this idea has been in my head for so long

Zimbits AU where your world is black and white until you hear your soulmate laugh


Jack knows his parents’ story off by heart.

Bob had been on the ice at an away game. The crowd was screaming; it was overtime. Things had been a bit tense. 

And then Bob had put a puck in the net of the opposition and that was it. The disappointed home audience had fallen into a quiet grumble after some polite clapping. Many hands were slapped on Bob’s back as the team skated towards the edge of the ice. Bob had been just about to leave the rink, and then-

A laugh. A snorting, wonderful laugh, and his world filled with color.

He had frozen where he stood, ears caught on the sound of that laugh and the voice that followed.

“I told you, didn’t I? No one’s got it like Bad Bobby Z!”

It was his turn to let out a laugh and he did, with gusto. His voice boomed so loud it had seemed to reverberate around the arena, every head swiveling to the source of the noise.

Every time he told that story, Bob swore blind he heard his soulmate’s gasp in the ensuing silence. Alicia would roll her eyes fondly, stating that she did not gasp, thank you very much, and that the dreadful nickname she’d called him had been popular among hockey fans at the time. 

Whatever the truth, they’d introduced themselves moments later and were married within the year. It was like that, with soulmates. Instantaneous.

Jack’s not heard that story since before the Draft. He knows people think if he’d found his soulmate before- before, he wouldn’t have done it. But people tend to over romanticize things out of habit. In the end, soulmates and laughter and colors had very little to do with how he ended up here.

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Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

March 31


In hindsight, I probably should have expected a trap right away, from the moment I heard the voice. High and light and familiar, and shrill with fear.  Agatha.

           I’m running towards the Wavering Wood before I can take too much time to think about when I’ve last seen Agatha.  If I’d been thinking, I would have remembered seeing her at lunch and in classes, and that she’d only gone back to her room after lunch to grab a book or something, not into the Wood.  But here I am, following her voice, summoning the Sword of Mages as I run.  Because what if?

           “Agatha, where are you?”


           “Where are you?”


           I always thought that monster attacks only happened deep in the Wood, if you stumbled into a lair or something, not that they would seek people out, and not this close to the edge of the Wood.

           But apparently I’m wrong.  

           Because before I’m even four trees into the shadows, something explodes against the back of my head and I drop like a stone.


           When I come to I’m face-down in the dirt and something with deft fingers is securing the knots in the ropes around my wrists. I start to thrash and find my ankles bound as well, and I receive another smack in the head, which almost has me losing consciousness again.  I wait for the stars to pass from my vision and go still, even though every part of me wants to kick, fight, escape.  Instead I listen.

           Whatever has its foot on my back (at least I think it’s a foot) is human-shaped, but that is not to say that it is human.  It has long, spindly fingers that seem to shake as they tie.  It breathes loudly and quickly, like it’s in a hurry.  I hear a twig crack to my left, a little way off.  Something else is here.      

           “There you have it, then.”

           The voice is cool and familiar, and my heart sinks like a stone.

           “As you said,” comes another voice, this time from the creature on my back.  It’s gravelly and high like nails on glass.

           “I didn’t lie.”

           “You did.”


           “You said you required no payment,” the higher voice hisses like it’s smiling.

           “I stand by the statement.”

           “Then you’re either lying, or you’re a fool.”

           “A fool how?”

           “A fool to come here.”

           There’s a dull thud, and then the crunch of the leaves as the body hits the forest floor.  I want to turn my head and look, but I can’t reveal that I’m conscious.

           The harsh, loud breathing continues, this time scuttling around to my left, no doubt tying another set of wrists and ankles.

           Something crawls across my hands, maybe a spider, and I shake it off without thinking.

           I can actually feel it when the creature catches me moving.

           “Nighty-night,” it sings in Agatha’s voice before its foot connects with my head and everything goes black.


I don’t open my eyes right away when I wake up, my head aches too much.  Like there’s a needle from one temple through to the other.

           I feel something shift against my back there’s the stink of sweat and long-dead meat.  The air is cold and damp and for a minute I think I’m in the catacombs.

           Then I remember.

           I open my eyes slowly and to my relief there’s no blinding light to aggravate my headache.  I’m staring at my navel, and I’m in a sitting position, my back against something warm and solid.  Rope stings my wrists and when I lift my head I see it wrapped around my torso and ankles as well.  The ground around me is cold stone and scattered with bones and tiny, sharp rocks. Moisture trickles down the stone walls, patchy with moss and spider webs.

           A cave.  It’s brought me to its cave.

           And not just me.

           Snow shifts against my back again and I have to roll my eyes, even though it burns.  It tied us together.  Figures.

           “Waking up, are we?” comes the goblin’s rasping voice from behind me.  I don’t turn my head to look at it, I already know what it looks like.  Short, pale, gaunt and wide-eyed, with graying brown hair in a mess on the top of its head.  An old-looking suit that’s covered in mud and bits of dried-on… well, let’s just say that goblins aren’t elegant diners.

           “Let us go,” Snow growls at it, and I can picture his defiant glare.  It’s been directed at me more than once.  It’s actually kind of cute, if I weren’t so often on the receiving end, I’d turn to mush inside.  As it is, I can’t help but smile a little.  Stupid, brave Snow.  No wonder he’s the Mage’s Heir.

           “Why in the name of magic would I do that?” the goblin laughs.  “Look at me. Look at you.  You’re not just any old snack, are you?  You’re the Mage’s Heir.”

           “Which is exactly why you should let us go before you get hurt.”

           “You’re not going to kill me.”

           “That so?  Why not?”

           “Because I’m not going to kill you.”

           I can almost feel Snow balk in confusion.

           “Not yet, anyway.  I’ll say it again: you’re the Mage’s Heir,” the goblin goes on, “and do you know what happens to the lucky goblin who kills the Mage’s Heir?”

           Snow doesn’t say it out loud, but he knows.  I know.

           “So why wait until now to attack?” Snow questions.

           “Unfortunately, your little school has some pretty strong magical defenses.  I couldn’t get close enough until someone let me through.  You can thank your little friend for that.”

           I grit my teeth and don’t say anything.

           “Why not just kill us now, then?” Snow spits. “You’ve got us where you want us.”

           “Ah, but who would that convince?” the goblin chuckles.  “Anyone could claim to have killed you, and believe me, many have tried.  No, a simple claim won’t do.  You’re coming with me to the goblin court, where I will kill you, and your meddling friend, in front of many witnesses, and no one will be able to deny that I have killed the Mage’s Heir.”

           “And you’ll become the Goblin King,” Snow finishes.

           “As is my right.”

           “You won’t get away with it.”  I roll my eyes again at the cliché.

           “Spare me the theatrics,” the goblin groans and I hear the flick of a switchblade.  Snow cries out in pain and jerks back, his head hitting mine and my eyes explode again. A scent fills the air, familiar and terrifying.  Blood. His blood.

           It’s a good thing he can’t see me because my fangs pop instantly at the smell.

           Snow yells again and I don’t know what the goblin is doing to him but it’s making my stomach sick.

           “Stop,” I growl.

           Snow gives a gasp of pain and the smell of his blood grows stronger.

           “I said, stop.”  This time I shout.


The goblin stops, leaving me to pant away the sting of its knife in my shin.  My head is pounding from the many blows in the past half-hour (maybe more, I don’t know how long I was out after the kick) and blood trickles down my cheek to my neck.

           I don’t know if Baz is trembling against my back, or if it’s me doing the trembling.

           The goblin pockets the switchblade and turns its attentions on Baz, kneeling beside him and speaking close to his ear.

           “What’s wrong?” it sneers.  “Don’t like the smell?”  It drags a grimy finger across the cut on my cheek and waves my blood in Baz’s face.  I feel him go tense and still, like he’s holding his breath.

           “I’m surprised at you, boy,” the goblin continues, “weren’t you the one who set all this up?  And now you don’t want me to hurt him?”

           “Just leave him alone,” Baz seethes.

           “Make up your mind,” the goblin tells him.  “Or would you rather I paid you more attention?” There’s a crackle and I turn my head to see the tiny fireball the goblin has conjured in its hand.

           I’m feeling more and more sure that Baz is a vampire by the minute, because even though he’s obviously trying not to react, he shrinks back from the flame automatically.  If so much as a spark hits his skin…

           “Get away from him,” I spit at the creature, “it’s me you want.”

           “And it always has to be about you,” Baz pipes up, sarcastic to the last.

           The goblin stares at me for a long second before extinguishing the fireball in its fist and standing up again.

           “You boys will want to get some rest,” it says, “we’ll be leaving at sundown.”


Goblins are nocturnal creatures, and this one has been up pretty late in the day, so it doesn’t take long for the wretched thing to fall asleep.  Somehow it doesn’t look as peaceful in its sleep as Snow always does.

           “Alright Baz?” Snow whispers to me.

           “What the fuck are you asking me that for?”

           “Thought I’d try some compassion, since we’re in the same situation, but clearly it’s a waste of my time.  Fuck you.”





           “Your move.”

           I feel him whip his head around.  “You have got to be joking.”

           “That would be nice, wouldn’t it?”

           “This is your idea of a practical joke?” he asks incredulously.  “Selling me out to a goblin?  And where does your own capture play into this brilliant plan?”

           “It doesn’t,” I admit, “I was going to kill it before it could do you any real harm.”    


           “I thought so.”

           “It’s not even your turn, you twat.”    

           “Thought I’d go for the element of surprise. Besides, you haven’t made your move yet today.”

           “Clearly you haven’t checked your closet yet.”

           My head drops forward and I sigh.  “Great.”

           “Don’t mention it.”

           “Seriously though, you’ve been slacking off.  Where were you on Monday?”

           He doesn’t answer.


           “I heard you.”

           “Well, then?”

           A defeated sigh.

           “You know those terrible nightmares you had that night?”


It takes a second for the penny to drop, but when it does it’s louder than a bomb.


           “It wasn’t supposed to go that far.”

           “You cursed me into having nightmares?”  He sounds angry enough to burst into flames, which I’m not convinced he couldn’t actually do if he lost control.

           “It was an accident.”

           “So you just accidentally formulated a curse to attack me in my sleep.”

           “You were only supposed to have minor nightmares,” I insist, “not start yelling in terror.”

           “Sorry,” he snarls, “did I keep you up?”

           “That’s not what I mean.”

           “I cannot fucking believe you.”

           “You took my voice,” I shoot back, unable to keep the childish defensiveness out of my whisper.  “That’s practically unforgiveable.  And now you’ve almost gotten both of us killed, and you didn’t even know that I was responsible for the nightmares.”

           “The moment we’re out of this cave, you are dead.”


           “So if you wanted me to have nightmares, why did you wake me up?  Why not just let me suffer?”

           “Because you were terrified, Baz,” I say like it should be obvious.  “You were crying out for your mum and it was awful.”

           He’s quiet for a second before replying. “What else was I calling out for?”


           “Nothing.  You just kept saying ‘no’ a lot.”

           Baz lets out a long, shuddering sigh like everything he dreamt about is rushing back.  They must have been some of the worst nightmares of his life the way he’s reacting.

           I should have held him.  I should have comforted him.  I wanted to comfort him.  But I didn’t.  Because I was too proud.  I was too scared.

           I want to comfort him now, but we’re tied up. That and he’d probably vaporize me if I tried.

           “I’m sorry.”


           I take a deep breath.  “It was wrong of me to give you nightmares.  I should have known better, or I should have told you that it was me, I…” I’m almost too afraid to say it in a register that he’ll hear. “I’m sorry, Baz.”

           He’s quiet for a long time.


           “Don’t expect me to forgive you.”

           “I don’t.”


           “But thank you.”



           I breathe a sigh of relief.


“So,” Simon ventures after a heavy moment, “what now?”

           “We wait for the goblin to kill us.”

           “Yeah, right.”  I can practically hear his eye-roll.  “We need to get out of here.”

           “Any ideas?”


           “Let’s hear it.”

           “We’ll need to work together.”

           Now it’s my turn to roll my eyes.  “How inspiring, Snow, I thought you said you had a plan.”

           “Any plan we come up with is going to require teamwork,” he explains in a whisper.  “In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re literally tied to each other.”

           “I had noticed, thanks.”

           “So, we’ll have to work together to get out.”

           “You have a sword,” I reason, “can’t you use it to cut us free?”

           “I can’t summon it without spearing you,” he says, “it would appear in my hand, the blade would probably end up in your stomach.”

           Two birds with one stone, my mind supplies darkly, but I push the thought away. “Maybe I could burn through the ropes.”

           “Yeah, and send us both up in flame.  Great idea.”

           “Got anything better?”

           “Where’s your wand?”

           “Back pocket.”

           “Can you reach it?”

           “If I could, we’d already be out of here.”

           “If I can get it to you, could you spell the ropes off?”

           “Any chance to get your hands on my arse, eh Snow?”

           “Fuck off.”

           “Yes, I could spell the ropes off.”

           “Alright, what then?  Sneak out?”

           I cast a glance at the sleeping goblin. “Not until we deal with Goblin King over here.”

           “You have a plan?”

           A grin spreads across my face.  “Oh, I have a plan.”


Baz insists that I make a noisy show of escaping, to wake the goblin.  Why he would want to do that, I can’t imagine (he hasn’t told me all of the plan, which should probably make me suspicious), but he seems to be getting more excited about whatever he’s going to do by the second.  The smirk I’m so familiar with is glued to his face, but instead of making me feel sick, I’m buzzing like I’ve had too much sugar. Maybe because he’s not directing it at me this time, but sharing it with me.

           I have to wonder why we’ve never teamed up before.  Granted, we’re usually at each other’s throats, but something about this, the working together, the shaky alliance, is making me giddy.  I’m almost giggling as I throw the ropes to the cave floor.

           Baz has already disappeared from view as the goblin wakes up, turning to find me frozen on my way to the cave entrance.

           “Where do you think you’re going?” it sneers.

           “Goblins,” I shake my head, “you really are as stupid as they say.”

           The goblin pulls its blade from its pocket again, but doesn’t respond with any more than a growl.

           “You see,” I go on, “you were smart to take us both.”

           I can’t help but watch Baz as he appears behind the creature, silent as a wraith.

           “But you were a fool,” I grin, “to leave us both alive.”

           A flame appears in Baz’s hand.  In a flash he wraps an arm around the creature’s neck and shoves the fireball into its open mouth.

           Its eyes widen and steam pours out of its ears as the fireball takes the path of least resistance: right down the throat. The human illusion starts to disintegrate and I see flashes of the goblin’s true face, gray and leathery with red eyes and sagging, pointed ears.  It struggles but Baz holds on tight, until the thrashing stops and the goblin droops in his arms, and he drops it, limp and smoking, to the ground.

           He hasn’t looked away from me the entire time.

           I haven’t looked away from him.


It’s still light outside when we emerge from the cave, but we’re clearly much deeper into the Wood than before.  I don’t recognize anything.

           “Hang on, I’ll climb a tree and get our bearings,” I tell Simon.

           He gives me a quizzical look and unfurls his wings without a word.

           I shrug and take my place at the bottom of a tree.  “I bet I could still beat you.”

           “Come off it.”

           “You haven’t seen me climb a tree.”

           “And you haven’t seen me fly.”

           We stare each other down for a second, tasting this new dynamic.  Still rivalry, but different.  Less hateful, more fun.

           I leap into the tree without warning.

           I can see his eyes widen as he takes in my speed, and he kicks off the ground an instant later, but we reach the halfway point around the same time.  He beats me by seconds, perching at the top like a bird while I scramble to the branch below him.

           “See anything?” I ask, catching my breath.

           He scans for a moment before pointing behind us. “There’s Watford.  Not a bad view from here,” he says as I climb up a branch to meet his level, “we should climb trees more often.”

           I peer the few inches up at him, a strange expression on my face.  “We?”

           Simon meets my gaze suddenly, like he’s realized what he’s said.  “I, um… well, whatever,” he stammers.

           Is his face going red from flying?  Or from…

           I’m not used to looking up to meet his eyes, and he’s not usually framed by the pure white sky and the smell of pine and mountain air.

           I’m not used to him looking at me the way he is now.


I’m not used to being this close to Baz, or holding his gaze for this long, or letting down my guard with him, or seeing him framed by pine branches and treetops, or wanting to touch his hair…


There’s a fresh scar on his cheek from the goblin’s blade.


His hair is black again, and I still want to touch it.


His lips part slightly, and my heart stops entirely.


I don’t know what I’m doing.

But I lean in…


I’m just closing my eyes as the bough breaks beneath me and I fall through the branches.


He only falls about halfway down, but he hits just about every branch on the way.  I jump from my perch and dive after him, grabbing onto a limb where he stops his descent, groaning.

           “You alright?”

           “Perfect, thanks Snow.”

           We both climb the rest of the way down and head back towards the castle.  We don’t speak, and my head is still spinning with everything that’s just happened, not to mention what’s almost happened.

           “So,” I venture, “who’s turn is it again?”

           Baz shrugs.  “Tomorrow’s the first of April.”

           “I know.”

           We look at each other for a moment.

           “Fair game?” I suggest.

           He nods.  “Fair game.”

           We walk another few minutes in silence.

           “So, you’re not going to kill me for the nightmares then?”

           Baz shoots me a sideways glance, but he’s smiling. A real smile, not a sneer. Genuine.

           “Not today.”

How You Make Me Feel

alrighty this is my first time posting my writing and once again I apologize if it’s not very good I’m not an amazing writer?? also I have a lot of trouble writing long things so this is only about 650 words whoops

This one-shot idea has been in my head for a few days so I thought I’d write about it.

summary: Betty and Veronica spend the night playing truth-or-dare and it leads to some groundbreaking discoveries about their relationship.

pairing: Betty Cooper x Veronica Lodge

rating: G

word count: 696

chapters: 1/1

“What’s your favorite place in New York?”

“There’s this giant rock on the South side of Central Park. It’s next to a pond, it’s always quiet, and it’s a nice spot if you just need to sit and think.” Veronica smiled thinking about the memory before turned her attention back to their game.

“Okay, your turn. Truth or dare?” Veronica asked as she continued to run her fingers through Betty’s blonde hair. The two sat in Betty’s backyard, Veronica on a blanket and Betty laying down next to her, her head resting on Veronica’s lap. The Cooper’s were gone for the weekend, so the two girls decided to take advantage of being able to hang out at Betty’s house instead of Pop’s or Veronica’s hotel suite.

“Truth.” Betty said, looking up at her. Veronica thought for a moment.

“Have you ever been in love?” She knew it was a stupid question; she knew that Betty had practically been in love with Archie since birth, but she needed to know for sure. She needed that confirmation about Betty’s feelings so she could convince herself that she wasn’t falling for the smiling girl with the pretty blonde hair.

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A Rose from Lothering

“Here, look at this. Do you know what this is?” - Alistair

“Your new weapon of choice?” - Warden Evie Cousland

I got an amazing 22-inch MP Pen Display Tablet as a present for the holidays and I *finally* had free time this weekend to create some new fan art with it - I’m loving it so far!!! I’ve wanted one for so long! ^.^  This Tumblr account has been long neglected so I’m cleaning it up and starting fresh!

I just had to draw my Grey Warden, Evie Cousland, during a romantic moment with Alistair from Dragon Age Origins first… but there’s so many more ideas in my head that need to be sketched, particularly Dragon Age related. ;)

Kitten (Dan x reader)

Originally posted by teenagephantxsy

Pairing: Dan x reader

Genre: romance, fluff, smut in general

TW: swearing, dirty talk, light bondage, spanking, master/pet roleplay

Word count: 1,941 (I tried not to make it too long)

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! So sorry I took over a month to post my first imagine fic. I’ve been trying to ease my way into a comfortable routine in a new college semester after all the stress from last semester. I promise, I’ll get back to those requests I put off from doing for the last handful of months.

Btw how do you like the new formatting? I prefer it this way and to use GIF’s over my photo collages for your visual instead.

Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you guys the good news, but I keep forgetting. RL DAN AND I ARE BACK TOGETHER. We’ve been spending the last few weeks together and rebuilding our relationship after the goddamn disaster of emotions during winter break. We’re very happy now. We moved past his wrong choice and he’s doing so much to make up for it. Long story short, “she” lied about the whole lockdown thing and now she’s apparently dating one of RL Dan’s “friends” (I say it like that because RL Dan hasn’t forgiven this friend for something else that’s an entire different story). What a complicated world we live in. 😅

This imagine has been in my head for the last several days. I knew I wanted to post something for St. Cupid’s Day, and what better idea than to return with some smut? I still got my requests to take care of and this is my way to transition back into that kind of writing. Also, RL Dan and I have been getting a bit frisky too lately, so this is also a bit of a cultivation of my, ahem, raging kinky thoughts. Anyway, I hope ya’ll enjoy. I blame RL Dan for putting me back into this mindset lol.

Standing in the bathroom of your boyfriend’s flat, you take a calculating look on the mirror. You bite your lip anxiously. Dan has no clue you’re doing this for him. On the most loveliest day of the year, you decided to do more than hearts and flowers as your gift for him.

Breathe, (Y/N). You’re doing this for Dan. You want this. You know he wants this.

You giggle softly. This is Dan. You know he’s going to ravage you as soon as you walk out this door, into the lounge, and he lays your eyes on you. You can practically imagine him undressing you with his eyes. Those warm mocha-shaded orbs that’ll darken with lust during your “nights of passion.” 

“Babe?” you hear Dan call out from the other side of the door. “What’s taking you so long? I got (your favorite romantic movie) set up.” 

“C-coming.” Which you’ll probably be doing multiple times tonight.

You nod at the mirror. It’s Valentine’s Day. You’ve dated Dan for nearly a year. His friends and family adore you. Your friends and family approve of him. You two are hopelessly in love with each other. You two have slowly pushed through boundaries of your physical relationship. Tonight, you’re taking the initiative to push it just a little further. 

You unlock the door, swinging it open and heading back to the lounge. Dan is on his usual spot on the sofa, dressed in a casual pair of black pajama bottoms and his green camouflage jumper. He looks up when he hears your enter, and his audible gasp has you internally dancing in joy. 

“Fuck,” he mumbles. “(Y/N), what’s the meaning of this?” 

“Surprise,” you say softly. 

His eyes roam over the length of your body. Thanks to (B/F/N), she helped you put together your outfit for the evening. (F/C) lacy boyshorts. Black lacy camisole. No footwear, because as tempting as it was to complete your attire with a pair of red heels, you found something better to do the job. 

“You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?” 

You smirk. “Meow.” 

A pair of black cat ears with blue, purple, and black roses shipped from Hot Topic’s online store is perched on top of your head. All the R-rated fanfiction you’ve read over the years led you to click the purchase button while you did your internet shopping. Not only did the accessory match the clothes, but you knew the colors would trigger Dan’s inner dominant side. 

It’s there. All he needs is a little push. 

He groans. In a matter of seconds, he’s off the sofa and has his arms around your waist. He cups your face in his large hands, gazing down at you with a soft but carnal expression. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day, babe.” 

He grins. “Oh, it’s a happy one indeed.” 

Leaning down, he presses his lips to yours. You snake your arms around his neck, burying your fingers in his hair. You push yourself closer to him until the lower half of your body touches his. You can feel his hardness through his pajamas. 

A soft groan escapes your lips. You can’t wait any longer. 

“Bedroom?” you mumble. 

He nods wordlessly. You grab his hand, and together you two walk to his room. There’s a palpable tension in the air. Nerves fill your lungs as you think about the rest of the night. Judging by the firm but reassuring grip Dan has on your hand, he’s most likely going to give in to his inner beast. You enjoy whenever that side of him slips during sex, though a part of you remains having doubts. 

Will you live up to his standards? 

Will you be able to comply if he converts into full-on dominance? 

“(Y/N),” Dan speaks once the two of you are in his room and he closes the door. “Are you sure you’re comfortable with this?” 

You nod. It’s one of the few things you’ve ever been one hundred percent ready for. 

“You can have me any way you want me,” you say. “I’m all yours tonight.” 

He looks at you coyly. “Really?” 


A corner of his lips tilts upward. “Is my kitten ready for me?” 

You flush. Kitten… sounds fitting.

“Yes… master.” You reach into the lone back pocket of your boyshorts and pull out a (F/C) scarf. “Kitten has something for you.” 

He stares at the scarf thoughtfully. “What does kitten want me to do with it?” 

You step toward him, giving him the scarf. “Master wants kitten… to be tied.” 

“Do you now. Then hands behind your back.” 

You do as he says. You wait a few seconds as Dan loops the scarf around your wrists, then secures it with a double knot. You move your wrists slightly. It’s tight enough so it won’t fall off, yet still slightly loose so you can move your hands around. 

“On the bed.”

Once again, you obey his command, flopping down onto the mattress. 

“Kneel.” You move onto your knees so your ass faces him. 

“Mmmm…” You close your eyes as you feel his palm caress one of your ass cheeks. “So… delectable.” 

You giggle. His choice of words for your butt amuses you. 

That giggle instantly turns into a yelp when his palm slaps against your satin-covered buttocks. 

“What’s so funny, kitten?” 

You bite your lip. “N-nothing master.” 

“That’s what I thought.” His fingers slip through the boyshorts, sliding it down your legs. His breath hitches once your underwear hits the floor. Bingo

You’re startled when he flips you so your back is on the bedsheets. You gaze at him with hooded eyes. “What will you do now, master?” 

“What does kitten want?“  

Your body warms. Is he really asking me to say it? “You know what I want.” 

“Then say it.” 

“Y-your hands master.” 

“Mmmm-hmmm.” His fingers brush along your bare thighs. “And where does kitten want my hands.” 


“Fuck…” His hands move to the straps of your camisole, dragging it down your body and throwing it to the floor to join your discarded underwear. He blinks when he notices that you aren’t wearing a bra. 

It was (B/F/N)’s suggestion. She thought it would be “easy access” for Dan. 

His lips ghost over your collarbone and down your chest until it hovers over your breasts. You let out a breathy moan when his tongue licks over one of your mounds. You arch your back, silently begging him to do more with his mouth. For a brief second, you wish your hands aren’t tied; by now, you would’ve taken care of matters yourself. 

As if he can read your thoughts, his mouth fully engulfs your breasts while his thumb fiddles with your neglected one. Your thoughts temporarily shuts down, your mind only focused on the sensation of his lips. You whimper when his teeth lightly scrapes at your nipple. The slight pain is making you more of a mess. 


His mouth and hand ceases their movement. He lifts his head to look at you. 

“Who’s Dan?” he asks with narrowed eyes. “I don’t know of any Dan.” 

Shit, he’s really into this. “S-sorry master.” 

“Tsk, tsk.” He inches his body away from you. “I’m disappointed in you, kitten.” 

“It was a mistake, sir.” 

“It is… but a mistake has its consequences.” 

You gulp. What’s Dan going to do to you?

You brace yourself for the likelihood of another spanking, so you’re surprised when his hands trails down the length of your body and makes their way to your now moist pussy. You exhale harshly when two of his fingers suddenly thrust into you. Your reaction results in a grin slowly appearing on his face. 

“You like that kitten?” 

You nod, unable to elicit any words. His thumb joins in on the action, rubbing moderately-fast circles on your clit. You spread your legs wider. You buck your hips to meet his fingers – whatever punishment he has planned, at least you’ll receive an orgasm out of it. 

Except you don’t. 

You whine when Dan withdraws his fingers. He smirks at your annoyed expression, playfully raising an eyebrow. “What’s wrong, kitten?”

Damn you. I’m not letting you have the upper hand.

You resist your whine. “Nothing master.” 


“Yes master.” 

You bite your lip. “Sir, why do you still have your clothes on?” 

“Hmmm… seems like kitten thinks she’s running the show.” 

You blush. “It was just a question, sir.” 

 He chuckles, patting your head. “Don’t worry, kitten. Do you want them off?” 

“Yes master. I’d like that very much.” you reply enthusiastically. 

“Anything for my kitten.” 

With your pussy still longing for a release, you watch as Dan removes his clothes. You sigh in content when he lifts his jumper and throws it off, exposing his toned bare chest. Your lick your lips when he pushes his pajamas and boxers down his legs. And this… this is all mine. 

Once Dan’s closed are all gone, he joins you back on the bed. He hovers over your body, peppering kisses on several areas of your skin until he reaches your face. Your lips meet, and you pour your sexual frustration into the kiss. You suck on his upper lip, even biting it a couple of times. He practically shoves his tongue through your mouth until it’s as if you can feel every inch of it. You absolutely love it. 

“Please master,” you beg when your mouths disconnect.  

“Please what?” 

“Please… fuck me.” 

He smiles. “As you wish, kitten.” 

You moan in relief when he finally enters you. Hips flushed against his, you’re even more relieved when he reaches behind you and unties the scarf, throwing it to the floor to join your discarded clothes. His mouth nips at the column of your neck. With your now free hands, you grip onto his shoulder blades. 

“Yes…” you hiss. “So good.” 

He forgoes his usual gradual pace, instead going for an immediate quick pace. Pounding into you relentlessly, your moans reaches a higher pitch that could rival any belting singer. You don’t care how loud you’re being. Phil’s not around and your neighbors should understand it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s not every day you get a dominant, oh-so-sexy boyfriend. 

“I love you,” you groan, not caring that you’re breaking character. He inches away from your neck to look at you. 

His own mask falters, brown eyes filled with adoration. “I love you too. Now come for me, (Y/N). Come on master’s cock.” 

You yell his name in ecstasy, your inner walls fluttering around him. Your arms hold him tighter against you. You swear you see fireworks over your eyelids, because all you can see is a spontaneous explosion of bright colors. Your body shakes, and as Dan reaches his peak too, you bite his neck to contain any more screams. As loud as you are, you don’t want his neighbors to think you’re being murdered. 

“Ah…” you breathe out when Dan pulls out of you. Your hair is tangled and your cat ears are haphazardly close to falling off. 

“We should’ve done that sooner,” he muses. 

“Ya think?” 

He laughs, moving so he lays on his back. “That wasn’t too much for you?”

“Nope.” You lay your head on his chest. “It was perfect.” 

“That’s all that matters, love.” 

The two of you lay in comfortable silence for several seconds before you angle your head up. 

“Again?” you ask. 

“Already?” he says in amusement. 

“It’s not even midnight. We got time.” 

He smiles at you mischievously. “Well then.” You squeal when he tackles you so your back returns to lying on the mattress. “There’s more where that came from, kitten.”

I actually do have those cat ears. There were a few different choice colors when I went to Hot Topic to purchase them. I ultimately chose the one I wrote in the fic since the colors suit me and purple & black are RL Dan’s favorite colors. The blue is a bonus. It’s so adorable and RL Dan gets all mushy whenever I wear them.

Idk why I didn’t write this sooner. I had so much fun working on this. 😍 To save this as my comeback for 2017… I’m glad I waited.

RWBY Musical Theatre AU

This idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while and while I don’t feel like writing a fic about it I’m just going to dump out my ideas:

-Ruby is in charge of building sets and/or props. Yang keeps trying to get her to audition for the cast but she’s shy and also happier backstage where she gets to build things. She’s also on crew. She prides herself on being the only one she knows who can rap “Guns and Ships”.

-Blake is definitely the stage manager who is done with everyone’s shit. The only cast members she likes are Yang and Pyrrha. Yang brings her coffee every day and Pyrrha’s too nice to hate but other than that she’s a massive pile of salt. (This is true of most SMs. The last show I called half our conversations between cues were just *deep sigh* “Actors”)

-Weiss is the prima donna who nobody really likes because she’s a snob, but they tolerate her because she’s a fantastic leading lady. Super high strung and stressed out and everybody wishes she would just chill it’s just a high school production please Weiss calm down.

-Pyrrha is a supporting character/Weiss’ understudy? in the cast, and she’s totally the cast Mom. Like the one who brings in Timbits on weekend rehearsals and enough tea to fill an ocean during show week so that no-one gets sick

-Yang is an ensemble member who sometimes gets bigger parts, usually comic relief stuff. She’s always super up-beat, and that one person who goes around talking about how she feels like the whole cast is one big family and it’s super cheesy but people love her anyway. She’s also a fantastic dancer.

-I feel like Ren is the choreographer just because of that one chibi episode. He’s a bit of a slave driver but everyone knows he’s damn good at his job (they’re all so screwed when he graduates)

-Nora…honestly I’m not sure what Nora would do. Makeup? Costumes? She mostly got involved ‘cause Ren was involved and those two are inseparable in any AU

- Jaune walked into auditions by accident and somehow landed the lead he doesn’t know what he’s doing and Pyrrha might be brainstorming ways to take out Weiss so she can stage-kiss Jaune and he’s so confused send this poor boy help.

Anyways listen I will talk about rwby theatre kids until I die so if you wanna know more (or even if you don’t idc) hit me up


9th - 10th of May ~ Flame of Love

Relationship advice for when your boyfriend is mad at you for being a wanted criminal: Push him against a wall and take the breath right out of him, he won’t get a chance to complain…

Requested; Snart x Reader


Fandom; Legends Of Tomorrow 

Pairings; Leonard Snart x Reader 

About; she accidentaly learns that she is going to be ‘Mrs. Snart.’ Hope you like it!


'That’s why we shouldn’t have taken her.’ You heard Mick.

'Come on now Mick, she will have some use. You will see. One day one of us has going to face with death and we will put her in our place.’ Snart said. 

'Why don’t you leave her alone? I mean she is a nice person who cares about others unlike you.' 

‘Thanks, Ray. But I don’t get why would they think I am useless.' 

‘What was your powers again?' 


'That’s why. You don’t have any. Just like your boyfriend here, only power you have is your luck that made you rich.’

‘Well if we weren’t there to be rich, you couldn’t have your job which was stealing from us, so next time try to be grateful to us, rich people.' 

‘Oooh roasted.’ Ray said with a highfive. 

'I don’t get roasted, Palmer. I freeze people to death.' 

‘Yeah accidentally you freezed your heart.' 

'Stop arguing and come here to do some use. As you are all talking about.’ said Rip.


'Y/N! Be careful!’

'Thank you for warning, Sara.' 

Here I was, face to face with Vandal Savage for the first time.

'Oh, you guys are not going to leave my back, don’t you?’ he said with a smirk. 

'We need to kick it first.' 

‘Oh, I see you brought your friend, Snart.’ Savage said looking at me. 

You and Sara looked at each other confused. 

‘Oh, I suppose you didn’t know. That’s-' 

Ray caused some explosion and fight started. 


‘So do you have any idea what he was talking about?' 

'Not at all. I think he messed me up with someone.' 

'Or we are going to see him in the future. At least you.' 

'What do you mean?' 

‘I think it is obvious. You and Snart…' 

‘But it cannot be. Like he and I-' 

‘Well, we are in time and spaceship. In here anything can be happen. Just don’t do anything weird or don’t even think about it. Time will show us.' 

Even though Sara told you to not to think about it, you were deep in thoughts that you even stop listening Ray and stared Snart the whole time. You didn’t even realize you were looking at him deeply. 

‘…and zombies ate me, then Snart took the lightsaber and killed all of us.' 


‘Where were you?' 

'Ugh. Sorry. It is just all thoughts about… stuffs.' 

‘She finally realized how terrible mistake it was to make you her friends, that’s all.’ Snart said. 

‘No, not at all. He is my friend and always gonna be.' 

'Right, riches has to stick together or else we will steal everything.' 

'I am sorry about that. I was rude. I didnt mean to say harmful things.' 

'Princess can apologise? That’s new.' 

You didn’t answer to him but turn to Ray. 

‘I am sorry for not listening. It is just my head is full of thoughts. If you don’t mind, I wanna take a nap.’


It has been a day and you still cannot drop the idea of you ending up with Snart. You sometimes stare at him too long that until Sara pinches you you don’t even realize. You saw Snart at the kitchen. When you were trying to eat, you just couldn’t stop but stare at him. 

'Are you going to stop doing that? It’s bugging me.’

‘I am so sorry if i did make you uncomfortable.' 

'Why are you keep apologising?' 

'I am sor-' 

‘Stop acting weird. If you wanna call me theif or anything, just call me and stop being kind.' 

'No, it is not that.' 

'You are acting strange since- Wait. Did Savage brainwashed you or something?' 

‘No. I mean it is because of Savage but-’ 'Does that concern me?' 

'Yes. No. Maybe. Umm.. He may have called me Mrs. Snart and I might be freaking out.' 

‘He called you Snart?' 

‘Yes. And Sara says-' 

‘That we might end up together.' 

After a little silence, he start to talk. 

‘He may have call you that but Rip says time can change. So, instead of freaking out, why don’t you try to be cool and just let time and us decide it?' 

'You are completely right. I am sorry.' 

‘Now, time will show us if theives steal hearts from riches too.’ Snart said and left.

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anonymous asked:

I been meaning to ask for some advice and help on creating a shop where people can commission myself. It has been a thought in the back of my head for such a long time and now I really want to make it a thing. Then I thought I do not know how to start or what to do, I am so clueless. Can you maybe please give a beginner any tips on how to start a store selling their own art?

Hello, Lovely Anon!

That’s a good idea! I’m no expert in this field, but I’ll just share whatever I think might be useful! Okay so, let’s go through a couple things in no particular order:

- run a blog or some other place people can view your work: Maybe not a Must-Have, but it’s certainly helped me, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t suggest it! Have a place where you share some art of yours, so people can find it and find out who you are, and where they can easily find examples of your work. For me personally, all my commission work basically happens through social media sites , except for official illustration jobs, for which I will go into a bit more detail in another segment here. But yeah, if you offer commissions, it helps to have a blog that you update whenever you can so people can find you. Be patient with this and keep at it, okay? 

- have an easy-to-read commission page: So if you offer commissions on your blog for example, I’d suggest splitting up your commission post/page into two parts. In the first part, have a couple of visual examples (not too many, I’d say about two for each type of picture you’re offering), along with the prices and a very brief description of what you are offering (for example, “colored single pictures”, “black and white sketches” etc), and put your contact somewhere on there (your E-mail address, for example). With this, your potential client very quickly knows what you are offering, how much it costs, where to talk to you and gets an idea of what your work looks like. 
In a second part, in a Read More for example or just in a text below (depends on where you’re posting it), have your rules (what will you draw, what won’t you draw, what can be discussed, how many slots you are opening etc) so people know if what they’d like to have from you is something you’re actually willing to draw.

- make yourself a paypal account: It’s easy to do and most people have one, online commission work is usually paid through this. 

- own a website: Highly recommending getting one, it’s much easier and more comfortable for everybody involved if you have some sort of homepage you can refer people to if they are interested in your work. I’ve been meaning to make one forever and haven’t gotten around it yet and it’s made things pretty complicated before, so if you can, have some place outside of social media websites where you can present your portfolio etc. If you apply for a job or are asked about examples for a job, I really really suggest you refer to a homepage. A blog is totally fine for commissions online, but please get yourself some sort of homepage too.

And this is less for how to get started and more “things to keep in mind”:

- for the love of god, don’t do unlimited slots with low prices: if you are like me, your insecurities and low self-esteem may dictate you to start off with low prices, to test the waters. And honestly, I think that’s an okay thing to do, it certainly helped me to get a bit more secure and see if I’m made for this. However, if you want to start off with low prices, only take a few slots at a time. Open 5 slots, for example, and only reopen them when you are done with all of them. That way, you don’t overwhelm yourself with work and you can adjust prices. And you probably deserve higher prices, because art takes time and you’re putting hard work into it, it’s okay to set yourself an hourly rate or something. (because look, I made the combined mistake of asking for very little money at first because I was too terrified to raise prices and also having unlimited slots, and I’m still to this day working that list off even though I closed commissions like a year ago. Give yourself the chance to raise commission prices if you feel like you should, don’t be me and overwhelm yourself with work) 

- ask for payment before you finish the piece: How artists go about payment differs from person to person, so I’m just gonna share how it works for me and why. I like to take commissions, send out rough drafts to the clients and ask for payment once they are happy with the draft. That way, I know they’re happy with where the picture is going and I don’t have to constantly worry that maybe they hate the idea, the client knows that I am actually working on their piece, and I make sure I am getting paid for the work. I don’t think it’s a good idea to finish the commission, send it to the person who commissioned it and then ask for payment, because while most people are good and, you know, not scumbags, you always hear about people who took the commission and never paid. 

I think that’s it for now! I really hope this helps and/or gives you some idea where to start, and if not, please feel free to come by again! I wish you the absolute Best of luck for your commissions!

Valentine's Day~

(I’m uploading this from my phone because my laptop is acting up so please excuse how awful this looks)

My inbox has been empty for so long ;-; But this idea popped into my head, so I wanted to write it. Just a reminder, you can request at anytime! I can’t really write anything without requests, so they are appreciated.

Giving the RFA a handmade gift for Valentine’s Day


-What do you give Yoosung for Valentine’s Day?
-You’re his first significant other so this has to be special!!
-The pressure is weighing you down exponentially
-You want this to be something he will always look back on and smile
-But it’s so damn hard
-You want to give him something meaningful or something he’s been wanting for a long time
-But you cannot remember the last time Yoosung told you he really wanted something
-So you’re at a loss
-You shop around his favorite stores but nothing catches your eye
-Now what??
-You have to give him something
-He’s not shallow enough to get too upset over you not giving him anything, but he deserves so many gifts
-Too bad you’re so bad at shopping for him in such a short time
-You stop trying to find something to buy for him, so instead you buy him a pretty bouquet of flowers and you decide to make something yourself to give him
-But what should you make??
-Well you found some tutorials on the Internet on how to make handmade bracelets
-Yeah you’ll do that
-That way you two always have something to remind you of each other
-On Valentine’s Day, Yoosung is such a sweetheart to you and he makes you feel like royalty
-He buys you the prettiest roses and a couple other little things you had mentioned you wanted or needed previously
-He even remembered stuff you had just brought up in conversation months ago and bought it for you
-How does he remember all those minor details??
-But he’s obviously put a lot of effort into making you happy today so you’re worried your present won’t have nearly as much of an impact on him
-You nervously hand him his flowers and a small gift bag with the bracelet inside
-He compliments the flowers and rummages through the tissue paper until he finds the bracelet
-When he pulls it out, he has the hugest smile on his face
-His eyes are sparkling
-He immediately gives you the biggest hug ever
-“Thank you so much, ___! I love it and I’ll wear it everyday!”
-He kisses you on the nose
-“I love you so much. Thank you for such an amazing day.”


-How can you come up with a present when you know he’s going to do something extravagant for you??
-Like how do you compete with that??
-You’ve gone to countless stores and looked at countless websites countless times but you can’t find anything good enough for a gift
-With a heavy heart, you give up trying to buy a gift
-So, you settle with buying a simple box of chocolate and making something for him something instead
-With the fanciest vocabulary you can think of (it took you a few hours to perfect) you wrote him a poem
-It even rhymed
-You signed it with love~ and tied it to his box of chocolates with a slim red ribbon
-Come Valentine’s Day, Zen gives you everything you could imagine and more
-He treated you to a romantic date, and gave you the exact gift you had wanted
-He even gets you an amazing charm bracelet
-Needless to say, you were a bit self conscious of your poem
-But Zen was giving you such an adorable, expectant look that you mustered up the courage to hand him his present anyway
-You watched nervously as he read your poem to see if his face shows any noticeable sign of unhappiness
-To your surprise, he smiles lovingly down at the paper while he reads
-You even see pink on his cheeks
-You watch him with wide eyes until he looks up from the paper
-And you can see how much love is shining through his eyes
-You’re surprised once again when he wraps you into a tight hug
-“____, thank you so much. That was amazing… I love you so much.”
-“You…liked it?”
-“Of course I did! It was so extraordinarily better than anything I could’ve asked for!”
-You smile and share a romantic kiss before you both sit together, feeding each other chocolates

(Technically not “handmade” but bear with me)

-Jaehee just wants love and affection really
-Which you will happily give her
-But come on you’re obviously going to give her other things too since it’s a special occasion and all
-You visit her favorite online websites and go to all of her favorite stores, but find nothing
-How hard is it to shop for your own girlfriend? You didn’t think it would be this difficult
-These websites aren’t helping though, so you take matters into your own hands
-The first thing you think is to get her something coffee related
-But she already has that new coffee maker she loves
-And she has plenty of exotic coffee beans already
-And she has millions of adorable coffee mugs already…
-You’ll make her a coffee mug
-Even if she already has millions of other ones, wouldn’t it be nice to see her drinking from one made especially for her?
-Would she even like that??
-She has so many cute mugs, would she even use yours??!!
-Well, you just have to try at this point
-You find a website that lets you make our own design for a coffee mug, so you upload romantic photo of you and her to use
-It looks nice, so you order it
-Thankfully it comes in time! But barely
-You were worried it wouldn’t show up in time all day during your date with Jaehee
-When you returned home though the package was right on the doorstep
-Relieved, you pick it up and hold it out to Jaehee with a big smile
-“Happy Valentine’s Day!”


-It’s pretty impossible to buy something for someone who has so much money
-All the things you see in stores never stand out because you know that if he wanted this stuff he could buy it himself
-He’s not materialistic, but it’s still difficult to shake that idea from your mind
-You admit defeat the day before Valentine’s Day
-You panic because now you have to do something quick, but you want it to be special
-You draw (even if you think you’re bad at drawing^^) a picture of some flowers and other cute things and add a short love letter on the back of the paper
-You also throw in a new, fashionable tie as an extra gift
-You notice the amount of gift bags sitting in your living room on Valentine’s Day after you come home from being out with Jumin all day
-Jumin knows you can’t buy love, so you remind him often that he doesn’t need to buy you so many things, but he likes to spoil you sometimes
-And today is a special occasion which is the perfect excuse to spoil you
-You thank him for all of the wonderful things he bought you
-Some of it looked pricey, so you feel guilty that you didn’t buy him anything so expensive
-Jumin kisses your forehead and tells you he’s glad you liked your presents
-You tell him that you have something for him too, but it’s not very good
-You sneak off and return with the small gift bag you hid from him
-He really likes the tie you gave him, but that picture..
-He gave an unreadable expression and you felt yourself panicking
-“It’s okay if you don’t like it, I’m sor-”
-“___, did you make this?”
-He smiles
-“This is so lovely. How did you manage to make such an adorable drawing?”
-You tell him the drawing is nothing but he doesn’t believe you. He also compliments the love letter on the back, saying he loves you more than you could ever know
-You have a nice dinner at home that night and talk and joke around about anything that comes up
-It was a great day for the both of you


-This boy
-You have no idea what kind of gifts he would like so you straightforwardly ask him what he wants
-He says “Nothing”
-You think this is a fucking game, Choi???
-Does he really expect you to just sit idly while he works so hard on his present for you? Really?
-I don’t think so
-You can and will give this little ex hacker boy the best present his precious mind could imagine
-That was the plan
-But you can’t find anything in the stores you visit good enough to give him
-He could make a lot of cool electronics anyway, so that marks that possible gift off the list
-You give up, reluctantly
-You have to just make something
-You’re not some mad scientist either so you can really come up with any special machine to make for him
-You have to settle with writing him a little love poem/letter and giving him some dark chocolate
-You sigh
-He does such an elaborate “quest” adventure for you on Valentine’s Day and you only have some shitty poem
-You suck it up and give him the poem and the chocolate anyway, apologizing that you didn’t get him anything else
-While he’s reading it though..
-He starts tearing up??
-You’re concerned
-Is it okay?? Is he okay??
-But then he hugs you so gently and whispers thank you in your ear
-“Are you okay, Saeyoung?”
-“I’m more than okay. Thank you so much, ___. I love you so so much. Thank you…”
-He actually really loves your “shitty” poem
-He reads it all the time


-This angel deserves the world so you can’t find something worthy of giving him
-He is also the kind of person to not want gifts because he’s that humble
-But you’re not taking no for an answer
-You’re going to get his ass a gift and he’s gonna like it
-…you hope
-Because you can’t find anything good enough
-He doesn’t need anything new for his camera, he doesn’t need any new clothes, he doesn’t even have any particular candy he would like
-The fuck
-How can such an angel be difficult to shop for?
-You have to settle with something else
-You decide to write him a love letter and buy him his favorite flowers
-The letter… was difficult to write
-You couldn’t seem to find the right words to describe how you felt about him
-You loved him too much, you didn’t have the vocabulary to describe it
-But it was as good as you could do
-You wrote that letter at least five times before you settled with a final draft
-He was so romantic on Valentine’s Day
-His attention was on you the entire day
-He bought you jewelry (if your into that) and some new clothes and you loved it
-You… weren’t very confident in your letter
-He loved the flowers, of course
-So you nervously handed him the letter and apologized if it was bad but it was the best you could do
-V starts crying after he reads it
-You’re relationship has been so bumpy because of what happened with Rika, so this letter was the perfect affirmation of your feelings to him
-Even though you’ve both struggled, you still love him
-It’s overwhelming
-He never thought he would love anyone after Rika, but here you are
-A miracle
-He clings to you and tells you how much he loves you too
-He never wants to lose you
-You assure him that you’re not going anywhere

I’ve been hearing things like “wait until you get to the real world” and “don’t get old” and “don’t grow up” for so long and all it’s been fucking doing is increasing my anxiety and fear of the future and it’s what has put the idea in my head that things will only get worse from here and has made me not care when I die

Of traditions and duels

III. In sickness and in health

It’s a nightmare. At least that’s what Tina and the whole auror department think. Theseus Scamander is one of the most terrifying things on this planet, but an irritated, grumpy Theseus? That’s another thing entirely.

When she met Newt and he told her about his family Tina thought he was joking about his brother.

He was not.

She’s pretty sure of that now.

Theseus Scamander is a very overprotective brother that somehow convinced himself no one deserves his brother.

So when Percival Graves announced he was courting Newt to the whole auror department and Tina saw Theseus eye twitching in disgust she knew they were all in trouble.

On the other hand, his boss is happy. In fact she hasn’t seen him this happy like… ever. He’s more patient and kind with them, which is a thing is getting them time to get use to, but is a good thing.

It didn’t occur to her that it’d be a moment she’d see with her own two eyes Percival Graves looking like a lovesick puppy but there he is, watching Newt talk about magical creatures like he’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

And well… he’s their boss so of course they all happy for him and Tina, she’s happy for both of them. After all, Newt’s her friend and he looks content. It seems like Graves is doing all he can to make him happy.

The only person that doesn’t seem to be pleased is Theseus Scamander.

He looks like he’s hating every single moment.

And it gets worse when Newt gets sick. It’s nothing to worry about, Tina knows when she sees him sneezing. The healers offer him a potion and rest, but it looks like the magizoologist is a stubborn one and he refuses to go back to the hotel where he and his brother are staying.

He doesn’t want to be alone, he says and she believes him, she also invites him to stay in her office, but regrets it almost immediately.

Because somehow Newt becomes a touch starved creature. She doesn’t mind, she really doesn’t, he’s her friend and she loves him like a brother, Queenie does it too. But it really becomes a problem when he’s sitting next to her with his head on her shoulder and his boss walks in the office.

His boss that is, in fact, a very jealous wizard. So she doesn’t get surprised when he looks at them and glares at her.

Theseus doesn’t help either when he arrives after Graves and his eyes look from him to them and grins.

“Thanks for taking care of my brother, Miss Goldstein. Now I know why he likes you so much,” he comments and she wants to tell him to shut up.

Newt moves closer, he’s not asleep, but he isn’t very conscious at the moment. So he mumbles something unintelligible and closes his eyes.

“You look cute together,” Theseus adds and thank Merlin the next murderous look in Graves’ face is not directed at her but at Newt’s brother.

She resists the temptation to move away, because that only would make Newt fall and get her killed. She’s pretty sure Graves and Theseus would kill her right then and there if something happens to Newt because of her.

“You can go back to your work now, Goldstein. It’s not going to get done by itself,” he tells her, taking the magizoologist in his arms. Newt smiles and puts his arms around Graves’ neck, resting his head on his chest.

Tina’s relieved. She nods and goes back to work.

Theseus’ smile fades away.

Only when the three of them disappear from her office she relaxes again.


He wants to take Newt home. To England, where he can properly take care of him like when they were kids. But his brother is stubborn and believes this courtship is going to last.

It’s not. But he can wait. Newt will realize he’s not ready to get married and everything will be back to normal.

He follows Graves to his office and instead of putting Newt on the couch, he sits with a sleepy Newt on his lap.

Get your hands off of my baby brother, he wants to say.

“Careful, Percival,” he warns instead. “You two are not married yet.”

“We’re not doing anything indecent,” his ‘friend’ replies.

“I’ll be the judge of that,” he reminds him. “I’m still Newt’s guardian.”

Theseus glares at the other auror and then looks at Newt, who’s looking back at him. His head is almost buried in Percival’s neck.

He touches his forehead, covered by a messy curly and reddish hair. When Newt feels the fingers caressing his skin a smile appears on his face.

“How are you feeling?” Theseus asks, but he’s relieved now that he knows his brother doesn’t have fever.

“I’m fine. Just tired,” Newt says and his smile just grows. “You worry too much.”

Then Graves, who’s staring at his brother with that stupid look on his face again, kisses his forehead.

Theseus frowns at him. But of course Percival ignores him.

“Do you need something, love?” Percival asks, making Newt blush.

Love? Since when he calls him love? How dare he…

“I want a cup of tea,” Newt says and Theseus can’t help but smile, remembering all those times he took care of him when they were children.

“Of course you do,” he mutters, poking the tip of his brother’s nose. “I’ll be right back.”

He is about to step outside, when he remembers something. He looks at Percival.

“I won’t be away long, so don’t even think of getting handsy, because if I find you-”

“Theseus!” Newt scolds him.

“You wound me. You know I’m a perfect gentleman,” Percival says looking amused.

“You stopped being one when you decided to court my little and innocent brother.”

Newt rolls his eyes. Theseus ignores him, glares at Percival one more time and disappears.

It’s when he’s walking down the hallway, with the tea in his hands when a witch approaches him.

“It’s okay to be scared, but you don’t have to,” she says and for a moment Theseus thinks she’s talking to someone else, but they’re the only two people in the hallway.

“You’re not going to lose Newt just because he gets married,” she continues. “He loves you very much.”

Tina’s sister. Of course she is. Newt has talked about her.

“Get out of my head,” Theseus tells her, feeling suddenly tense.

“I know what it feels like. Tina’s the only family I have left. Just like you and your brother,” she keeps speaking. “And I know you have been taking care of him for a long time. Newt’s so grateful and proud of you. But you must let other people help you take care of Newt. We love him as much as you do.”

No, they don’t.

Queenie smiles not with pity but sympathy.

“We do. Mr Graves does too.”

“He just met my brother,” Theseus argues.

“But he loves him, trust me. I know,” she assures him.

Theseus shakes his head.

“You don’t need to be-”

“Our conversation is finished, Miss Goldstein,” he interrupts and turns around without looking back at her.

She has no idea.

He’s not scared. He’s not.

The mere thought is just ridiculous.

Welp, after…..I don’t know how long, I’ve finished it! XD
What if sparing Sans looked like this?
This idea has been in my head for a while, and I just wanted to get it out, haha.

This is my second time using CACANi for anything and my first time using CACANi for an entire video.

This will be my last Undertale animation for a LONG time, because I’m out of ideas, haha.

I also wanna give a HUGE thanks to Strelok for providing the sound effects and Zedrin and Courtney for providing their voices as Sans and Frisk respectively in this animation. They are all very talented and amazing people, so feel free to check out their channels/Tumblrs if you want:

Strelok’s Channel:

Zedrin’s Tumblr:

Courtney -Project SNT-’s Tumblr:

Programs used:  
-FL Studio (Music)
-CACANi (Character animation)
-Medibang Paint (Backgrounds)
-Sony Vegas (Composition and special effects)

Also on YouTube btw:

anonymous asked:

Beautiful person, with your superior gift. Stand tall, and please do not let assholes steal your gift from all the rest of us. I don't know how you don't understand already how truly talented you are. Like, I have no clue how you are not a legitimate author. I was an avid reader when I was younger, Stephen king, twilight, hunger games I even got into til the 3rd book. You are so much better. But you have to believe in yourself, I can say it til I'm blue in the face, but you must believe. Love ya

I honestly don’t have adequate words to respond to this message. It blows me away any and every time anyone here has said that I resemble anything close to a legitimate author or how if I were to publish a book, it would be read and supported. It’s a struggle for me to wrap my head around the idea of that and I think it always will be. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and it has always been something I love, a passion that has never faded, but it wasn’t until I started writing fan fiction a few years ago that it began to feel like anything more than a hobby I was decent at. I never imagined I would ever share my writing, never fathomed other people enjoying it, and I still can’t. 

Messages like yours leave me speechless and just knowing there are people like you in this fandom who take the time to read my work, to send me kind words and to be so encouraging, is a gift in itself. Believing in myself may not be the easiest thing, but again, having people like you in my corner makes my writing, the privilege of sharing it, all the more rewarding.

Thank you. 


Okay, so I’ve had this idea for a Peaky Blinders series in my head since I started watching the show last year. It starts with a young girl and her mother who work at a brothel in Birmingham, the young girl has been raised by her mother and the other girls in the brothel since she was a baby and have attempted to protect for as long as possible. One night, she sees Tommy (who is there on business) and becomes intrigued as she attempts to get to know him. Over time she develops feelings for him but soon learns that they are, on the most part, one-sided but she has a hard time coming to terms with this. 

I won’t say anymore as I think I may write it, but the young girl character at the beginning of the story is only sixteen so there won’t be any romance until she is in her early twenties. If anyone would be interested in this story then please let me know, and I will start writing it. :) 

Can i borrow your notes?

Jimin Fan Fic 

It was late in the evening when I got a text from my classmate Jimin. He was an odd one id have to say but maybe it was because we had just started talking to each other. I’m sure he’ll open up soon but I’ll admit he is gorgeous and I may have thought of him pressing me against the wall a few times during class and don’t even get me started with his music.

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This Isn’t Love

Title: This Isn’t Love - Part 1

Words: 571

Pairing: Eventual Lucifer x Reader

Summary: Reader develops irrational feelings for the devil. But those feelings could never be reciprocated, could they?

Warnings: None yet. Eventual smut and goodness knows what else.

A/N: Taking a stab at a Lucifer series since this idea has been hanging around my head for so long.

This Isn’t Love – Part 1

Love isn’t something that can be explained, predicted or accounted for. It happens without sense or reason, without agenda or expectation, and it can only have two possible outcomes. The first is that the subject of your desires reciprocates; feelings bloom and grow and that person becomes irrevocably tied to your life forever. The second, and undoubtedly the more difficult of the two, is that the subject does not reciprocate, which they are free not too, but still they become tied to your life, hopelessly within reach of our finger tips, yet always just far enough that we can only brush up against it and never quite grasp it.

Sometimes love is slow building, evolving over time due to proximity or circumstance. Other times it’s instant, like a freight train barrelling over you without hearing it’s blaring warning sound or having a chance to dodge it’s oncoming. The possibility of love is always around us. It can be suffocating or life giving, it can be cruel or kind. But if there’s one thing you’d learned about love in all your years…

Man was it stupid.

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popimitaya  asked:

what about there's time when Sakura just come with naruto, and Sasuke just write on naruto cup like "naru-toad" or "get lost"..

What Coffee AU has taught us so far:

1. Sasuke and Naruto have no chill

2. Sasuke is both smooth and savage as fuck

3. ‘Believe it’ is Sasuke’s trigger phrase

4. Everyone in this AU is a nerd

This idea has been brewing in my head since popimitaya sent me this ask like a month ago! (You can read their version of the same prompt here !) Anyway, I hope you like it and I’m sorry it took so long!

Also, when did this become so shojo? 

Also just as a side note not all beauty fashions are trying to emulate anything and historically most are to do with wealth and social standing.

So for example the “pale, smooth” skin standard of the elizabethan era (which was idolised to the point of painting led on the face remember) came from the concept of being so rich you didnt have to work (and thus could stay out of the sun and be so vit D deficient that you were pale as a piece of paper) and that you were healthy - smallpox being the biggest epidemic of the era. 

Most things are to do with “I have enough wealth” for this, but then it becomes the norm. Footbinding - “my child will be wealthy enough that they dont need to walk unassisted or do any job”

Long nails, long hair, pale make up with dark eyes. 

Remember up until lately it was fashionable to be overweight because it meant you could afford excess food. Its now fashionable to be very slim - because most people are working full days and do not have the time or money to work out to the degree that others do. This is how fashions often work. 

Now none of this is to say that the weird obsession our society has with body hair is acceptable, but I just think it probably originally stemmed from a mix of cultural ideas. Body hair became a “masculine” trait so its considered less masculine to have none. (which of course is stupid because everyone grows bodyhair but just like we’ve associated long head hair with femininity these things are stupid and happen). 

I dont agree with the implications of the post I reblogged. I’ve been looking at things like this for a long while for my course (not this explicitly but similar trends through history) and its nearly always about showing you have free time, you have money and that you are the picture of femininity/masculinity.