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Hey Thomas! A few days ago you tweeted "Well, cluck me gently with a chainsaw," and it has been stuck in my head ever since because I have no idea--- what on earth does that mean? It's driving me nuts, pls respond.

Did you see what it was connected to?? It was connected to a picture of three hens in sweaters the same colors worn by the Heathers from the movie and musical of the same name. It was a multi-layered joke, I know, but there ya go lol

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but what if... ender-eye AU but set in GTA-verse? Ryan is shot in his eye, puts in some sort of computer, like Deadshot type of thing. but someone hacks into it or something like that and they try to somehow blackmail him into killing the Crew??? or something like that, I dunno, this idea has been stuck in my head for days and I just needed to share, sorry, bye!


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Maybe you can answer this. I don't have access to the regular webpage so I'm on the Tumblr app. Do you have links to any good writing planning websites or planning ideas? I have this idea for a book that has been stuck in my head for a couple days so I know I'm gonna take off with it but I want to plan first. Just wanted to see if you had any recommendations

Our webpage is under construction for a little while, sorry about that! You could try our Plot A Month series. The Guardian also has a series of tips from published authors. First Draft in 30 Days author Karen S. Wiesner has a lot of examples of what she uses (although her website is not that great). I’ve also been fairly impressed by Matt Bird’s The Secrets of Story recently. Good luck!

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ALYSSAAAAA PLZ PLZ PLZ WRITE A BEAUTY AND THE BEAST AU OMFG I would cry I've now seen that movie 3 times and I've been dying for a beauty and the beast au since then ALSO YES EVERMORE IS THE BEST SONG IM SCREAMIN SJWKKFKSKF im such trash for this movie ok

ahaha a while ago I had this idea to write an au for all the boys based on disney tales and I planned for yoongi to be the one for beauty and the beast so who knows ;)) maybe I’ll go back to it one day lol bUT !!! evermore is so good holy, all the songs were good but evermore has been stuck in my head lmao

Prince of the Sea - Part 1

So this might be kinda wierd, but this idea has been stuck in my head for a few days now. I don’t really know where i was going with this, so if you have any ideas let me know!

i also kinda wanna do one that is similar to Arial. Where the reader is a mermain, and Damian is the Prince. It would be different but similar! Let me know what you think!


Jason Todd has wandered outside of the safety of Atlantis. I had seen a ship, a small one, probably for fishing, but Jason had never seen a human before and he was curious. Bruce, the King of Atlantis, had forbid anyone from leaving but Jason had always been a rebel, he had always been the “wayward Prince”.

“What do we have here?!” Jason whipped around, his eyes quickly scanning the open ocean. “It looks like we have a little fish to play with, Harley!”

“Joker” Jason growled

“Hello, Princie!”

The shark flicked his fin, slowly circling the young Prince, driving him back to where the mines are. The explosives are one of the reasons why Bruce didn’t want any of the merpeople to leave Atlantis.

“Harley, Joker, I don’t want any trouble …” Jason tried.

“Too late!” Harley sang. The lionfish mermaid darts forward, almost hitting Jason with her tail. While her poisoned tail isn’t deadly to merpeople, it stings. “You came all the way out here! We just want to play! It’s been so boring since King Bruce banished us!”

“You killed almost 100 citizens of Atlantis! You’re crazy!” Jason shouted

“Oh we’ll show you crazy, Fishboy” Joker snarled, baring his sharp teeth in a grin. Jason can already tell that this isn’t going to end well.

You’re out fishing for your family. Your Papa is sick today, so it’s been left up to you to go out and get food. You cast your nets and sit back to wait. Hopefully you’ll get a glimpse of Atlantis. After King Bruce revealed to humans that merpeople were real, and that humans were getting too close to Atlantis, people had started to respects the kingdoms borders. Ships weren’t allowed within 100 feet of the Atlantian border, and merpeople weren’t allowed outside of the city, but on good days, you could just make out the glittering towers.

“Wait, what’s that?” you whisper.

Underneath you is a mine field, so you have to be careful where you cast your net. You can also see several moving figures underneath your boat, drifting through the bombs. Two shapes are corralling another one deeper into the mine field, it’s obvious that the one being corralled is trying to fight back against the other two.

“What’s going on down there?”

The red finned merman is getting dangerously close to one of the mines. You reach out and grab your harpoon, taking aim at the large circling shark. Even though it’s a huge risk, you could accidentally hit one of the Mines and kill everyone down there, but if you don’t do anything, the merman would surly die.

Suddenly the water below you shoots up. One of the bombs had just gone off. Your boat is thrown into the air and you are knocked into the water. Thankfully the bomb was one on the outskirts, so it didn’t set off any other ones, unfortunately the merman was floating listlessly and the shark was coming straight at you. You aim the harpoon and shoot, lodging it in his side. As soon as the shark and mermaid leave you start to swim toward the unconscious merman, you really hope he isn’t dead.

Surfacing with a gasp, you make sure to keep the merman under water. Swimming with one hand you manage to get back to your boat. You heave yourself into it, and reach back into the water, praying that merpeople can breathe air. Miraculously as soon as his gills come in contact with the air they close and he heaves up a lungful of water in order to breathe air.

“I don’t even know how to get you back to your people”

Leaning down you examine the burns the litter the merman’s back and fins. You have some supplies back at your house, things to help heal burns, but that means you have to take him with you.

“Wha’ happ’ned?” he mumbled, trying to push himself up,

“You hit a mine, those other two were trying to kill you. I pulled you onto my boat, but you’re really hurt. Can I take you back to my house? I have thinks there that will help with your burn”

He nods, letting out a soft whine, “It hurts”

“I’m so sorry, it’ll feel better when we get back to the shore, but I need you to keep talking to me. Tell me something about yourself. Like … what’s your name?”

The man lets out a series of clicks and chirps, “I don’ think you c’n say it”

“Yeah, no. I can’t say that. Do you want to be called anything else?” You ask, starting to paddle towards shore. It’ll take about 30 minutes to get there, but you try to hurry.

“Jason is t’e closest human name”

“Alright, Jason. My name’s Y/N. Do your fin’s have to be kept wet?”

He shakes his head weakly, “No, they produce mucus, makes it easier to swim, keeps them moist”

“Alright …”

“Hold on “

Jason lets out a low groan, stretching his body out and suddenly his scales rippled and started to fade, revealing two human legs.

“I didn’t know you could do that?!”

Jason shifts again, curling up on his uninjured side, as if he expects you to hurt him, “Not many humans do. Congrats” He shifts upright and eyes the other oar, “do you need any help rowing?”

“No! I don’t want you shifting around all that much without being treated! You could hurt yourself”

He nods, “You’re probably right. I think my arm’s broken”

You sigh, “Well, it’s not my fault you decided to go outside of Atlantis”

Jason flushes dark red, “I was curious. I hadn’t ever seen a human up close before, and I was never attacked any other time. I just … I just wanted to come up and say hi. You were the closest a human has ever gotten.”

“Well, you met one. And now you have to stay with one until you’re strong enough to go back”

“I would have made it back” Jason pouts and crosses his arms, “I didn’t NEED your help”

“You liar!” You laugh, “If I hadn’t grabbed you then that shark would have gotten you, and you would have died. I couldn’t just go nothing!”

“I’m glad you helped, it really would have sucked to be shark food”

You shake your head and continue to row. “Take a nap, Jason. You might not feel the pain now because you’re in shock, but by the time we get back you’ll be dried out and in pain.”

Jason nodded and curled up on top of the nets, “Thank you”

“You’re welcome, Jason”

i was tagged by @midsummervixen, @lia-is-in-love, and @justnarryaf and i’m finally doing it! thank you!

i’m not going to tag anyone because i feel like everyone i would tag has already been tagged! 

Nickname: my family calls me meg, miss meg/meggie, little miss meg/meggie, megs, megaleg, magapalloza, megatron, and mugzi. my boyfriend calls me pookie, punky, and pumpkin.
Zodiac sign: libra/scorpio. i’m born on the day it switches so sometimes my birthday is the last day of libra and sometimes it’s the first day of scorpio. both fit me well.
Height: 5′. i am small.
Last thing I googled: “blackbeard pirate anchor”
Song stuck in my head: c’mon, c’mon by one direction. i have no idea why because i think the closest i’ve come to listening to one direction in the last two months has been sign of the times.
Last movie I watched: i don’t watch a lot of movies and i can’t remember the last movie i watched from start to finish but probably one of the trailer park boys movies.
What are you wearing right now: grey leggings and my black and hot pink trash & vaudeville shirt.
What do you post: one direction. mostly niall, harry, and narry, though i do post louis and liam and even zayn.
Why did you choose your URL: it’s probably my second most used nickname after meg.
Do you have other blogs: yeah. i’ve got my main blog—@littlemissmeggieseviltwin—where i post all of my other fandom stuff, random political/feminism stuff, my odd interests, and just things that i like or want to reblog.
What did your last relationship teach you: it’s possible to just fall out of love with someone and it sometimes takes a while to realise it.   
Religious or spiritual: religious. i’m roman catholic and go to church every sunday.
Average hours of sleep: probably about seven.
Lucky number: 13. i went on a student trip to great britain when i was a kid and everyone in the group was given a number so we could do a sort of quick “attendance” before we got on our bus to leave museums and different sight-seeing spots, etc. my number was 13. it was a good trip.
Favorite characters: michael corleone, walter white, jesse pinkman, harry potter, remus lupin, dennis reynolds, special agent dale cooper. many more i’m sure i’m not thinking of at the moment.
How many blankets do you sleep with: in the summer, two. during the winter, four.
Dream job: studio and/or touring musician for a solo musician. or writing and directing music videos. or running/writing a successful music blog. 


by: cursedreveries

my pen lies there
my papers are
cold and pale
the words are stuck
ideas died, being hit by emotion truck
desperate, yet i still
wish myself good luck.

it has been days since
the last time i tried to
purge out words
from my head
but all i purge
was tears
and dark things.

i thought it was
the right time to
end the long voyage
in this sea of words
i thought it was
the right time to
stop myself from knitting sentences
to form poetry sweaters,
thinking it was futile and fruitless.

i was turned into
a walking havoc inside
with shrill screams
and thunderstorms
yelling that this is the end
“your words are plain,
 even repugnant.
 no matter how hard
 you struggle with
 all your might,
 you are fated to be minuscule.”

there lies me,
staring back blankly
to the past futile struggles
to purge out words
and to explore new realms.
i drown myself in ocean of tears
for the thousandth time.

and today,
the storms inside me
forced me to stand up,
hop on my ship
and sail on the sea of words
once again,
embracing my fate.


The First Day of School.

Davi was the man of the hour or maybe of the day for today. The way he pleasantly bounced about the home when he woke up to eat breakfast, when he went to brush his teeth, when he finally slipped out of his colorful pajamas and into clothing for the day. He was emitting high energy, delightful smiles and loud laughter all morning.

It was his first day of school and to some kids, the thought of it all could be a bit frightful but not for him. No. He refused to show any fear and though I had my doubts that he would break down in tears and cling to my short legs when it was time for him to depart finally into a classroom filled with the unknown, he didn’t.

In the car he was humming along to the music that played and tickling his younger sister as she sat in the car seat next to him. He was fumbling through his Lego backpack making sure he had all of the supplies he was required to bring. The 5 year old was ecstatic to take on this new adventure and I was worried I was going to be the only one breaking down into tears when it was time for me to see him off.

Of course I had to take on this task alone. Neymar had other things to attend to though he promised his son he’d be here tomorrow to drop him off. Why should I be stuck being the embarrassing parent who can’t stop crying because she has level 10 clinger issues to her children?

I carried Lucia in my arms, the quiet toddler resting her head on my shoulder. Even though Davi had been bouncing off the walls the past few days with his repetitive announcement that he was starting school, I don’t think she had any idea that her best friend would soon no longer be able to entertain her with toys and hide and seek behind hands. She would be stuck with me all day instead and I was no match to the entertainment her brother could provide.

“Do you have everything?”

Davi quickly turned and nodded as we stopped outside of the doors of the school for a moment. I wanted to say my emotional goodbyes away from the prying eyes of other parents. “I promise. I didn’t forget anything.”

“Good. Are you nervous?”

He shook his head.

“Not even a little bit?”

He shook his head once more and smiled. “It’s going to be so fun. I can’t wait!”

I looked to Lucia in my arms and tugged lightly on her shirt to get her attention. “Are you ready to say bye to your brother? He has to go to school today.” The once emotionless expression she sported turned into a pouty frown. She couldn’t say much verbally but it was easy for Davi to know what she was thinking at all times. It must have been some brother/sister connection thing I wasn’t let in on.

Once quiet, the young girl broke out into soft cries, tears falling and her face quickly wet as her cheeks turned red. Davi stepped closer and reached up to grab her dangling hand as he asked, “You don’t want me to go to school? I’ll be right back. I promise.”

His usually soothing tone didn’t stop Lucia from crying. Instead she just looked at him with those big bright eyes that were now clouded with tears which only made me want to cry myself. I didn’t want to have to deal with a temperamental child all day.

The sound of my phone humming in my pocket made me switch the young child in my arms to my other hip so I could grab it. Seeing it was Ney, I quickly answered. “This goodbye is not going well,” I spurted. He only laughed with amusement.

“What’s wrong? Davi backed out?”

“No. Cia is whining because he’s leaving. She doesn’t want him to go.” I looked down at Davi who was planting kisses to his sister’s hand and pretending to tickle her but it wasn’t slowing her cries as he had wished. Neymar must have been able to hear the slight commotion in the background because he was laughing again.

“Typical. Where are you?”

“Outside of the school. Why?”

“I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Wait, you’re coming here? We won’t have time to wait for you.”

“No, silly. I’m already here.” He abruptly ended the call and when I turned to look over my shoulder there he was cutting across the parking lot. Davi spotted him as well, yelling his name and running over to him before colliding with his legs and wrapping them into a hug.

Neymar bent down and placed a kiss to the boy’s forehead before dramatically taking a step forward, Davi giggling and still wrapped around one of his legs. Ney just pulled him along until he got to me and placed a kiss to my glossed lips. He then looked to the still pouting child in my arms. “Aw, is my Princess okay?”

He held out his arms to grab her and immediately Lucia loosened her grip from around my neck and held out her arms as well signaling that she wanted her father’s attention. I handed her over.

“Davi needs to head inside soon,” I reminded them.

Ney just nodded and tousled his hand through his son’s blond curls. “Okay.” He bent down and set Lucia down gently so she could stand. “Give your brother a hug so we can take him inside.”

Davi held out his arms first, pulling his sister protectively against his chest and kissing her forehead. “Bye, Cia.”

I took the opportunity to capture the kodak moment with my phone camera but as soon as Davi heard the shutter of the camera, he turned to me with a fake scowl. “No pictures!” The little boy never enjoyed when I took out my phone to take pics and that was probably because I snapped away for hours when he was around. What could I say? I loved taking pictures of my kids.

I groaned and pretended to put my phone back in my pocket. “Fine. No more.” Of course I snuck another before I really put the phone away but he didn’t protest. He just turned on his heels and quickly went running for the door.

I heaved a deep sigh and frowned before feeling Neymar’s hand on my shoulder. “Toughen up. It’s only the first day.”

gif credit to mateogomezka

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Okay but, could you draw centaur Miles & Phoenix as foals horsing around and racing one another to see how fast they can go?? I just love your art and that idea has been stuck in my head for days!

Hi! Thanks for enjoying my art!^^

I was very happy to draw it, because it’s a really good idea! So i make a little story about it. Sorry if i made mistakes, my english not so good for stories ^^”

I hope you’ll like it!

aaaand a bonus:

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Hello! I was wondering if you can make a alternate/happy ending of the interview (if you don't mind.) That story has been stuck in my head and I'd love to read another version of it. :)

Oh, I’d love to! I did like the idea then, and the format I was trying to reflect based off the film I was inspired by. (Its name is Jackie, I thought the film was rather good, here’s a link to the trailer if you’re interested!)

Also if anyone else hasn’t read the original version of Interview, I suggest you read that first.

Thank you and have an incredible day!


You sat beside the hospital bed, a hand wound about your husband. 

However, for once, there was no comforting thumb rubbing your knuckles, or gentle smile on his face.

Because he was asleep.

A coma, specifically. 

He’d been this way for weeks. 

But he’d been becoming responsive. 

It had even been recorded by medical staff.

A small squeeze of your hand when you cried.

A few murmured words when you spoke.

He was getting better.

He had to be. 

Your thoughts were interrupted, by a nurse, her voice soft.

“Mrs. Han? There’s a reporter here to see you.” 

“I thought…I thought I asked for no reporters.” You hummed, rubbing at your tired eyes.

You had hardly gotten a wink of sleep.

“Yes well…he was sent by your father in law. Mr. Han wanted some sort of update while he’s away and Mr. Jung was the closest in the area.” 

“Is that verified?” You asked, hesitance apparent in your words. 

“Yes, Mr. Han called us this morning to let us know.” She sighed. “He also believed…it may help you.” 

You scrunched up your nose, sitting up awkwardly. “N-No more than a few questions.” 

“Of course.” 

There was a period of silence before the journalist arrived that you couldn’t help but feel another wave of exhaustion crash over you, your body weak.

It wasn’t the type of exhaustion caused when you didn’t sleep, though.

It was the kind from when you felt drained. 

You had cried until your face seemed engraved with permanent tear stains. 

Your body was seemingly weighed down with cinder blocks, each step heavier than the next. 

Your grief swelled inside of you as though you may burst, your hope muddling with weary aches. 

“Mrs. Han?” An oddly bright voice chimed in your ears. 

You turned to see a young man, his hair disheveled and wrapped into a loose bun with strands slipping over his muddy eyes. 

You didn’t know entirely how to react when his lips stretched into a smile. 

A smile was refreshing, most of the time.

But not now. 

He understood immediately, anxiously clearing his throat as he approached you, reaching out a hand. 

“I’m sure the nurse already told you about me but I’m Jung Byeon.” 

You slowly took it, dipping your head lightly. “MC.” 

He pulled up a seat, sitting down beside you, tapping his notepad as though he was excited. 

That wasn’t appreciated by you. 

“So, what…exactly happened?” 

You narrowed your eyes, raising a perplexed brow. “What…? I-Isn’t it a-already all over the n-news?” 

“Well, a version of it. Mr. Han specifically requested to hear it from your point of view. Knowing that you were closest to your husband at the time.” 


The memories had sat in your mind, hints and reminders haunting you every moment it could.

You knew it better than you knew yourself. 

“I-It…It might give you some…closure as well to talk about it.” He remarked. “Think of me as like a friend, I’m just here to help.” 

You took a deep breath, soaking in his words. 


“So, would you be able to describe to me what happened?” 

You had been standing beside your husband, the two of you happily talking in the early morning before he had to attend one of his meetings. 

Your hands were entwined, you yourself pressing close against him, a dazed expression painting your face. 

“We were together early in the morning.” You felt a faint grin appear as you thought of him. “We’re almost always together. It’s nice to always have someone by your side. I-I hadn’t even thought that anything was off.”

You were too preoccupied to notice the figures upon the roof. 

Your frown quickly reemerged. 

“Do you have any idea as to why the perpetrator was after him?” 

“N-no, he’s the kindest, most considerate person I know!” You insisted. “I-I mean he can be cold b-but…he’s never needlessly aggressive. He’s polite with clients and coworkers. I-I can’t imagine anyone truly wanting him dead.” 

“They’ve stated it had to do with his business as a whole. Moreso what he represented than who he was. And what he represented was wealth and power, something many people want” 

“He didn’t deserve that.” You replied sharply. “H-He didn't’ deserve any of this. He didn’t choose to be born into the life he has! None of us get to choose for the environments we were raised in, so why do so many act as though he wanted any of this?” 

“I don’t know,” Jung mumbled. “I’m sorry.” 

You felt anger pour from your fingertips, drawing about you as though you were paper. 

“T-That bullet sounded like a train.” You said, your tone trembling. “The whole s-situation was like watching someone be pushed in front of a train.” 

“How so?” 

“I-It all goes by too fast for you to process at first. All you hear is a w-wailing, a-and s-screeching until it all comes to this horrible realization.” 

You had just assumed it was a car or something of the sort. 

Until you heard the breath be snatched from Jumin, a short, desperate gasp erupting from him before his body collapsed against you, sloppily pushing you behind him. 

“H-Honey?” You had switched your head back, a horror smashing into you as you found his eyes wider than dinner plates with surprise as blood dribbled from his mouth.

And as well, from the side of his head. 

His grip had tightened on you suddenly, as though some sort of attempt to shield you, or hide you away. 

He opened his mouth to speak, barely coherent words rasping from him. 

You could hardly believe what he was telling you. 

“And what did he say?” 

“Are you okay?” He asked as you drew him down to the ground, his strength dispersing from him in moments. 

You set his head in your lap, ignoring the security that raced about frantically. 

His blood was smearing against you.

His blood. 

He was bleeding. 

You threw off your jacket, covering the wound, refraining from breaking into furious sobs as you saw the bits of flesh dangling helplessly to his head. 

This shouldn’t be happening. 

Why was this happening?

“Are you okay, love?” He wheezed again, his eyes rolling towards you. 

“I-I’m fine!” You cried, tipping your head in the crook of his neck. “Y-You’re going to be fine too! I’ll make sure of it! O-Okay?” 

And you swore, after hearing you assure him, he grinned.

It was a small, feeble grin.

But one nonetheless.

“He held my hand, t-the entire time.” You felt the tears spill down your cheeks again, your chin quivering. “It’s l-like I was his lifeline.” You huffed. “And I’m not letting go until I see him awake! U-Until he’s okay!” 

“You care very much-” 

“I love him!” You snapped. “He’s everything to me!” 

“Well, what do you plan to do if he doesn’t wake up?” 

Your breath hitched. 

You were silent for a bit, before scowling.

“He’s going to wake up.” 

“There’s no guarantee.” 

“He’s been showing response signs! He’s expected to wake up-” 

“Expected doesn’t mean for sure-” 

“You need to leave.” You snarled. “Now.” 

“Ms. Han-” 

“Leave. Now. Please.” 

Jung opened his mouth to speak but clamped his mouth shut as he began to scramble to his feet. 

“Yes ma’am.” He returned. “T-Thank you.” 

You were silent. 

You didn’t dare move until you heard his steps fade away down the hall. 

You wiped at your face, turning back towards Jumin. 

You squeezed his hand, laying your head on the mattress. “I’m staying here. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you.” 

And to your utter surprise. 

You got a response. 

It was dry, yet each word was laced with a tenderness that could only come from him.

“I’m not leaving either darling.” 

For The Sake Of Auld Lang Syne


Rating: G

Summary: It’s New Year’s Eve and two old men in a little boat in the middle of the ocean try to have a heart to heart around an old tradition.

AN: I wasn’t going to write a New Year fic this time round but Auld Lang Syne has been stuck in my head for two days and this seemed like a good idea to get it out again ♥ Happy New Year guys! Pinging @howtotrainyournana​ and @garrulousgibberish​ because singalongs!

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(i know a lot’s been done around the idea of satisfied as a duet between angelica and laurens, which i think is super cool, but the idea of rewriting the whole song for laurens got stuck in my head one day and wouldn’t leave me alone until i was hammering out this thing. 

the whole song obviously doesn’t work–the whole beginning and ending are pretty unsalvageable, and while the spoken(ish) parts between alexander and angelica can be rewritten pretty easily (ah: “you strike me as someone who has never been satisfied” / jl: “i’m sure i don’t know what you mean–” / ah: “i’ll explain myself: you’re like me…” etc.) i think it fails to capture their characters and ends up falling flat, so i didn’t include it here.

for those among many other reasons, this is meant as basically lyric fanfic: not meant to step on the toes of the real thing, just a sort of interesting au. also, this got long, so head under the cut for the rest of the lyrics.)

I remember that night I just might
Remember that night for the rest of my days

I remember us soldier boys
Tripping over ourselves in just a haze

I remember that dreamlike candlelight
Like a dream that you can’t quite place

But Alexander, I’ll never forget the first
Time I saw your face

I have never been the same
Intelligent eyes in a hunger-pang frame
And when you said “Hi,” I forgot my dang name
Set my heart aflame, ev’ry part aflame

This is not a game

So so so—
So this is what it feels like to find some-
One right at your level—where the hell is my mind? Numb
With need with this feeling with the heat of the fight
It’s like wakin’ up and seein’ the light—you feel me, right?
We talked for maybe two minutes, maybe three minutes
Ev'rything we said in total agreement, it’s
A dream and it’s a bit of a dance
A bit of gamble, it’s a bit of a chance. He’s a
Bit of a flirt, but he ain’t lookin’ askance
He hasn’t got the family, the dad or the mansion
He hasn’t got the pressure, just the will to advance
He’s ev’rything I want, ev’rything I can’t have

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You're all for me


Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Prompt: based off Still Falling For You by Ellie Goulding

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester

Word count: 1464

Warnings: implied smut, heated/sexual/passionate/sensual scenes, italics are lyrics, gif used isn’t mine and the video linked is mine either!

Authors note: this song has been stuck in my head all day so I had to write a fix on it! I think it’s the perfect Dean x reader. Thank you to @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname for reading this before posting and for all your ideas and advice! As always I hope you enjoy it x

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Song I can’t remember help.

Okay, so there’s this one kid’s show with a theme song I can remember the tune of, but it doesn’t have any words and it’s driving me crazy because I can’t remember anything from the show it’s from. The song is like a waltz and it goes doo doo doo       doo doo doo      doodoodoodoodoo     doo doo doo                doo doo doo

and I can’t remember anything else except a swing noise in the background. If anyone has any idea please help, it’s driving me crazy, it’s been stuck in my head for days.