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thank you soooo much for 300 followers!!! And I guess this can be a 4 year anniversary thing too since my blog turned 4 today.

I wanted to do one with all my followers but I decided to do one for my mutual because I don’t show y'all enough love like I should.

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For the better

Draco still can’t believe his luck. He doesn’t know what he did to deserve this. In fact, considering everything he’s done in the past, he doesn’t deserve any of this. Yet, here he is, three years after the war, happy and content. At least theoretically.

Like most nights, Draco clutches his blanket and stares at the ceiling. Sleeping has been difficult. Not because of the nightmares. They’re not completely gone, but it’s much better now. No, it’s because his chest won’t stop hurting.

He slowly turns his head to gaze at the sleeping man beside him. Draco flinches as his heart gives another painful squeeze. He stretches out his hand and carefully buries his hand in the mop of black curls, relishing the softness. Harry makes a pleased sound in his sleep and his lips curl up ever so slightly. Draco presses his own lips into a tight line.

Sometimes he feels like his heart is going to burst from all the happiness he feels. It’s like his body can’t cope with it, because it doesn’t know how. He’s never felt like this before. But most importantly, he doesn’t deserve this beautiful and kind man, sleeping next to him.

He still doesn’t understand what made Harry want to go out with him. He even initiated it. And now they’re living together. Draco still has a hard time showing his feelings. How can he be open about it, when he’s so conflicted and doesn’t even know what to feel most of the time? It’s hard to just accept the happiness and the way Harry seems to love him so freely.

Draco thought about ending it numerous times. Harry could do so much better than him. Not that he would ever admit that out loud, but it’s true, Draco thinks sadly. But he is far too selfish to give up on Harry.

When Draco brushes his fingers against Harry’s cheek, the other man stirs and knits his brows together.

“Can’t sleep?” he mumbles without opening his eyes.

Draco smiles at him.

“It’s okay,” he  whispers. “Sorry for waking you.”

Harry takes Draco’s hand and interlaces their fingers. He scoots over to him and buries his face in the crook of Draco’s neck. He inhales deeply and lets out a contented sigh.

Draco feels that familiar squeeze in his chest again. He wraps his arm around Harry and plants a kiss on his hair. In this moment, he vows something to himself. Not a day will go by without him trying to make this beautiful man in his arms as happy as possible. He will do everything in his power to show Harry how grateful he is that Harry chose him, for loving him, for making him want to be a better man. But how?

On the outside, he’s still as haughty and snarky as ever, but his friends keep telling him he’s changed. For the better.

He apologised to Granger and Weasley, but he knows he can do better and he’s determined to do so. Not only for Harry’s sake, but also his own.

And that’s when Draco realises, the only way he can make his boyfriend truly happy, is by being happy himself. 

It won’t be easy. He can’t just stop feeling guilty and undeserving. But he hopes he will get there someday. He can’t erase what happened in the past, but what happens in the future, that is up to him. He’s grateful he even got the chance at having a future, let alone with Harry.

So yes, Draco thinks again, he will do everything he can to make Harry happy. And that, apparently, starts with him admitting he is truly happy himself.

(Dedicated to @starshaping, who always lights up my day 💙)

  • Naruto: so, Sasuke, what do you want for your birthday?
  • Sasuke: *blinks* you mean as a gift?
  • Naruto: Yeah! I'll give you anything you want
  • Sasuke: *blinks*
  • Naruto: when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING
  • Sasuke: *blinks once again and then blushes furiously*
  • Sasuke: meet me in your office at midnight
  • Naruto: *doesn't get it* um okay

hiphoppip  asked:

Okay so i know you can have super small bonsai but is there like a mid sized bonsai? Can you make yourself an apple bonsai thats just the size of a largeish houseplant? Or would that require an extra large pot for the roots to grow in?

ok so im gonna just dump here everything i know about bonsai, which isnt a lot but its what i have:

-i had a friend who was really into bonsai and he said that, in theory, you can make any plant into a bonsai. i have no idea if this is true

-sometimes the plonts get confused and grow full sized fruits even if theyre really tiny

-bonsais take years and decades to make, and its a process called “training”, as in, the plant starts????? semi-big i think?? and then theres a special way you slowly prune it back until the plant is used to being small??????

-bonsai vary in size??? like ive seen some on display that are older and smaller and some that are younger and larger because they’ve been in training for less time?? the younger ones ive seen are about the size of a mid-sized houseplant or smaller. 

Dream Daddy Cult ending.

So from looking up sources, refreshing twitter, tumblr, and reddit in search for what is going on, i have a pretty good understanding of what this secret ending with Joseph is about.

I believe how it started was someone trying to find out if there was a good ending with Joseph. As of now, (7/23/17) all i know is that there is a ending where Joseph has sex with you, and then goes back to his wife. I heard that there was a second ending where you stay his side hoe, but i haven’t gotten that ending nor seen anyone else get it. I guess while data mining someone had found and posted the dialog where you wake up after having sex with Joseph, you are in a underground ‘dungeon’. 

The dialog goes on to show that Joseph is not human at all, but some sort of demon. He calls his kids ‘vessels’ that are apart of him. Joseph tells your dad that you are underground below the cul-de-sac and anyone who has ever seen this place has died. Joseph then says: 

“…Just think of it as the real Margarita Zone.”

Then Joseph admits that the reason why all the dads in the area are single is because he hunted them down and was using their power to fuel this entity(?)  

It doesn’t stop there, Joseph goes on to say:

“Now you’ll excuse me, there’s some other business I need to attend to. Your dear friend Robert has been awfully worried about you.
I think it’s about time that miserable drunk gets one last visit from the Dover Ghost.’’

After this Mary shows up and sets you free, you run and run and make it back home somehow. Once you get in Amanda greets you and things seem normal…until you ask her when he birthday is and you realize that Joseph made a fake Amanda. The “demon” Amanda turns to ash and this is followed by you trying to stab Joseph with the knife that Robert gave you. You drop the knife in the struggle, where Mary grabs the knife and stabs Joseph. His children attack him and possibly eat him(?). You end up waking up in bed and told by Amanda that the yacht you were on sank. Joseph was found to be taking money from the church and was no where to be found. 

Detective Saul Graves comes in and tells you he saw the underground dungeon himself and that his own wife died mysteriously.

Looking deeper into the game, people started to find sprites that go along with this storyline.

To Mary holding the bloody knife she stabbed Joseph with.

Joseph being stabbed in the shoulder.

Detective Saul Graves. (possibly voiced by Ross or Jacob Anderson: )

“demon” Amanda.

There’s even more, including Joseph’s vessel children, the background to the dungeon, different facial features for characters…ect

Then even more was found…Background music, voice clips for Mary, Saul, creepy footsteps, and very disturbing background music.

Now, for the speculation. Everything above was found IN THE GAME

People started to make some connections to Robert and Joseph. Robert has a odd looking tattoo that he doesn’t want to talk about. Joseph has the same tattoo, and that symbol keeps showing up in the game.

On Joseph’s walls…

This is the cult’s symbol. Its all through the game, and in the actual dungeon.

The symbol is even on the build your dad clothing options…

Not to mention the times robert warns you about joseph and how they had some twisted past together.

People having been saying that this ending was a Halloween DLC.

 I would like an answer as to: 1.) Who said it was a DLC and were the screenshot proof is. 2.) If it is a Halloween DLC, why is the cult symbol EVERYWHERE IN GAME. 3.) Why would they have a DLC for a game that just came out a few days ago..

I’ve seen people also say that it was something the game devs wanted to take out, thinking it was too much for a silly queer dating sim. This is more believable. I heard that one of the devs is into the horror genre, but this isn’t confirmed. Even so, why would they leave so much code in for data miners to find and cause people to get upset over. If they didn’t want to upset anyone why did they leave so much in for people to find?

As what I've seen and heard, at the moment there is no way of getting this ending. The code is apparently broken and wont start like the other endings.

These could all could be possible ideas….If there wasn’t a steam achievement out for “Escape from Margarita Zone” that no one has gotten. 

Along with that achievement, there’s “World’s okayest Dad” which no one out of the thousands of people playing can unlock. ( sidenote: someone on reddit said they got the achievement and wouldn’t say how, but looking deeper into it they seemed to have hacked the achievement and not gotten it ‘naturally’)

Ending notes:

I think that you can get the achievement and this chapter 18, cult ending. It might be a “true” ending, but that’s up to the person playing to decide.

HoodiePanda hosted a stream where he said himself that there is a possible Mary bug that the devs have confirmed which might be the reason we cant unlock this ending. This guy has played 24+ hours on this game and i think i can agree.

maybe we’ll never know…