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Aerial Landscapes by Henry Do

Three years ago, a GoPro photograph of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, went viral and changed the course of Henry Do‘s life. Since then, the Las Vegas-based photographer has taken to the skies all over the world. Do bought his first drone back in 2015. He got his second drone a week later. Last fall, he told Full Drone that his favorite photograph was one he’d taken on the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. This post gathers together a number of his incredible images including Yellowstone National Park, Monument Valley and the Hawaii’s amazing landscapes.

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Several different types of sea turtles can be found in your National Marine Sanctuary System:

Green sea turtle, Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, Hawai‘i (Photo: Ed Lyman/NOAA)

Hawksbill, Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, Gulf of Mexico (Photo: G.P. Schmahl)

Loggerhead, Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary, Georgia (Photo: NOAA)

Volunteer, Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary, Georgia (Photo: Judi Duffy)

One of the best things you can do to help sea turtles around the world is to reduce marine debris. Some species of sea turtle eat jellyfish, and a floating plastic bag can look an awful lot like a snack. Other marine debris, like cables, string, and fishing gear, can entangle a sea turtle and drown it. 

Even if you don’t live near the ocean, our waterways can carry trash to the coasts – so every cleanup effort helps!

GIFs: A NOAA staff member helps disentangle a green sea turtle in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. (Image: NOAA)

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One of Adam's firsts? Something he didn't have the chance to do as a kid because his dad thought it was a waste of time or money? Adam's first petting zoo/Aquarium? Adam's first amusement park? Adam's first, uh, airplane ride/vacay out of Virginia?

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” Ronan says, cautiously. Ronan is hardly ever cautious, which makes Adam feel even worse.

“It’s fine,” he replies flatly, drying his palms on his jeans. Ronan, as always hyper-aware of Adam’s hands, gives him a skeptical look.

“I can see that. Listen, it’s not too late to cancel.” 

Adam can tell both that Ronan doesn’t want to cancel, and that he would in a heartbeat.

“It is too late to cancel,” he says stubbornly. “We would lose the money.”

“I’m not exactly terrified, Parrish.”

Adam throws him a withering glance. “Some of us don’t have the ability to just dream up checks.”

Ronan shrugs. It’s not real, this sparring, Adam knows that, even though only a year and some change ago it would have devolved into an absolutely real and ugly fight. The calculated insolence in the set of Ronan’s shoulders means he’s putting on an act, pushing Adam’s buttons with the spoilt Aglionby prince attitude, in an effort to distract him from his nerves. Adam is a little awed – both at Ronan’s strange brand of thoughtfulness and at their ability to read each other so well. He guesses dating for a year will do that.

A year. He can hardly believe it. And yet they’ve lasted this long, in spite of demons, hit men, and the various obstacles of long-distance relationships. And that’s why they’re here, at an airport, waiting to board a flight to Paris for their first anniversary. Paris, of all places. That’s something else Adam can’t believe.

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This is apparently in the brand new Bears Ears national monument, which some local and national politicians in Utah are trying to have stripped of its monument status.

Rock art fascinates me. The images last thousands, sometimes tens of thousand of years. And even though we don’t share the culture or even the language of the artist, the images still have power.
This panel is carved into the sandstone of Comb Ridge in Southern Utah. It’s part of the new Bears Ears National Monument. The Bears Ears contain over 100,000 archaeological sites. Th e landscape is central to the Dine, Hopi, Ute and Mountain Ute tribes. To see more of my work documentation the deep artistic history of the Bears Ears follow @salvarezphoto (Stephen Alvarez) as I work on a massive project documenting the deep history of art.

“The celebrated Great Pyramid of Khufu, or Cheops, is the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world still standing, but there is much more to Giza. Though we imagine the pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure and the Sphinx rising from the desert, isolated and enigmatic, they were once surrounded by temples, noble tombs, vast cemeteries, and even harbors and teeming towns. This unparalleled account describes that past life in vibrant detail, along with the history of exploration, the religious and social function of the pyramids, how the pyramids were built, and the story of Giza before and after the Old Kingdom. Hundreds of illustrations, including vivid photographs of the monuments, excavations, and objects, as well as plans, reconstructions, and images from remote-controlled cameras and laser scans, help bring these monuments to life.”

Giza and the Pyramids: The Definitive History, by Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass - University of Chicago Press , 2017

On Your Right - Bucky Barnes x Reader (Part 4)

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Summary: Reader wakes up to some very interesting Facebook notifications… I’m not going to say much more. A little bit of feels/insecurity in the first half. Ends with fluff. 

Rating: T for language 

Characters/Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Word count: 1855

You woke up to a dozen Facebook notifications. Curious, you opened the app on your phone and giggled in surprise. They were tag requests from Bucky. After automatically approving whatever he tagged you in, you grabbed your laptop so you could actually look through the pictures.

The album was the first thing in your newsfeed and you eagerly clicked on it, smiling at the name -Best Sights in D.C.

Bucky had turned to photography as a coping mechanism after T’Challa’s team finally succeeded. After years of having memories wiped from him, taking pictures comforted him. You were impressed by how good he had gotten with just his phone camera. Even his selfies looked good.

Your smile grew as you clicked through the photos. Mixed in with breathtaking images of the monuments, you were front and center in stereotypically touristy snapshots; you “pushing over” the Washington Monument and stuff like that.

You were just about halfway through when your phone buzzed violently. Glancing at the caller ID, you quickly answered it.

“Hey, Nat, how’s the weather in LA?” You asked brightly the second the call connected.

“Sunny. N…”

“Oh that’s nice,” you cut her off, “It’s kind of overcast here.”

“I didn’t call to talk about the weather. Nice try.”

“So what did you call to talk about? The baseball game last night.”

“Cut the crap,” she laughed. “Not a date, my ass, Y/N.”

She sounded like she was about to cheer.

“It wasn’t. We just did touristy stuff around D.C. The same thing we did when the team stayed over in Boston.”

“Uh huh,” she dragged out the second syllable. “I see. Except that was mandatory team bonding and this looks a lot like a date.”

“Nothing about these pictures says date. Number one, I’m by myself in all of them. And number two, I’m pretty sure you could put these on a website and people would think they’re stock photos.”

Nat’s laugh made you nervous.

“You haven’t made it through the whole album have you?”  

“No. Why?”

“Call me back when you’ve finished, and make sure you read the captions.”

She hung up before you could ask why. You continued clicking through the photos, more slowly this time. You got to the second to last picture and still couldn’t understand what the big deal was, and then you hit next and your jaw dropped.

Outside the bakery, Bucky stood behind you with his arms wrapped around your waist, clearly drawing you into him. Both of you were laughing as you laid your head back on his shoulder and he was looking down at you fondly.

“Saved my favorite picture for last. The sweetest dish in town… oh and the desserts were pretty good too,” the caption read.

You bit your lip, trying to hold in a smile as you thought back to the moment that picture must have been taken.  Bucky had asked you to wait by the outdoor tables so he could get someone to take your picture to make Sam jealous of your little excursion.  You had been distracted by a little girl who was giggling in delight with a mouth covered in chocolate, so you jumped and started laughing when he wrapped his arms around you to turn you around. Clearly the kind man who agreed to take your photo also snapped the candid before you posed for a normal picture, side by side with his hand on your shoulder and yours on his hip.

Using the voice command on your phone you called Nat.

“Did you look at the whole album now?”

“Uh huh.”


“And it still wasn’t a date. It was very specifically a non-date.”

“How do you know that? What exactly did he say when he asked you to sightsee with him?”

“He didn’t. I was wandering around the Smithsonian and he found me and then we started walking around. I asked him why he was all dressed up and he told me that he had a  date planned but the girl never showed so he came looking for someone to hang out with. He was bored, Nat. And I was there. Second place, like always,” you finished sadly.  

“You’re nobody’s second place, Y/N,” Natasha said fiercely, willing you to believe her. “And trust me, the way he’s looking at you in that last picture is not the way you look at somebody who’s second place in your life. I’d be willing to bet there’s even moments where you outshine Steve and get that number one spot all to yourself.”

You sighed, knowing she was right. Thankfully, she wasn’t a gloater by nature.

“I know Bucky cares about me a lot. I would never question that, I just don’t think it’s the same way I care about him.”


“But that’s okay. I am perfectly happy being best friends with him.”

“Liar,” she stated calmly.

“Maybe, but let’s keep that our little secret.”

“I’m just going to say this, if he calls you the sweetest dish when you aren’t actually dating, I shudder to think of the pet names and cuteness there will be when you get married.”

“He’s a romantic. I like that about him.”

“You like everything about him,” Nat reminded you.

“This is true.”

“Miss Y/L/N, Mr. Wilson would like me to inform you that if you’re not downstairs in ten minutes all of your baked goods will be eaten.”

“Gotta go, Nat,” you exclaimed hurriedly, yanking your laptop shut.

“Go save your pastries,” she laughed. “We’ll have a girl’s night in a few days when we all get back to the facility and discuss all of this at length?”

She framed it as a question, but you knew an order when you heard one, so you went along with it.  

“Sounds good. Good luck with the mission.”

“Good luck with… not dating Bucky Barnes.”

After changing into jean shorts and a t-shirt so you wouldn’t be tempted to sleep the rest of the day away, you hurried downstairs to the kitchen.

“If you ate all my dessert I’m going to stab you,” you threatened as you rounded the corner.  

“Hello to you too, doll.”

“Oh, Bucky, hi. Sorry. I thought you were Sam.”

“I think that’s worse than you wanting to stab me,” he quipped with a smirk.

“FRIDAY said Sam was going to eat all of my goodies if I wasn’t down here in ten minutes,” you explained looking around for the signature boxes.

“He did just scurry away in the direction of his room with one of the boxes.”

“You let him escape with my pastries?” You asked in mock outrage.

Rolling his eyes, Bucky pulled an identical box out from beside him. Opening it carefully, you realized that it held the last black and white cookie.

“My hero.”

“I aim to please.”

“You succeed.”

“Sorry I didn’t get more. Sam was already trying to sneak out when I wrestled that one away from him.”

Chuckling, you started to make tea. “This is all I really wanted. The rest were for sharing.”

“So is this one not for sharing?” he asked, eyeing the large cookie.

“Definitely not,” you informed him with a smile.

You were just about to sit down across from Bucky at the breakfast nook when Steve slid past you, beating you to the spot and swiping a line through the frosting of your cookie in the process.

“Hiya, sweetheart. Good frosting,” he greeted you with a bright grin after licking his finger.

If it had been anyone else you probably would have at least punched them in the arm if not the face.  

“Paws off my sweets, Rogers,” you huffed.

Bucky smirked proudly.

“My my, aren’t we sassy this afternoon,” Steve shot back, smile undimmed.

He had always been sarcastic, but since Bucky came back he had really cranked it up a notch. You enjoyed your verbal sparring matches as much as the heart to hearts you often had with the Captain.

“You know I don’t mess around when it comes to my dessert, Steve.”

Since he was taking up one whole side you squished in next to Bucky who moved over enough that you could sit comfortably, but not enough that you weren’t touching. You placed a mug of tea in front of each of you with the black and white between you.

“I thought this one wasn’t for sharing,” he prompted at the same time as Steve asked, “How come he gets some?” with a fake pout.

“Because Bucky is a gentleman.”

“Aww thanks, doll.”

“He may be a gentleman, but I thought I was an angel,” Steve deadpanned.

Your brow furrowed in confusion for a moment before the early morning events came back to you and you groaned and dropped your head onto your arms.

“You can’t hold half asleep rambling against me.”

“I’m not holding anything against you. I’m just saying, I believe I was all golden.”

“Oh my god,” you wailed. “Nobody else can ever know about that.”

“Don’t worry. It’s our little secret.”

“Thank you. You’re still not getting a bite of this cookie, Steve.”

He shrugged, “Can’t blame a guy for trying.”

Bucky chuckled beside you and broke off a piece in the middle so he had both types of frosting.

“You were right, this is better than the chocolate chip,” Bucky admitted.

“You doubted me?”

“Never, doll.”

“I love this bakery. We definitely need go again before we head home.”

“We will,” Bucky promised.

All three of your phones chimed at the same time. Expecting it to be a mission update you all immediately checked.

“Y/n, you need to remind me how to turn off notifications on Facebook. I posted one comment on that picture of you two and now I’m going to get a million notifications,” Steve groaned.

“I’ll show you in a minute,” you chuckled, opening the notification. “Oh god, let’s see what Tony had to say.”

“I need a dentist,” Bucky read aloud. “Jerk.”

You laughed as you read through the comments. You had been too distracted earlier to enjoy them. All of them were talking about how cute the two of you were.

“Aww. Thanks, Steve. We are adorable. How come you didn’t show me that picture before you posted it?” you asked, turning your attention to Bucky, missing Steve’s amused expression.  

After you had chewed him out for tagging you in a particularly awful snapchat he had screenshotted, Bucky always checked before posting pictures of you.

“I didn’t realize I had it until I was going through them this morning. I can take it down if you want,” he offered sincerely but unenthusiastically.

It made you happy that he wasn’t keen on removing such a couple-y photo of you.

“No, no, leave it up,” you answered quickly. “I love it.”

“Me too,” he beamed at you. “It was a lot better than the pictures we posed for. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s us so we look great but they were a little bland.”

“I wish we knew the name of the man who took the picture.”

“I think he said it was Stanley.”

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Part 5 


I feel like Kuvira is greatly lacking in showing a softer side. A morality pet. Something that makes her human. 

In Book 3 the main villain (Zaheer) had a love(P'li) that showed a more caring and compassionate side of him. She was his earthly tether. He freed her from a life of mindless war. Their relationship was shown as well as told. (“I’m surprised you didn’t bust out that girlfriend of yours first.” As well as their kissing.)

Kuvira and Baatar are not lovers. They are not each other’s morality pets. Kuvira doesn’t even call him by his name most of the time(My fiancee, your son). They do not show weakness around each other. They do not show affection to each other. Their relationship is more professional than Varrick and Zhu Li’s. (Actually those two do make a good foil in that they have the stoic assistant being loyal to the charismatic boss’s brains and ideals more than to the person.)

No, the person Kuvira cares most about is Suyin. Everything about her campaign to the capture of Zaofu is about Su in some way or another.

Suyin shares that she loves Kuvira like a daughter and raised her as such. That was never shown in Book 3. Kuvira isn’t in any of the family photos, she’s not introduced as one of Suyin’s children. She doesn’t interact with any of Suyin’s children.

I think that’s a hugely missed opportunity. Kuvira and Opal could be a perfect foil to Lin and Suyin.

The dutiful and authoritative daughter who just wants Mommy to be proud of her and the free spirited daughter who wants to follow her own path.

Kuvira rebuilding the Earth Kingdom in her own image is still just another Beifong daughter sculpting a monument to their mother.

And I wish they’d show that more in the show. Just a little moment of vulnerability. Right after Suyin’s assassination attempt instead of just showing Kuvira to be one step ahead, they could’ve given her a moment of pain. Knowing her own beloved mother wanted to kill her.

A moment like this.

A chance to behave like a fucking human.

I just…I honestly don’t know why this is giving me such a visceral reaction but I’m literally enraged and just shaking and crying about it because I’m so upset

They murdered Mace, then they proceeded to take a hammer to his body, break his bones, dump him like trash to wash ashore so he can be used to turn the world against the very people he died to protect

They used him to frame Daisy, they used him to turn the world against other inhumans

They murdered a GOOD man, a man so good, so pure, so full of true genuine intent to do the right thing and help save lives and protect the inhumans, and they desecrate his body to make him a weapon against the very group he would do anything to shield

I’m just…I’m so angry and upset


The man deserves a state funeral and a monument in his image

The man deserves his death used to protect the inhumans he cares so much about


He doesn’t deserve this, he doesn’t deserve what AIDA and Ivanov did to him and I am never going to be okay about this

Dryosaurus altus

Unlike many herbivores of its time, Dryosaurus altus was not very large. Standing four feet high at the hips and growing up to 11 feet in length, Dryosaurus may have weighed only 200 pounds. But this bipedal dinosaur was fast. It had long, powerful hind legs that carried it through the Late Jurassic wilderness, providing its primary defense against predators.

With a name that means “tall oak tree lizard,” Dryosaurus had short front limbs and a long tail that may have been used as a counterbalance. It had a beak for cropping vegetation and was most likely an efficient chewer, with strong teeth and a hinged jaw. This hinge allowed the herbivore to slide its upper and lower jaws past one another as it chewed, an unusually advanced feeding adaptation for this time period.

One of the oldest known members of the dinosaur group Ornithopoda, Dryosaurus fossils have been found in the western United States and possibly eastern Africa (though some paleontologists think the African fossils belong instead to a close relative called Dysalotosaurus). The specimen on display at Carnegie Museum of Natural History was discovered in 1910 by Earl Douglass and his field crew in the Morrison Formation at what is now Dinosaur National Monument in Utah.

Photo Credit: Image by Josh Franzos

Misha Gordin, “Patterns of Sorrow,”

Conceptual photographer born in Latvia during the Soviet occupation, Gordin has produced stunning images using shadows, shapes, and crowds, distilling the gamut of human experience into a single, piercing moment. 

Recurring themes include fear and alienation, resistance and collapse, the struggle for identity in a world of oppressive conformity. 

Through symmetry and repetition, Gordin’s images turn the body into a poetic monument that silently acknowledges and protests the erasure of the individual.

Ancient Egyptian works to be published together in English for first time

Ancient Egyptian texts written on rock faces and papyri are being brought together for the general reader for the first time after a Cambridge academic translated the hieroglyphic writings into modern English.

Until now few people beyond specialists have been able to read the texts, many of them inaccessible within tombs. While ancient Greek and Roman texts are widely accessible in modern editions, those from ancient Egypt have been largely overlooked, and the civilisation is most famous for its monuments.

The Great Pyramid and sphinx at Giza, the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and the rock-cut temples of Abu Simbel have shaped our image of the monumental pharaonic culture and its mysterious god-kings.

Toby Wilkinson said he had decided to begin work on the anthology because there was a missing dimension in how ancient Egypt was viewed: “The life of the mind, as expressed in the written word.” Read more.

I’ve been testing out some exposure blending and different editing styles lately, I think this one turned out pretty well. I blended 3 different exposures in this image. This was my campsite at the Agua Fria National Monument before going up to Sedona for the weekend, I was lucky to have such a beautiful sunrise that morning. I wasn’t planning on shooting anything in the morning, just heading to work, so I was scrambling to find a decent composition before this amazing light disappeared. I was hoping to get some star-scapes in Sedona the next night, however the clouds rolled in. Milky Way season is back now so I’m hoping to get some more pictures and some much needed stargazing. 


Stunning images capture the moment lightning strikes over Monument Valley

These stunning images captured the moment lightning struck over Monument Valley.

Jennifer Khordi, 47, was storm-chasing in Arizona when she came across the mesmerizing scenes.

Khordi, from New Jersey, watched as the sky turned a deep purple and pink lightning forks pierced through the epic storm clouds.

The iconic landmark casts a perfect silhouette against the ferocious storm.

Khordi, a semi-professional photographer, said, “The images were taken in Arizona during a trip I took to capture lightning and storm images from their active monsoon season.”

“I was very lucky to get such good images — I love the whole experience.”

See more photos from Monument Valley and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.