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Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 78: The Note

Whoa, this chapter is such a goldmine for analysis. I take great care and pleasure looking at every single panel. It’s very revealing and enlightening.

While the cover is good (Kawakami is in it!), admittedly the chapter title is better.

Two of our best first year pitchers, with determined look on their faces and ominous accompanying words. We’re counting down the days, everyone! For better or worse.

Now, let’s start analyzing. *cracks fingers*

Seidou players in class.

Second years: Toujou, Haruichi and Kariba are in the same class, and they seem like the chillest group of second years.Eijun has his own groupie *snorts*. Fortunately good and sane kind, which also happens to be Haruno’s closest friends in class (and Eijun’s shoujou manga fellow readers). Kanemaru is jealous. (Is it just me or Kanemaru and Haruno have potential together?) …Furuya is alone, despite being in class with three others… ●︿●

Third years: Kawakami is alone (but not lonely?). Shirasu is in the same class with Yui and Sachiko. Ono and Seki are in the same class with Maezono who are fighting with Asou… when the usual suspects, are surprisingly, is grinning at each other in amiable exchange. OMG, look how genuine the look on their faces.

The ship has sailed for Kuramiyu~! (whatever ship you choose, platonic, queerplatonic, romantic, the potential is rightthere) O(≧▽≦)O

First years: Yui and Yuuki are in the same class. They even sit close to each other. Yuuki has quick metabolism that his stomach already rumbles in second period. Okumura… has quite a mood swing that his classmates have come to get used to and pay attention to (which I find hilarious).

Character Development.

Haruno. Being a senpai really does wonders. This is the same Haruno who trips on air. She is able to encourage her kouhai and becomes a reliable manager in the absence of other managers. Looking at the reaction of the boys right there, she looks like on her way following Takako’s example (idol manager).

Okumura. He starts to treat Eijun with less hostility and in exchange, Eijun feels more comfortable to talk with him. Eijun deal well with criticism, so Okumura’s blunt style is not really a problem, but it’s the hostility that he cannot deal well with. Although he still holds unfavorable image of Miyuki hahaha, honestly, I can imagine Miyuki genuinely complimenting Okumura, only for Okumura to take it wrong, as it is noted above. It’s just he seems to put Miyuki in so much regard that he kinda forgets that Seidou has amazing pitchers to offer and to learn from. Though it’s not wrong for him to focus on improving himself first, like what he’s currently doing. It’s a similar approach with Eijun actually.


The notes deserves its own section. It’s really deep and insightful from Coach Kataoka.

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