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Women’s History Month is an opportunity to step back and reflect on the patient fortitude of women whose once-relegated role as ‘observers’ has bred generations of brilliant storytellers. Over at Signature, Nathan Gelgud illustrates the influence of twelve indomitable female authors, their books, and the literary links between them.


How this deck of cards came to be —>
I am a fan of the body so that helped and I don’t know, suddenly I was following all these amazing people on tumblr who were showcasing their bodies in the most artistic/creative/liberated ways and I wanted to join in on the fun I suppose and it was also a way of showing my respect to these ladies/gentlemen/others for putting themselves out there and rocking it. 
I’m pretty sure most of you already know the 12 brilliant humans that illustrate this deck. If not, I highly encourage you to find out ! 
Enjoy it, don’t be scared to get it dirty ! It’s a sign of a well used deck and true fun (or keep it very clean, if that’s what you’re into) !
I thank a thousand times :
@soulescaper​ (who seems to have changed tumblr name) 
@sextathlon and @eau-trouble (who aren’t here anymore but were some of the first people I followed)
& last but not least @a-littleminx (who also has changed name or moved on to greener pastures :)
If you know these people’s new names
and think they’d want to see this don’t hesitate to tell me !
An enormous thank you to all of you for your permissions and general awesomeness. REALLY.

For you, for your “loved ones” or “kinda tolerated ones” I think this could be a sweetass present :D ( if interested BUY HERE )

MariChat May Day 15: Something Sweet

Short and sweet today, folks.

This is for @edendaphne!  She’s a brilliant artist, and she’s done illustrations for a couple of different stories on AO3.  Go take a gander.

“So, is there any particular reason you have a spoon full of water sitting on your ledge up there?”

Marinette looked up from contemplating her charm bracelet to see that Chat, looking like himself once more, had let himself in through her open skylight, and was peering down at her from her bed.  She hadn’t been certain that he would return that night, but she certainly wasn’t surprised.  After defeating Dorian, she returned to her room to sit curled on her chaise, fingering the charms at her wrist, and thinking.   About him.  She smiled, blushing at the memory of his earlier kiss, and forced her mind back to his question.

“For the bee.  It is gone?”

“I only saw the spoon.”

Marinette smiled.  “She must have recovered enough to fly away, then.”

“So you put water out for a…bee?”

“Not just water, sugar water.  She was tired, and just needed a little something sweet to get her going again.”

He looked at her a bit strangely.  “You know, most people wouldn’t even have noticed the bee, much less brought it a snack.”

“It needed help,” she said simply, shrugging.  “Besides, without bees, who would pollenate my flowers?”

He blinked.  “There is that, I suppose.  So you take care of stray cats and tired bees, then?”

“Anything that needs it, really.  But…”  She paused to moisten her lips, aware that her blush was returning.  “Only the stray gets invited in.”

His eyes darkened a bit, and he swung his legs over the side of her bed to leap fluidly to the ground, so that he could sit at the end of the chaise, near her feet.  “About earlier, Marinette, I hope that I didn’t—I mean, was it okay that I…that I kissed you?”

She considered him thoughtfully, her mind still chasing itself in circles. What she’d told Alya was technically true; she wasn’t dating Chat Noir.  But even as she’d been aware of her growing attraction to her partner, she’d rationalized it away.  Now it was staring her in the face, and she couldn’t lie to herself any more.  She wanted to be dating him. She was falling for Chat Noir in a way that was far more intense than what she felt for Adrien, and now that she was being honest with herself, it scared her.

“That depends,” she said finally. “On why you did it.”

He studied her as thoughtfully as she’d just studied him, and then very deliberately took her hand and threaded his fingers through hers, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.  “I did it because you’re my ‘something sweet’.”

It’s St. Patrick’s Day in Zootopia!!! So Nick, Judy (In Vodka Witch mode), @crewefox (That random human in the Irish rugby shirt) @ziegelzeig (the fox with a scarf and a pencil tucked behind his ear) and zI0tty (The arctic fox enjoying a pint) have decided to celebrate the most brilliant day of the year for Irish folk at the Champions pub around the corner from precinct 1! It’s time to guzzle the Guinness, whip out the whiskey and blitz the Bulmers!!!

The amazing, heart felt and absolutely fun piece of art was of course created by the one and only @zigelzeig, I commissioned him to do this in lieu of a chapter illustration this week and he came up with the brilliant idea of turning into a Paddy’s day party so please won’t you come and join the party, doesn’t matter if you come as your zoosona or IRL self, just reblog  and party!!! @fuzzywuzzylittletail @trashasaurusrex @senny74 @cloudyloudy @nekomimiranger @fourthdimension99 @reddoshirousagi06 @judylavernehopps @nick-tracy @bluelightenterprises @blueberrycarrots @cimar-of-turalis-wildehopps @helthehatter @zootopepo @oggzz @ryutolbx @crispyfactor @master-lux @inkstainedandproud @pyrophoricitee @lavernewilde-hopps @if-you-wanna-getout-alive @pedroroll @artf0rlife @somethingcalledafurry @nick-and-judy-daily @alexboehm55144 @thezootopianadict @thezootopianinsider @aureliano276 @blackwing2230 @emgmusic1 and everyone else in the community come and have a drink with us!!!!!!


Cartoonist portraits real beautiful people

A fan art illustration commissioned by @ariel-riddle for her fanfiction Shipwrecked.
The story is just brilliant! And for the first time I got to draw the ferret boy - I should draw him again because I’m still not sure what Draco looks like in my head. I have a vague image of him but it’s not as clear as Riddle’s.