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Kinda scared to see this one, but what's the Japanese image of black people?

Actually we don’t see black people in the daily life here. We just see them near people who need guards from someone’s bothering or attack.

So we tend to think they have really big body, and strength. But we also think they are so polite. At least I’ve never seen or heard that they did something rude or bad here.

Oh and also, especially in comics, we tend to draw their personality as “pure”. You know, we really like the “gap” between looks and inner-side. So they can be “moe” character in us, I think~

[TRANS] B1A4 Monthly TV Guide

Q1. What would you do if you encountered a UFO?
Q2. What’s the ‘moe’ point of a girl you would like?
Q3. If you did an image change, what kind of hairstyle would you like to challenge?
Q4. Can you see past the member’s lies and secrets?

A1: I’d space out staring at it (laughs). Because I’d be worried by what’s inside, I think I might want to try capturing it. But it’d be scary, so if I discovered it, I’d run away. 
A2: I like someone who’s eyes become small when they laugh. CNU’s eyes also become like half-moon shaped when he laughs, when I see that, somehow it’s nice.
A3: I’d like to try my best to have it short. Otherwise, I’d like to make it long like CNU’s. But I think my current length is perfect. (laughs) 
A4: Because I have a sharp intuition, I can pay attention and notice the changes in people. Actually, because I can cheer up quickly when I have troubles, I often give advice. Especially when Sandeul has troubles, I can understand him easily. Sandeul also talks with me a lot. 

Jinyoung. Born 1991.11.18, Blood Type A

A1: Obviously I’d run away. But, running away would be hard, while thinking I’m too late, I’d think about capturing it. I’m the type to leave it to fate.
A2: I like a bright smile. When you feel the charm of someone who has the power to make the people around them feel good. 
A3: It was my first time cutting it short like this, so I was nervous, but I was happy everyone was pleased.
A4: You understand each other easily just from looking at each other’s eyes, so you don’t have to lie, but once in a while I tell white lies. For example, sometimes I eat my own candies, but say Sandeul ate them (laughs). I often say those kinds of jokes.

CNU. Born 1991.06.16, Blood Type A

A1: I would capture the UFO on purpose, sneak in, and hijack the it from the aliens. Because it’s my dream to go on a space trip while I’m alive, if I took the UFO I’d first travel in space, then I would contribute to (help out) all the great people on Earth!
A2: Girls’ fragrance. In passing they have a scent that makes me unintentionally want to follow them, I don’t understand it either!
A3: I like my style right now, so I don’t really want to change it. Really! (laughs) But if I did change it, I wonder how it’d look long.
A4: I think if you can talk it out, you’ll understand. Because I’ll be with you forever, if you’re lying I’ll know one way or another. I’d be the first one to be exposed though (laughs), so I’ll never lie!

Sandeul. Born 1992.03.20, Blood Type A

A1: Because it’s scary, I’d run. If it were caught, I’d hit it and run.
A2: When her entire face wrinkles while laughing. To me, a lovely smiling face seems cuter.
A3: I’ve had average length short hair and close-cut hair like a monk, but I haven’t had long hair. So, if I were to grow my hair out wouldn’t it be fresh? Personally, I’ve always wanted to try a hairstyle that looks like a samurai for a period drama.
A4: Actually, it doesn’t really mean that would happen. If something were to happen, I think I’d definitely notice. That is, can’t you tell by the atmosphere/mood? But even if I do notice, I wouldn’t confront them and say something. I’m the type to wait for my partner to feel better. 

Baro. Born 1992.09.05, Blood Type B

A1: Of course I’d take pictures, post them to SNS, and warn everyone. Until it’s captured, I’d write “Everybody run~!”
A2: I like cat-faced girls, because mine’s a dog’s face, right? My brothers always told me I resembled a dog.  
A3: I want to grow out my hair. Until the next album, if I have time, I’d like to grow it down to my waist. I wonder how long it will take? Two years? Then our next comeback will be after two years! (laughs)
A4: People who lie would be nervous whether or not I’d notice them, and they would keep glancing at me. Then when they do something bad… [T/N: Wasn’t exactly sure how to translate the last part here so it’s left out.]

Gongchan. Born 1993.08.14, Blood Type A

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Translations: @expandwang
T/N: some of this was kind of rough for me to understand and then
rephrase so I tried my best!
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tbh i could care less what style it’s drawn in as long as it isn’t super aggressively moe style

say what you will about manga art style (personally for me it’s not perfect, but I like it well enough), but it was an art style that was more in line with manga aimed towards girls at the time than anything. I prefer that to an art style that panders more towards the current male demographic any day.

so like, you can complain if u want, i am hype. If this is a official promotional image, it at least indicates they’re leaning away from that style.

Also very important to me is even the writing on the promo images mentions it as a show that’s important to girls. Girls are being targeted here. That’s what i really care about.


“Kanaya and Jade doing something with plants or flowers together.

It can be romantic or not. I would love to see them having fun over fauna together. If you want to, you can add a Rose in there somewhere.”

*runs in late to ladystuck reveals with starbucks* A gift for TwoClassyCats! Thanks for a great prompt! :>