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Don’t Police My Masculinity - Alexander Ikhide by Seye Isikalu

In a world where Hyper-masculinity is unfailingly sold to us on a daily basis, ‘Don’t Police My Masculinity’ playfully explores ideas of self-love, self-acceptance & general care-freeness of the Black Male in particular.

happy valentine’s day people! love yourselves first! 


Hyper Projection Performance Haikyuu :
↪ Seiyuu - Characters - Live Actor on stage - off stage

Karasuno || Aobajōsai High || Adults

So the Steam Sale is going on right now.

What a dangerous time to be an adult with money. I could have spent twice this much and not been satisfied.

Oh, hey! And the Splatfest starts tonight!


And you’re knocking at the door
Like you’d rather not find out
What is on the other side
Because it proves beyond a doubt
That you never had a clue
What you wanted all along
You attempt to hold your ground
Like being weak is being strong


Makoto recognizing Rin and Rin’s overjoyed reaction in Chapter 1

In all honesty, I’m so glad Naughty Dog didn’t go through with their original designs for Jak 4… They just didn’t feel right, they were too hyper-realistic and the world-building went from original to incredibly generic.

If they ever pick up the project again, I hope they stick to a more cartoony style (and keep Jak’s ears super long please, don’t shorten them because he just ends up looking like every other fantasy elf. Also don’t make him so white, he is brown thank you very much)

The Signs at Disney World
  • Taurus: I want to try everything! All the rides and food!
  • Gemini: *In sync* We're gonna get Mickey's costume.
  • Cancer: Minnie Mouse! Ohmigawd! Hello!
  • Leo: Libra! Let's go ride some of those rides!
  • Virgo: *Running around has never been so excited in their life*
  • Libra: Cap let's go! Oh my gosh! That ride! That one come on you two!
  • Scorpio: *Getting pictures with everyone and everything*
  • Sagittarius: Riding the Ferris Wheel with Aquarius
  • Capricorn: *trying to keep up with a very very hyper Libra & Leo*
  • Aquarius: *Cuddling up to Sag on the Ferris Wheel*
  • Pisces: *Walking around doing their own thing*

I just had a long talk with my mother, whose mother grew up in Nazi Germany. She wasn’t Jewish, and in fact became an overt anti-semite, general racist, homophobe, and all around terrible person. She physically and emotionally abused my mom, and for a long time my mom defended her based on the fact that she grew up during such a horrible period and endured many horrible traumas. I heard stories about it over and over growing up, which I now recognize as mom’s way of trying to rationalize her behavior.

During that time, my mother also emotionally abused me and my siblings.

Now, my mother calls me and tells me how upset she is about Trump getting elected. She talked about how she recognized the similarities between him and Hitler early on, which is of course due to her hyper-focusing on World War II and Nazi Germany for much of her life. How it gave her a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach.

A couple weeks before the election date, she asked me whether people in my age group (Millennials) understood how dangerous Trump is. I knew what she meant. She was asking me if we understood that he’s a fascist, and specifically if we saw similarities between him and Hitler.

At first I wanted to explain that not all Millennials are the same. Jewish Millennials and certain Millennials of color were definitely more aware of the dangers, though comparing him directly to Hitler all the time is a problem and Trump could be compared to a lot of different charismatic fascists. But unfortunately, my mom’s eyes start to glaze over if she doesn’t get to be the one talking for more than 60 seconds at a time. She’s a narcissist, too, you see, but of course doesn’t know it.

So I said no, most of use don’t understand how dangerous Trump is. And on a basic level, it’s true. Us white, gentile, able-bodied cis Millennials didn’t get it. Or were in denial.

Now my mother’s horrified, angry, upset, stunned, grieving. She can’t focus on work, which is intense considering that fact that work has always been her escape from her emotions. I think she can’t understand how people could vote for someone that she sees as being so like the man who caused her mother, and by extension herself, so much suffering.

This is all very surreal for me, because I suffered, too, thanks to my grandmother’s abuse. And I don’t know what my grandmother would have been like if she had grown up in a peaceful time. I never will. All I know is that she fled to the U.S. and now I’m here and it’s like we’ve come full circle. And I feel very lucky to have gentile privilege. I can only imagine how much more horrifying this is for the children and grandchildren of Jewish survivors of Nazi Germany.


There were some nice some nice callbacks to Ultraman Saga on last week’s Ultraman Orb: Orb’s Hurricane Slash form (a fusion of Ultraman Jack and Zero) lands on top of a building after his initial transformation, just as Zero himself did when he arrived on Earth in Saga. Saga also introduced us to Hyper Zetton, who appears in an upgraded form in this episode.

Dear World, Dear America

Do not forget to be about the children, All the children who look up to their elders to set positive examples and instill love and light into them, All the children who take in everything they see and mimic without knowing the potential real consequences of their actions. We have to understand that we are no longer the roots we are the branches and leaves, if we burn ourselves down the roots, our children won’t ever have a chance to grow. Miscommunication and misunderstanding cannot be the leader of this hypersensitive, yet hyper desensitized world. Patience and plan of action have to be prevalent to solve this on going stereotypical prejudgment filled society. We have to acknowledge the good as well as confront the bad, There must be balance or the negativity will no longer be a good show to watch but a disease that like never before will need to be cured.

As a person of color, and a black man in this country I would not say anything has come easy for me in this world, As an artist and free thinking I would not say anything has come easy for me in this world, my ancestors can say they’ve been through way worse and so on and so forth, but never have I looked to my  brethren no matter the race or cultural background and made accusations of hatred. You must question the questionable and keep doing so until they go so deep within themselves they can diagnose and label their own fears. We’ve always been a threat that’s nothing new, but as I grow older it would be great to see all those in ‘power’ confronted and put to the test to see why history keeps repeating itself with no real solid rehabilitation. I hope we all remember when it’s all said and done the example to set for our children is LOVE & Patience in the form of planning a strategy, the kind of planning and strategizing that will help us evolve past all this subconscious passive aggressive hatred that bleeds out when injustice shows face. It’s everybody’s fault. Mine, yours, racism, the internet, not speaking out, allowing yourself to be friends with people who are wrong doers without confronting them, money, corruption. Violence begets Violence. Be your own leader confront your demons, find your therapy. Your actions are yours, your Karma is yours, but we are supposed to be here for each other especially at times like these. I care. We need to inspire.

Sincerely A Loving Human Being
- Jesse

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People fucking kill me

We literally live in the most hyper-sexualized world. Half naked people all over television. Women wearing next to nothing on the beach. But how DARE a woman breastfeed her child without covering up?! HOW DARE SHE USE HER BOOBS FOR LITERALLY THE ONLY PURPOSE INTENDED?!

It’s amazing that people only get offended by nudity when it’s NOT for their sexual pleasure.

Y'all gotta grow the fuck up.