone back one more time if I’d really pushed-”

“Hey, hey…” Cat tilts her chin, touch as gentle as though Kara were made of porcelain and not the Girl of Steel. “Listen to me. You did everything you could. More than anyone else could ever have done, and that includes your cousin.”

“He would have risked it,” Kara insists. “He’s always putting himself in danger.”

Cat strokes her thumb along Kara’s jaw. She’s never touched the girl like this before - with the exception of that lingering hug that Cat still dreams about - but Kara hasn’t even flinched. If anything, she’s leaning into the touch, seeking it out. With her other hand, Cat squeezes Kara’s strong forearm, the muscles beneath it still flexing intermittently, little jumps beneath Cat’s fingers.

“Him being here has undermined your confidence,” Cat deduces. “You know I can’t allow that.”

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Beneath the Stars Chapter 6

Chapter: I II III IV V

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Summary: In an effort to get to know herself better, Feyre decides to take him up on his offer to join the Student Body Council where she helps Rhys’s friends, including a particularly perky cousin, plan the upcoming Winter Formal dance.

Chapter 6

Amren was a vision in wicked delight when I pounced at her Monday afternoon. The prat had ignored my texts all weekend. She took one look at me, tucked her tongue between her lips right at the corner, and darted down behind her canvas.

Thankfully, there were no dragons nor mustaches littering the tableau on this occasion.

“Amren - what the hell!”

A gleeful, self-indulgent giggle unlike any sound I’d ever heard from Amren burst forth. I sat down like a lead weight. “Seriously - you gave him my phone number?”

Another giggle.

“And my address?”

Now she cackled.

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Papercraft wedding gift for my cousin and her new husband! They were married last weekend. Congratulations! <3

just rest from my assignment and draw my FT next generation after awhile.

hmmm maybe an AU where Zervis’s ending is nicer than the manga so that my zervis fanchildren can exist.

all the young wizards pair up in a group of 2 and join the wizard tournament, suddenly the siblings appear and made the others competitors nervous include their cousins.

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what is son nefes and why does everyone talk abt it?? do u have a link

son nefes is a 5 part short story nora wrote about the cousins’ first year. It includes:

  • (of course) the cousins meeting the foxes 
  • more of renee’s backstory
  • the beginning of renee and andrew’s friendship
  • the foxes’ introduction to kevin
  • andrew and kevin’s rocky start and the protection pacts
  • and other stuff

pt 1 pt 2 pt 3 pt 4 pt 5

typical canon triggers apply (homophobia, relapse, violence, discussion of rape, ect.)

Reading the Last Battle
  • Me as a kid: Wow. Susan didn't come back. Awww! That's sad. And they died. But they're happy that's cool.
  • Re-reading when I'm older: So...Susan just received the news that her entire family including her parents and cousins and parental figures were all dead? All at once? Did she blame herself? Did she remember Narnia then? How sad was she? She was probably Depressed. Oh gosh. That is horrible. Ouch. I'm in pain. Oh gosh. And they have to wait in eternity until she comes back. Are her siblings watching her? How sad are they? Oh gosh. Poor Susan. Oh man. What about the finances??? Did she inherit things? Did she have to pay so much for herself? She had to get a job? Maybe she worked two??? All the burden was now on her. Oh gosh.

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i don't get it, why is cousin marriages considered incest?? in my culture it's totally ok and normal.

Well, back around the time of Darwin there was a huge backlash against cousin marriage and it fell extremely out of favor in anglophone countries and that never went away. Even third cousin marriages are considered to be somewhat taboo. First cousin marriage is illegal in many parts of the United States, including where I live. Cousins don’t really hook up or experiment with each other like you see in other cultures either. 

The culture of thinking right now is that romantic/sexual relationships between cousins is trashy and gross and leads to birth defects. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that there’s not really a significant increase in risk of birth defects unless cousin marriage is practiced over several generations. 

So that’s why it is considered incest. It’s not right, but there it is. 

I know I’ve said this before, but I love the angara

I love how every time one is like “I was so lonely as a child, with only 14 siblings” or like the one that talks about how having 18 siblings is “average” for their families (not including cousins that they also get raised with!) and Ryder is like oh yeah I only have 1, they apologize like that’s the saddest thing they’ve ever heard

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Hello! For the MBTI Family: ISTJ Dad, ESFP Mom, INTJ Daughter, and ESFJ (F) - INTJ's close Cousin. You can omit or include my cousin, whichever you prefer. Please and thank you in advance. (:

ESFP (to INTJ 1):  Darling, you can’t stop listening to a person just because you think their argument is wrong.

INTJ 1: It’s not “their argument” it is their most basic thinking process.

ISTJ : Null and void?


ESFJ (to INTJ 1): It’s just rude.

INTJ: It isn’t rude if nobody noticed.

INTJ 2: The story of my life.

ISTJ: *Laughing in the background.*

ESFJ: You three are horrible!