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Rock the Cradle of Love

@iamthemaskhewears I hope this is what you wanted, I loved writing this one because it pushed my boundries and made me better as a writer. Thanks Sweetie!!

Warnings: Age difference, Dean being an idijit, Sweetness, Extreme Fluff, little bit of angst, dorkiness is the name of the game

Dean and Reader

Word Count 1426

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         Dean Winchester was an amazing man, under his tough exterior he was a teddy bear. Our last hunt was a doozy to say the least, the demon we were hunting was a higher up demon, one of Abbadon’s followers still trying to go after Crowley. I agreed to stay at the hotel while they went to chase it down. I was always better with research than actual fighting, in some ways I was smarter than Sam.

         Dean had text me, letting me know that they were on their way back, I had met the Winchesters early on in your new lifestyle. Dean and I have been together almost one year, at first Dean didn’t want to be with me because of age difference. I was 26 and he was 38, you understood, but your mother always taught you that age was just a number.

         Now almost a year later, you were both happy, and taking care of one another. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard the door open to see both boys come in, a little roughed up, but good. “Hey babe” He didn’t even pay you any attention, what did I do wrong?

         I got up to hug him, but he just rushed back out saying he was going to get some beer and pizza. ‘Something is definitely off’ I thought to yourself wondering what you could’ve done to make him upset. “He’s not mad at you, the demon really got under his skin about the two of you and the age difference” “I can’t keep fighting him because he’s not happy about the age, maybe I shouldn’t be here anymore”

         Sam sighed and shook his head, “No you can’t leave, you need each other” I was about to argue when Dean had come back in with pizza and a six pack. He sat on the couch, as far away from you as possible, I shook your head and sighed. “I’m going for a walk” With a sigh I grabbed my hoodie and went out into the cold winter air. I walked around the parking lot getting out your tears before you went back in.

         I then decided to head back into the room, I opened the door and walked in. I didn’t say anything except change into my pjs and crawled in to just forget the day.

         Over the next week, Dean stayed away from me as much as possible and having a midlife crisis, he did everything to make himself look younger. You shook your head at the stupidity in his choices. I decided to go away for a couple days, however you haven’t driven in so long and your car wasn’t running anymore. You wish you could take the impala, however you really didn’t want Dean to know you wanted to take off.

         I decided to move your things into a spare room, you couldn’t take his attitude anymore. Dean hadn’t noticed me gone at first, as he started to figure out what was wrong until he started to notice your things were no longer in your shared bedroom.

         I grabbed the keys to baby and decided to try to drive, Dean wouldn’t be happy but you really needed to go to the grocery store. I grabbed the keys not seeing the boys anywhere, I got out in the garage and got into baby. I was completely lost right away, I loved classic cars but never got taught how to drive them.

         Right then you heard a knock on the window and turned to see Dean standing at the passenger door. I shook your head, not wanting him to get in. Well, he got in anyway, “Where are you going?” I couldn’t argue, so I got back out not wanting to deal with an argument right now.

         “Come on y/n, what’s going on?” I scoffed at his idiocy, “Really Dean? You’re the one ignoring me! You won’t talk, or touch or even look over at me! How am I supposed to feel??” I was crying now, I was tired and worst of all I had a secret that could chase Dean away forever. I walked back to the garage door to back into the bunker.

         I felt a hand grab my arm and spin me around, “I’m so sorry! I should have never done that ok? I let that demon in my head and just couldn’t just figure why an angel like you is with someone like me” I scoffed and shook my head “Dean how many times do I must tell you?? I love you! I don’t care about age, and you deserve to have love just as much as anyone else! I’m done having this argument.”

         He pulled you to him and just held you as you sobbed into his chest, “May I ask why you were leaving?” “I needed to pick up a couple things” “For today I will take you, then tomorrow I will teach you how to drive baby ok?” “Yeah that works” He leaned in and kissed you, I was so angry but that all dissipated when I felt his lips on mine.

         We pulled up to the local grocery store, telling Dean you would be with him in a moment. You went down the Women’s aisle and found two different brands of pregnancy tests, I hid them in my basket hoping Dean wouldn’t notice. After that I went to frozen foods and picked up some ice cream, frozen veggies, and frozen pies. You met Dean up front and paid for your items.

         He went to call Sam asking if anything sounded good to bring home, you then handed her the tests and paid quickly for the items. Before you knew it, you were on your way back to the bunker. “Is there something you want to tell me?” “Not that I know of” “Why did you buy two tests then?” My eyes widened and started tearing up. “You’ve been so distant lately and I just had to be sure before I made a decision” I felt the car pull to the side of the road and Dean got out. I got out and looked at him and immediately felt bad because of the tears rolling down his face.

         I cupped his face and wiped the tears off his face, “I’m so sorry sweetheart, if I had known this I wouldn’t have been an ass” I started shivering in the winter air. “It’s okay Dean, the minute you kissed me you were forgiven” With that I kissed him again and got back into the car because I was beyond cold.

         He got back in the car and we headed back home to get things taken care of. We pulled into the bunker garage and Dean started showing me different levers and what did what. I was on purposely messing up to just get him flustered. He figured out what I was doing, and gave me a look to just run. I squeaked and tried to get out but he was too fast, he pulled me against him, tickling me, I was laughing so hard that I had tears running down my face.

         We finally decided to get out and make dinner, and to also find out if we were going to be parents or not.

Dean POV

         After we ate together, she went and got her things to put back in our room. I still feel like shit that I made her feel that way. “I’m going to take the tests and then we’ll find out” she had a nervous look on her face, I however went over and kissed her. “Whatever it comes out, I will be here always. She left the room and went to the bathroom, while I went to the desk in the room and pulled out the ring I bought.

         It was a promise ring, I wish we could get married, but since legally we are deceased, I figured this was better. After about ten minutes she came back in with tears in her eyes, she nodded. I have never been so happy in my life. I got down on one knee and promised to always love her with everything I had. She laughed and said yes immediately, “So you want to keep teaching me how to drive baby?” “Only if you behave and listen”

         She started laughing hard and shrugged her shoulders. “Oh, that’s how it’s going to be!” She giggled and bolted out the door as I chased after that. Life couldn’t be any better…

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