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I'm submitting a portfolio with my college applications, what kind of work should I be putting in for a creative portfolio if I'm applying for architecture?

I think any visual art is acceptable, including but not limited to photography, drawing, painting, product design and fashion design. Whatever communicates your potential but only include work that you are proud of, there is no need to check a list of various medias.

Check this link for previous responses on this subject. and this article 12 Tips For Making an Outstanding Architecture Portfolio.

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On this day in music history: August 17, 1983 - “Delirious” by Prince is released. Written and produced by Prince, it is thirteenth single release for the singer, songwriter and musician from Minneapolis, MN. Prince records the basic track (playing all of the instruments himself) for “Delirious” at Sunset Sound Recorders in Hollywood on May 9, 1982, with additional overdubs recorded at Prince’s home studio outside of Minneapolis, MN. The song is a substitution for “Turn It Up” which was recorded earlier during the “1999” sessions. Prince feels that “Delirious” is a much stronger track than “Turn it Up” which is bumped from the final running order of the album and to this day remains unofficially released, but has surfaced in bootleg form. The US pressing of the single is issued with a limited edition poster sleeve that unfolds into a calendar that becomes a collector’s item. The single also includes the non-LP B-side “Horny Toad”. Issued as the third single from the “1999” album, “Delirious” becomes Prince’s second top 10 pop single in the US, peaking at #8 on the Hot 100 on October 22, 1983 and #18 on the R&B singles chart. Originally clocking in at 3:56 on the album, the single is released with some pressings containing the album version, and another edited down by over one full minute to 2:36. In recent years, a significantly longer version of the master take running just over six minutes surfaces, circulating as a high quality bootleg among fans.
Manual Review Playlist - YouTube

For those who don’t know, YT has created a bot to deal with “advertiser unfriendly content” and gradually rolling it out across it’s users. It’s not especially consistent, but it effectively negates any ads on the video from non-Red views. You need to get 1000 views in one week to get them seen by a human being for review.

I’ve also included Blade Trinity and One Night Stand, because those show up under the list of videos that have been “limited”, even though they still appear normal at this present moment.

Wild West Whiskey - AKA Really Inadvisable Cocktails by TalesOfNecromancy.

Ever since H said whiskey tasted different, I’ve had a dumb need to know what the hell it tasted like. Researching bad frontier alcohol from 1800s America isn’t exactly easy, but I managed to learn a few things…

Most whiskey was sent out un-aged, meaning it was generally raw grain alcohol. This was the cheap everyday stuff that got served to all and sundry out West. (There were a few established distilleries that aged their liquor properly and produced something decent, but most didn’t bother - just brewed it up and shipped it out.)

Poorly made raw grain alcohol is clear in colour and tastes a bit like the sort of white spirit you’d clean paint brushes in. It’s also alcoholic as fuck.

To improve the colour and taste, bartenders and saloon proprietors would ‘doctor’ the spirit with all manner of stuff. Including but in no way limited to: tea, chicory, tobacco, molasses, licorice, charcoal, and gods know what else. It was often watered down to something less like 70% rocket fuel and a bit more like a 40-50% spirit.

I can’t get my grubby claws on ethanol or whatever the closest to terrible un-aged alcohol is. Kal said there’s something called Everclear in the US (which sounds suitably awful) and I know there’s some horribly brash snapps of insanely high alcohol content to be found in Europe/Scandinavia, also several vodkas from Russia that may well flat out dissolve your liver. However, I’m in a backwater of the UK currently, so the nearest I can find is something called ‘Firefly Moonshine’ off Amazon - it’s 50% and smells like paint-thinner.

Terrible Recipe #1 - Teatime

Moonshine in a lemonade bottle.

Teaspoonful of lapsang tea.

Smallest scrape of molasses - a dot on the wrong end of a teaspoon.

Steep tor a week, maybe longer.

Terrible Recipe #2 - Swamp Bark

Moonshine in a lemonade bottle.

1 Licorice root stick.

Smallest scrape of molasses - a dot on the wrong end of a teaspoon.

Steep for a week, maybe more..

Really Really Really Terrible Recipe #3 - Dead Man’s Hand

Moonshine in an apothecary’s vial. Yep, that 1890s poison bottle that says ‘NOT TO BE TAKEN’ will do perfectly. (WTF is wrong with me…)

Good pipe tobacco - about a pinch.

Steep for a week. Or more sensibly just a day. Maybe only an hour. 5 mins - like tea? Or just let the tobacco *look* at the moonshine - like a homeopathic remedy, idk…

Because I don’t actually want to poison myself, I did read up on the effects of tobacco in alcohol. There are modern-day barkeeps who do mix drinks with tobacco; they use high grade pipe tobacco, NOT something out of cigarettes. Modern manufactured cigarettes have a lot of extra chemicals in them - the worst being tiny amounts of cyanide and arsenic to help the cigarette burn straight. It’s therefore A Bad Plan ™ to sit them in alcohol.

There are still a couple of problems though. Firstly I’m ignorant about dosage. Nicotine seeps into the alcohol, and a too high dose will give you tremors, increased heart and respiratory rates, and blood pressure issues. Ingesting more than 0.5grams of nicotine - one-tenth of a teaspoon - may be harmful to an adult. But I don’t know how to tell how much nicotine from a pinch of tobacco has seeped out into the alcohol in a week. So I’ll have to drink it with a lot of caution - or the devil may care attitude of a consumptive 1870s gambler…

The second issue - and a much worse one - is the tobacco tincture smells really damn good, like honey and vanilla. Which is deeply unfair for something that may be poisonous and could give me heart issues.

I have made but have yet to drink any of these dubious and appalling concoctions - I’ll write reviews if I don’t end up in A&E….

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Thoughts on memes

Memes that gain notoriety naturally are the funniest kind. If a meme seems forced, it’s hard to laugh at.

My favorite memes include but are not limited to:

1) Messing with/removing certain audio from commercials/music videos and making them as awkward as possible


3) Screaming goats

4) People pulling pranks on family members who just came out of dental surgery while they’re still high on laughing gas

5) People playing DOOM on things that are clearly not meant to run DOOM

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Can I have some romantic headcanons for Neville Longbottom, Fred & George Weasley?

You may indeed my sweetie! Sorry for the long wait, life happened :p


  • He’s so sweet but so shy at first
  • He’s more for talking and spending time with each other at the beginning of any relationship when he’s young
  • But as time goes by and he becomes more confident in himself and his own abilities and that’s when he makes bolder moves
  • This at first is limited to hand-holding but it does progress from there
  • When the Gryffindors find out about his budding romances, the minute he returns to the common room they all cheer for their little bean fight me!
  • He loves to give flowers. Actually, he loves to give plants no matter how weird, dangerous or wonderful they are. 
  • This includes venomous tentacular. 

Fred Weasley:

  • Romantic interest or not, he will still prank them
  • Albeit less crueler, but still pranks all around
  • Doesn’t really go for deep, heartfelt conversations but once he truly loves them and trusts them nearly to the same level as George, he will
  • I don’t see him being all flowers and chocolates unless it’s valentines day and he’s mocking it
  • He’s more little gestures that gets someone through their day

George Weasley:

  • Much gentler than Fred
  • Less likely to prank a romantic interest, but it would depend on their sense of humor
  • Would ‘study’ with them to spend time together (much to Fred’s horror, until he discovered no studying actually happened)
  • He would love to show them all the hidden passages around Hogwarts.
  • Also the exhilaration of narrowly avoiding Filch is something he adores sharing with them.
Commission Info

I’m going to college and need to make money to help pay for toiletries and food and stuff because I have to use my on-campus job for my tuition.

So, Lets talk about rates!

One character:

Sketch- $5 

Colored Sketch and/or line art - $15

Flat colors- $20

Cell Shading - $25


Transparent Background - +$3

Simple Color Background - +$5

Simple Background- +$10

Detailed background - +$15

Each additional character is double the original price, excluding the background price. 

You choose what type of line work you want, thick or thin and colored, black, or not visible.

The most recent piece on here is the cell shading example. 

I will draw NSFW, if you’re 18+ (Inquire for examples) and most kinks. Kinks I won’t draw include but are not limited to: Age play, ABDL, Scat, and Piss.

Email me at if you’re interested 

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I can't find anything with research that freckles are a white trait?

my bad, i meant freckles are so heavily associated with white people that they fall in line with the basic traits of eurocentric and caucasian beauty standards that include but are not limited to

-straight hair 
-bright colored eyes 
-thin/button noses 
-thin bodies 

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Do you know any Melitta rp blogs or any other Spartacus rp blogs that I can follow?

HEY THERE LOVELY ANON!!!!!! OK SOO to answer your question… I actually have a Melitta rp blog!! So these are my blogs for other Spartacus characters: 

@melitta-bodyslave , @ask-barca , @varro-answers [this one is a WIP!!!] 

NOW for other rp blogs … there are SOO MANY BEAUTIFUL people out there!!! I am only going to be reccing mutuals and peeps that I post with!! Inclusive of canons and ocs!! I won’t be including crossovers so PLEASSEE no one get offended!!!! I rp with people who have sparty verses but as the question was just for sparty rps, I’m limiting it to that!! ALSO, putting these in alphabetical order so no one feels like I’m ranking them!!! I am also SO SO SO sorry if I have forgotten anyone!!! <3 As I said these are my mutuals and the most beautiful people in the rp sparty fandom!! I’m really grateful that they kept this fandom positive and a safe place for me!! 


@ask-pietros [Pietros], @bloodandhonor [Spartacus] @donar-the-german [Donar] , @-flamboyant-moose- [Kore] , @gannicusrageson [Gannicus] , @gxnnicus [Gannicus] , @kriiieger [Saxa] , @ladykore [Kore] , @lugo-a-go-go [Lugo] , @thracixn [Spartacus] , @martyry [Mira] , @tiberius-nasir [Nasir] , @untamed-german-pup [Duro] , @warrior-nasir [Nasir]


@agonymasked [Mahdi] , @brothersabri [Sabri] , @cetanlittlehawk [Cetan] , @nodomina [Turia] 

MULTIMUSE [with Spartacus characters]

@darkestbeforedxwn , @kidsofthekelvinhero , @painistemporary @radioxactive , @sharingtales, @whorunwithwolves@witchesandwarriors

More Arcanist Headcanons

HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER HEADCANON POST ABOUT ARCANISTS. :D I promise it’s not as sad as the last one, though.

(Shout out to @aethericgeometry AKA my arcanima partner in crime.)

  • The summoning spell for emerald carbuncles is basically the standard factory model supplied by the Arcanist’s Guild
  • Most arcanists who advance in their studies will (and, in fact, are encouraged to) begin fiddling with the base spell and sigil to change qualities of the summoned carbuncle
  • Synnove’s carbuncles, for instance, include:
    • freeform personality matrices;
    • continuous learning algorithms;
    • a ratio of mass proportionate to the density of living aether that coalesces around the base gemstone;
    • extensive texture mapping for velvety soft fur, squishy toebeans, cute lil’ noses, and big expressive eyes;
    • carefully designed egi subroutines to increase offensive and defensive capabilities with limited interference from the base primal’s personality (with varying successes - Galette’s giggles can skew towards the Garuda-like, and when very angry, Ivar’s appearance programming breaks down and his ears begin to resemble Ifrit’s horns);
    • the ability to strengthen or dim their inherent aetherial glow (good for stealth or impromptu light sources);
    • a strongly-worded command to “please obey the laws of physics unless there is a life-or-death emergency, Mommy’s brain already breaks enough with Khebi’s Carby;”
    • all of which create individual carbuncles that could be considered constantly-evolving artificial intelligences who are also super cuddly
  • Every carbuncle (and egi, and fairy) is thus wholly unique!
  • Arcanists’ scientific and mathematical approaches to magic lends well to “translating” other technical fields of study
  • Maelstrom Command frequently has the guild assess Garlean intelligence relating to magitek designs and breakthroughs
  • Similarly, the guild is able to acquire research journals out of Garlemald via Radz-at-Han traders (with the general consensus being that Garlean engineers are awful at writing formal research papers)
  • A good chunk of arcanists are also dedicated engineers and there is some truly whacky and terrifying shit being developed in the depths of the guild hall (well, heights rather than depths - not a good idea to have explosions at the foundation level, after all)
  • Admiral Merlwyb is debating the merits of formally petitioning Garlond Ironworks to work on a joint project with the Arcanist’s Guild; so far, the cons outweigh the pros

supernatural out of context

WHAT’S HAPPENING IN VENEZUELA? // long post, but worth the read.

So, it’s official. The Constituent was approved. In the past 18 years, aka since Hugo Chávez was elected President of Venezuela, the government has altered election results to their benefit so it really isn’t strange to us that they would do it this time. However, we didn’t think they would be so shameless as to alter them this much. According to Tibisay Lucena (President of the Electoral Power) there was a total of 8.089.320 votes in favor of this Constituent, and these numbers simply don’t add. This past 16th of July a referendum was held where voters would have to answer to 3 questions about whether or not they agreed to move forward with the Constituent; the results? 6.492.381 votes made in Venezuela and 693.789 votes outside the country, meaning a total of 7.186.170 against the Constituent. While these two results add a total of 15.275.490 votes that fit under the 19.805.002 of venezuelans summoned to vote, here’s why yesterday’s number makes no sense:

  •  8.191.132 votes in favor of Hugo Chávez (Presidential elections of 2012). - While these numbers were most certainly altered, it’s no lie that at the time Chávez had a huge group of supporters, called Chavistas.
  • 7.505.338 votes in favor of Nicolás Maduro (Presidential elections of 2013). - These elections were made because of the recent death of Chávez, who knew he didn’t have much time left so he decided to brainwash all of his supporters to think Maduro was the best option for president. May I add, Nicolás Maduro doesn’t have any kind of educational degree, he literally was a bus driver before becoming president. Totally unqualified man. All his votes were bought or made up.
  • 5.599.025 votes in favor of the PSUV (Parliamentary elections of 2015) - PSUV stands for Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela and would roughly translate to “United Socialist Party of Venezuela“, I think. These elections were a big deal to the oposition (represented by the MUD aka “Democratic Unity Roundtable”), because we owned the National Assembly with 112 deputies (67%) and 7.707.422 votes (56,2% of the total votes)

I think I’ve made my point as to why yesterday’s result of 8.089.320 votes is nothing but blatant lies, except that’s not all! Turns out that, in these past days between the referendum (July 16) and yesterday (July 30), any person making a buy that required a fingerprint scan or using a “carnet de la patria” (an id recently made to “ease the access to social programs”) would count as a vote in favor of the Constituent. This government spends so much time looking for ways to stay in power because they know that the majority of the country is against them, and obviously they won’t acknowledge that they’re not as “loved” as they used to be, or else they wouldn’t ignore the protests that have been going on for the past 121 days with at least 128 confirmed deaths (17 of them happened only yesterday).

Now I’m going to explain why this Constituent being approved is literally confirming we’re living under a dictatorship.

  • Venezuela becomes a communal state.
  • Private enterprise will be eliminated.
  • All private sector employees become public employees.
  • The right to private education will be eliminated. From preschool to universitary sector, including adoctrinamiento político on all levels of education.
  • Means of social communication will be at the service of communist power.
  • University autonomy will be eliminated.
  • Municipalities will be eliminated.
  • The president of the republic is the only one able to choose governors and mayors, without taking into account the opinion of the people.
  • The presidential term will last between 20 and 30 years, with chance of indefinite reelection, applicable to the current president.
  • The movement of citizens inside of the country will be limited, meaning you’ll need an official permit to travel around Venezuela.
  • International departures will be limited, meaning you’ll need an official permit to get out of the country.
  • All powers, public and private, disappear.
  • The armed force disappears, becoming fighting bodies integrated into the government’s party.
  • All political parties will be eliminated.
  • The right to protest will be eliminated.
  • Opposing or thinking differently than the government will be a crime of betrayal to the motherland, meaning freedom of speech disappears.
  • Article 350 of the actual Constitution, that establishes you can disown the authority when the Constitution is violated, will be eliminated.
  • Authorities can break into your house without a warrant.
  • People’s houses can’t be sold or inherited, becoming propiety of the state.
  • Life guarantee will be restricted, the regime has now custody of people’s lives.

This is really serious, and I wish more people were talking about it because what I’m doing right now will be literally considered a crime as soon as the National Constituent Assembly enters in action. I know you guys may think that reblogging, retweeteting and regraming some posts is not gonna help us, but trust me, they will. The government is putting up an act of “everything’s fine, we’re the same 1st world country we were +20 years ago” and we’re not. We’re being killed, tortured, starved, lied to and so much more horrifying things are being done to and against us. Let the world know what’s really happening in Venezuela, and who’s the real villain in the story.



This charity-zine project is organized by a team of 5: @cryptidsp00n @epherall @gayradsaddad @mehringguie @sylveonstri

We thought it might be a fun idea to make a digital zine for those who enjoy the Be More Chill Musical and will be considered a tribute to the creators and actors of the play. The theme will center around shenanigans of the main characters which are during and supposedly after the play. It can be canonical or fan interpretations of the characters and just loads of fun in general


Q: Is the zine digital or physical?
A: We will only offer a digital version! though if this become successful we might consider getting it physical. It will be sold on gumroad!!

Q: Why only digital?
A: This is only a just for fun zine created by a bunch of friends, we may consider making it physical but may only be very limited copies

Q: What charity will you be donating to?
A: We just started feel free to suggest!!

Q: How many artists are participating?
A: There’ll be a maximum of 23 artist and 7 writers. This is still flexible.

Q: Who are you accepting?

A: We’ll have invited artist and we’ll be accepting open call artists and writers

Q: Who are the invited Artists?:
A: The invited Artists are (including the three of us are):


Q: What about writers?:
A: We are still discussing about this so the writer count is still flexible, for now @sylveonstri is one of our main writers, and will handle the writing department [with our assistance of course]

Q: What are the portfolio requirements?
A: Portfolios will be either an art tag or any site with sample pictures of your work, please also include sample pictures of anything related to BMC

Q: Are traditional artists accepted?
A: Yes, traditional art is accepted so long as it is scanned at 300 dpi or higher and fits into the template provided.

Q: How will the artists be chosen?
A: All of us will be voting and rating the tag, if three or more of us accepted it, it will move onto the second stage where we will finally decide on who to accept

Q: How will I know if I was selected or not?
A: We will make a post about the final artists and will send out an email shortly afterwards with instructions and the template. You will also be added to a discord chat so we can receive updates on your works and also share it with others

Q: What will participating artists receive?
A: Participating artist will receive the digital copy of the zine and some extra pages, merch is still in discussion but its a possibility

Q: Is there a certain age you have to be to apply?

A: We just ask that you have parental permission if you are under 18. Decisions about acceptance will be based on skill, not age.

Q: Will Ships be allowed??
A: Yes it will be allowed! but our primary focus is with the interaction and friendship within characters

Q: Will you be judging some portfolios as they come in, or all at once after the apps close?
A: We’ll continue to judge portfolios even after the application closes. the day of results will vary at the amount of applications received

Q: When is the deadline for the application?
A: Currently, its still in discussion, it depends on the applications we receive if we extend it or not but possibly by the end of august to early september

[Artwork above was collaborated by gayradsaddad [sketch] , epherall [lines] & cryptidspoon [colors]]

APPLICATION PAGE [please read the guidelines]