this hug was beautiful and i had so many feels over it

I’m so high from excitement I feel like I can’t remember half of what I saw, but when the stage crew brought Peter’s orange drinks out and that Libertines sign came down - it’s a moment I will never forget. Will post what pics and videos I managed to get tomorrow. I had to make the tough choice of filming and photographing moments over knowing I may never see them so close again, and mostly I chose to just watch. But so many people were filming so it’s gonna be out there. My highlights:

I was covered in beer in 30 seconds flat and the crowd was dang nuts
Peter and Carl were in fantastic moods and Peter’s spontaneous smiles are a thing of great beauty
Carl randomly hugged Peter for the longest time between songs with both arms around his neck and his face tucked into his hair
Peter picked Carl up literally by the crotch and swung him round and round
They sang into each other’s damn mouths in the middle of the stage forehead to forehead with no mic anywhere near them
Carl grabbed Peter by the neck and kissed both his cheeks and neck
They had a play fight over what song to play and bumped heads with their mouths smashing into each other
During Milkman’s Horse while Peter played next to him Carl just stared at him so hard with the most loving expression
The baby goat head butts!
That thing where they smash their guitars together!
So many sweet smiles and whispers, like so many
Carl wrestling security and running back on stage to play past curfew
Peter did half of Albion and the crowd sang the rest all the way out of the venue
Carl sang the first verse of Hell of Pay at the Gates of Heaven on piano
They did Seven Deadly Sins and I Get Along
Carl is so goofy and sweet and laughing at Carl being goofy and sweet in person was magical
It sounded like they had a laugh track for their stupid gags it was so surreal
They chased each other off stage like bloody children
Carl’s little sharp teeth make me gooey
Seeing them share a mic 5 metres from my face is something I will never forget
Seeing Peter sing “if you’ve lost your faith in love and music…” Also five metres from my face is something I will never ever forget
The amount of times they grab each other and touch each other and the weird in-jokes, gosh it’s just so special to see that chemistry in person, you can’t look away
Carl’s hat OMG why
Carl putting his hat on Peter’s head and shaking out his beautiful hair was amazing
Peter looked great and pretty well and Carl is NOT THAT SMOL
Peter is as tall and pretty in person as I imagined but even more so somehow - his mouth is perfection and his eyes are huge
Carl is fucking gorgeous and way more charismatic than I gave him credit for and his nose is incredible, seriously, best nose
I climbed up the barrier to get a look at Carl’s butt while he picked up his drink I’m sorry had to done, it’s truly a work of art
Peter and Carl leaned out the window after the gig and Peter spray painted Libertines (well most of it) and QPR on the wall then threw a flag down. He tried to throw a bottle of booze down but security stopped him
I called my best friend, the one who first played me the band, on Viber while he was driving to Las Vegas and held up the phone so he could hear Tell The King, the first song he ever played me and the first Libs song I ever heard. He sent me crying emojis ha!
On the way home I looked up out of my uber just as the headlights hit the sign for Albion Avenue
I will never be the same again