this i still

hello ladies,

look at your man

now back to arya

now back at your man

now back to arya

sadly, he isn’t arya 

but if he stopped using ladies scented body wash and switched to old spice, he could smell like he’s arya

look down, back up

where are you?  you’re on a boat to braavos

what’s in your cart?

back to arya

arya has it, it’s an oyster with two tickets to the murder theater

look again

the tickets are now frey soup

anything is possible when you smell like arya and not like a lady

she’s on a horse

My heart goes out to the parents driving home without their children. To the teenagers with an empty desk beside them at school today. To the best friends who turn to make a joke to someone, only to remember they’re not there. To the teachers who call out the register, only to stumble on a name. My heart goes out today to all those affected by this horrific, barbaric and heartbreaking attack in Manchester.

Uhm yeah had to take a break. I dont feel well right now…Watching 13 reasons why didnt help…to soothe my soul I sketched some young McHanzo. Its a bit better now. I love Jesse with a messy bun. No one can take this from me. Oh and THANK YOU SO MUCH for much more then 200 followers by now!!! I appreciate it a lot. If you have any questions or just want to talk with me send me a message or an ask. I would really love to talk to you guys :3

Anyway, the Sanvers proposal… I love them, I really do but part of me feels like this is too soon. But then I realized. They’ve been together for quite some time if you like, add up the fact that episodes are like days and such not just hour-long things in the universe. WE JUST HAVEN’T SEEN THEM ON SCREEN AND THAT’S WHY I THOUGHT IT WAS RUSHED. BECAUSE WE NEVER SEE THEM. Plus they’ve only actually kissed a little bit. The network won’t even give them a makeout.