this idea made me laugh so i had to make it

Viktor 's heart shaped mouth

So we all know that Viktor has a heart shaped smile and such right? Ok but this made me laugh and scream at the same time. My brother-in-law is Russian and everyone in his family has a heart shaped mouth when they smile,just like Viktor. Like,literally every Russian I’ve met after has had either a very heart shaped mouth or close to heart shaped mouth and just seeing YOI and Viktor ’s heart shaped smile makes me giggle and gives me an idea of what a real life Viktor would really look like (for drawing purposes of course). Just thought that was an interesting tidbit I’ve noticed.

What Yeen Means to Me

Human here, I won’t take much of your time and this is gonna be a lil sentimental so scroll down if you don’t wanna see that on your dash.

Yeen has meant a lot of things to me. Originally he was the pinnacle of my personality in D&D character making, he was the most Me character I’ve ever made.

When I decided he should helm my mtg tumblr, I had no idea people would love him so quickly. I went from around 200 to 900 followers in days, it was crazy and made me super happy that so many people found laughs and good feelings in his posts.

Through some rough times he really became my self esteem and motivation. I felt like trash a lot, but how much you all loved him made me feel like worthy trash, trash with a higher purpose. You all gave me confidence in myself when nothing else in my life was good. I had some really bad days you all turned around rull quick, and I am so grateful for that. One of my more fond memories of being in the mtg community was Flavoracle peddling the invention Painter’s Servant, I’ve always hoped I’d come across that card just for the memories.

Yeen has also helped me continue to bring people together in the mtg community. That’s something I’ve always done among friends, but things like the Pup n Bugle discord chat make me so happy. I wish work allowed me to jump on more often but I love that people are consistently talking about stuff on that thread, I don’t even care what but that even more jumped on makes me even happier.

Lastly, something Yeen has helped me discover is I both am and am not my father. This is something I have grappled with for, well, since middle school really. He can be rude and mean and I wanted to distance myself from that as much as possible. Yeen is crass, obnoxious, in many ways I am like my father, that is inescapable. But Yeen has a lot of heart, something I didn’t plan but you all have drawn from him. Yeen helped realize in myself I have become my own man for the better (this is different from when I had a finger up my butt and realized I was an adult if you want to know that story message me).

I’m nearing 2,000 followers, something I think is incredible. Im not sure what I’ll do for that but I’ll probably just improvise something and bite off something more than Yeen can chew.

I don’t think a thank you is quite right, I don’t want to thank you for following me. That’s voluntary. You aren’t doing me a service, you follow me because you enjoy all of this. Instead, I’m glad.

I’m glad you all find some light or enjoyment from Yeen. I’m glad you have come together more as a community. I’m glad for your words, and for everything we have all shared. I’m glad for this happy accident of a gnoll who wandered his way from the D&D world into MTG and made friends.

So here’s to nearly 2,000 friends.

Fixing It (Jughead x Reader -Part 1)

REQUEST: Hey, could you please do an imagine were Jughead and the reader get in a really bad fight and they stop talking to each other for a few days and it really affects them? Thank you :) I really love your writing so far btw. <3

Word Count: 1525

WARNINGS: Fight, Swear Word, low key spoiler of you haven’t seen the latest episodes.

A/N: So I’m thinking of making this into a three part story. What do you guys think? Don’t be scared to sent me requests either, I would love to hear your brilliant ideas!

It had been weeks since you had had a proper date with your boyfriend, Jughead Jones, but you had finally made him take a break from his novel and the Blue and Gold to take you to Pop’s but he hadn’t showed up. You sat there and watched the people stream in, couples holding hands, siblings and their parents laughing while deciding what to eat, friends chatting at the retro booths and then you, alone with your milkshake that you had gotten to share with Jughead which was too big for just you. You sighed and slid out of the booth, waved goodbye to a tired looking Mrs Lodge and made your way back to your house. The cold air hitting your bones, making you shiver. You hunched your shoulders and bowed your head against the cold and wind.

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I miss you

“I miss you,” I said.
Dan laughed, a sound I almost couldn’t bear for the need it gave me to hug him or kiss him or hold him in some way. “I miss you too! Lots and lots.” He pulled a puppy dog face and I physically felt my heart melt inside my chest. “But I’ll be home soon! It’s only another week. I’m sorry it’s taking so long, but we had to stay long enough to meet with the publishers of our photo book, and there isn’t another plane with available seats.”
This made more sense, and the chronic worry id been struggling to suppress dissipated a little. It was so, so easy to slip into the idea that dan didn’t care about me and I would never be good enough for him, not because he ever showed it in any way, but simply because of the ridiculous number of people who wanted to fuck him. Not even the Queen bee of my high school had been that sexually desired.
“Are you okay (y/n)? Look I’m really sorry, I didn’t think it would matter to you so much, I-”
Oh shit, I pissed him off. He’s going to think I’m being too clingy. “No I’m sorry, you needed to get it done, I understand, I’m not being reasonable.” I sounded too clunky and inexperienced to my own ears. I didn’t know how to express myself properly. I was messing everything up, left right and centre. I-
“No that wasn’t I meant! Oh (y/n), of course it wasn’t. I just meant that I hadn’t realised I.. I mean..”
Phil interrupted, sticking his head into view of Dan’s Web cam. “He means he didn’t expect to matter that much to you because he’s a self-deprecating little shit. Isn’t that right dan?”
Dan became covered in confusion and began many sentences, none of which he finished.
“You swore, phil!” I exclaimed, hiding a smile. “Since when??”
“Yeah, what’s happening to the world?” He grinned. “I dunno, I’m finding it weirdly liberating. Maybe I’ll swear more often. Did dan ever tell you about how we nearly didn’t get to Australia, by the way?”
“Anyway,” Dan said hastily. “I just needed to tell you we’ll be back in a week, so-”
“And he nearly blinded himself!!” Phil called, no longer in view.
“I’ll catch you later!” Dan said, and abruptly slammed his laptop shut.
I grinned to myself. None of that would be anything serious, otherwise dan would have told me and phil wouldn’t have joked about it, but I was intrigued.

                               *  *  *
“Cheese,” I muttered to myself. “Don’t tell me we’re out of cheese.”
When I was by myself, I always managed to slip into the habit of talking to myself, which amused dan immensely whenever he caught me doing it. It also amused him that I liked to make pizzas from scratch, not because I was afraid of the calories in a pizza, but just because I enjoyed it. He said it defeated the point of pizzas.

I was standing in the middle of the kitchen with all the cupboard doors open, woefully clutching the sugar tongs and lamenting the lack of cheese when the doorbell rang. My curiosity was limited, given that my mind was otherwise occupied, and I almost tripped over Dan’s shoes lying in the hallway, and clattered haphazardly down the stairs, wondering if I should bother going to the shop on a cheese quest or if I should just give up and order Domino’s.

All these thoughts screeched abruptly to a halt like a succession of cars pulling emergency stops to avoid a dog on a motorway when I opened the door.

“Hey,” he said, smile a little uncertain and vulnerable, and the idea that he could still be uncertain now, after all this time, splintered my heart a little bit.
“Fuck,” I said.
“May I come in?” He asked, with a mixture of sarcasm and vulnerability that made my knees a little weak, and, not trusting myself to speak again, I pulled him to me by the front of his sweatshirt and kissed him. He shuddered, his case falling from his grasp and his hands winding into my hair, trembling fingers and a wondering gaze and lips so hot against mine. His hair was warm and soft and I couldn’t bear it, everything so much as I had longed for that for a moment I couldn’t stand it.
“Are you okay?” He murmured, turning his face into my neck.
“No,” I answered, pulling him into the apartment. He made a small noise of protest and reached back to retrieve his case, and then the door closed on the street and his eyes were huge and brown and beautiful in the sudden comparitive darkness, and his hair was ruffled and curly and soft and his lips were slightly parted and he was staring at me without the slightest awareness that he was. I felt suddenly uncomfortably conscious of my appearance, and the knowledge that I wasn’t wearing any makeup and was wearing his huge university hoodie, and I couldn’t remember if I’d brushed my hair or if I’d washed it this morning, or the last time I’d slept properly.
“I’m making pizza,” I breathed.
“Are you,” he murmured. I felt the air move when he spoke, his face closer to mine, pale and exhausted but beautiful, and I suddenly remembered that we weren’t in an angsty teen novel, we were adults, and I could do whatever the hell I wanted.
“Don’t leave again.”
“I’m not sure if I could.” His hand came up and cupped my chin, his thumb brushing my cheek gently, and I struggled to meet his gaze but persevered, my jaw setting, and he laughed at that, at our ridiculousness and inadequacy, and I threw him up against the wall and kissed him again. He hit the wall hard, jolting a hiss of surprise from his lips, and I dug my nails into the small of his back, rucking up his sweatshirt and feeling his sharp intake of breath when the cool air of the hallway hit his bare stomach. He lifted me up and I wound my legs around his waist, clinging to his back as he carried me up the stairs, my chin jarring once against his shoulder.

“I was making pizza,” I informed him again, more as a matter of general interest than with the expectation of it having any effect, as he threw me bodily onto his bed and collapsed on top of me, pulling the covers over us.
“Mmmm.” He kissed my neck, soft hair tickling. I slid my hands into it again with a sigh. Our legs tangled warm in the sea of cold, crisp sheets, and he pulled the duvet up over his head like a tent and looked up at me, wide adorable eyes and tousled hair and a sexy half smile that turned my insides to syrup.
“I love you,” I said.

anonymous asked:

Wow they just had a baby and you want Jared and Gen to get a divorce? That's awful! Why would either of the Js lie about it or get on a relationship and so that to their kids? What do you expect to happen exactly? And have you thought about two families instead of you shipping two people and using conspiracy theories. J2 ate good men and especially would not put kids in that situation and wanting a marriage to fail is horrible.

OH MY GOD!!! my first het!!! i’m so happy!!! i don’t know what to do i didn’t think it would happen!! i honestly feel so honored that you wasted your time to try and put me back on the “right” track or make me feel ashamed or something lmao

no but first of all i wanna thank you for not insulting me, really, i appreciate that

and second of all you have no idea how much you made me laugh so thank you! honnestly you just put a big smile on my face because you have no idea what you’re talking about it’s incredible! you have no clue whatsoever holy shit 

i could try to explain to you how i became a tinhat but it’d probably be like talking to a brick wall so i’ll link speak the truth (come on, give it a shot, maybe it’ll open your eyes a little) 

so anyway, i guess i’ll answer your questions now

“Wow they just had a baby and you want Jared and Gen to get a divorce?”

YES that’s EXACTLY what i want! don’t worry about the kids, it’ll be better for them if their parents stop pretending they’re in love and stop using them like shields against gay rumors, and i can guarantee you that jared never wanted to marry gen in the first place

“ Why would either of the Js lie about it or get on a relationship and so that to their kids?”

ok so you may wanna sit down for this one… it’s really sad but the society we live in is homophobic and so, gay people don’t say they are gay because they’re scared it will make them be treated differently than straight people that’s why they lie and will go as far as pretending to be in a fake relationship to prove they are straight. it is what jared and jensen did to be sure to have as many opportunites as other young actors and still do because if they say they’re gay spn will be immediately over and now they’re too deep in their lies to come out, and they’re in their 30s now so it’s normal they have kids even if they’re in the closet and have to lie to them too, let them live god damn it

“What do you expect to happen exactly?”

well i hope that jared will divorce soon to make it easier for his mental health since being in the closet really affects him and then some time after spn ends and after jensen divorces danneel i hope that jared and jensen come out to live like any other couple. that’s what i think could happen

“And have you thought about two families instead of you shipping two people and using conspiracy theories.”

well yeah but knowing what i know:

“J2 ate good men”

holy shit for real? did you call the police? no cos lying to people i can understand but eating good men? that’s just going way too far

“ would not put kids in that situation”

and yet that’s what they do buddy, i really don’t like that either but it’s them you have to blame, not me

“ wanting a marriage to fail is horrible”

im sorry what was that? i can’t hear you over the sound of jensen telling everyone that jared and gen’s wedding is fake as fuck

have a good day and thanks for the laugh!

You’re my favorite song

Prompt: This by Ed Sheeran? Or lucky by Jason Mraz? For the song imagines?

A/N: I love those songs, and I couldn’t decide for one, so I made a mashup, sort of. Send requests, I hope you like this one. Sorry for the crappy title. 

Warnings: fluff.


I’m not a funny girl, I just say stuff. On the other hand, I’m quite clumsy and very spontaneous. Those abilities were part of the decision of giving me a radio show. I had worked hard for it, I loved the idea of being part of the laughs in the middle of the rush hour. I liked make people happy.

“Hey, babe, how’s it going?” Chris asked. I smiled. This man made my clumsiness and fan girl goes from zero to one thousand. He was just getting home after a long, long press tour. Well, it was two weeks that felt like forever.

“I’m still at work. Missing you. And also about to go crazy because today’s guest decided to cancel” I sighed. I heard his amusing laugh.

“Hey, it’s not funny! I have thirty minutes or less to get someone in the show. I should actually hang up. I’ll see you in a bit, because I’m going to lose my job, yay! Love you”

“You’re crazy, woman. I love you too”. After that, I started to scroll on my contacts list. Shit. I was so screwed.

“Y/n? We have someone, he’s going to be here soon” my producer told, I sighed.

“That’s good! Who am I going to introduce?” he smiled.

“Chris Evans”


“You set me up!” I told him when I saw him walking on the studio. He didn’t pay attention to my complaining. He grabbed me and kissed me. it was one of those kissed. Where your jead goes backward, his hands around my waist. He smiled against my lips. Yep. It was one of those kiss that takes you back to life.

“I missed you so much, I wanted to see you as soon as possible. Can you blame a man that it’s so in love?” I smiled and put my arms around his neck. I was so hypnotized by him.

“Of course not” he leaned and almost touch my lips.

“On air in one minute” I heard someone. He kissed my forehead and grabbed my hand. This was going to be interesting.


“And that was the amazing Adele, I’m such a fan. But you already knew that since I play in every block. Also, there’s someone that knows that, our today’s guest, the one and only, just like Adele’s song, Chris Evans. Welcome, captain” I said. He laughed.

“Thank you for having me and I do. I know that. God” he sighed “I know that” he repeated and we both laughed.

“Hello, everyone, this is y/n in the company of Chris Evans who turns out to have another blockbuster” I added and the phones started to ring like crazy.

“It’s not a big deal. But it’s a great movie. You should go to watch it”

“Oh, I’d love to, but my boyfriend’s never here, can you believe that? I can’t go to the movies without him”

“Bastard!” he replied.

“Alright, Chris, let’s take a call. Hello, this is y/n and Chris Evans”

“Oh my God, you’re like the cutest couple ever, you’re relationship goals forever” a girl said almost too fast. Was she even breathing?

“Well, have you seen her? She’s got the cutest on her own, I just smile” Chris spoke. I felt an “aww” running through my body.

“I agree. What’s your name, doll?”


“Hello, Sara” we both said.

“Oh, my God. I can’t believe this” she started again and Chris laughed.

“To make it more believable, ask anything you’d like to know” I added. I admired Chris, even when he was sitting a bit away from me, he was in the right spot to be looked at. He was wearing his Boston cap, old jeans and grown beard.

“How did you realize you were in love with her, Chris?” I wide-opened my eyes.

“Yeah, Chris? How did you?” I cheered and put my elbow in the table and used my hand as support for my face.

“That’s easy. She was making pancakes. I remember that day. I got straight to her home after a while of being away. We never missed communication. We always talked on the phone and in one conversation, I told her that I wanted to bad pancakes. So, when I got to her place. She’d invited me for dinner. And that was our dinner. I loved how she was dancing while cooking. I felt like I could watch that forever, you know? And knowing that she’d take care of me through the smallest details was just wonderful” I was looking at him while I held my breath. I remembered that moment. We were friends back then. He was just getting started with the whole Captain America phenomenon.

“Oh, my God! That’s like the sweetest story ever, guys, congratulations”

“Thank you!” we spoke at the same time.

“Alright, I bet you still have a lot of questions, but let’s move to the music. Here’s Ed Sheeran with his newest hit, we’ll be back, don’t move!” the on air sign turned off. I sighed. I stood up just to kiss Chris. I heard a bunch of awwws and I smiled against his lips.

“I didn’t know”

“That’s how I remember you when I’m away”

“That happened when we were best friends” I added. He smiled.

“I know, it’s funny, huh? I guess I realized how happy and lucky I was to have you in my life even when I was overseas, but I confirmed it that very moment” I kissed him and got back to my place when I saw the signs of my producer.

“And we’re back as I promised. Here’s Chris Evans as my secretary, so make your calls, let’s see who’s on the line, hello?” I spoke fast.

“Hello, this is Anna”

“Hey, Anna? How are you?” Chris asked.

“Great, I can’t believe I’m talking to you!”

“Well, you are!” he laughed and settled on his chair. His hand ran through his beard. He was playing with a bottle of water.

“But, the question is for y/n” I threw my hands in the air.

“Ha! In your face, Evans. Shoot, Anna” I laughed while I looked at Chris.

“What is like being in love with Chris Evans?” I thought my answer.

“Well, it’s very easy. Before getting into this relationship, we had a friendship, so we already knew all the crap that makes relationships fall apart. And he is different from most men I know. I realized that this is what actually feels like falling in love. He has shown me when someone cares, that love it’s not only about making sacrifices. It’s taking risks together, growing together, and being silly together. He’s easy to love. And come on! Have you seen him?” I laughed.

“Anna?” he questioned. “I’m going to kiss my girlfriend, because I love how corny she is and how red her cheeks are turning” now, he stood up and kissed.

“You’re so sweet!” she screamed.

“Thank you, hope you call soon, honey!” I added. God. This was so crazy. But I knew something for sure. He was my mate. My better half.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing, I just love you” I said “and I just said that on air. Let’s go to commercials, we’ll be back with the newest, coolest, Adelest hits.”

“I love you too!” Chris screamed before we were off air.

I just made myself sad

Why is it that whenever I browse through the yuri on ice tag i always get ideas for an au.

Anways the au i’m thinking of is an Ano Hana AU. If you don’t know the anime, lucky you. This anime will make you cry like a little bitch. Hell i keep putting off the movie because i don’t wanna cry again.

I dunno how to explain this au properly so i shall post a short summary:

It has been years since the last time Victor Nikiforov danced on ice. It’s been years since he heard his laugh, seen his smile and heard the music he made with his body.

As much as his friends and family urged him to move on, he did not want to. What he had with Yuuri can never be replaced. And it was hard to move on when the object of his affection decided to haunt him.

“Come on Victor, won’t you skate for me?”

In which Yuuri Katsuki died of a tragic skating accident after winning the Grand Prix and Victor is terrified of the ice because he’ll remember what happened. Yuuris ghost decided to haunt his ass because Victor was born to skate and dance and be one with the ice. ALSO very supportive yurio and other skaters.

I think the Ryden friendship ending hurts me more than a Ryden relationship ending. Broken friendships have always hurt me more than broken relationships and that friendship they had was so beautiful. The way they smiled at each other, made each other laugh. They were like those friends who spoke without words, the ones that always made you feel like a third wheel because no matter what you were never on the same page as them. I feel like we pine so hard to understand their friendship but never will because so much of it was shared looks and smirks that we’ll NEVER get. Platonic or not, the idea of that being over makes me so sad. I don’t need a Ryden love rekindle, I just need a Ryden friendship rekindle.

UGHHH like imagine them seeing each other at that Halloween party and someone says something that reminds them of a joke they shared years ago and they make eye contact, grinning, after years and years and for a second they’re on the same page but then their smiles falter because oh yeah, they don’t share jokes like that anymore. That’s all in the past now. And it’s not a big deal anymore like god that makes me so sad.

Like maybe that stuff doesn’t even cross their minds anymore but that lost friendship breaks my heart. All lost friendships break my heart.

I'm sad

So Sourcefed and Sourcefed Nerd are ending and that makes me sad as even a child I subscribed to the channel from the beginning and I had no idea what this was going to be. As the years went on I watched as people left and others joined and made fucking great content as they did.

So if anyone from Sourcefed finds this by chance I just want to say

Thank You.

Thank you for making me laugh and cry I loved watching you guys everyday

You mean everything to me, picture this: Everyone has their thing that they need; they can’t live without it. For some it’s a pillow, others a type of food. But for me, it’s you.
Nothing else makes me happier knowing that you’re there with me. You make me happy, you mean so much to me and I just want you to know that. If you had any idea how much I love you and how much you mean to me, you would be dumbfounded to be totally honest. You’re my everything.
I want everyday to not be the same for you, but something you'll cherish and remember for the rest of your life. You look back and smile on our memories, laugh at my old jokes. Remember how each hug, I tried my hardest to be warm for you, so you wouldn’t have to be so cold. How every single kiss you give me, made me happy. How your voice can change my mood from shitty to best day of the world. How when you just say the three words “I love you” makes my day, and makes me want to be there for you. Every single thing you do, makes me happy. I want you to know, no matter what, you’ll make me happy. Nothing you can say will change my mind. I love you, for who you are. Don’t think you can be better because you’re the best someone could possibly be. I was meant for you, you were meant for me; our lives were made to be together. Now, it’s just to fulfill our destiny together.
Just thinking about waking up beside you in bed, your eyes closed, your hair messy and your lips a little opened, waking you up with a kiss, and then going to make some bomb-ass breakfast together with little hugs here and there and then eating breakfast while staring at you. Then getting ready while playing around with you, pulling you into a kiss while you’re half dressed because I just couldn’t wait for you to finish getting dressed, buying groceries together for a family dinner, apartment searching in a different state or country, slow dancing in the living room , kissing each other before leaving for work and saying “one last hug” five times before actually having to go, saying “I love you ” every minute just to make sure you won’t ever forget. I want all that and so much more, but I only want it with you.


i love you so much, B.



Sorry for the random text post just I’m currently freaking the fuck out cuz I was too stupid to realize it when I played the game. But I just noticed in chapter 10 Ardyn is actually Prompto when you’re chasing him and he says, “dude are you seriously trying to kill me?” That part made me laugh way too hard I just thought Ardyn was being funny like I had NO IDEA it was PROMPTO THE WHOLE ENTIRE FUCKING TIME. Now watching people do a play through of this part it makes so much sense. Apparently I didn’t pay much attention to the dialogue but its so obvious now when Ardyn said that and then, “Noct, you’re scaring me.” And “Dude chill out” “Do you really mean that?” Now I feel so bad for attacking him on the train 😂😂😂i honestly only thought the illusion was used to make him push Prompto off the train I had no idea he was having Noctis attack Prompto the whole train scene that is literal brilliance. Just brilliant with the voice actors practicing how to act like the other character and just what a fucking brilliant chapter and amazing scene. Wow. Just mind blown AF.

okay but like

so at RTX, i was cosplaying Carolina and I had a tiny Epsilon prop i had on my shoulder. it was a painted Masterchief action figure, attached to a clear structure-thing i created to make it look like he was floating there, and attached to my sports bra.

so the contraption i made worked pretty well, but sometimes it would lean over and i’d need to fix it. also, the action figure’s joints weren’t that great, so Epsilon would occasionally bend over into what looked like a twerking position, and i’d have to get him to stand straight again. i had to superglue his butt in place at one point.

so whenever i’d have to fix Epsilon, i’d make the joke that “Epsilon was failing.” oH HOW I REGRET SAYING THAT NOW.

you have no idea how many cast members and writers i said this to. Lindsay, Jen Brown, the animation team (they laughed), Josh.

Miles. and Burnie. i don’t know if Miles heard me because it was after the rvb panel and it was hectic. but.

Burnie saw my cosplay and came up to me and said “great cosplay!” in the hallway at the hotel. I asked him for a picture, and noticed epsilon was leaning down. “Hold on, Epsilon is failing.”


🏮My Thoughts on Day of the Departed!🏮

(MEGA SPOILERS AHEAD! I have no idea how to make a “read more” cut, so scroll at your own risk!)

~ Pythor’s kleptomaniac tendencies made me laugh to no end! “Look, a knife!” *takes it just for kicks*

~ Nya seems to get more relatable to me with every episode. One of the first things she said was that the Day of the Departed “wouldn’t be complete without lanterns!” Well I had went out and got a new color cartridge for my printer just so I could make a few lanterns! Guess the feeling was mutual on that one.

~ The montage of lantern releases with Wu’s speech almost made me cry. It made me want to jump across the room and give my mom a hug!

~ Wu: *rises cup of Remembrance Tea to the FSM* Me: *toasts my cup of tea towards the TV while fighting back tears*

~ Morro’s noises as he was being revived though….. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

~ Glad they didn’t have the Overlord statue built! Shudder to think what THAT would have caused.

~ Was anyone else getting “Rise of the Guardians” vibes from the scene where everyone just walks right through Cole at the museum?

~ I agree with the sentiments that the whole thing felt slightly rushed, still amazing though.

~ Is it me, or was there less epic battle music than there should have been? Seemed like a lot of the fight scenes were quieter than usual.

~ Chen and his love affair with that ridiculous chair never fails to get a laugh from me!

~ I was a little shocked that Morro didn’t go after Lloyd, but then I remembered the character development he had at the end S5.

~ Speaking of Morro, I felt a bit ripped off at how little screen time he had!

~ Love that Nya dealt the killing blow to Chen, nothing like water-jetting a missile into a mech to finish someone off!

~ Can’t believe they actually acknowledged that the Nindroids are technically Zane’s siblings! Wonder if they’ll go any farther with this…..

~ Really wish they brought Garmadon back for the night. To have seen his ghost fight alongside his son one last time would have been amazing!

~ On the Yin Blade: the yin-yang symbol is all about balance right? As Sensei Yang was testing the immortality spell, he was only using things that were dead, which the blade restores to life. With the theme of balance in mind, it only makes sense that the spell would kill something that’s alive, because it gives the opposite and equal effect of the state whatever the thing it’s being cast on is in!

~ Which student was Chuck, what’s their real name and where are they now?

~ Dear lord, Ronin, your plan was to just rob everyone blind on a holiday!? Dirtbag.

~ Nya: “I can’t get in closer! The winds are to strong!” Me: “Well, if Morro had stuck around instead of just going back into the beyond, this wouldn’t be a problem!”

~ That crazy orange glowy thing that Cole unleashed was too cool! Hope it has some significance in the coming season!

~ Jay is going to freak out if he ever encounters Yang now that they live in the temple!


Requested by l3the


*He sees the fan art you made for him for the first time and gets slightly overwhelmed because of how good it is*

Y/N: “Do you like it?”

KAI: “It’s amazing Jagi, I can’t believe you made this for me”


*You haven’t seen him in a few days because you have been stuck in your room trying to finish a dynamic piece of art work for his birthday, and when the day comes you bring it with you in a huge bag*

Y/N: “Happy birthday, I hope you like the present, lord knows it took me long enough to make” you laugh

*Stares in amazement, he knew you loved art but he had no idea just how good you really were*

SH: “This is amazing y/n, thank you, but you didn’t have to go to so much trouble”

*He is secretly glad that you did though*


*He is currently around your house sitting on your bed observing your room as you make some drinks in the kitchen,when he sees a painting hidden in the corner by the clothes drawer and he pulls it out to see a fan art of himself and stands in shock*

Y/N: “Oh I see you found it… do you like it I made it a long time ago”

SUHO: “I didn’t know you were this good at art Jagi, it’s incredible”

*Stuck with a smile on his face for the rest of the day*


Y/N: “Hey I have something I want to show you”

*You head to your room and come back with a painting of Chanyeol that you had finished last night*

CY: “Wow, did you make this Jagi?”

Y/N: “Yeah, I didn’t know what to base my next piece of art on, so I decided who would be better to do than you?”

CY: “Your an amazing artist, this should be your job, I’m going to hang this on my wall”


*You two are quite early on in your relationship, but Baekhyun knew how passionate you were about art, but he had yet to see any of your work until he found your scrapbook that was covered in pencil, paint and materials with a huge canvas half stuck inside it, which he pulled out as you walked in the room*

BH: “Heyyy, you never told me that you were THIS good at art, it’s not good to keep secrets jagi!”

Y/N: “Well, I wasn’t sure if I was going to show you that, but now you’ve seen it what do you think?”

BH: “It’s fantastic, honestly I don’t think it could actually get any better”


*As you show him the fan art you had made for him a smile creeps onto his face, not only because he thinks your incredibly talented but because he realises how much you mean to him, and he really appreciates you efforts*

D.O:  “I honestly love it Jagi”


*He takes a hold of the art you made for him and heads straight to his bedroom without giving a hint on whether or not he liked it or not*

Y/N: “So do you like it.. it’s fine if you don’t, I know it’s not my best bu….”

CHEN: “Of course I do, why else would I be hanging on my wall, thank you Jagi, I love it, and I love you”


*You show him the fan art you made and hope that he likes it because it took you a long time to complete*

Y/N: “So… what do you think?”

TAO: “Well firstly I think that I am the perfect person to draw, and secondly I think that if anyone could draw me perfectly it would be you” he grinned

(We don’t need to ask why he is the perfect person to draw because look at him, no he is not my bias I swear)


“You really made this for me?, it’s amazing baobei, thank you so much”

Y/N: “It was really fun to make actually, I thought I would try out something new so I’m glad it worked”

L: “Well now I know how good you are I’ll sit here and pose whilst you draw me in all my cuteness”


“Okay baobei, you have told me that your good at art so I’ll pose and you prove it, ready?”

Y/N: “Actually I have already created a little something for you”

*You show him the art and he stands there wide eyed*

Y/N: “I know it’s not what you expected, I prefer to let my creativity take over rather than draw realistically but I hope you like it”

LH: “Like it?, this is so much better than I imagined, thank you baobei”


*He sees the painting in the corner of your room and the colours attract his attention so he picks it up to have a look*

KRIS: “This is amazing, you never said you were this good of an artist, looks like I’ve got some competition”

Y/N: “I’m glad you like it, I expect one in return now”

KRIS: “Of course, I’ll get onto it immediately, they don’t call me Wu Fan Gogh for nothing you know”


Y/N: “Hey, I have something for you” 

*You hand him the fan art you made a long time ago before you started dating*

XM: “You made this?, I never knew you were good at art, heck this is so much better than good, it fantastic”

Y/N: “Well I made it ages ago but I thought you might like it in return for that lovely necklace you bought me the other day”

XM: “I would love to keep it”

*Hugs you*

*None of these GIF’S are mine, credit to the owners*


If there’s one piece of advice I can give to a mathblr, or any studyblr really, it would be

 it’s okay to make a mess

I’ve had this blog for a while now and I can say at the beginning I was really excited about getting my mildliners and washi tape and being part of something. But as time went on I realised I didn’t exactly have time to make things look nice. 

And for me, the process of doing mathematics never looks nice. I cross out. My writing is terrible once I find a path to take so I don’t forget my idea. 

But really, that process is beautiful. I can look back at old workings and laugh at the time I made a sign error and got to angry that I scribbled over everything only to realise there was no sign error. Smile at that one question that look like 10 sides of paper because I couldn’t figure it out right away. 

Sure, it’s important to make your work readable. You need to know what’s actually going on in it. 

A bit of mess never hurt anyone.