this if for you haters

 I have no time for Misha haters. Sam and Dean have killed just as many women and POC characters if not more. Get over yourself and your hate. Its a pathetic way to live you life. Really, I pity you.

Ya know what would be a totally AWESOME show? Two badass black or latina sisters who hunt and kill Supernatural things. But with Misha exactly as he is with Cas. because ultimately, Cas made this fucking show. It wouldn’t even still be going without him. If the creator of the fucking show admits that Misha makes it what it is and that Misha SAVED IT, then I think he’s worth more than your stupid opinion. 

The woman/POC issue is not to be blamed on Misha and Cas. It is an issue yes but your argument is ridiculous and you are simply hunting ways to channel your hate. How about instead you do something nice, like take a leaf out of Misha’s book with a random act of kindness, since ya know, he is an actual decent human being… otherwise just get outside, get some sunshine, hold a puppy… 

I have a zero tolerance policy towards Misha hate and these kind of ridiculous anons. Therefore you are blocked. As is anyone else who tries to send me Misha hate or any hateful messages at all. Seriously, all you haters need to get some perspective on life. Its really sad. Make yourself a cup of tea, have a chocolate biscuit and do something that makes you happy…masterbate to some pictures of Jared Padalecki or something…. Here I’ll help have some pics:

There. Don’t you feel better now?

Now fuck off of my blog and leave me the fuck alone. 

Do what you like with this.

Let me tell you a story. Some time ago a couple of journalists from a tabloid newspaper (one a really big early AC/DC fan - don’t worry it’s relevant) got so fed up with being sent bile from gatorfish’s tumblr almost every single day that they decided to play an April fools joke on the people they thought were the ringleaders.

Unfortunately they didn’t factor in both the stupidity and malice those people embody.

First they identified the targets - gatorfisch and aelterileaf and decided that a bizarre story with esoteric elements would get the best response, especially if they sent info to A.

Then they concocted a story (and built a crude website but that never got into production).

The story went a bit like this. The Cumberbatch and Hunter families have been linked for generations and were concerned with alchemy and wicca. The key here was that Benedict’s grandmother lived a few streets away from pioneer wicca Doreen Vailente in Brighton so she looked like a good candidate to build a lie on. Then they looked at Sophie’s family tree and found a grandmother whose surname was Scott. Great said our AC/DC obsessed journo, I know what we can do. The late Bon Scott (lead singer of AC/DC) lived in London in the seventies with his girlfriend Silver Smith. Why don’t we imply he was actually Sophie’s father and that she was created to either be a ‘moonchild’ or as a candidate for a later symbolic chemical wedding. We’ll suggest BS and Sophie’s grandmother were connected. We’ll link all three older women and make it a conspiracy of crones.

Then they decided to send clues about this and an existing(imaginary) alchemical group based in London under the leadership of Spitalfields historian Dan Cruickshank (he was on the telly in the pub at the time) to Aelteri. Clues which would eventually give them an email address and a link to the website, where they would be categorically rick-rolled on April Fools Day.

But it all went a bit wrong. A and G (and they knew they were linked and one was responsible for the constant stream of bile to their paper) proved far too stupid to follow the very simple clues. The best they could do was post a pic of Bon Scott and Silver Smith on G’s Tumblr (you can check, it’s still there). The journalists promised them documentary evidence which linked the two families and painted both BC and SH as either victims of their grandmothers or alchemists in a magically arranged marriage. But either A and G got the wrong end of the stick or they are actually evil - as you can see from G’s reveal yesterday which makes Benedict the victim and Sophie the evil black magician. So our two drunken journos decided to cut their losses and pull out before it got worse.

At no point did G and A try to get proofs or make actual contact but G posted her supposed tea which came from a new source. Tea which bore no relationship to the info they were fed.

Pretty much an indication that G and A are actually evil and/or extremely stupid I think.


OMG, this is absolute gold, thank you so much for sharing!

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Apparently everyone here is just forgetting about good, old-fashioned sympathy. She's a hooker, but she's also a pony like everypony else. What you're doing is nice, Flannel, and all these haters need to get off your case if they think it means you care more about Jewel than your wife.

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it's so funny people go on about what louis wears but when i scroll through instagram, all the instagram models wear the same brands because they're copying kendall, gigi, stella maxwell etc. so actually louis' on trend rn but his haters will always find something to criticise -.-


You are correct, Anon. He is very much on trend. Someone did a comparison post of the pieces Kendall and Louis were wearing and they’re the same ones in different colours. Our boy is on point!

Concern over an OC

So I am kinda concern of posting an OC because I feel people are gonna accuse me of copying from another franchise even though I created said character a year to that franchise existence.

The character’s name is Darya Drii'Crona, a salt-and-pepper haired military engineer who fixes up power armor and uses experimental heavy weapons that she created. The one I am concerned about is Aleksandra “Zarya” Zaryanova from Overwatch, a Russian soldier and Omnic hater… even though you can put her on a team with Bastion and Zenyatta and she is completely fine with that. I made Darya back in April of 2014, and Zarya’s (which sounds like Darya and Zander’s couple name, ask @fuukonomiko) was made in a year later. I’m concerned with Overwatch’s hype that me posting her would land me in hot water.

Reblog and comment what you think.

xtaticpearl said: Wait wait wait, you got a new fic out? oh my gosh I have you on my subscriber list and I didn’t get any notif! I wanna read!! I always wait for your fics and I ALWAYS love them!! Chuck the hater out, honestly, cause you’re a brilliant writer.

I just reposted a Tumblr fic over at Ao3, so nothing exciting. :) and I mean, if I did it wrong, fair game, let me know and I’ll fix it, but when you’re excited about a comment and it’s just someone condescending at you… *sigh*

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ANYONE find it hilarious how onision tried to rip this blog by saying we have no life because we are haters and just want Andy? Yet he is the one who is obsessed with Andy and his YouTube channel hates on a lot of people??? You can tell he licks Andy's and his dad's ass because he sometimes says offensive things to them and tries to cover it by 'omg I love ur son and fuck his haters'. Onision check yourself before you check us when there is evidence of Juliet beating her husband x

^^^^ -N

  • <p> <b>0licity fandom:</b> I am tired of the rude comments about my fandom!!<p/><b>LLDS&KCDS:</b> What are you talking about, we called out the haters, @ing Katie in their hate for her and the character she portrays - they all just happened to be in your fandom.<p/></p>

That’s great for you @olicity4life !

My post LITERALLY ended with “if you’re a part of the fandom and don’t call them out you’re just as bad”. If you are silent in the face of hate, you become complicit, and have chosen the side of the hater. Which means I literally stipulated myself that this does not apply to all.

My post also began with “oliciters” not “all oliciters” because these people are acting this way because of their ship, which makes their fandom worth specifying, especially considering the fact these people in particular tend to be cliquey and met one another through the shipping community.

Also, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t try to derail my post and deflect on to an entirely unrelated topic. Don’t make this about innane ship wars. This isn’t about ships, this is about a real woman being given basic human decency.

I don’t ship Lauriver, so have no idea what the fandom is like, though I have no doubt there are bad apples, the same with anything. But since I didn’t mention the ship at all because that wasn’t the point of the post, I clearly wasn’t trying to make out they were anything. I never mentioned it at all in fact, so whatever supposed thoughts I have on it, you’ve simply conjured up yourself in some effort to fit your own narrative.

I also find it interesting that you didn’t reblog this and acknowledge this toxic behaviour, when you were clearly handed an opportunity to practise what you preach and confirm youre not all the same by defending KC when she needs it. I have personally called out hate against Emily myself when I’ve seen it. It’s a shame you couldn’t extent the same courtesy. But instead your only response was “NOT ALL!!!!!!!!” when I literally never said anything to the contrary in the first place.

So, don’t put words in people’s mouths, don’t make assumptions, and if you’re not all the same, which I never said you were, perhaps a few of you should make a little more effort to do something about it. You very easily could’ve reblogged this with a simple “no one deserves this”, or even scrolled straight past and minded your own business. But you instead tried to turn the tables and play the victim. I think you should take some time to reflect on the things you say and how they can be interpreted, and perhaps I should too, and be more concise in how I word things.

In any case, don’t respond to my posts if you have nothing relevant to add, thank you. Have a great day.

“Devastatingly Handsome Friend”

“You’re my family”

“I love you”

“I love all of you”

“We’re fighting for you Cas”

“We’re family, and we don’t leave family behind”

“Let’s go home”

“I almost lost one of my boys”.

Me @ Cas Haters right now:

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